Logo Design Techniques in Adobe Illustrator - 6 Projects for Beginners | Chad Neuman, Ph.D. | Skillshare

Logo Design Techniques in Adobe Illustrator - 6 Projects for Beginners

Chad Neuman, Ph.D., Professor, Graphic Designer, Digital Media Expert

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8 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator Introduction

    • 2. Versions of Creative Cloud, Toolbar Customization, and Mac vs. PC

    • 3. Negative Space in Logo Design and Illustrator

    • 4. Using Photoshop Shapes for Logos in Illustrator

    • 5. Freeform Drawing Shapes for Logo Design in Illustrator

    • 6. Drawing Over a Photo for a Logo in Illustrator

    • 7. Using Custom Brushes for Logos in Illustrator

    • 8. Shape Builder and Live Paint Bucket Tool for Logos in Illustrator

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About This Class

Learn six logo design techniques in Adobe Illustrator, to either learn the software in a practical way or to get ideas for logo shapes and text!

  • Learn from case studies of negative space in Illustrator and then learn techniques to create negative space using Illustrator.
  • Learn how to use custom shapes from Adobe Photoshop to customize and use for logos in Illustrator.
  • Apply freeform drawing techniques to design shapes in Illustrator.
  • Apply best practices for drawing over a photo and how to simplify and stylize the shapes for a logo in Illustrator.
  • Produce custom brushes and then adjust their attributes to use for logo design in Illustrator.
  • Learn and apply the Shape Builder and Live Paint Bucket tools in logo design.

About the instructor:

I've taught logo design at the university level for the past nine years, and I've also been internet development director at an award-winning advertising design firm and managing editor of two graphic design magazines, one which focused on Illustrator. I've also done freelance graphic design work for years.