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Logo Design Masterclass With Adobe Illustrator

Youssef Sanad, Graphic Designer.

Logo Design Masterclass With Adobe Illustrator

Youssef Sanad, Graphic Designer.

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10 Lessons (3h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction to logo design

    • 2. Important Illustrator Shortcuts

    • 3. 1-Abstract logo type

    • 4. 2-Mascot logo type

    • 5. 3-Compination mark logo type

    • 6. 4-letter mark logo type

    • 7. 5-pictorial logo type

    • 8. 6-Emblem logo type

    • 9. 7-Wordmark Logo Type

    • 10. Wrapping up

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About This Class

Do you want to be a professional logo designer that can design logos with little effort? This is your chance to learn how to design logos so that you can design them in no time at all!

In the course, I reveal the whole professional logo design process from start to finish. transforming everything from sketch to vector. You'll also learn tips and tricks that will save you a lot of time and effort.

All that's required to start is a free download of Adobe Illustrator. From here we're going to go on a journey to design professional logos.

Join me now and unleash your creativity.

Who is the target audience?

  • Ideal for both beginners who haven't used Adobe Illustrator or those who are interested in learning the logo design field.
  • Intermediate logo/graphic designers will undoubtedly learn from the course also in relation to insight into the logo design process.
  • Anyone with basic illustrator and Photoshop skills.
  • Who wants to improve their design skills.
  • Who wants to see and learn a complete design process from start to finish.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Youssef Sanad

Graphic Designer.


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1. Introduction to logo design: Hello, everyone. My name is use of Senate demographic designer and illustrator and this course you will learn how to design Lugo's in Adobe Illustrator CC. I will start by showing you all the Luga types and designing every luego step by step to show you my design process from start to finish. Also, I attached a fall short cuts section at the beginning off the course to help you make your work so much faster in Adobe Illustrator. And by the end of this course, you will be able to design new goes by your own from start to finish. And also you will learn how to follow the client to breathe toe design That desire Lubo, that fits the brand on What are you waiting for? Enroll now and get yourself a seat on Take this course. 2. Important Illustrator Shortcuts: Hello, everyone. My name is use of San Adam, a graphic designer and illustrator and interest, lecture and section. We will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator shortcuts. And what is the most important shortcuts that will speed up your workflow and make your design process much faster? OK, so let's to start. Okay. At the first, we will start with, uh, how to group stuff and Adobe Illustrator fast without, you know, needing to select the two objects and writing Clegg and head group. Okay. You only need to choose two objects or more, depending on your design. Okay. On the rest. Control G, Oracle, Man G and Mac Os. Okay, Just like that. And you will find that all the objects are group bit. Okay, Of course. The selected objects only. Okay. When you click over them, you will find that they are also lifted at once. Okay? Because they are grouped. Okay, so let's ungroomed them by right. Clicking over anyone on. Go to Andrew. Okay. Control G or command G to grow a multiple objects. Okay. Okay. So let's learn how to control the layers and, you know, make any object the first layer toe a beer as a first layer on our design or make it is the last layer. Okay, at first, how to make any layer the first layer. Okay, so let's select the wife back layer right here on breast control shift ends a right bracket key going forward. Okay. It will make their shape as a fairest layer. Okay, Okay. How to make? That's They are the wide layer, the last layer in our design behind that orange. They're bright here, of course. Let's select a size shape terrorist onda breast control shift and left bracket key going backward. That will make it the last layer in our design. And just by that, just ah risk control shift and the left bracket key going backward to make the layer the last layer. Okay, let's do it again with that one right here. Make that or in shape the last layer that control shift. Andi left bracket key going backward. Just like that. How to make the organ shapes. The first layer had control shift ends a right bracket key. The only difference is right to bracket key for the first layer and the left bracket key for the last layer in our design, okay? And that is very important. Shortcuts to learn or to know in Adobe Illustrator. Okay, let's go toe the second type, which is, you know, browsing our designs on art boards to Zuman or to zoom out breasts also on hold on it and scrolls a ruler off your mouth up or down to, you know, zoom in or zoom out just like that. Let's activate our graphics card from that G BJU Andi Select debut performance. Of course, if if you have a compatible GBU Andi, check that box right here on breast, OK? To animate our movement and make it very easy. Okay, Just like that, Chris Salt Zuman Doom out. Do man zoom out asked and scrolls ruler to zoom in and zoom out, Zoom in and zoom out just like that by hitting out and scrolling the ruler off your mouth as the two directions toe Zoom in or zoom out. Okay, Just like that. Okay. So let's know how to go to the left or is a lot or is ah right. Sorry. Okay. Allow you need as to wrest control or command on your keyboard. Onda scroll was ruler just like that you go right on to go left control or command. And was the ruler off your mouth to go right or left? It will make your, you know, a browsing very, very easy and very simple. And it will fast in your, uh, on get well, speed up your design work of low. Okay, Just like that. Control or command? Onda ruler off your mouth to go right or left. Okay. Just like that are to go up or down on Lee. Use the scroll wheel on your mouse, just like that. Up and down, up and down. Or you can use the handles right here and you go up or down just like that. And also here to go left on, right? I'm sorry. Right. And left Fried on left. Just like that. Okay. And that was about, you know, browsing the art board. So let's big around an easier way to do it. The breast space. Okay. Until you see the hands right here on hold on it and click on the drag. You won't select anything while holding its base because you are in the browsing mode. Okay. Just like that. Click and drag to browse your art board on Show it. You know, to your maybe students you're video, a screen capture and all that. Okay, Space. Who sees a hand and click under drag to browse your art birds just like that. Okay. And now we done okay. I to make a browsing very easy to you. Just a breast space button and click under drag. Browse your designs and your art boards. Okay, so that was an easy shortcut and tips it very handy. It's very handy. Okay, So please brax them every day and, you know, on a daily basis, and you will love them. Okay, Because it makes the design brushes much, much easier. Okay, just like that. Okay, So now let's learn more about how to Kobe stuff and Adobe Illustrator CC. So let's go to object and make them smaller. Okay, Now, let's ah, make let's talk first about how to resize the stuff in Adobe Illustrator, Just take that one right here as a Kobe hit auld and make a kombi. Okay, tourist size. Any object risk shift and drag to make it bigger while maintaining the aspect. Reissue. Okay. Just like that shift and the drag to resize. Okay, Just like that. Okay. How to resize any object from the center off it? Okay. Just like that. How to recite any object from the center point right here. Breast shift and ALD and click and drag to make it a smaller ends a sam position just like that. Jeff Ault on Driss eyes A click and drag was your mouth. Okay, a click when you see that a size handle right here. Okay. Like to make it smaller on make it bigger from the center point. It's very easy and very handy. It will save you a lot of time. Was alignment toe right here? Okay. No, it's very handy. Okay, so let's learn how to Kobe stuff in Adobe Illustrator. Just like that. Let's do that one right here. Zoom in. And how to Kobe that orange shape right here. Click on it breast all to tell you. Sees a doubled pointer and click and drag while holding us. Okay. All and drag just like that. All that and a drag ald and drag just like that to make any coby off any shape on Adobe illustrator. Okay, also, now let's learn more about how to align stuff and make various Koby's off any item. Okay, so let's select this two objects right here and click cult to go be both off them just like that salt and click under drag just like that and to try to align them with that one right here and the rest control D to make an another Kobe and hold on control and depressed the numerous times to make you know various Kobe's just like that. It's very handy in making lions, So let's do it again all too. Okay, so, like that share all you make another Kobe okay on. So, like the shape again, All to make another Kobe and go on, go down and align it with the first shape Until you see the bank line just like that, I leave it as it is on the rest. Control the and hold on control to make any Kobe's off that you want and the breast de de de while holding control or command. Okay, to make a various Kobe is just like that. Okay, so let's do it again. Click and click cult and our line it until you see the bank lying on live it as it is and breast control the and depressed the numerous times while holding control to make various Kobe is just like that. Okay, It's very handy and very easy. So keep it in mind and use it. It will make your design work flow much easier and much faster. OK, A very handy tip. I hope you you know, like it and practice it a lot because it will, you know, will change your design experience in Adobe Illustrator and make you love it. Okay. And it will open a new areas for you in on a new fields. Maybe a new design, you know, battering or you know, a different different, you know, hazards for you. Okay, a much wider experience. Okay. Now also, let's let's talk about, uh, Lyon more dry cheer its control. Why? Okay to go and the lions mode right here to see whether the lines are aligning adores and oh, you know, you can see in the design right here the values at any lying, you see. Okay. And you can see with our your lines are, you know, very good or not. Okay. Just like that can zoom in and zoom out to get out this control. Why will get out off the line mode right here. And it's very hard on handy and making, you know, monogrammed Louis that we will talk about in the coming lectures. Okay? And that is a line more best control. Why toe? Get in it on the rest. Control. Why again? Toe. Get out. Okay. It's very handy in a lining. Things and shapes in Adobe Illustrator. Now, let's talk about the art board, Mort, which is that tool right here. You can abreast shift all. So select any art board breast ault to make a Kobe and click and the drag and align it with the Oberon and the left one just like that. And so, like the selection tool to get out off it shift and oh, get A and select the selection tool. So you know to get rid of that, Mort. OK, shift and auto get in and the best of selection toe, get out off the art board more. Okay. It's very handy and very easy to use. Okay, lets abreast shift. Oh, and believe that our board and always as our designs and had to maybe let's breast control Z two under all this steps. Okay. And so let's learn about how to use control Z or command Z two under stuff you did in Adobe Illustrator are you know, toe delete any mistakes that you did in the design process? Just like that? The left, Any object, maybe Move it right here on Kobe. It right here on make other different stuff. Just like that to show you on. What if I want to delete all the shapes and undo what I did? Simply bless control or command that. Okay, Marco Manzi, Control Z Control Z control Z Control Z and we deleted all the objects and got back. And in the history of design okay, undulated the mistakes we need just getting control Z just like that. Okay, here is another shortcuts and it's very important, you know, to do it because it saves your design. Okay, that gone, draw less and you will find your bint are Turness to ah white while saving your design and your design history and steps. Okay, control or command s to save s to save. Okay. Control s command s to save your design just like that. Do it every 10 minutes at least. Okay. To serve your design and save it from being lost or unsafe just like that, it's very important. And also here is another short cuts you're seeing. Ah, have been too right here. Click and drag just like that and close it. Turn the fell color toe. A stroke colorful list. OK, And make another Kobe on rotated abreast shift. Andrew, Ted! Just like that. Andare lying them together just like that. Okay, now we have two shapes. That one right here. And that one right here. Okay. What about you know, uh, combining the bath right here, which is that yellow fin line right here. It's a stroke lion. Okay. How toe Combining it into a one lion on dwa one shape. Okay. Combining the stroke. Okay, here is. And as our two shapes just like that and select all of them and the breasts shift J joined them or control J. Sorry, Onda. We just made them one ship just like that. It control Z to undergo. And now they are two shapes. Select both off them and breast control J toe. Group them on tojoin the bath and toe. Ah, one bath okay. No. Two ships. When you select them, it will be a one shape. Okay, one ship only. Okay, just, you know, control J toe, combine the bath on joins a stroke lion to make it one only. Okay, only control or command J. Okay, just like that. It's very easy. Step and very handy. Now, also, let's talk about how toe rotate stuff, you know, 45 degrees, 90 degrees. Any other stuff or rotation that you like? Okay. It's just like that. Selects object on go nears Edge is just like that and the breast shift and click and drag to rotate the object again Rece shift and a drag to retain the object again to return the object again just like that. Okay, you will protect your object upto 45 degrees and 90 degrees, so it's very handy. Okay, so let's use any logo right here, just for the sake of just tutorial. And so, like that one and make it here. And so, like the orange color just like that, I answer like the color. It's a handy short card that we will talk about now. Okay, So, like the share first and go near the edge is OK and the rest shift and rotate. If you want to rotate it, you know, 90 degrees of the shift and rotate in other degrees Airbrush, eft and rotate shift Andrew date. And now we just rotated 3 60 degrees. Okay, Just like that. 360 degrees. And that's how to return stuff in adobe Illustrator of this shift and rotate. Okay, if you want to rotate it. Ah, on Ah, 45 90 degrees basics. Okay, It's very handy. And it will align your objects and make it perfectly balanced and are lined okay with the horizontal. You know, lions. Okay. Just like that. Which horizontal and vertical lines. It's very important and very easy to do. Okay, so let's talk about how to change the color off any object easily without, you know, destroying your design. It's just like that. Select the object that you want toe recover her and the rest I on the keyboard until you see that color baker. Okay. And breasts a white color. Glad gonna tow. And you can live. I and still select the colors just like that. Okay. And so, like the orange one. The white wind or on the white. Okay, Just select the object and and the breast I on the keyboard once. Or hold on it as you like. Okay. Just like that? Yeah. The white color. Zoran. John. The white colors. Oh, around the wide the order. And just like that. And select the object and select the color with I and select the color just like that. Okay. Very handy and very nice shortcuts to have. Okay, okay, Now let's talk about how to Kobe objects in Adobe. Illustrator was short cuts only. Okay, it's a legs. Objects. Okay, maybe select one only. And breast controls you control f. Okay. Just like that. And select that object and move it. You will find another object benefit because we Kobe it and on basted the object under it. Okay, Just like that. Okay, so let's do it again. Legs a ship that you want to Kobe on the breast control, see or command. See on then control f or command f in McQuay's and just more that object right here. And you just have another Cobi just like that. Control C control F and windows and commands equal mount F and Marco s. It's very handy. And it was beat up your design process just like that. Control C control F Komansky or command if, OK, so lets you know. Find another, maybe times for short gods. I believe, uh, that was, you know, most off the shortcuts that will speed up your design process. I hope you learned so much stuff from that section on. And I hope you like it, and it got your attention. So please, please, please just use it. Andi, get used to it because it will change your design experience and your design workflow. Believe it or not. Okay, you are a designer and looking to be a great designer. So you need to use shortcuts to make your design work off low. Much faster. OK? No, it is. I hope you like it and enjoyed zehs that section. Okay, Uh, please watch the other lectures. Okay? And get to know all the local types and how to use them. This glasses object Hable. So check it every week. They there might be, you know, a new lectures, so game so keep it up. And Riyadh more designs. See you and the other lectures 3. 1-Abstract logo type: Hello, everyone. My name is your substandard. That my graphic designer and illustrator. In today's lecture, we will talk about how to design an abstract Luke. Okay, So, as the first we need to create a project do creating you on go to web because we are going to make it at a digital broader. Okay for a friend. OK, select the 1920 by 10. 80 and select create. And here is our art board, right? She all what we need to do? As you know, what is the abstract Google abstract logo as very simple. It's a mark that represents a company about, you know, the logo needing the text and it like the Pepsi Louisville. It has a Pepsi smile, and it represents the company off Pepsi. Okay, so let's design an abstract local. It's very simple what you need to do as the sketch samples off your you go and go ahead on design and trace it with the tools right here. Okay, so we will start with the vernacular, switch from color color and go to the rectangle tool the breast. Jeff, don't make perfectly balanced. Square shift was bragging. Okay, let's take that square and the press shift and rotate Be, you know, just like that, Okay. And get another one. They called and drag, though, find and just like that. Okay? Human was old and the ruler off your mouse. Go up with a ruler on Lee and click Ault and drag to get a perfect day. Centre one right here. Okay. Collect all of the three shapes. Aligned them from the airline panel right here. If you don't have it, just so the window a line. It's checking because it's right here. Okay, so let's like the shapes again and hit. Buying horizontal land center. Andi, leg that mark right here, which is a vertical distribute center. Hey, it will equalize the distance between each game. Okay, off possessory. Okay, click it. And we now have a perfectly aligned rectangles. Okay, then. The legs, Asher, builders tool and the click all you see the minus button right here. All and drag from the outside to leave that part right here. Okay. And also you can you know, this is three babes. Thank them on. Okay. And we have mark off our own bad drivers in the calm money itself. Okay? It's a group the objects or go to your night from the Pathfinder. Now we have a mark that represent the company itself. You know, when you see it, you you can tell it's very simple to do. But the best Lugo's out there are, then blessed one like the ABA local. Okay, that Zuman. You can make different effects on that Google right here. You can select it, goto the direct selection tool, and you will see that around it corners right here. You can click them and bag slightly in that champ right here. Now, we got a very good looking one. Okay? You can also make values effects. I, you know, is that one right here all down the drive to make another Kobe and shift and rotates. Did you know, horizontal look and all turned a drag and right click transform and act and head review. And so like, OK, now let's drag that one right here to that. Yeah, Okay. And I'll line them and you will find that they are fine. But we need to delete toe one of them and on group and select and ate that one right here. Um, options both answer legs. just right here on a line. Them I had control G manji prove them. And I lined them was centered rectangle. Okay, on head control. Now we have a logo that can fit, you know, uh, according, you know, brand or a company. OK, interesting boarding or developing. Oh, both It has, you know, Thurston Box. Okay. And so how to see your row goes on various concepts. Let's talk about how so you know, to design an ab boubou bed. Mark Streit here get a perfectly balanced rectangle, drags around it garners air just like that. And so, like, that trip right here, all that and the drag and give it that white our board color by, you know, selecting I on clicking by color. Rescuing drawn shift Onda uh, ride rounded bracket key. That's layer right here at the first on a line. All of the objects. And by this one. Well, you know, it's a bounteous okabe. Uh, you know, more space. Okay, find them again and control and control g of them. Now we have a nab icon, okay, And is very cool, actually. Okay. And you can see it from a distance. Old and very very simple. Okay, Again, let's take that one right here. Air given by color I and select the color eso one right here making Phyllis They are but in controlled shift on the right to bracket key. Okay, Now I line them like that's control G, move them and you have a very cool app icon. Okay, that is, uh, abstract Luego design. Abstract logo is only a mark that rivers and some money. Okay, It doesn't have to, you know, direct, but need to or imprison dot com, buddy. Okay, so let's make another example. Okay. Awesome abstract logo to the Ben Tool right here. Okay. The man a little bit with all the ends, a lot off your mouse. Click on, Try to be just like that shift and go up there just like that right here also. And now we have sort off triangle, OK? Reverts the fell color to a stroke color and give it a big weight off truck up to 10. Or let's make it in. Okay. And click owns a stroke right here. Oh, just, you know, leave it for now on. Had to object on expand. Okay, Now we expanded our struck right here. You can make another Kobe just like that and drugs for man reflect Onda had okay, and try to ah lion of your, you know, together and try to move that one forward like that. They're easy to affect all of these problems. And I lined them again and zoom in and select the share builder tool and delete guards that we don't need. Okay, just like that, it's very easy. Okay? And just like that, we have a very good Google design. But we can also make more examples. You know, like that two objects and unite them. Okay, maybe. Let's equal. He knows the standard, uh, this one and also at the middle. And this one right here, it's a leg that alliteration toe and select only the stool points. Okay. Or is this points right here? That area was a direct selection toe. Okay. And go up just like that and select a design again. You will find that it's very cool right now, but it needs a little bit off occasion. Okay. To select the logo control Z toe under that. And we forgot to select the points with this one also who you know, uh, to make the standard equal. Okay, Just like that. And by that, we got a very good level right here. You can make another Kobe and work on it. Okay? It's very important. Answer looked always a g buoyant just like that and all of them. And click and drag. And now we got a perfectly bands mark or a letter m mark. Okay. It's also an abstract. No go OK, And you can make other abstract Lugo's goto the polygon and click anywhere make it exciting . Three sides. Sorry to make a perfectly balanced rectangle rotate. It was shift. Andrea stayed just like that and select Detrick tango converted to a stroke and give it about 15 Buoyant if weight okay. And maybe the size it make it bigger. Just like that story under that Control that and select And the legged a stroke right here and make it around it cap and around it corner just like that. And by that you can make another rare You can Kobe and make another layer right here and are lying them together. Get the that sort of pigtown go OK, just like that And you can also convert it will be on em. Mark. It's a W mark right here. And also you can make another example off abstract logo's why, you know, selecting that one right here and rotated the other way. Sorry, you control that just like that. And now we got a nicely balanced local abstract local surgery, and now it's very balanced. One I could, you know, it's reduced the space between the rectangles. Maybe just like that. Okay? And align them again. Head corn role, G toe, groove them. And we got another type off marks right here. You can make another Kobe also, you know, just in case and had toe object expand. Okay, Now, we expanded the strokes and toe lions and make another couple that one on Grube it and delete one right here. Give our logo a wide color, okay? And align it with the AB. You know, I can, right here and now we got a very good lugar design made by, you know, just a naps track once it okay, And that's how to make an abstract local from just, you know, rectangles or triangles and you know, to represent a mark or a surged in. You know design. Okay, on that was it in the abstract local design concepts. And I hope you learned a lot from this one right here and also a final. You know, a final design, that is, You know that one right here. Let's make another Kobe and sold exact trick on go and just might, you know, make it inside the other one. And now it's a logo also. And select that one right here, story collect all tend to drag and also make that one right here inside the other one. Now, we got a very, very simple, you know, symbol local that will stand out and make the mark brand very, you know, visible to its, you know, customers or clients. Okay, so let's head to object. Expand on him, okay? And unite them. Now, we got our final logo, so let's bought it inside a business card. A very small one in sake of this, you know, tutorial. Okay, now is that is no, our business card right here. It's not his exact, you know, dimensions, but it will do for the sake of this tutorial. Okay, give our logo the white color right here, and drag it up. It controlled shift and write a bracket key to make its first layer. Make it a little bit smaller and a lion it with the business card design selects are business card background and give it a little bed off roundness. Okay? And we have our business card control G who group them. And it's a very cool business card. You can hand it over off course. This is a backside off the business card notes a front side. Okay, because the front side will have, you knows, information and the contact information's address and a lot off other stop. Okay, those this is background off the business card. Okay? And that was how to make a very good luego. You saying, you know, just, you know, simple stuff, you know, just like a rectangle and maybe circles, maybe triangles and other other stuff many more can find. And it's, you know, uh, the creation, you know, it's limitless. Okay, you can have various and make various copies off logos. Um, just was simple steps. Okay, So all that was about how to design an abstract Luego. Okay, 4. 2-Mascot logo type: Okay, Now let's go toe the second type off logo design, which is the mask out logo. Design mask. Outlook. A design is bearing to mostly sports teams and, you know, in a over the gaming Ah, field. Also, it is used a lot in the sports and in the gaming field. OK, now, Ah, let us make a new are aboard to begin designing a mask. Our logo. Okay, select the art board tool. Come out and select that art board and click cult under drag. You'll make that art board. Okay on. And do, man, select all of the objects and delete them. Okay, let's go to our sketch right here. You have to sketch the local first who will be able to use it. Okay. Just like that. And toe be ableto trace the lines just like that. Okay, Now, let's zoom in and dress our design right here. It's Ah, wolf. Mask out. Okay. And let's select the pento and swab the fell color toe. A stroke color toe. Be able to see the details just like that. Click and drag and click right here. Toe claws the lion and click here and also air under that Control that and start tracing your design just like that. Click and drag. Okay, exists little curve close every curve. But looking at the last point just like that, okay? And make that one right here and close it a that little curve here also. And close it and try to ally in the line right here. Where the first point that is that one, OK, And the click do man and go, uh, actual that everything is aligned on Glick and a drag like that. And right year it's make our curves just like that was a curve every time and just like that. And eg that girl right year just, you know, address a black, They lines on Lee for now. Okay, let's under that They have controlled that again and try to a gay just like that. Okay? And click here and drag up. Get that curve. And also that one right here and that one also and go up just like that on. Go up like that. Um, we about to be finished. So let's address. I also and eg that girl right here and connect on and adds a last curve and connect your eye. Okay. Oh, when you had Oh, Meg, the I And that is the last one, right Year naked just like that. And let's had to the nose. Bart Right here. And also, don't forget that years they gonna drag up. And here also hold it on and complete that girl. Okay? And also a teeth right here and connect Onda drag Also that one right here. And we are nearly done. Make that one also. And that surrounds this points right here. So like them on the rest shift and select that one also, to select multiple objects at once. Okay. And that one right here also Maybe that one here, it's under that just you know, these three points and drag them just like that. Okay, Now is the selection tool. It's, uh we need to lock the image. Election had toe objects in lock on DSA election. We just looked the image so you don't move it by mistake gay and select the teeth right here and reflect them. Runs four right. Click and transform and hit to reflect. Okay. And and risk. Okay. On brush eft and rotate with your mouth. Okay. Just line it like that on. And by that, we I've done it. Okay? We need toe around the edges, off the tongue, go the walls and that edge right here also. Okay. And upper one, also just like that. I had control s to save your design every time. Okay? And let's and the fell color the stroke color to a fell color. Okay, so legs a stroke and turn it toe fell color. Like that one right here, you know? Sorry. Let's select the stroke again. Give it a black color, okay? Because it represents there. Black, thick lions, as we said. And that one right here also give it. Yeah, that color. Okay, on. Let's zoom in tow. That one. It's deleted because you know doesn't work on. Let's dress it again. Just like that. Okay? Select the black thick lines and turn it to a fell color on that one. Right here. Give it, uh, white color. Ok. Just like that. And also had to the north on the teeth. Duncan also also the lower teeth and turned the stroke alert toe a fell color. Okay, Had control is to save your design, and we got our mask out. Ready for the layers. Okay, select the full layers and click and drag to make a kombi with all on dragging the victors . Okay. To make a kombi, select all the wide shapes just like that and control g toe group them. Okay? And now let's talk about how to make their shadows and the highlights off your mask out. Okay? As the first, this one right here will be a color also. And that one right, you're going up. OK, so it will start from here and going right there. Okay, Now, let's make a FelCor forest. Just like that. Was selecting the Ben Tool on Going like that turns a fell color. Now for a stroke. Okay. To be able to see all the details American, a black or now we will change it here. Okay. On connect. Turn into fell color. Give it white collar. Right here. I owned the keyboard and select and control shift and the left bracket key toe. Make it the last layer. Okay, this will be the base layer that we will work on it. Okay. Okay. Now, let's take a look to our sketch to see the highlights right there on Toby ableto take the right decision. Okay, let's take the pen tool and drags Ha's, uh, layer from right here. Okay? And also who there story? We need to look the best right here. Okay? And click and drag just like that and take a look again toe the highlights and then go down , okay? And go just like that, okay? And select it with base layer on control shift and left bracket key toe. Make them the last layer and select that one right here and give it a shadow color. Maybe gray will do okay, just like that and go up and make a shadow also right here. Select that one right year and maybe gets on my skirt. Okay, Just like that. And get in my skirt of also and finish it. I here. Okay. And maybe under that for now. And control that numerous times on and get it just like that on make Make It was these rear. There's a shadow on the base layer and that new one make them the last layer hit and control gift and the left bracket key toe make it the last layer. And now we are almost ready for the final design touches. Okay, Just like that. Select all on the drag to make another Kobe all the and a drag to make another Kobe also just like that on right click and to transform and reflect and had Okay, now we got all the designs. Align it and it looks very cool. Okay. Very bold. And a furious animal. It's amazing. Okay, now let's go to uniting all the layers we need. Okay, select that shadow right year and that one. And click Unite Gay. That one right here. And that one right here. And click. I okay on that layer, That one right here. Like Unite. I know it's missing up our design, but we will make it okay, like that one and that one right here and unite them. Okay? Elected that one right here on and try to just make it like that. Are trying to get that designed, selected. And also that one right here and the base layer. We will need to get them okay. And risk control shift and writer bracket. It will get them as the first layer. Okay, So, like the base layer and this shadow layer on make them the last layer I heard in control shift and left the bracket key. OK, the leg. That one right here on that one Here also and unite them. Okay, Just like that, we got I united. They are okay, it's united. This one was this one right here. Okay, Just like that, We got united. I am okay. And this one right here needs, you know, a little bit off, you know, refining. Okay, so legs idiotic selection tour. And so, like that point right here. Onda click and drag Go up until you see the red lion's the march and I saying, kids, but enough right now, Okay? And you can, you know, make various colors options off that Google right here. So let's refine it for the last step. Okay? Oh, that was selecting a multiple Boyens with shift and selecting more brains. Okay, Just like that on may be Go to refining. If Dan select the other buoyant and click and drag until you see the red lines. Okay? And goto the I section right here. Selected is too edgy, buoyant sand, click and drag until you see the red lion's. That means there is no enough space to move further. Okay. And maybe we are done for now. Okay? And there is our final logo. Elect All off the layers had control G toe group them. Now we have the shadows and the base layer on. And yeah, the black clients, which you know what you know represents, uh, ace, A stroke right here. Ends a base. Shadows. OK, this lands right here is this. You know, a gray layers just represent the secondary shadows over the mosque out. Okay. And that's how to design a mask. Our logo. You can also it I also like the final design and had control shift, you know? Sorry. Control. C control F toe. Make a Kobe and then without, you know, doing any other thing. Wrest control shift ends a lift rocket G toe, make the layer. We just go be in the back layer, Then go to unite and then add a stroke. Will you say enough? Okay. Just like that? Maybe more naked. 90. Okay. And had to object. Expand. Okay on. Then give it. Go ahead to unite and give it color. You like maybe that what red color. Okay. And go to there've been two right here on select the unwanted points to delete them. Okay, just like that. And now we have, uh, you know, you know, I read struck luego, okay? And it's make our designs, you know, pop outs and out stand. Okay. And stand out. Sorry. Okay. Just like that. Maybe select the red color, right? Year. Maybe making Jell O just like that. And you can make of various various options by going like that. And also the mask out Lugo's, you know, have you know a mask out text? Okay, under read to, you know, You know, to say the brand name. Okay. And you know, it has its own, you know, tutorials. Okay, I have a full Moscow logo. It's, you know, up to I believe it. Or nine hours off content on your to me on my badge on your enemies. So be sure to check it out. Two masters, a full Moscow logo design field. OK, so that waas about how to create or how to design a mask out logo on what it what it is a mask out. Luego type. Okay, though. Thank you. And wage for can go to the other section to learn more about local types and how to design them. Okay, 5. 3-Compination mark logo type: Okay, Now let's talk about the combination. Mark Lubell combination. Mark Loga is all about a graphic just like that. And at fixed a graphic and a fixed. Okay, combining combine it with the graphic. Okay, on also here. That's a graphic and a text Here. Also, Traficant next here and in Microsoft. Google, of course. A graphic and text Amazon also McDonald's and Sprint And this company right here. Onda, you know, for knowing just logo right here cost the company 300 on day 20 $1,000,000. That's also okay on just one right here. Lacoste that graphic and text also burritos a graphic and fixed Umar also and this local right here a graphic on text. Also called a logo as considerate. A graphic and text and it is a combination mark local. Okay, though combination Mark luego is all about a graphic with the name of the company under. Okay, a graphic on text. Okay, so let's design a combination. Mark Luke. Okay. Ah, its effect company that we are going to design the local four is called with. Okay, like sea waves. OK, though. Let's first go to the rectangle and select celebs stool and the risk, Ault, and shift together and click and drag to resize from the center here to resize a circle perfectly Okay, Just like that. And change the right color too. Got it right here, black one. Okay. And make it right here. Now we need a lying. Okay. Allying. Just make simple line. Was the land segment tool right here. Okay. The best shift click and drag forward to get that lion just like that and give it thickness from the stroke panel right here around 10. Buoyant. So Okay. And Juman was old and the ruler off your mouse. Head to effect on distort and transform and head to zigzag. Okay, maybe. Let's under that for a moment. On with selection tool. Make some Kobe's all than the drag and align it with that one on without doing any other thing. Just like control de or command E in Mac os various times who get this, you know, sort off arrangement right here. Okay, to get multiple, Kobe's off. The same will be an object. Okay. Just like that, And select all of them had to effect, distort and transform and its exact the legs of review button right here. Okay. Elects. Ah, Smores points right here on day. Maybe exist. Size Moller. Okay. And increase the ridges there. Segment right here. Maybe make them lower. Was floor or your mouse? Okay, Just like that? Maybe more. Okay. Elect. Absolute. Okay, Just like that. And it. Okay. On had to object. Expand. Appear Ian's on Did increase the bigness off these lions. Okay. Just like that and had to object. It's banned on hit. Okay. And maybe increase the distance a little bit just like that and select all of them, allying them again. Horizontal online center, gay, and equalized the distance between them from the line. Bennell. Right here on. Select the vertical distribute center to equalize the distance between them. Okay on. Then group them heading, control or command he to group them. Okay. And we have our circle right here. Elect all of the objects and align them horizontally and vertically. Just like that, Maybe. Meg. Zest circle bigger. Okay. Just like that on a line. Them again. Okay. And select all of them and head to the share builder tour and click all to see the minus button. Okay, Old and doug, toe the lead all of the marks right here. Okay. And also take your circle. Oh, okay. And now we have our graphic right here. I think we might be needing Teoh or at school just like that. I don't know, but it's very cool for now. Okay? And selected on make it right here. Then let's, you know, rounds. Edges of the circle. Okay, so let's make another Kobe all tender drag to make another Kobe and had to the direct selection tool on the click on the drag. All off the marks right here. Get that drowned in effect. OK, that makes you know our logo. Very minimal. Okay. And give its, you know, a modern look. Okay, so it's very important, you know, to see what is, you know, survive off the brand. You are designing the local phone. Okay, so let's select the type two and give our brand its name. Okay, So goes to ride waves, okay. And then old and shift and recited from the center and had to the character window and choose the best fund that suits your brand. Okay, Just like that. Go on. Duh. Maybe that one is very cool, but we will see. Okay. Okay, let's select that one right here and take another Kobe goaltender drag on. Also go down to see a multiple wants. Don't just select one, okay? And go down. A gay. I like that bold one. Okay, it dribbles into company. Very good. And let's elect it and take another Gobi right here and see a different formed. Okay, just search. There is a suitable on. Maybe that one right here is very good Is, but it's very formal, so let's find a cool one also. Okay, I have some fund right here. It's called the Moon Bonds. I think it's a very good for this. A round. Okay, though. Let's select it. Okay. And let's expand all of the phones. Object. Expand. Okay, now all of our phones are expanded. Okay, the less Take that one right here at a Kobe. Andi, make it smaller with shift old and dragging. Okay. Just like that. And criticize the phone toe, make it smaller, and by that, and moves next up gay and had controlled uto group them. Okay, Maybe they cannot go be just like that on decides them. Okay, Sorry. Let's take another call from right here and control G orca. Mandy toe, get another one. I'm group this one and this one also on delay it and gets a text right here. Make it a smaller. Okay. You know, let's zoom out to see is a border off our design right here on Try toe Ally in the graphics . Okay. Okay. So that front right here doesn't suit. Okay, that stake the waves. One right here. Andi, Try to make it just fit. You owe if the end of drags but its size. Okay, align them. It's like that. Had control or command you to group them. Now we have two copies off the same local and just EDS the time to compare them and see what works and what won't. Okay, average fare. We'll give them that white color. I onda the legs a white color off art Bart. And let's see right here, Gift child precise in blaze and see whether any one of them is the best. Okay, I think that this one right here is very good on that one also, but I really like the boldness off this logo right here off. Just take story. Okay? So I will prefer to egg the bold one. Okay, a final thing right here. Which is the recorded mark? Okay. Just like that. Converted to Astro color and increase its weight. Maybe it'll then okay. And then was the type tool, right? Are that means recorded on? Select that one right here on. Had to object. Expand. Okay. Give it that white collar right here and resize it all chipped and resize from the center. Okay, maybe decrees thickness off the circle. Just like that. May be ages, very goods. And it is. And I lined them again. Head to object. X band radar gay on Unite. Okay, now we got our recorded sign and just to dry do naked and the same blaze. Maybe. Let's make it smaller. Just like that, Onda had gone troll. Let's move it up, Okay. And control G toe group them. Maybe I like tonight the sayings Okay. Just like that on. Make a Kobe right here. Give it the color I and select the color like a Kobe Ault. And drag was your mouse. And now we got our combination mark Luego which is which contains the graphic right here. Just we just designed and the text. Okay, The graphic and the text. So it's a combination mark logo, and it's very, very good for the brand. We, uh, we're designing for Okay, it's the waves. Okay. Off the sea on that. It's very cool and very minimal. Okay, now I hope you like, you know, this tutorial about a combination mark logo, and I hope it helps anyone to design a combination. Mark Lu And, you know, master, you know, designing those types off the logo. Okay, so see you in the next section. 6. 4-letter mark logo type: Okay, Now let's talk about letter Mark Logo. Time letter Mark is only a mark for made from letters. Okay, All the marks right here is formed and made by letters. Okay. And we add a certain style tothis letters, you know, toe out, stand more like right here. We got off that bart off the A OK on the IBM logo right here. We add some, you know, white lines and deleted the space by Jim Builder toe to add more style toe the letter toe, make it a little mark logo. Okay. And here it has its, you know, a style. OK, that style right here as also a mark. And I believe it's, you know, Gucci or whatever. It's brand I don't really remember. And this one right here it's bald and symbol at and it's also a mark and just one also. And the HB rights here it's also a world mark. Sorry, it's a little mark. And here's Avielle. It has, you know, its own style, you know, making the two letters, you know, above each other. And also BNG one right here with their little sheer Okay, Onda New York logo right here also on the CNN was this little white lion insides. Luego. Okay. And the ESPN Look right here. Was that, uh why it, you know, a space nia between the letters, Okay. It gives it, you know, its own style. Andi, make it, You know, stand out and be very effective. Letter mark logo. Okay, now let's design a letter mark logo. Okay, we will design this one right here. I just, you know, a skit shirt at and my member walk. Okay? And so let's start. And this story A we will use Onley rectangles. Okay, Just like that. And we will give it, you know, a white color, Okay. And just, you know, a certain thickness just like that. Okay, so let's take one right here. Make it as a Kobe. Of course, because we'll need it just like that. And let's work with this size right here. Okay? Start by making the men rectangle and get another one under it. Just like that. Okay. And take this one right here, and B, it's believed that and get that phone right here and rotated just like that on. Go right here. Okay. And right, you're also and so let's take that one on, make it from right here and go down just like that and equals the distance. Okay. And turned the stroke color to offer fell color toe a stroke color. Okay. And increase stroke color to maybe 30. Okay, that's like that. And early in just one's rights here, maybe Maybe, you know, let's delete them all and use only strokes, for that matter, OK? Because it will be much easier in rounding. You know, these edges right here, just like that. Okay, so let's use, you know, strokes on Lee. OK, that we have that line right here, just like that. And breast shift was a land signal tour. And make that flying right here and also go with the dog selection tools are like that one right here that point only and breast shift and select the as our brian to select a multiple giants in the same time. Okay. Was holding shift okay. And a drag to make around it corner on drawing the two points the same. Okay, just like that. Okay. It's very easy to do and was a dark selection toe. Select the two points a cane and move them by the arrow keys. Who's on? Right, Just like that. And with this is our tool yet going ahead. The leads. This two point just like that. Okay. And elite deleted just like that. No. Okay. Just wars are buggin out of the illustrator. Okay? Just you know how I like these two points. Where's the direct selection tool on goto? The right. Just like that. Okay, Now, let's, you know, finish some, you know, work right here. Where's a letter s okay. We are designing a logo for, you know, company starts with is two letters the D and s. Let's call it, you know, sound design agency. Okay. Just like that, it's affect company about the name will do for the sake of historial. Okay, So let's designs a smart right here and adds the last effects. Okay, It will be very simple. Just focus on do you will learn more west time. Okay? Just you need to practice. Okay? So let's go toe the rectangle tool. I love the stool. You know, it's a pretty good and just like that, go down more. Maybe that is enough. Okay? And get another Kobe just like that. Try align. It's That is very cool. Okay, that was a direct election. Tools elects these two points. Okay, on this also shift and select as our buoyant and also right here served down select the legs are point right here. And that one also. Okay, Now we have selected these two points and these two points right here. Now, you know, select that. You know that Cardinal rights here and drag them. Okay, lets and was that story Nick and drag just like that? Get the rounded corner, Maybe, let's, you know, make it, you know, smaller. Okay, Just like that. And I was the scissors tool right here. Select this two points shift and select multiple points. Onda late with the arrow with a really button on your keyboard. Okay, select that. Buoyant right here. Okay. And delete them Story. Mistake happened right here. Select that bath right here and delete it just like that and select that point right here and drag it till it goes. Just the legs are Bryant was a direct selection tour and also the wait for this point right here. And go until it fades on. Mergers were the final design just like that. Okay, try to zoom in. We just deleted that buggy. No. And Adobe Illustrator. And so now we need to make this type of stuff right here. Just like Sad Lick. And the drag was a lion segment tour just like that. Okay, online it with that bass right here. Okay, Maybe we need that too. You know, Is the same as this one right here. Okay, so let's breast shift and rotate, Okay? Ault and Kobe on make another Kobe just like that, okay? And now we got our mark right here. Okay? Oh, let's join our That is my tear. Okay? Just like that. The leg, That one right here. And that one. That one. That one. Okay. And had control j tojoin them all. Okay, just like that. And now we have I join it. Okay? It's very simple to do. OK, and let's join the two bathrooms right here. Also at control J. Well, groove them. And now we have united. Ok, it's very simple to do. Okay, though Now we need Teoh. You know alliance. A letter D was a letter s okay. Select all of them and align them just like that vertically and horizontally. Okay. Now they are very, very aligned. And I like this style too. Okay, so let's take them out and leave that one right here as a Kobe. Okay? Okay. And maybe we need to increase the weight of the struck. No. Still 50 maybe FDA is good, you know. Okay. 50 is God for this tutorial. Okay, so let's take that one right here. Had controlled uto groove them on. May be, you know, reduced capacity. You see a background details that I am willing into, you know, working on. Okay. So Okay. We need toe remove. You know, this one right here. Okay. So it's so busted. You back on, take that one right here. So Okay, let's make you know another, you know, rectangle right here or on those are, you know, lion this shift and dragged down on. Just give that line right here. 50 point. Wait. Just like that. Oh, till 50. Okay. Just like that. And it object. Expand on it. Okay. On breast shift and rotate and increase. You know the words off the tango right here, and select your shared make another Kobe and bought it far away, just in case we needed it. Okay. So lets you know, Marcus, that rectangle right here was red, OK? Because we needed to be different, you know, from the color right here to distinguish between, you know, the, you know, the dash is right here and the spaces we are going to make in our design. Okay. Oh, let's do it. I think maybe 50 years too much. Really. For this, I've off design. Or maybe we make the little s small are Okay, So it said, control that and maybe decree is, uh, Ignace off this struck, maybe tell, you know, 40. Okay, on. And so legs that run right here and make a Kobe in case if you did it. Okay, Now I had to. So, like that object on that one on also that one and head to object. Expand. Okay. And now let's rotate Is a wreck. Tango, make another Kobe and make it red. Just like that. I know it's taken a lot of time, but the details must, you know, must be perfected. Okay, so let's make you know the space between that line right here and that one right here. Okay. So legs a rectangle. The red rectangle and zoom in okay and controls the space. Yes, like that And are lying the two rectangles to, you know, together on select all of the objects and was a share builder tool millions, these spaces just like that on Douala. Okay. And so, like, that one right here, maybe it's still, you know, a group. Okay, so it's OK for now. And let's make the spaces right here also, as our sketch say's Okay, select that one right here. And so, making the spaces we need okay. And more. That one. Just like that. The best. You have to select the other object, whether it okay and are lying them and select all of the objects just like that. And with the share, belittle the breasts all to see the minus button. Okay. It's right here. Okay. All that and the drag toe the lead unwanted. Bart's okay, just like that. And now is the final step is making you know, spaces in that section right here. Okay. And let's take that one right here and make our usual space. Okay? Just like that. Like all standard drug to make another Kobe, they are already align it. Okay, so select all of them. And be careful. I don't believe that, you know space right here. Okay, so click all to see the minus button and click and drag just like that, Okay? And so, like that part and delete it and voila, it's almost ready. Okay. So let's, you know, make you know, a final step right here and dry too, Make, you know, at various no steps just like that, You know, you need to make that rectangle of, you know, a vertical, you know, one. Okay, blah, blah. You know a difference. You know, type off styles toe your logo. Okay. Okay. Get that one. Right. You're out. Okay. And let's start by adding space right here to show off that bar right here. Going up. Okay. No, let's do it. I know it's maybe a lot, but, you know, and deserve it. Okay, so let's try that style right here. Like also under drag toe. Make another Kobe. Okay, Just like that. And choose the rectangle. The the share builder tools. Sorry. Like old and the drag to relieve the unwanted. Bart's just like that. And select that year that red bars, okay. And a leave them. We don't need them. Okay, So what is remaining? You know, toe apply a good style right year. I think nothing is remaining. Okay, that style right here, as you know, is killing it. It's OK. Ok, so let's unite all of the batter's right here and make it as one single shape. So select all of the parts, okay? And head to the bath finder and hit to unite right here and now. We just made it. Ah, united shape. Okay, so let's take the recorded mark right here on groped and make a Kobe Oh, the recorded mark. Sorry. We need all the mark right here. Control G toe. Group them and just make them look bigger and control g toe regroup our luego right here. Andi, Let's just, you know, make another Kobe okay? And give it that white color head. I owned the keyboard and select that color okay and decides it to make it smaller. Just like that. And so, like the whole shape. Okay. And you know, I teach again. Now we have our own word. Mark logo style. Just bought it right here. Okay, on. Let's make the black version of it okay, Just like that. And you have read the black No color right here. Now we have our mark, and it's, you know, ready, You know, to be applied to our, you know, products. And it's, you know, the final version right here on ditz. Already looking awesome. Okay. Oh, I hope you enjoy its historial and learned how to create a letter. Mark, you know, Louisville type. Okay. And I hope you learned a lot of this techniques that we used ends this tutorial, so keep up on bond to you ends the next section. 7. 5-pictorial logo type: Hello, everyone. And welcome Teoh, the Victoria Lugou type section. Okay, In the section, we will learn how to design a pictorial Luego. Okay, so what is Victoria? Luego Victoria logo assembly a picture or a Nikon or a graphic that tells you the name off the company. You know, from the first look. Okay. At here, you see an apple? Just Apple represents Apple company, okay. And just one is shell. Okay, It represent that shell company on dhere. It's the target mark on debt represents a company target. Okay, It's on Lee an image or icons tells use and name off the company immediately without, you know, the text or any other thing. Okay, Just like that. And that is the Victoria luego. Okay, Now, what is the kind off Lou we are going to design for a company in this addiction? It took me No, some time to figure that, Lou, because there is a lot off options. Okay, so our new go today will be a bell mark. Okay. For a bell company. Okay. It's called Bell. Okay. So I know it's like the bill owns the door. The bell owns a door. Okay, so that's Zuman was old and the ruler off your mouth. Then, uh, the legs have been to on and leg and go down the best shift and go down just like that And Glencoe's right ear shift and go do the ride. Maybe Like that. Okay. And click right here. And here also. And just like that. So Joab Okay? And now click and drag just like that, Okay? And the rest, chef, too. Balance. You know the handle, OK? Just like bad on a click right here. Toe clothes, the curve and the rest shift again. Like that. Gay on. We are nearly done right here. Okay, I'll select that mark and convert. No, sorry. We need to make the full color a stroke color. Okay. A stroke color fl color its legs ad by cancelling the fell color. Okay. And let's take that one right here also. And the drag to make another Kobe like that. Right? Click, Go to transform on, Reflect, okay. And hit review and then breasts. Okay, then we need to align the graphics and let's take another Kobe toe, work on and unite them. Okay? Just like that. Oh, and maybe a squash. Uh, design. Okay? Like that. Elect Alex Election, too. And go up. Okay, The, like, the whole design and go down. Just like bad. Okay, now we need to gets this Stipe off, you know? Handles right here. You know, more forward. Okay, So So legs to buy ins with the selection tool and move forward. Okay. Was Roky Sorry. We need to count that. So let's under that head and control that controls E just like that And select the to Bryant. Zoom in. Nick the right arrow key. Okay, going forward. 123456789 10. Okay, just 10 points forward. Okay. And here also left. Roky, go in backwards. Okay, Oneto 3456789 10 on. And let's round. This points right here. It's anchors. Okay, that point right here on that by the direct selection tool, okay. And a click and drag will make them just like that. Okay. And now we needs the ellipse tool right here in no right. Click on the rectangle. You'll and you'll find a lab stool right here. Okay, that's all. Shift and desires and click. And the drag from the center to make a perfectly balanced circle from the middle. Okay, Just like that on. Take a copy. Okay. A good, smaller and then a lying them by the horizontal alliance center tool. Okay. From the line window. Right here. Okay, then. You know, head to unite with the bath finder and unite the two object together. Okay? Just like that. And we need to make you know, the bell thing right here that hits you know, the sights and makes a sound. Okay, So click and drag and center Eckerd smaller. Just like bad. Okay. And then a lion or the object together and click the rock tango gold right here and the click and drag from there to there just like that. Okay. And are nearly done just like that. And click and drag and delete that part. Also need it. And by that, So, like, just two objects and the rest shift and select this layer. You will get this layer only selected on deleted. Okay. It's like that on was a direct selection Tools. Select this two points just like that. Jeff down select other boy into select multiple points at the same time. Okay. And drone them just like that. Now we got our bell mark right here. I believe that this fiction needs a refinement and select that went right here, that corner point on that corner. Also, every corner has its own point. You know, Dustin and the Sekoff knowing OK, and click and drag it up just like that together. That animal look, OK, and go here also on drones. This edges to okay, a little bit. Okay. Not much. Just like that, okay? And we are done for this smart right here. Okay? I believe we need to make it, you know, smaller because I don't know. So make it, you know, a realistic one right here. Ah, just go like that's, like the whole about section. And just like that, maybe a squash that design more and I lying them again. Then you night to object from the Pathfinder when new Right here on. We got our final shape ready. Okay, So let's dealings this object here and gets our lovely Ah, I don just click under drag. All tend to drag the object to make you know they are okay. And take a Kobe from right here and here and give it the white color I and select a color like that it on on the keyboard and select a color just like that and are lying the two objects together. Maybe we need to on group them for a moment And get that one right here down. That's still be, you know, or bold on git night again or group name and you'll eat that one right here and get that one because we change it the details a little bit and give it the black color head. I owned the keyboard and select the color just as he that and make the icon Smoller give you know or ace But, you know, for does it is a design toe. Breathe OK just like that and control g to group them. And we got our Victoria logo right here. When you look at this luego right here, you think of what you think off Bill. Okay. And Bill as our company name. So this luego deserves and serves its purpose and delivers information. All the information about the company we need It's a bell company. Okay, well, you know, whether it's making bells o r. Any other things just It's a bell company, okay? And all. What you need is a name of the company. Then the rest thumbs if you, you know, if it was just really okay, Just like that. And we need to add They recorded sign right here. That's maybe we need to make a copy. Okay, We already made it. Hey, alternate drag. Tomiko be okay. Okay, I believe what it right here and me down And just like that and click wrong a Zuman t just at. And we got our local ready and the corporate your all time. The drag I line all of them and unite them like that. And right here also, I and select the white color. Of course, it is in the last layer because it was made before subjects. OK, so breast control shift and the right of bracket key toe make it at the first layer. Okay. And Marco s, um, you need to rest. Command left and right. A racket. He okay, just like that and drag it up here, maybe make it bigger and try to align it with just like that, right to our land. The design. And just like that, uh, it's under the design right here. Select that one on one and unite them, then control. You tow them and we got our logo already right here. Hands. That is a recorded mark. Okay, Just, you know, to make it official. And just by that, we got our Victoria logo design ready. And you know it's for you. It's OK. Ah, and that is end off the Victoria Luca Tine. I know it was very simple, but it deserves its purpose. And this is the most important thing for the loo is to be simple, not complicated on delivers a message quickly. OK, at a glance. Okay. Just like that? No, I hope you learned something from just section. 8. 6-Emblem logo type: Now, let's talk about, uh, emblem. Luego type emblem, Lugou. Time as all about. Next on graphic on vintage. You know, look, And a style like this one right here. Okay. On dure. Also, the Harley Davidson famous logo adds a text in a graphic and style. Okay, on also this, you know, bald Look to it. Okay. And Starbucks, it's a graphic right here, as we say, as we see Sorry. And the Starbucks text and around it, you know, way. And the event is your style to it. Okay, so that is the emblem logo type? No, let's design one. Just, you know, by getting the rectangle tool and go down, click and drag just like that. Okay. On. And where's your on was been Tool Click right here, too. Adds a rectangle top just like that and go down until you align it with the 1st 1 and align it with the edge off Zurich tango like that and connect to finish it. Okay. And highlight both to see whether the bones aren't are lined and go down with this one right here on day and select it and go down as a Kobe on. Rotate to press shift and rotate Object He just like that and are lying them together. Okay, just as easy as that on and go to the bath finder window also. It's right here. Okay. And unite all of the shapes, OK, just like that. And our company will be about vintage. Okay, so it's advantage company. So let's no select the type tool and go here. Maybe my exact text. Why? Like that? And make it, you know, up our caps just like that. And dive and vantage just like that. Okay. And our size your phoned. Be bigger. Ault and shift tune aside from the center. Okay, Off the text and had to is a type window right here. The character window and the breast down the phones menu and dry to select. Ah, nice. You know, you know, thick on bold type. Ok, let's go with it and go down until you see what you want. Go down. You select the best phone for your design. Maybe that one right here. So let's take it. Okay. Just like that on Had to object. It's, you know Hey, sorry. Let's set controls e quando and had to object. Spanned and hit, OK? And that is our logo right here. Try to align it with the whole object from the center. Okay. On ups and downs, Andi, take the type to again on just ride down the establishment date. Okay, so let's tie been E s d days 90 and 50. Okay. And give it that white color right here. Okay? And had to and make another Kobe right here in case if we needed it. Okay. Just like that Onda had do object expand on it. Okay, Just like that. Okay. On dry toe, align them. Okay, Also, the text right here we need you know, So you we need towboat a graphic right here also. So let's head to the rectangle tool on, right click and select The star tour and the rest all shift suicide from the center to make a perfectly balanced are just like that on also Ah, lying. All of them carry just like that. And maybe is a star making smaller. Okay, blind them again on Douala. We have our vintage mark ready for use. Okay, so let's, you know, make another Kobe over to make another style. Okay? It's a transparent style. So Let's select that, you know, share behind and convert the fell color toe a stroke color and increase struck maybe to five points. OK? And select all of the other objects, like the star and the vintage mark and establishment date and give it that black color right here that I own the keyboard and select the black color just like that. Maybe we need to increase this. You know, the weight off this struck built 10 or Saudi go down a little bit, Kevin. Okay? Sex is great. Just like that on day, maybe around your corners. A little bit just like that. And select dot ec selection tool and give it on my surrounded style. Not much just like that, Okay? And we can make this one right here smaller on just like that Medical back control Z and try to it. Finds a style more and make it five again. Okay, that's fits our brand right here. So let's align the objects where each other like that and had control g grew them. And I lined them again. Just like that. Okay, let's under that on bond. Under arranging, you know, groupings, this layers and just to try to align them with each other. It's like that and are lying all of the shapes with extra to you. Okay, we have a two marks right here. So had to object. Expand to expends a struck. Okay. And unite all of them just like that right here. You need to group them because it has different colors. Okay? No, to marriage. All the colors. And it will be only one black layer. Okay, without the text and in other graphic. Okay, Just like that. And that is one type off. You know, retro style is a vintage style. Lugo's OK. It's very simple. Let's try rounding the edges off this one right here. You see what happened and what kind of style we have. Okay, just like that. And select that mark right here. Well, you know, make that rounded corners appear. So let's drag slightly just like that. And we have our rounded corners ready. Yours just like that. Okay, that we have three marks right here, though. Let's group Sisto control G and align them with that one right here. Okay. And vintage style. Lugo's are the best for, you know, clothing brands, maybe. Ah, wine or beer brand. Also, you know, at it kind, you know, feds and match that style off brand. Okay. And its most common was a clothing brand. Okay, It's very, very cool in the closing brand. Okay, so let's on grooves and designs right here, and I two equals the distance between them just like that. Okay. We need toe on group Is this tour and select all of them allying them and also equals the distance between them on. We are ready to go just from the center and click and drag to make it more visible. Okay, Just like that. And we are done in the emblem logo design section, wait for more tutorials coming in the next sections and also wait for the updates. It's a monthly update. Toe the course, and I will bet I will. What? More content into it. So okay. And see you in another section 9. 7-Wordmark Logo Type: now was Ah, word Mark. Logo design is the word mark logo design. You will find that the logo is on Lee made from text. OK, text debtors easily readable. Okay. And you can find it. It's only a word. Okay, a word. Mark Just, you know, sayings a company named Go. Go. You know, FedEx, Disney, Sony, now Facebook. Coca Cola on. All these companies are only made from letters. Okay, The company logos are only made from, you know, letters. But here is a NASA logo right here as also considerate, a letter mark logo because there is a but from the air right here is missing. Okay, so it can be used as a ward more or a little mark logo. Okay, so let's design a world mark logo design. Okay, so let's start with the name Ocean. We will use that name for Ah, a company logo. Okay, so let's start with the type tool on a click anywhere Thai. Been ocean just like that. Andi, go to the phones with the character. When does right here on day, like the Roki on? Just right. The phone casual. Just It's the one right here. Okay. Selected because I like this phone very much. Okay? It's called Kodjo Minister. Okay, so let's make another Kobe right here. Take a smaller all shift and resize in Blaze and go to our one right year. Go to object. Expand on Had. Okay. And now here we have a word Mark logo. But you know, it needs more style to appear. OK, let's make that one right here. A white colored. Okay. At control C control F or command Seiko manned F and Mac os. Okay, on head control shift and the left of bracket key. Go in backward. OK, so make the layers of last layer on Did increase EDS Increase its ah struck. So maybe it's do it more to fill the gaps Up to 40 40 is good enough, maybe 45. Oh, okay. 45 is great, though. Had Teoh object expand, Spanned right here on had okay and then had to unite. And we have one united shape just like that, Elect, uh in two right here and organized some of these points just like that on that one. Right here on and also here. We under that and leave that one. And we are nearly done. OK, those select the direct election to all on. Just arrange that point right here. Okay? That Zuman. And take that layer right here on. Make another Kobe just like that, Okay? And grow these two layers right here. Control gear to grow them. Okay. And make that one right here. The last layer hit control shift and left bracket key going backward. Just like that. Answer like the Ben Tool. And so legs are brains the anchors off this of this graphic layer right here and click and let's make you know it was a shadow. Okay, just like that. And go also from right there. Okay? Gatien. He did and go just like that. Okay? The leg they still Gabes just we made with background layer. Okay, was shift and selected on selecting multiple shapes at one woman's Okay on a breast control shift and the left of rocket key. Then unite them from the bath finder and unite them from right here, it appears, ends up properties. The priority is no battle right here. Okay, so let's change the color from lacto like black. Maybe that one right here and see the effect you will get Maybe let's make it, you know, you know, very contrast, E Just like, you know, red color. Right here. It was dark, Juan. Okay. Even in chains of color. And yes, just like that. And that one writes year we needed toe be a bright red story. It's grooves on grew them I like that color and give it a wide color. And here we have our world Mark. Luke. Okay, so let's add some, you know, stuff to it. I'm graphics. Some elements. Okay, maybe head control G. Oh, let's make another Kobe just like that. Maybe make that one smaller control G first Grube it either and make it a smaller. And we have a Kobe right here. Domain was are all times allure as a ruler off your mouth. Okay, just delete that, but right here. And make another Kobe of that one pick and a drag just like that and make it a small Are that's like that? And make that one right. Two years, a last layer and a breast. I on the keyboard and select the dark color. Okay. And so, like, the been tool and let's start our work just completes a shadow. Okay, that's another. You know, type off effects that you can make was a shadow. Try to you just go under that layer right here and here also. I'll just start like that. I just don't be afraid just to try and the rest you have to answer. Leg that layer. Andi, continue arresting Chef just for one time. And so, like that one right here on unite all of the objects from the best finder window on head control shift and the left bracket key going backward to Meg's layers. A last layer. Okay. And now we have the second time off the word mark who go for the brand ocean. Okay, maybe it has a cartoonish look to it. Okay, So had control. You two grew beds and what did right there and just go off and on. Okay, Now take that Kobe's and oblige certain, you know, styles to ed, you know, just, you know, maybe at that accorded bottom mark right here, I'll send a drag. Two men was all Danza ruler off your mouth. Sorry if I'm saying that a lot, but it's a very, very helpful. It's got ok. Just like that. Control our Aled shift undersize in place. And so, like that white color and the best control Chef tans a writer bracket key going forward to make it the first layer. Maybe we need toe, but that mark right here or here and give it that red color right here I and select the color and voila! We have our mark right here. Okay, Control G to group them. Maybe let's under that delinquent for that and select the mark. Make another Kobe right here also. Okay? And control. Gee, toe grew them. Control G. Okay, on. And now let's do another type off. Graphic control s to save your design first. The very handy short cut. Okay, Exist to right here. Out and the drag. Don't make another Kobe the leg that one first and go to effect war and arc ons and heads a review. The review button right here on and decrees that I moaned off bend. Okay. Just, you know, maybe 25. Ask red. That is a vertical one. It's very bad. So let's go Met those horizontal on had okay and go to object. Expand appearance. And now we're done. Okay, that's another effect, right? here like that one go to effect were arc and select other faith. Just like that one right here. Maybe another one. And just to try to see what works. Okay. Okay, maybe that one right here is pretty good for now. And here. Okay, maybe just like that. 40% bend. Okay. At to object. Expand at variance and Walla. It is our room. Our logo Right here. It's a very cartoonish style. It will be very good. You know, Where's a cartoon channel or so? Also, the recorded market has been that also because it's group to our logo right here and its feels really great. Okay, The logo and as a brand. Okay, so that was all about how to design a world Mark Lubell. Okay, on a world mark logo for today's tutorial. Waas World Ocean. Okay, I hope this tutorial was very helpful. Helpful, And you learn it. Ah, lot of things from it. So I'm very excited to see what you can come up with. So just, you know, practice and maybe send me your work in a question asking for if you or any other stuff. Okay, Andi, I will be I will be very happy to help you. So ask me any question on bond to you in another section. Now, let's design another word. Mark Logo. Okay, so let's select these two locals and breast shift all tender size to the center and are lying all of the local on and shift out again on make them smaller just like that. Okay, Zoom in was all dead and the ruler off your mouse. And some, like, the type to go to the character window and said, uh, size to 72 point and just write down the world. Okay? Its Windows music player about We will use it as a brand for now. Okay? And let's, you know, get another one and maybe just to write down music. True story rule music just like that. Okay, so let's make that one right here. Moeller Okay, Just like that. Maybe Right here. Okay. So let's head to let's move it right here and make another Kobe just like that and had to object. Expand on here. Okay. Okay. So let's Arli in all of them from the panel right here. Okay. From that center, right here. So, like that one, it's horizontal online, right? Okay, Do it. And all the designs will be aligning from here. Okay, So select all of them and then control. Gee, toe grew them or command Jian, Mac os. Okay, move it up here and take another Kobe just like that In case if we need it, it's OK. And then go to effect three D and rotate. Okay. And check the review button. Make the a rounding right year zero. Okay, Just like that. Okay, Now let's chains. Ah, you know, the revolving on de percentage off the degrees. Right here. Maybe just go like that. 50. No, it's too much. And maybe dry. Other stuff story the wrong way. Do it. Okay. Okay, let's make it upto 20 and see what's up. And that right here, maybe 20 also. Okay, Just like that. And? And OK, and then had to object. Expand Appear Ian's okay. And I go to a merge button right here to merge all of the share because it selected as one shape, not as a graphic text. Okay, so select marriage and you will find it selected as a graphic. Okay, that's very good. Okay, So let's also and you will find that it's different than than this one right here. It's rotated. Okay. And sweetie OK, it's, you know, like it's sliding. Okay, on take a Kobe and move it up right here. And maybe on group Sorry it controls you and take a Kobe all down the drag on Grube OK? And select letters and control G this But there's also control G and just try to a lying them again. Just like that. I like the word, the music right here. Okay, on then, control G. And now they are grouped. So let's add some struck okay? And see what comes up. OK, control C control F. Okay. We just made a Kobe and then Jacoby off course it selected as you see. And then control shift and the left bracket key going backward. Okay, So may the Corbett layer is the last layer. Okay, then go to the stroke panel right here and give it a specific weight. Maybe just like 16 is enough. Okay. Every 20. Okay. 20 is very good. Okay. Don't you know care about this stuff right here? You can just around them and get it just like that. But I don't want it to be around it. One right here. No, just don't care about it, okay? And go to object. Expand, and it will expand the layer to be just a graphic. Okay? And hit. OK, now you will find the layer is separated in tow. A graphics. Okay. And goto, unite. Just, like bad And select the letters and give it the white color right here. Okay. And maybe on group for the moment and on groups is to Okay, that's the like, this chips. And to leave them okay, just like that and select and the risk shift and select all of the white letters just like that and hand and had control g to group them answer legs on a black background layer. Okay, on go to is a Ben tool right here. Okay? And believe that point right here. And also that one and that one right here. And we are almost done. OK, so we have the mark right here. Ready? Okay. Selected again. Maybe we need to delete that one right here because, you know, it doesn't fit with style, okay? And the leaves extra points was was, you know, a zibin tool. Okay, Just like that. Very awesome. Onda, we got our Lubell ready for the second Ah thing. Okay, which is, you know, it was a stroke. We are going to make It will be very, very easy. Okay, just like that. And go and make another Kobe all tender drag or control C control f off the black SEC player and go down just like that, okay? And make it the last layer control shift on the left bracket key going backward to make it the last layer and give it light black color just like that. Okay, maybe. Let's change that one right here. Toe the lighter black color. Okay, Just like that. And select the back layer and and select the lack alone. Okay, Just like that. And it's very good for the moment. Okay, so let's make that one right here. Lighter. Okay? Go up a little bit with the ballot. Okay, Now it's very contrasted. Okay, So let's use our beloved Ben Tool and connects a stroke to make a perfectly looking, you know, back layer and select the direct selection tool again. And move that burnt right here. Then the feds are sorry. Let's make our design bigger. Okay, Very handy tip. Elect all of the designs and move it right. Ear and control C control F and make it just beggar. Okay. And select the rental again. Okay? And connect the layers just like that on and just like that, Okay? And right here also and just like that and connect. Then select and breast shift and select a multiple layers at the same time. Just like that. And hit control C control their fan, make its last layer and then go to unite right here from the bath finder. Okay? And we have our united object right here. Okay, so let's, you know, make it smaller just like that and get some color options. Okay? Maybe select anyone from right here on Grobe and take it right there and give it some colors. Okay, Maybe make another Kobe Oka. OK, All done. The drag. They like that one right here. Give it the red color. Okay. On that one right here. Give it that black one, and you will find that you know the colors, give it you know more life and makes a resigned contrasted and, you know above us, and it will get your eye from the first step. Just like that? It's a word. Mark. Luke. Okay. And here also, I love to do another time. Tough. Just like that. Answer like that layer and giving the black color right here. Okay. It will stand out more gay. Maybe. Let's revert that and get another couple from my tear. Okay? Just like that. And give that one right here. That color. Okay. And that one, right? Two year give it. You know, that's bright color right there. And you will find some stuff are going okay? No, let's, you know, maybe chairing the color right here. So dark one. Just like that. Maybe it's not good enough, but it will do it for now. Okay, So that's how to make another type off world. Mark Lugo's OK, eso Let's try to do another one. Okay, I will give you more and more tips. Just, you know, to be under tow. Understand? This type of far off Lugo's. Okay, let's do leave that one right here. And that one also and the group rose as our no goes just like that. Affect and control g astrology and are lying them just like that and these two also, and are lying them horizontally and vertically again and then controlled uto Group them all and take them and brought them right here. Okay, Okay. Lets design another type off world mark logo on and it will be the sports next. Okay, that is used in the mask out Lugo's okay, that maybe will fit with that one right here. But we will design it for And you for the Star Wars movie. Okay, Just like that. And go to the type tool like, anywhere, and just write down Star Wars Wars just like that. Okay. Leave the Kobe right here and make another Kobe to object. Expand on and hit, OK? And take that corporate your all time to drag. Do men just like that? Okay. And on group all the letters select just this letter right here on. Move it away from them. Just like that on this letters right here. This shift and or size them just to be like that and risk shift and selects other s and move them away. It's like that You will understand in a minute and select all of them. Give them a good space right here. Okay, so maybe let's start was the lower Virgin just like that? The legs are too. S letters and maybe that one right here on right click go to transform and reflect right here and checks of review button toe reflect this letters to meet with the other one right here and had okay. And let's select all of them and had controlled uto group them and the groups and middle text just like that. Control g also and align them just like that from Sarah's gentle A line center. Okay. And I see it kind, you know, fit right now and the press shift and move them. Knowing more just like that to make them bigger and un group them again. Maybe takes a space right here was a rectangle. You'll and Meg's airspace just like that. And take it right year out and relax. Sorry. Go to the selection tour. I'll turn the drag and make it right a year and take another one. I'll tend to drag and make it right there and move that one right here to me. That one. Andi s letter. Right here. Do men to see the details. Sorry. Maybe, just like that And let's align them again. The live there rectangles. Okay, because it's it's done. Okay. I learned that two s letters and group them had control G and are lying them again. Was if there's okay just like that and maybe we can start. Okay. I'm thinking about making the Littles, you know, smaller. Just that takes a little bit of time on group. Uh, sorry. You know, about a shift and go up just like that. And let's undo that one right here and move them just like that exact angle toe. So you cancel and right the like that one right years old man, and make it just like that on that one. Right here. Also all tended to make another Kobe It digs some time, but the final the result will you're very good, okay? And we are done aligns to its letters. Okay? And controlled uto prove them are lying them again was next. Ok, and now we already star wars. Okay, so let's yours our imagination and it controlled uto group them all on make another could be right here because we will need it. Okay, let's add some types off, you know, off styles to our text right here. Control s sorry. All standard drag to make another Kobe and use the been tool right here. And sorry. We need to make, you know, sort of a triangle. Jeff. Toe make a perfectly balanced and aligning no line shift and go down just like that and connect. Okay. And now we need Teoh. You know, a line. That line right here was a letter s and make it balanced. We need to make the letters bigger. So let's take it out from here and rest all shift and and drag out from the center to make a bigger okay on, take the line right here. And take that. Ryan. Go on. Right to click, Go to transform and reflect and hit. OK, and right here also its work on it Now it's very good. Maybe it needs some sign. Okay, So let's select all of them and are lining them just like that on head, maybe. Move that one. A little bitch for the back. Just like that. That one right here And I lined them again and headquarters apology to group them and are lying them just like that. Okay, aligns it two triangles. You know, just like that on had control G. Now we got a group, you know, style off a word. Mark text. Okay, you come. But that one right here, up or down as you want. OK, so let's give it the white Now I and select a color. Where's your with your mouth? Okay, make another Kobe because we will need a lot of Kobe's right here. You can zoom in and out with all tends auroral off your mouse. Okay? The legs. Luego and then go to effect and had to warp and then arc. Okay, maybe we need to cancel. So makes a local smaller just like that. To give you more of you space just like that and had to fact ah, warp out on arc and check the review button right here. Way. We need to select the graphic first into effect were arc and try to, you know, yet a nice style for your for your text. Okay, maybe head. Okay. Story. We need, you know, toe under that and get more. Lobo's in the field to make you know, more and more styles control de and may underlying them just like that go up for that one and had to affect Arc War arc and had okay, maybe these other styles, and maybe that one is good enough. So let's give it a shot and let's go busies to on make them right here. This one also had to effect or arc on. Then get it toe minus 25%. You know, just as a minus button right here. And it okay in and you'll find your design has worked. OK? And also right. That phone right here wore arc and select a different effect. Maybe our get lower, which is my favorite Jig's up review button. Maybe go to 25% on double. Check the review button, maybe go smaller. Okay. 20 maybe, maybe smaller again. 50 in Sorry. 15 is great. Okay. And then Okay. Right here. And select that one right here also and go to effect war arc and sees oser. You know, effects like the arc logo. No, right here. Maybe go a little bit wild. Just like that on 35. Maybe. Is God on that one right here, Uh, effect or are I'm sorry? Go to Arc and then he's ah, is a ball button and you will find what it's all about. And you will, you know, have different effects right here in the shell lower. And she'll abour different, you know, styles for your elbows. Most off these styles, you know, are used with T shirt designs. So you may be find yourself, you know, needing Guan and you will find very good, you know, effects like a squeeze one hands blast. But my favorite it is the ark. Lower one right here. Let's cancel that one. That is our original local right here. Soul. It's the Lindsays to is that one also and select our Jabe and go toe object and expand. And now we have our logo expanded on It's ready for use. Okay, Just like that. Maybe you can add and it's I off style you need Give it the black now color to stand out from the white background and elite this stuff right here because we don't need them. And we got our mark right here. So it says a Star Wars, Okay? And we just, you know, flip it and ah, reflected as Slattery, you know, uh, right here just to match that one right there. Okay. As you know, they are meeting each other, OK? And it's already looking, you know. Great. Okay, so maybe we can, you know. Yeah, it's a color, you know, like that thread one right here. It's very cool. And that one right here also give it the black car. Okay? And you can What? The recorded sign Also. Okay. Just make a smaller maybe a little big, Okay? And give it that red color, you know, right here and had controlled uto grow better. Believe that one. Make another Kobe give it that black lion. No color. But here on Douala, here it is. Our logo right here. It's looking already awesome. Okay, so how you know, maybe you are, You know, just wondering this, you know, space right here. It's very ugly. Okay, so let's make it, you know, one more. Okay, so let's the exact one right here, Rob and, um, grouping again Onda again and again because we ungroomed you know, a lot off layers and go to our beloved rectangle tool on just gives and measures we in the letters and okay. Sorry. So let's do leave that one right here and get that Louisville there and recite shift ALD. We'll make it bigger. Go to the rectangle tool and make the Rick tango who you know, measures of space. So let's make it one word and select all of the back. There's and we need to own group that one right here. So that's on Grubs s letters to and move them forwards. Okay, Was Roky is Let's zoom in to see the details just like that and leave the mark right here on group them all apology to group them, maybe select the united button right here. It's awesome. Okay, it will unite all of your layers or case. Or let's delete that one right there, like the logo and, you know, make it smaller. The leads us to one because we don't need them. Okay? And make our mark right here. It is, really, you know, standing out from the other, you know, and it's awesome. So let's make another icon from that mark right here for the sake off, you know, giving you you know, more different styles on group. Okay, on delete the middle letters on may be makes this two letters right here. And I lined them again. Sorry, it's under that ANA groups is two letters and are lying them every you know. Give them, you know, other bit of space just like that. Andare lines the letters again A control G and we got this. You know Is this design okay for the app icon? And let's give it the rounded up icon right here on Grew up. Really? That one right here. Given that the white color like that and move it up for size, it make it bigger and ah, lying the to shapes just like that. Maybe we need toe. Make that one smaller on Grobe. Go here and select the our letter and unite taken smaller sighs and is in like that. Elect three ships and control G toe grew them Onda line again Toe make sure they are aligned. Maybe make it bigger. Okay. And the group control G to group them notice on roof for the swan. It is a shared given that like color. Okay. And I learned them again. Sorry and had control g andere size to make story icon has to be emerged. OK, first at tumors right here. Andi, I learned them again on controlled uto group making a smaller okay, just like that. And we have, you know, our, you know, brand ready or is the final, you know, line steps. Also, you can apply all the different effects we made right here on the end. This logo's okay. Own that one right here. You know, like, you know, making a background layer from the same text. Okay? And give it Ah, you know, Ah, heavyweight stroke, then co being the stroke layer toe a shadow layer. Okay. And give it, you know, a dark color as a shadow and move it up or down to give it You know, that sort off style right here. Okay. And here also, and we have our final you know, word Mark logo ready for Brent or any other stuff. And also we designed it. A wake mark. Luego for an app icon for our you know, brand right here. So I hope you like it. This section and learned a lot from it 10. Wrapping up: so that waas the end off our last right here. I hope you learned a lot from it. So let's, you know, review our designer locals just right here. Here, you will find the abstract luego design. It's a mark that represents a company. Okay. Just without, you know, a text guy. And here it is the second time, which is a mask out logo design. It can be used in sports. Okay. And its a mask out whether it waas for an animal or human or any, you know, living, you know, being okay that represent the brand name. Okay, on DA company itself. Over or the sports team. Okay, just like that. And here we go to the combination mark logo, which is a text. Ah, Here. Also Onda graphic text was a graphic toe represents a company here it is the Microsoft one right here. There is a graphic and text. You represent a company A round. Okay. On dio the letter mark logo right here as a letter made like a mark who represents a company name like the IBM one with this, you know, slight yellow spaces between za letter, OK, and it's very nice Louisville. You know, it's live a lot, okay? And has long barrettes off off lifetime. Okay, You know, it doesn't get affected by time, and it will be just as it is now and for, like, maybe forever. Okay, who knows? It's a very, very cool mark. Okay. And very nice on popular Diable floegel. Okay, now let's go through the Victoria logo. What is the material? Local. It's a picture or a Nikon or a mark that represent the company. Name only. The company name. Here it is. If you will find an apple shape at Triple Zinn's, A company Apple and the shell right here also at represents a shell. Some money, okay. And the target one right here also represent target company without, you know, any text needed under the mark. Okay, Just like that. And let's go to the emblem. Lugou. Right here. It's advantage style logo is very, very simple. And also rates for, you know, uh, the retro style brands and old brands. And also it feels modern with this rounded corners right here, OK, it's feels very modern, okay? And it has advantages. Style. Okay. And to the last time, sorry. It was the last time by cheered, which is the word Mark logo design. It's only a word like the ocean. Right Here was a style. Okay. Award with a style that represents a company name right here. Also, award was a style, OK? And right here, also you you can find it, you know, just like that. That's very good. So, you know, it's it's very symbol and represents a company by only the world. Mark. Okay. The world. Right here. Okay, on. We just made, uh, on a bike on from that, you know, from that mark right here we talk the first letter and the last one right here. And we, uh we group them then bought our red mark icon recorded icon and bought it right here, too, you know, finish our, you know, word. Mark logo for the I icon and period is Star Wars. Okay, so I hope you learned a lot from this course. Feel free to rich to may be a questions. I will be available to reply to you in a time. So hit me up with all your questions. I will love to answer. Okay. On def. You needed anything just mentioned. Okay. Thank you for taking the scores