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Logo Design: Creating A Vintage Mascot Logo From Scratch

Kitsch Harris, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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11 Videos (1h 32m)
    • Class Introduction

    • Research & Client Brief

    • Mood Board

    • Sketching & Concepting

    • Sketch Demo

    • Digitizing Your Sketch

    • Going From Sketch to Logo Part 1

    • Going From Sketch to Logo Part 2

    • Going From Sketch to Logo Part 3

    • Coloring Your Logo

    • Finalizing Your Logo


About This Class

In this class you'll learn to create a mascot logo from sketch to digital file. We'll learn how to properly prepare the digital file so it can be used in screen printing and embroidery. We'll also look at how this logo fits in with the past but still feels modern and innovative. Lets make something you'd want to wear on your clothing or see around your town.

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Helpfull lesson.
Love Kitsch's enthusiasm for vintage sports! His screen printing-knowledge truly shows. I love his technique of using the additive/subtractive method with the Pencil and Pen tool—priceless (I would have been using the Pen tool the whole time!)





Kitsch Harris

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

I'm a freelance illustrator from Louisiana currently living in Pennsylvania. After being inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, I decided that illustration and design is the life for me. I'm inspired by the idea of lost innocence, monsters that take you to far off lands, and a concept of home that never is as close as the stories have you believe.

My art comes from a deep, sometimes dark place. That place in all of us should be viewed with a child-like eye. The colors and shapes are wa...

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