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8 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Short Overview

    • 3. Briefing

    • 4. Approaching the Project

    • 5. Design Priorities

    • 6. Designing the Logo

    • 7. Approval & Further Development

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this short course, I'll be doing a case study about a logo design project of mine which was created for an award winning coffee shop back in 2016.

I'll walk you through the story of the project, how I approached it and how I developed it until final approval.

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Viktor Vigh

Do androids dream of electric sheep?


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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome. I'm Victor Vegan them a freelancing graphic designer in the Short course R be doing a case study about a local design project of mine, which was created for an hour cleaning coffee shop back in 2000 and 16. My local serves as a fundamental element off their branding, which they've successfully expanded into a merchandise the brand one public, possible being Congress favorite coffee shop. Two years in a row. The following minutes will be have food to those artists who often stuck on local design projects, or to those who need some inspiration. I share some insights about the process, and I share some ideas about how to approach a similar project. I walk you through the story of the project, and I'll tell you some details to see how it works together as a whole, I hope you will find it helpful and valuable. Please be in mind that what is your arts can be told, yet they still remain related to the public 2. Short Overview: The shop is based in the centre of seven. Uptown Hungry. It's one of the favorite coffee shops off the locals, but you to every increase in chi, online ratings and professional reviews. People travel here from all around the country. There's just so much love pouring into this place. They are also fun and down to the earth. Yet they keep high quality standards when it comes to coffee, which they take were seriously, by the way they travel abroad just to look for great coffee and the barista state courses quite often beside coffee, they do not. The art on a high level there was there was safety Kallio and Reagan cookies, and they do merchandise. The show was renamed, and it looked completely different when the current owner took over. 3. Briefing: I was contacted by the owner, Andrea, in early 2000 and 16. She fell in love with the place and decided to open her coffee shop there. But since the name of the coffee shop was the same as an existing brands, she made her first buys branding related decision and realized that she needs to separate the shop from the coffee brand and changed the name off the shop. See, So this is or the stage for the shops. Branding reached a crucial step. If she hasn't changed it, she would have to work with what she had. And if the quality of the coffee brand itself didn't receive good reviews, that should have gave her shop a lower reputation as well. In people's minds, rebranding a shock means new interior, new exterior, new furniture and, of course, a new name. And the logo during or meeting under told me that she hasn't decided clearly on a name yet . Process was not the usual local design process. Instead of picking the name and sharing a few visual ideas with me, she had three ideas for the name in her mind. But she wanted me to design a logo for each name to see if she falls in love with any of the options. So she was going to decide on name based on what little she likes when she sees them. So any off my visual decisions would have made the difference in the life of the shop well , any was that she doesn't want anything traditional. I was free to get loose from a classic brown catfish off look that's using a scripted Brianna would serif typeface. 4. Approaching the Project: the three names that you came up with for the shop where separate coffee, central coffee and black it coffee. So I thought, I'm not going to just start and come up with anything, but are conceptualized each as a possible brand. My checklist. When it comes to local designers s photos first, always do your research always first target audience. In this case, it was between zero and 99 years, but she felt like you to the location of the place. It's more likely that it would be narrowed down to young and middle aged adults that will address or next item on a checklist. Get to know your local and digital environment. The place is located in the middle of the town. They're offices, shops and the high school nearby. I've also found out that she wants to use social media, both Facebook and Instagram to connect to her audience competition. What I did is that I took a look upon her future competition both locally and country wise and investigated how they used their visual communication. I found that more than 80% he was locals with cops, coffee beans, steamed brown color palettes and money was scripted typefaces in an old fashioned or traditional style. Then I have researched a few other similar brands from abroad to see if there's something different on a wider scale. What I found is that it's almost the same everywhere. So if you just Google up coffee shop logo, you will see what I'm talking about. Get to know more about the personal preferences and the level of communication. When it comes to new branding, It's important to keep in mind that the local and the branding should be well lined with the level of communication. And if it's a small business with the personalities off the people who were there as well, the client should feel connected to the local because then the level of communication will be honest and it wouldn't feel forced from. But I knew about the owner, what she told me about her future online strategies and the people who she wanted to burp it. I've picked a few keepers, let's say playful, distinctive 5. Design Priorities: Okay, so first, let's take a look at what I consider good locals network. So, as you see, good locals don't need that much detail. Don't need effects he was doing, so they can be described as simple as possible. Not too many things are going on on these locals, right? So let's compare them with these. Do you see the difference? So this is what I try to avoid when I designed the logo. And this is what I try to approach. Okay, Priorities. Keep it simple yet recognizable, individually overrunning world Simplicity is the key. Your local should work in its simplest form. Try to be a top your first designs using simple shapes. First, I think some local was like Nike Apple Lofton's ever FedEx comfort him to a few locals, which you consider bad and try to understand why these rules don't work like professional brands to If you're in a place where you can try different printing methods, try them and see, for example, what works if you print on a mug or on a T shirt, for example, make it look different from what I know at this stage with that, I need to communicate that it's a coffee shop, but somehow I need to make it look different from the competition, so I don't want to use cops being steams in the design yet. I still need to create a local from what people will associate to a coffee shop. You made your drop some paper first, or you can just put ideas together in an application. But keep in mind that it will only work if there is an intention behind it. Think associations. Subconscious meanings if possible, be play for I've Open is being a big fan off using negative space. So you're bringing get some food for thought. You don't have to be either toe childish or too conservative, but do play when you design the local colors. Come list. I usually designed three versions, first for local design project. Then I either develop it based on request or in case if any off my designs were picked. I try to find a color. Shame for it. Bear in mind that colors work different in different culture contexts, so some colors might mean something positive investor and cultural environment, but they could mean something negative in the four East, so we get back to know the brands. Local and digital environment trends are one thing. Functionality and color theory is the key. Try to learn about color theory as much as possible or use tools like Adobe is color saysi . 6. Designing the Logo: designing the project. Choose your reference by collecting or that the information I knew that I'm going to start with the black and white logo first. From what I knew about the trends and both their local and digital environment, I've chosen to approaches I use. It turned that was up in coming in 2000 and 16 and they are created, outlined local. So by doing that, I'm going to catch the younger do its attention. Who made that style online more often, Or I designed something using negative space. I've started with the first name separate coffee. Separate is the streets name where the coffee shop is located. It's one off the older streets in town. The name has a history call reference to a person who was happened to be account and later , or prime minister of Hungary in the 19th century. But I chose not to use him as a portrait drawing with such. The street is dominated by classicist buildings from the 19th century. See these old postcards? That's what I've started with. But you think across this is building in. The design would have led us to a classic traditional looking logo, which I've decided to dismiss. So my approach was to be reminiscent off the environment using one of my chosen weapons. Leinart local. So this is what I came up with. I use called the ratio on the simplified buildings proportions, and to refer to the classicist style. I use the script phone that has a modern touch to it. So we're classy, but not traditional. Okay, At the end, I voted the shape around it to make it look like a badge. Second option was sent. Geography. This suggests that the shop is located in the middle of the town. But for me, it reminded me off Central Park from the TV show Friends. I've tried to make this one simple than the first. I've created on angered coffee form to refer to their lot. They are, and I only used a few lines for creating the concept. Okay, The last was black coffee. I knew that there is a superstition associated with black cats when they walk in front of few, bringing either bad or good luck. So I wanted to take advantage of that Instead of creating a scary black it, I've decided that I'm going to make it personalized and friendly yet no tea and provoking, like you're being invited for some more sweets or coffee. I knew that I want you the coffee cup, but they serve coffee in marks, too. So my main decision was to create a mug and then crop it and personalize it by adding and removing a few elements so it will remind to a cat a can that looks at you with recognisable years if you want. But it didn't work at first, so I rotated it in three D. Then I've deleted some parts. I realized that it doesn't guys because it makes it a bit more mysterious. And when I drew the Cats knows, it came clear to me that it can be a shape off the heart. The Lessing was the tear, which added another nice detail to the design and made it clear that smug. So I put it behind the mark shape s for typographic treatment. I've tried many different options. Saref sans serif scripted phones, but none of it world, all of which I've tried where off style. So I was trying to find something that's a little bit more weird. Finally, I found a scripted, formed I don there's that's very different and world where with the shape off the cat. But it didn't work for the world coffee. So have used another urban style sensory. If with caps, then I've proportionate and find you and until I was satisfied with it. 7. Approval & Further Development: As you may know now, the third design was approved. I've put it on the coffee back for her to see how it we're looking real life. You've tried adding a few colors, but then I told the owner that it's not needed. The name says that it's a black thing, so we would avoid coloring it. We've tried using colors on the nose colors on the text, but none of it worked as much as the black version, so that was approved at the end. I've created a simple guidelines for local use. I've exported it for her to use on social media and print, and that's it. I was not actually involved in the other designs, menus or such, but as I see they use it everywhere as it was intended. They printed it on backs, mugs, cups, which they also says so it's working as a merchandise as well 8. Final Thoughts: so sec. It took many decisions to create the final local, but it was not about making it too complicated. In my opinion, the other two locals could have worked as well. I think it works great, its distinctive and unique. But it's all down to the fact that I've done my research. I've tried different ideas, and I've conceptualized it. So I suggest Walk around your project, leave it there for a while. If you stuck and try different ideas, do your research. Take a look at the competition and keep it simple. Try to create a few more cups. That's we sure how it will work in real life, proportionate and use typography wisely. I hope you've learned something that was new information regarding local design, and you enjoyed my case that he take care Bye.