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Logo Design Basics and Reallife Logo Design Steps with Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Mehmet Emin Aykurt, Industrial and Graphic Designer, Design Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. 00 introduction

    • 2. 01 what is a logo and when to choose which type

    • 3. 02 essential technical properties of logos

    • 4. 03 corporate communication properties of logos

    • 5. 04 where to start to design a logo

    • 6. 06 nanome logo design process logo moodboard

    • 7. 07 nanome logo design process brainstorming and keywording

    • 8. 08 nanome logo design process sketching

    • 9. 09 nanome logo design process deciding design

    • 10. 10 nanome logo design process creating form and color

    • 11. 11 nanome logo design process finding a suitable font

    • 12. 12 nanome logo design process preparing presentation

    • 13. Summary

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About This Class

Learn theoretical sides of logos, basic logo categories, their properties and logo design techniques. Techniques covered in this class help you in finding inspiration for your design project. See all steps of a logo creation process. At the and see how to present your logo.

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Mehmet Emin Aykurt

Industrial and Graphic Designer, Design Educator


I have graduated from METU (the best university of Turkey) (ODTÜ) Industrial Design Department and get my masters degree from ITU Industrial Design Department. Now I am doing my PhD studies. I have been teaching at Erciyes University since 2008. I have a digital agency in which I build websites, corporate identities, business strategy, and visual communication designs. I have 16 years of experience in the graphic design field. I have created more than 500 published graphic design and more than 200 web design. I share my experiences on Skillshare.

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1. 00 introduction: Hi and welcome my little design classrooms class. We will look for two articles. Information about logo Stan tried toe make understand about I love the design process. How can it be done with this geological information and your past experience are you are a beginner and you want to see what professional do about local designing process that shaped what we will cower First we start by Watson logo types of logos. Which type is for which company? Properties of lovers. Then we will start a real life little exam project for a tech startup. Nanami. He will search a rabbit on prepare mood board sketches and create a lower out of these sketches. Then you will cholera it on. Find the proper fall to finalize and presented. You'll get used to concepts about local design. See you 2. 01 what is a logo and when to choose which type: hi. In this lesson, we will talk about logos. Local design is a bit complicated process, and we could have some trouble trying the concept to have to overcome this problem. I have prepared this lesson first. I want to talk about what's his logo. Loga is a visual communication element that represents a brand, distinguish it from others and lets the brand to establish a visual communication. It contains letters, emblems or both. Those letters and AM limbs can appear in different forms. You will see examples off them throughout this presentation. The types off logos are like that monogram logo type, pictorial, abstract seem bored mascot combination longer and emblem. These categories were I, depending on your source or they'll feel sound resources least more than seven. Some list less. It doesn't matter. These are just for grouping. Sometimes in this list for two type, contain letters and words. 34 and five contained images and symbols, and last two contains combination off letters, verse, images and symbols. Pictorial and absolute symbols are similar. The difference is pictorial is based on real object, where abstract symbols are created using abstract abstract forms. Combination logos and emblems are most common types. Off logo, first kind off logo we'll cover is Monogram in Monogram. If the name off the brand is long, we can use its names. Initials, I mean Acronym or make an abbreviation main idea behind drink. This is giving another short name to the Brandt. Let's consider another example. The real name of the organization is Nation Ally, Iran Antiques and Space Administration. However we know eat by the name NASA scenes, This name is accepted by almost all of us. Actually, most of us do not know it's real. Name a cream has taken place off the real name. Here are some most known monograms BBC, CNN, IBM and NASA. Some up monograms consists off leathers, and the main idea is shortening brand name. If a brand's name is important to distinguish itself from others and it does not have graphical problem in terms off its length, local type can be used. As you see, there are local types off very well known brands. Riau, Me gross off the old Noga, Google and Yahoo. When you design a logo, you can design it as local type. If the brand is needed to the market and its name is not known well, or if the name is critical to define the brand and its products. Or as in Google, if the name has unique impact and widespread recognition in those situations, the right choice could be a local type. Victorious and abstract symbols are because designed for presenting the bread, there is a slight difference. Victoria's are based on real life objects, generally when designing a pictorial aerial object is choosen and turned into a graphic object. I mean icons. As you see at the top, it is log off the shelf here it's actually a seashell, but in a graphical defined for apple slugger is an apple. What a surprise. Yeah, Vitter slugger is in the form of Fat Burt, but, as I said, they are in graphical designed and defined forms in abstract symbols. There are not real objects, but shapes. Here are the lowest off Conservation International Chase Bank, Pepsi and Nike. Here, as C. They contain abstract shapes to represent France. The power of Pretorius and absolute symbols is that they are shapes retired regional power . They become Branson, our brain. They have powerful link building capabilities. We can say they turn into words when you see the I can be easily recalled Bread, for example, in Nike stores, we cannot see a sign board written like on it, but we only see the symbol, and we understand it's a Nike store. The symbol identifies with Nike Brent both in Abstract Way and the sand and text off the world night. He It's a very powerful link. However it takes years. Wield this link. Therefore, it can't be illogical to use on Leah pictorial or an abstract symbol for a new starter. Company. Mascots are illustrations to represent France and contain color through cartoon characters . Those characters are simplified in some ways to make them east, perceive and easy to remember. They have fun characters. You can make its puppets and use it in the public to take charm. For example, you can prepare a costume as in decay FC logo. Here we're glasses, Fake Butte and Master choose and become KFC MMA. People direct their attention to you and you get a good marketing result. Same situation can be applied to all mascot logos. Muskets are functional but cannot be applicable to all brands. It is about the way the brand wants to communicate with the people. Some companies may want to communicate in a more serious way in a situation. Designing a mass skirt is the wrong choice. However, you can find exemptions. Also, combination lovers are the most common logos. They contain a graphic element and the text they represent brand using both they come into being by combining two or more. Look, I am it. If the company you design a logo for is a new started company, this option can be the best. We see these types off logos ever. Actually, for example, logos at right, Puma, Lacoste, Domino's Pizza and Cisco. Actually, we can. Now it's Puma. I'm see these pictorial or we know it's dumbness Pisa. When we see these shapes and colors, this is because they have some history and widespread marketing culture. They have well developed recognition. However, they started their journey with those combination loggers, a symbol and a type. From now on, they can drop their names from their logos and used on the day symbols. They use their logos in which a reform they want. It's up stem, however, as I said, this is because they are very famous and foreign started company, you shook thing to use a combination logo as hope the last type is emblem. This is also a common type of lager, in fact, most leas by offcial governmental establishments. Besides the companies that want to declare themselves as deep rooted companies could prefer this to your this version. There are emblems off Cos. Or establishments in different sectors. At right. This is Harley Davidson motorcycles. Oxford University on Starbucks Coffee here exhorted. Honesty is that deep rooted institution. However, Starbucks is a late 20th century company. You can see different examples off this type off Loga around you. The types off logos I want color are like that went to truth. Which type depends on your region about how to establish the regional convocation off the company. You are working, too. If it's a formal governmental establishment, you can prefer design and lamps. If it's a new company, you can prefer combination logos. If it's is a well known brand, you can choose pictorial or abstract symbols. Here. Mascots can be concert for breaths with fun experiences or brands that are in direct relation to public local type can because there to emphasize the company name monograms can be used for companies with long names, and you can create brands with abbreviations or acronyms for them. In this video, we're talking about logo and its types. The next lesson we will look at the essential technical properties off logos Thanks. 3. 02 essential technical properties of logos: Hi. In the previous video, we have talked about what's the logo and ran to choose which type off logo. In this video, you'll look at essential technical properties of logos I take into considerations on technical expects when design logos. Actually, they're not. Just my personal preference is they're also properties that are well accepted by experts. First, I want to talk about the color Mount logo had designed in C N Y Key for March color moat. Sam Lychee, as you may know, are the colors off Prince and other color models. RGB. It's four screens. You cannot print all Carlos in RGB because Sam, my chemo does not contain all colors off RGB. To provide the consistency of your colors, you have to design your logos in San Mikey. You cannot create RGB versions off logos to use it in the material designed for rap video TV. Etcetera. However, you have to have saying my keeper Stephen version off logo scenes. It's people, parents term paper or other mediums. For example, business cards, cataracts in starts, handouts, outdoor ads. Pick urging etcetera more, or you can use Pantone colors. Pantone colors are who had standardized colors. They guarantee that a specific point on inks color with the same every time. It's not very common or you can't always find printers working with Pantone colors. However, the best choice seems to ucm Mikey because it's an industry standard and other essential properties that local should be drawn. As Veta graphics, It's plays a crucial role in its flexibility cost. There you take a good photo that feeds to your brand, and let's say you want to use it in a combination about to represent your Brent Photographs are pixel based, and a resolution is table. They're not clear every time. It depends on side what you want. Print, however elegant, should be size independent. It can be printed on a small business card or who are door at, such as huge, huge buildings X area. Because of that, hello should be flexible in size, should not be broken, depending on size and should be reproduced without losing anything in different size. To provide this, you have to design your logo in electoral for months and other essential properties. The suitability based design principles. When designing something, we use some rules like rhythm hierarchy, repeat balance, suitability, etcetera. Let's consider suitability care. Reforms are best suitable. Beat performs again or in their firms. If its bets toe Hlynur firms. For example, your logo if you use a curvy or orientalist symbol and the corner typeface a contrast, cures here. There are lots of contrasts in some exceptional situations. It could be a good choice. However, Generally this unsuitable choices makes your design fails. Therefore, you should use suitability, not contrast here. As you can see, the agit forms are detached fonts and care reforms are with care reforms. I mean use carry typefaces with care reforms. Use corner typefaces with corner shapes. This makes your design pro ripe, suitable to the basic design principles and successful. Here you can see the orginal ah, logos and that right, I changed. Just type the typeface. I changed and I made a contrast as C. The doors are the suitable logos and those on a suitable we dare symbols. In this video, we talked about essential technical properties of love us. In the next video, people cower corporate communication properties off love us 4. 03 corporate communication properties of logos: hi. In the previous video, we have talked about essential technical properties of logos. In this video, we will cower corporate communication purposes off logos. I consider some expects off logos important in terms off corporate communication. When I design a logo, I always put importance on subject a level. It's a visual representation off a company. The business stuff, the corporate structure. I mean air of physical and spiritual aspect off a company is represented by its Loga. There never should contain and sum up everything about this company. What is that, Brent? The name should somewhere this more crucial and brand is new and no whitely, No. In some way, the local she'll be represent the business. What the company or brand is doing it's can be a bit optional, but it's generally important for new companies to put emphasis business in its sloga. And I don't think is the local short to present the corporate philosophy where the company or brand place itself. The question is essential for design of its lover. If they want to look in a funny way, you can constitute designed Logan's toe emphasised ease are it could want look well route. It and corporate, and the design should go in this direction. But there are exceptions to how a brand slogan can contain and irrelevant. Think not sorry element, but an example could be like that. Assume there's a company that produces machines for industry, and they use a tiger Aiken in day longer. There's no relation between machines and tigers. Visually and physically, however, the power of the tiger can represent the power or the ability or the machines they produce . This is an in direct relation. A direct oration, on the other hand, could bring more success, especially if you design for a new company. Besides the approved companies or tech companies choose in deregulation, and people get used to this. In this video, we're talked about corporate communication properties of logos. In the next video, you will discuss right start to design a logo 5. 04 where to start to design a logo: Hi. In the previous video, we have talked about corporate communication properties of logos. In this video, we'll cover what start to design a logo. Now it's time to design a logo. We get a look, a design work. We made the deal or agency. We are working for a sign us global insight. What do we do first? First, we should make some search about company or Brent, whichever were designed for her brand. Is it? What does it produce? How do they place themselves in their business area? You have to discuss those with managers off that Brent. Or if it's a known company with a history, we will add searching it. And it's the story to our schedule. You can use Internet, newspapers, magazines there. Previously done publishing's adds etcetera. After that, you should search the subjects right that Brent. If it's a better company, you should know subjects right toe batteries off. They work which technologies they have beach businesses uses the most. We should search these, and then we should prepare a mood board in it. We should place visual and text elements we found, and we think we can use in the idea finding step smooth board will help us, and after that we should prepare a brainstorm. Sheep Here you'll write downs on cures about brand or company. This will help us for finding ideas in sketching step. To conclude we have covered these topics. What's the logo and when to choose which type essential technical per purchase of logos, corporate communication, properties, off logos And in this video we're talking about right start to design a longer. We are ready for application. Let's tie in a real life example. 6. 06 nanome logo design process logo moodboard: as a C. I Googled about quantum dots and found some images and take into my mood board. For example, those are quantum dots. They are tiny particles, and depending on the year sizes, they can give color, for example, because bigger dots will give red color and ah, or in she yellow and green, respectively. You When the size shrinks, it will give other colors. And they also showed me in the lab these tubes, uh, those are quantum that tubes they produce and place the that's in the tubes. This image is also important for them and the tubes que color under the ah light, they give light. Ah, see this image represent that. And they said that RGB color spectrum is important for them. This is the image they showed me. They said that this image is important for them because quantum dots are in the RGB spectrum. Ah, and I think this image will give me some idea about the logo. This is also org respect room color spectrum, and I will, uh, looked screens and I searched about in Google and take some images as the screens are rectangle shapes. On what ships? Let's keep that in mind. And another thing is that when I search about screens, I I thought that what can be shown on a screen, you can show an image or animated image. I mean video on a screen. This is important. Also, quantum dots are for showing these things, and I put a video screen and this is looted. Slugger, as you know on this mood board will do me some expression for the logo. 7. 07 nanome logo design process brainstorming and keywording: for local his line. I made a brainstorm, and this is the board off the brainstorming process. And when I look at the mood boat I saw the RGB spectrum is like triangle and play Button is also like triangle and play button represents a screen very well, and I combined these and like that, this is triangle and the quantum that's contained colors of the rainbow, I noticed. Also, it and Supremes are rectangle. As you know. I keep it that in mind, and that's I am dealing with the quantum dots and at the heart of the local technology. Technology and dynamism should be placed, and I also emphasized that the company's young to you and start up the energy off logo should give me this ideas, these concepts. And when I look at the logo, I could understand it. This is a technology company and its dynamic young in with you, and it is a start up, and we can now sketch about the logo 8. 08 nanome logo design process sketching: Hi. Now I will do sketch about NAMI logo and, as you know, where we prepared to mood board and the brainstorm board there. The triangle is important and rectangle is important. Then we see the dots. As you know, and technology. Mees did naval the company, and I will look at the dots place. It's differently. I constantly hierarchy here. Andi. I am searching for the alternatives. I try to combine that's and screens as you see and hear for I made a frame for screen. You know that screen has frames, and I tried to combine triangle and screamed rectangle here, and shape has acute and other see There's a and and AM here. And let's look at the strangled. I combined the frame perfected with the triangle and your frame triangle. Here, make it, and I tried to combine that sweet triangle frame. Uh, the registry. The end is also if we stretch, it becomes, ah, triangle edge and let's try the combine that and triangle here. And as I am searching for the alternatives here, I try toe make scan lines. The older screens has killed lines, and I emphasize it, and I'm sorry it right toe, uh, combined skin lines and rectangle on triangles. I am searching for alternatives. Here I try toe, make my mind's open. Ah, as open as I can do. And I created this shapes and those are dots. And this is the a company name That should be no edges. Rounded edges should be there. And the the typography also has rounded edges. We don't want to sharp edges, and I just see those are our concepts and you will try to make them come. Really? 9. 09 nanome logo design process deciding design: hi way. We finished sketching process, and now it's time to make a decision here. Uh, actually, you can create deeds shapes in vector format and then look at it. But because off I don't want this lesson to be along. I made the decision. I choose Triangle as a shape because it's the play button and it can represent the screen very well on. It has also framed It's frame also represents screens I don't want. That's because you know the simplicity is the best to represent Ah, graphic form. It will be simple and it will be easy to remember and per set and for the colors. I will use colors of the rainbow because RGB spectrum has rainbow colors and the quantum that's also our for rainbow of colors. We want you. That's the need for that. He's replaced by the colors. Color will make its Jap and to make some perception about that's quantum dots and for the font, I will use a sans serif and geometric and smart edge it from front because here we made a decision that ah shapes has to be some old Edgett and front also smooth agent because off the basic design principles. In the next video, I will create the shape, and then we'll search about phones and make it presentation about logo. 10. 10 nanome logo design process creating form and color: Hi. In this video you will create the triangle and we will give colors to it. Toe, create triangle, click rectangle to and halt. That really is on the polygon toe and draw a polygon to make it triangle. Press down arrow key and it will become a triangle. Halt! Shift on. Make it 90 degrees on choose selection tool and achieved on rotate it. And now in the properties panel, uh, give us a stroke to make your frame here. Yeah, it's okay. I think on just absolutely it's looming then here, all debts that aunt duet Randall Edge. I think it will be. Yeah, This will work to give a rainbow gradient use gradient tool, but not inside to a stroke. And inside here Yeah, are sorry. Click this struck, actually. Then come here. Yeah, as you see the red yellow on orange here on green blue violence And then again, read here is the magenta I was start beats rat double click it And here choose seeing Mikey making a threat. It's now Ah, you have to choose this because I want a long, strong a growing to the strong and I'm strong And here again seeing Mikey 10 Threat. It should be ready because this would go from red threat. And here I was some colors. First calories. Yellow, second calories blue. Your display do is okay. The touch color. We'll be violet here. The wild isn't appeared. We can see green Abit, but not why. What? He chews violet color here. Yeah, and we need my gentle here. Double click and sorry. It's imagine. Yeah. And I think we need a green also. Yeah, it's OK, but the places isn't ok. Green should be here. Mr. Here on Orange is here and it is okay. Angering is okay. It's place, okay. And I have to move blue. I mean, making arrangement. Yeah, it's OK now this color results can These colors are also okay. Yeah, Actually, we finished colorant it. And now in the next video, we will look for a suitable fonts 11. 11 nanome logo design process finding a suitable font: Hi. Now it's time to find a suitable phones for our ah shape. We will look for form without saves. This is the serif and we don't want it. By the way, I'll use different dot com. This is a free front sight, but you can use any phone site you want Exxon State of here. And it is a lot, Sof. There is lots off. There are lots off sensory forms. And here you chant preview your text. Yeah, I want to use small letters, not capitals, because I believe that it will present the start up newcomer company. Then I typed the company name and I will look for a performed I was stopped video because this process will be long. And then I found the one I will continue. Yeah, I found the front. Its name is circle by Nucleus re sunny and I think it will work because it has geometric shapes. Some just that Shar Pei cheer. But it's OK and I will use it to make it. You will download it and upon and double click the front and clearly stop. Yeah, I had All right. Eight. Yeah. Okay, now it's installed. Now it's time to move on are, uh, design clear title and click here. Type no me on. Choose Seiko Fonte if thank you go. And I want to get off this things because I want to see I'm leichtman, uh, type together. It's right Arrange needs sighs You can use contra are and take the rulers on Makes make the guy to make a guide and fried place It's by your eyes Sorry, I put o incentive but those letters aren't in centers And I use my I I trust my eye You have to trust your I Yeah, in the view rights, hype, kites and see it's I baby to Yeah, it's okay, I think slugger design process is over Now it's timeto make a presentation from it 12. 12 nanome logo design process preparing presentation: to create a presentation with your logo. Yeah, I recommend you to use some more cups. I mean, pastors are out of things. Corporate identities, business cards, etcetera. I'll use now a poster mark up here. And I typed at the Google Blank poster. Mock up and then I found peace. It's okay, I think. Now I am coping. Need to copy each and turn toe illustrator. Yeah, it is mind over here. I will pass it. Um, hold Ault and move. It will copy And it is in the under the image and right click and arrange sent story. Bring front and resize it with control G group it and place in center. Trust your eyes. You can use also a line tools that's do it rectangle you and make empty True's to off them . Holding shift. Click this on. Sorry. Click thes and click Call Chief to collect these Choose too often. Man Released shift key Dan Kit. Now you can ally and eat by the key object. This is the key object as received there is that, uh, take blue stroke on you can't truth and read it. Yeah, I think it is good. It will work. You can show your client dis presentation and make them agree with your idea 13. Summary: hi to summer in this class. We looked for the two article information about logos types off the locals. Then we tried toe realize a project a company called Nanami Want a local design from me? I designed a logo and I tried to show you the whole of enzyme process. I especially tried to make it simple. You're not so professional way because Iran can design a lover. Just you need some trust to yourself stuff somewhere, made some sketch, create ideas. Believe me, you will get with results, have a nice state and had a good design journey.