Logo Desiging : Professional Logo Designign In Adobe Photoshop. | Shahzad Khan | Skillshare

Logo Desiging : Professional Logo Designign In Adobe Photoshop.

Shahzad Khan, Learning Is Earning

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4 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. 1- Introduction

    • 2. 2- Beginer Level- Make A Flat Icon in photoshop

    • 3. 3- Advance Level- Make a Hanging Logo

    • 4. 4- Expert Level- Make Professional Logo With Simple Idea


About This Class

Have You Wonder that how to create a Professional logo with adobe photoshop?

Do you want to sale out the professional logo?

Have not any idea how to design Professional logo with simple ideas?

So don't worry just join our class and learn logo designing, Professional logo making.
you just need to know about adobe photoshop, and then watch our classes and make professional designer.

All classes are free ,just you need to enroll now and watch them.





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Shahzad Khan

Learning Is Earning


i'm using internet since 6 year, and i was learn lots of thing from it.

Now time to teach all of this to YOU!

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