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Logo Animation in after effects

Nshuti Paulin, Motion Graphics Artist

Logo Animation in after effects

Nshuti Paulin, Motion Graphics Artist

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13 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. course trailer

    • 2. Separating layers in illustrator

    • 3. Tree plant animation part1 1

    • 4. Tree Plant animation part2

    • 5. Colorfull logo animation

    • 6. Cardwipe logo animation

    • 7. 3d animation design part 1

    • 8. Animation 3d logo part 2

    • 9. First text logo animation

    • 10. Second text logo animation

    • 11. Second text logo animation different strategy

    • 12. Glitch logo animation

    • 13. Place to get sound for your logo animation

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About This Class


Logo animations are usually one of the best ways To hold attention to your customer longer

Hi My name is Nshuti Paulin  I’m motion graphics artist 

In This class Together we’re going to learn how to use Adobe After effects to create amazing logo animation that will tell a story about your company.

Together you’ll learn how to :

  • how to separate files in illustrator for animation 
  • how to create 7 different logo animation
  • where to get sound for your logo animation

This course is taught in adobe after effects cc 2018, but you can use any version of after effects to create nice looking logo animation.

download the class exercise files here

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nshuti Paulin

Motion Graphics Artist


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1. course trailer: beyond two critical Logan machine aftereffect dinner in the last place. We're dedicating Logan mission for a client or by a safe. This is the perfect. Because for you, this is a complete step by step to get observant. Different Logan mission. You walk you through all the steps it takes to make a hooligan mission. You start by separating first Street and editing aftereffect to make admission at the end of the course. Riebe able to make you on Logan Mission. Hi. My name is typically motion graphic artists. Jeremy, in this grass on blend together. Hogan Mission. Enough defict. I seen the class. 2. Separating layers in illustrator: Hey, guys, in this you do. We're going to be creating the the Logan Mission if the mystery print. So let's see how to be looking. Be looking like this on. It's a fistful. We're going to start by separating this three layers. Then you can put it in aftereffect to be a bit on made. So first of all, it's supported this tree. I couldn't see these different artistry, So to separate, it must click on this new layer. Do you can take the this layer and it's here. You can double click on it, Aunt. Give it a name like three. You can quit in Yulia. It's this fronts I say France on. It's creating new layer. The prints I couldn't see thanks plants to so great new layer again. And you can else this on. And a school. It's like learned. So this is how you consider politic this treat to be able to move. It's considered, Oh, this stuff he separated. So in the next year, you're going to be admitting this tree. We're going to import it in aftereffect Lincoln and make it so seeing other video 3. Tree plant animation part1 1: all right in this future. Going toe, Admit Ah ah! Plant three off. Separated in the last video. So let's import or tree reports were in the existence for a refund. This front become front on then you can imported. So truth composition with footage a truce three assays motor took me in size. Then you can creek. Okay, so you can see the composition has been created. So we're going to create the ships from this victor six. So the ships or the station and click on layer do you Concrete's concrete ships from Victor Leah Click. OK, so we're goingto get off the restriction sector destruction, then conducted. You couldn't mean use the ships only. So it's increase decisions off this. It's Kate and increase. This is of this front this loans like this so look nice. So we're going to start by admitting this this tree. So click on this icon tight or the clears you can be able to admit this tree so are going to use the effect court. Bend it so you can able to bend this tree. So click on this effect and can on the O. C. I think this wants and put it Banditry. So let's see how. Look, if you bend it so you can see convince tree by using this effect. So we're going to add the kid from on this effect bent quick you to bring key frame So we're going toe bent tree upto 250 and you can move this Can the fifth Rimon unfriend your client Hoboken zero So let's see how on mission look So let's take this point and put its rest here It's again. So you couldn't see, I would see is bending from the ground So we're goingto make this kid from is if nine So then you can click on this graph Editor makes fortress aided spit growth Comtech this 100 puts it Make it trick this to make the its bid. Let's make it like this. So you're going today overlooking this is done off the principles off on mission adding this overlapping expression is usedto adding movement after an action to create the sense of fairies. And so you cannot at this expression if this a or the different is going toe, take this one by clicking by holding control and creek. Then you couldn't bring it do it. You can be ableto expression. Then you kind become this to push by holding Art Creek. So I'm going toe expression This expression find it's in existence. Face of eloping expression scope it Ah is quick again. You can't control V this expression. So let's see how it looks. So I couldn't see how is going is a ding movement before it stopped. Let's see how might look. So in the next video, I'm going to show how you can admit the the sprint. You can add the busty so seeing and if it 4. Tree Plant animation part2: so in the last few do off admitted this at sea. So in this video going toe admit this plant So selector different and hit t four opposed Teoh on this tens for him at different then you Clinton make it zero to or or front strict it again can go on stint from a client I get to announce it So let's see So sector the key frame and hit if known for a busty go for is so we're going toe I learned this front this plant different discrete Flynn like thes so a to Mr Straight here and it's it s arrested preview and see it's this but so going at this pace must piss in this capacity So let's it again and see So now we have admitted print So it's admits this this loans directed and it people position You can herd key frame on the fists friends So it's confrim gonna move it down on Go on this friend gonna go a click So it's C It's second So I'm going to urge Easy is by restricting all the kid for a moment it if knowing make it is including its growth. Comtech this on. Don't put it straight year, so let's take this. Let's see. Two previous again so you can see non mission is looking nice. So in this is it's it's, uh, it's increase, but it's great again. So they're going toe at the mosque on this when so I can not see what is going on. So certain restricted Sprint and Quicken This must think and dramas Quick kiss It's ticket and bring it down to beat this on musk with it once. Obstruct. So it's again. It's looking so nice. So let's add background on this. So let's it's cool it background controls the uh ah, it's just this one. A quick look. So it's it's pretty again and to see so it's take almost done. Put it, it's you so you can see our mission is looking nice. We're goingto text on this composition toe. Select your text and gun rights like three plant three plants. It's increased services off District three conceits. The 60 20 countries they mystic the color make this okay, lets just difference of this point fixed like this Franklin comtech it and put it right here. So we're going to Earth Day singing go on effect and press it So I have a did the priests it The singing effect is simplicity. So we found it in the exist. First Dominican instead. Only aftereffects, so I couldn't be ableto so. Let's such shrink. So you see in the admission process, it text refers the this for dusting text in Mission. I have added many singing and mission. It controls what you want, So let's at this run and see how it's look. It's It's President C Heights book. It's look nice. You can choose. What if I want? There's many singing text in this since text on Mission. So you found it in existence first, So I hope you like the this kindof Logan missions, so seeing other videos. 5. Colorfull logo animation: all right. So in this eternal ticket, this kindof colorful text on mission solicits priven searches looking like So let's see. It's looking so nice arrested by quitting your composition. It's cool. It's like color kind of full. I got a full logo. Full text have gone missing. So along toe adds new background, assorted background G. So I have different logo can at different. If you have your own logo, you can add it. There's no program. So once you add the logo makes what sect a logo. And go on, Leah. I can click on trays. So, uh, then you couldn't kick. Okay, make sure Toe creek on this apply to new layer. Okay, so know this. This oughta traces going to trust this broken even. Ah, how does this this logo? So they know what they're going to do east at a stroke. And you can't make sure toe check this all must. And you can increase processes. So, like 60 to 70 that can cover all day, takes the logo. So then what they're going to do is tow change this on original image toe, leave the orginal image. So then we're going to touch admitting So it's on and you can hate zero. Go on zero So it's a ticket from on fits, friend go back on like 10 friends and they can herds 100%. So it's it's preview. And so to be looking like to be looking like this one, this kind often mission. So we're going toe click on this, Leah, if you to bring the kid friendly gun make this is hating if nine and contact this cover earned Joe cough like discern. So So it's it's present. See, it is looking looking so nice. So it's cross this one. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to duplicate this. They, uh if the 1st 10 on the second layer on the first day, I'm going to cut Phil effect a control Copied, Copied this very effective and copy on the second on the search on the fourth. So on each lake and continue to Tuesday colas. Or it's so this. Give it a prolific turned attention tickle awake this song. So is this wrong? That's this one and the sun so the fist on can mend a the original color off a logo. So what, I'm going to do I'm going toe aligned This this really treated to prevent states looking it ? It's pretty again. So this is American Christie's kindof colorful. It takes to look on mission so seeing in the individuals. 6. Cardwipe logo animation: Hey guys, in this field, you're going to get this kindof logo animation it. It prevents your to be looking like to be looking like this one to be looking so nice. So we're going to use the effect called God Wipe and Let's Sleep. So let's start by quitting new composition. Conclude. It's Good God, Roy Program Mission and Canned Heat. Okay, so it's a background look, this we're grown so it's bringing a little girl. So it's Kate. Don't. So it's been composed. This logos. We can change the logo if you want and conclude it. Priests order. So then make sure to check this move or attribute into the new composition. See? Concretely. Okay, once it done so. Gun, check this group. I can make this logos three D, so it says it stood by such a god's could do it. Add a logo. So this just this transition compression It's a bit like zero onto those zero columns is give it, like 15. So we're going toe. Go on this friend on dusky frame on transition completion on the fifth floor tape. 50 sense So it it's presidency. How this admission? Look, this is out this admission and be looking So it's hate speech for position and you six shift p bring position. So on the and this friend, it's advocate Freeman position. And on the first frame it's increased. This says off little book, so you cannot see Uh huh make minus two hundreds. Faith. This doesn't 213. She's okay, so he's just rule. It's bringing this girlfriend content free. British Regency hurt you looking so nice. So let's at orientation by 16 shift air My orientation on this 20 from a Can Kiffin on the face for him announce it 80%. It's please here. So let's bring this kid from close to this so it can't the first. So select disc Ilke Freeman's Make them is by is so you can see it is emitting and smooth. So on the this graph it sector bring this lift can make the conflict is one. It is looking so first looking so nice. So we're going to add the text on this. No, it's but it's like a poor, and you can bring this text don't logo. I need to admit this text friends. So, by restricting text, it's such for see the basic music the basic Because kids comtech tous fixed on We'll text. So it's it's you for today. You fear. Let's bring this different because it this it's preview and said to be looking, let's make it is by getting if night golf it, uh couldn't make this same. They look the same growth, same club. So it's it's previewed again. It is looking so nice. Servant at lights sweep and this logo. So such food sissy lights since the late Let's see so you can see this. It separates. Adjust it and we've coming. Please. It's off this right like this. So it's admit, Bring this plate, Let's hear and at the key frame on this center. So let's bring from the centre on 10 friends. You can bring this. Let's see. Yes, sir, it's and it's it prevents CEO to be looking. It is looking so nice. So this is how you can create this standoff logo and mission. It is so easy. You can make it by a safe so Syrian in the other videos 7. 3d animation design part 1: or light in this. Listen, I'm going to create this kindof CD on mated logo. So let's it prevents the hair to look like to be looking like discern titties. Gonna see this is day sleazy logo you completely on C. So we're going to create this one arrested by kiting in composition. Great three D text three d look good on mission he took here. So we're going toe adds background. Sort of Bourg groans. So didn't What they're going to do is goingto ads, uh, logo look and and logo. It added this on this Google such ago. So let's break composite and so it's good it Okay, so the it's OK, so we're going toe click on this icon to change this. We're going toe three day. So then you can duplicate this priesthood. Uh, but it's pretty early and in Z position you can It's to two point. So let's the cricket cities and hit people position and it's a naked before, So we're going to be our Jeanne two point on every place orders so long to duplicate this presser until the good 13 place. So the soup is that by Prickett Seen this? It is hits p At that point, it make it six staked toe cricket. It's people position. It's a point. Should be eight. The crickets. It's people positions they don't point to retain. To be. It's pure to be 14. So I'm going to post this video once. I don't to duplicate this until I go to certain you can continue to add See me to point on each on toe duplicate until you got 13 crystal that it was difficult to come back with, like some don't create me to pick it or this 13. Chris. So that's what I can do is feel alone. Second press order. So let's at effect. If it generate, I'm gonna give it like black. So I'm going to copy this feelings, uh, the based on coated Pistone at the priesthood. So let me sick Control Z. But this feels so And let's see if ah, sea foam or local as being So it's at Camilla, discriminatory to see if so is three d. So you can city stood toe. Take the three D effect. So it's so I'm going toe adds drop shadow to placate this pursuit. The last one I don't need feet on this one, so it's and if it perspective, Trump said. Click on said the only So Daeniken increased softness of two on hundreds 150. So I'm going to duplicate again. This that's two on. Okay, please. You can increase saltiness upto 400 so you can increase opacity like 100. Oh, it see? So it's 80 so it's really nice. So what they're going to do is goingto take this pressure. The Composites. It's late, So let's go. It's like led leads the logo. It's good to done. It's OK. I don't need this, Camilla. So in the next to do I'm going to show I can and make this kind off. Eisley did admittedly CD logo. So let's see your next video. 8. Animation 3d logo part 2: all right in this field, you're going toe. Admit this Lady Cedillo graph created in the last video. So but you can see No, it is not still looking like three D. So because you are not district this street e books on this, it's look like cycle. Country can t come back to be sleepy. So then you can press on key boot but holding shift Click on this to being scared. So let's take a friend. It's good. Go foot upto 20 friends. Then you can increase. Scared, obtuse, resurgent full Was it 81 on a politician gun on 10 Different See? Hunted six to So let's make this is this gift is from assistance is so it's it's presidency . How on mission looked like. So let's preview again so you couldn't see Oh, it's going so you can ads. You can ads. Uh, I'm scared. Night tol a 19. It's like 19. They clean. - It's taking too long because is in ST E. Who is he did take belong to the end load. So it's it's priv again and see So this is how you can and mitt ready logo on its three D logo. So I hope collected video. So let's see you Indian next may soon 9. First text logo animation: if only come back in this. A section off text Logan Mission. So I'm going to be creating different text Logan Mission that can give you the concept on how you can create your own text. Logan Mission certainly. Start by creating this. It takes Rogan mission. This kind of texture. Organ mission, considerate e school and easy. I kid this. Secondly, Klytus one this suddenly be quitting discern on this colorful takes. Ah, Logan mission. So it's going to get started. 10. Second text logo animation: This is a video on ticked built Logan Mission going to continue admitting the this logo can say text so you can pick on this trip down. You can add, I admit, and that scared. So we're going toe scared down upto zero and then six taken. Gonna sit. We're back on on undid. So it's a tricky for him on 10 Finn face frame and can go back on zero. So it's it's preview and see oh, is going escaped from done upto 100%. So we're going toe at petition. But before you add rotation it in a book by practice treaty, then it can add petition. So it's, um, 1 50 ready to preview so bisecting this different can kick F nine for Easy is Oregon. We'll keep from assistance is so Let's it pleasure again and see how this is looking So on this graph editor can It's so dick off like this one. So you concert is going so this is cool. So see you in under three years 11. Second text logo animation different strategy: in this video, I'm going to show you the different technique toe on, mate. The this text based logo and mission. Oh, so, toe, admit this one. You can use some techniques, so this visible it's like position it is. Make it street D. Let's make its radiant heat position so you can't bring this up on the position. So I see you cannot see the text you can ads gift. From then you can bring in, like 10 Finn. So it's come back on zero. It's true this if so you gonna say so. This is the first technique you can and meet you. A logo can see this is simple on mission you can use in the in text logo and mission in 60 local so you can add to your friend. Assistance is growth. It's, uh let's took off like this. Soon you consent can put even this in the center. American even don't use a this graph it and keep it strictly soon. So this is simple on ah, logo and mission in this kind off texts logo based. So the second way. So they did this gift from and on the way. So select the text on Tripped on You can ads neighbor per character CD. So then you can add a position. So in position on C Was this any clinic being this up negative until you don't see anything so on line selector off sit. It's gone back on 100%. You can add to your friend on 10 friends gonna go back on zero So it's it's pre fear so you can see of the character is coming from ah said of composition each make a note of the fixed So this is the second wakened and Metis canned off fixed for using positions So that's at ah, it's a petition on this on the petition. You can well, like 200. We can go on like 150. Make it simple. So this is a recon. Admit this kindof text. So seeing a different you 12. Glitch logo animation: Hey guys, in this returning to get this kind off Richie logo and mission. So let's it's pregnancy. Or to be looking to be looking like this. Sons restart by creating in your composition. Let's call it Gucci. Did you logo and mission? It's okay, so it's and black so leads. So I'm going toe. Add the logo toe so Derek and creates a new storage. It is sorry it's your limits, which effect? This one is a biggie ground. So let's be composed. This screech effect. Click on this move all attributes in tow, The new composition You can click. OK, so in this Christian effect, it's It's in fact, a noise, then can change destructive tiptoe. No, this soft, nice steptoe blocks, including increase constructs. No increase, please upto on. So since lightness Minister Nancy so it's on transform. Mix it on, tricked this in from scaring. Then it can add like force isn't plus isn't it's killing heights like 750. So I looked and miss this evolution a press at click on this evolution and at to bring this expression gun right time, then and, uh, and say sweet. So isn't we're going to see is making this expression don't miss in makes So let's go on the the Grucci. So a mixture to turn off this group defict so you can create news, New solids, your investments. Tria couldn't put it here. So it's a pre composed this no book And Cory, it's press sort so you can change the logos you want. Click. OK, so on a just minutes earlier, this, uh, efecto displacements mob displacement mop going on this press mentum up. So this a check this put it on which effect comp daeniken on Mark's gentle on Mark's vertical. So let's increase upto 100 30 and vertical announcer It's solicit President Seo The Grinch effect is making So is making this creature effect. So it to make this look nice leads for example, sick. This adjustments tria it did conspiracy theory We're going to make this morning and it's prettier. So then delete this run and the sun so that's duplicated. This, uh, street can puts it on this Sade's, then this certainly can't put its here the line solicit preview and see. So we're going to admit this No good. It's ah scared on this to frame and broke on the first family gone Cruz this scale up to here. So? So it's Ah, it shift and Christie to bring the posted in. Clinton adds The key Freeman capacity. Let's like zero bring Teoh the film on there. They say, Don't make his announce it so I can take this key friends and put it right here. So it's it's present society. I can bring this kid Friend writes. I see, uh, so let's make it is from assistance. Is is a recent previous, er, our retreat. I'm going to take this one and put It's right here. Can he have a day? So this is a recon creates the beauty logo and mission Can ah, used by own logo can admitting the adobe. But this is a make the trip she effect on the logo. So seeing under the Jews 13. Place to get sound for your logo animation: Hey, guys, in this figure, don't look the press you confront free sounds to use in your logo on missions of the fist. Presto, friend, Free sound is on free sound. That dog on this 80 Clint said. There is all this Sunday's for free concerts. Lake. It's day. Like what? So let's see. This is the sound off what they can continue to search like couldn't see I What? So let's say like toe, such like glitzy with sound. I consumed Sit. There is a lot off can use for free. So the presto find free sound is I've nash Packard dot com on this city confined a free sounds to use. It's very like this on. So once you let the sound on this, 30 can creaking download, then you condone it for free. So other place to find seventies or Georgiana dotnet. On this site, you can find a sound on $1 on $5 on the list price so you can treat toe feet the lake, its veto lake under less too detent toe like five. The lives on this strange well, I try like 15. It's say, like five. So consider is sound a lot of sun on first allies. Even you can't trade to search for one do not. Only this is the Sunday Condon load on the lowest price once elected Ah, do or Sunday gun out to cut many compatriots. This sounds so I hope you elected video. So let's see another video.