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Logo Animation Series™ - Sliced Mask Animation in After Effects

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Decide on the logo space

    • 3. Circular rotation animation

    • 4. Animated shape addon

    • 5. Utilize what you already have

    • 6. Add the tagline animation

    • 7. What's next? & Thank You!

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About This Class

Logo Animation Series™ is dedicated to teach how to make animated titles, openers and logo animations in After Effects. Each time we approach a different animation. In this class we are going to make this: 


Logo intros will always be perfect openers for YouTube, online courses, brand videos or any type of online presence you want to have. Let's use motion graphics and Adobe After Effects for our animations and video content!  Let's get rolling...Enroll the class!


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome in this part off the local animation in after effects serious in this serious I'm teaching how to make logo animations, title openers and branding videos. This time I will teach you how to make the animation, which is playing in front of you. This slice of logo animation with some cool motion graphic elements. We will prepare everything from scratch, and I'll teach you everything step by step, so we will start with a blank of position. We'll import a sample logo. We will build up the animation and we'll find unit until it looks cool, engaging and ready to use for all your video projects and materials. We will then put everything together to create a fully usable, professionally organized aftereffect product file. Best thing here is that this sliced innovation can be used for any other animation. You'll be preparing an after effect in the future, the classes well paced, short and packed with useful knowledge. So if you want to learn new things and ramp up your after effects game, I'm inviting you to enroll the class. Let's go 2. Decide on the logo space: In this first opening lesson for this innovation, we will prepare our composition and a great which will help us to work and slice up the logo. Welcome. In the next logo animation design will prepare together. I'll always start out by creating a new composition full aged the 30 frames and letting maybe take five seconds so I have more time to play with. To begin with, I'll import my sample logo. I'll double click here, and I have my very, very sample logo prepared. Its AP example. I've just made it, and this time we'll start with the local. We will instantly work with the local composition. Let me drag their logo in the middle. Okay, I see it's too big. I will make this local smaller and this will be the composition I'll put the logo in. So please, right click here and select Pre composed. I'll call this logo inside and I'll hit. Okay. And this is where it will become interesting, because in this animation we want a circle our logo animation happening here. So I'll need to divide this logo. Maybe let me go inside. I'll might get even smaller because it's still too big for me, and I put it a bit on the top. Okay, let me go back to Camp one. Well, it's okay. Maybe I should fit. So I still have some place for taglines like this. OK? And this is the area where I will work to make our animation. Please hit this button and select grit because we'll try toe slice this logo up in equal parts. The grit will help us. And basically, if you did know changes to your aftereffect, those grits should have 80 pixels. You can always change this by going to edit preferences. And you have grits and guides. As you can see, my green grid has 80 pixels and it has four subdivisions. I can come closer, and I'll see this. 80 pixels here and 1234 subdivisions. Now, the more complicated you want this animation to be, the more you'll divide this local. But for the sake of this tutorial, let's say that I will make the divisions to the size off off those 80 pixels. So I'll have in case of this logo, I'll have one, 23456 slices. I can, of course, make more in case I want to make a template out of this and uses in the future for bigger logos. But here we'll try to work quick and efficient. So please play. So please do the same that I did make a pre composition place, an example logo here. Or, for example, if you have no Lobel just used text or a shape and decide how many divisions you will make , I will make 12 Tree 456 That's why I copied is five times I press control or comment and I press d 12345 Now I have six objects in total, and let's head over to the next lesson where we'll try to greet our masks and animations. 3. Circular rotation animation: in this lesson, I will teach you how you can divide the local composition with equal masks and how to create the main part off this animation. Hey again, let us start the work immediately. I will work this time from top to bottom. So I just select the first logo inside. I'll hit on the rectangle tool and I'll start to create the masks. You may think that nothing has happened, but a mask has appeared. And if I would de select those, the mask reveals only the portion off the image I've selected. This is what I'm asked us, in case you don't know. So let me now get everything because I want to see everything. And by having the mask selected, I'll select a move toe and I'll double click here. This will allow me toe work freely with the mask. Now let me make the mask bigger extended here just in case I use bigger logos in the future . Here on the top. I should be pretty exact here. You can come closer with your scroll wheel and by hitting the space bar you can move around this area. Okay. I should be precise here. Let me make this exactly to the spot I want. Now I go bottom. I check if I'm in the right place. Okay. Four boxes. Come closer and make this precisely here again. Now, one thing I want to say to you, you can make it one pixel more because I want those masks tow cover each other a little bit . Okay, I have on Victor more here, and that's OK. Now a hit. Enter to approve the mask. I'll even change the color because it's really hardly visible. Let me make a dread. And the only thing you have to do now is control. See, click on the second and control V. We have the next mask here, and you go into the second logo innovation by having the mask selected. You double click again. You press 12 maybe three times up. And you think this both and make the same Just you drag it over here. Let me again. Come closer. Let me check If I'm precise here, I am pretty precise. Maybe one pixel above it. Okay. And hit. Enter control. See them. Ask Next one. Open the next one opened the mask. Double click here 12 and again here. You need to repeat the step because you want toe slice up this logo as many times as you want. The more times you wanted, more complicated. This project will be and it's a bit harder to manage, but the basics will look like that. Control V. Let me continue until I have this entire lower prepared. Okay? I'm ready at this stage, and you should be as well. So I select control a close everything. And why the hell are we working with mask? Because mask is a wonderful feature which allows us to uncover only apart off our logo. Let me now get rid of the great. It sounds like a rap song. Okay? And I have this great. Now I can work on my animation. I'll unable three d just in case I want treaty rotation. But I will stay with the UAE rotation, press R on your keyboard and I work with the UAE rotation. Let's say I want to start from top and I'll make a rotation like this to a negative amount , maybe more. Just so it's invisible here. Okay, this looks pretty nyse negative. 270 degrees. I said. The key frame and one second and maybe 15 frames. Let's make it zero. So the animation basically would be Boom, boom, boom around it animation. Now, what I always want to do is duplicate this animation toe all those other layers. I just copied those key frames. I go to the beginning. In case you don't know how to do this. Simply select those key frames control. See, you must be here at the beginning. Now. Select the remaining layers Control V and we have the animation prepared off course. It still needs a lot of changes. And let us start to work on those changes. I press you to uncover those degrees. I have to, of course, stagger those layers. So I was like my left old key and I press page down 123 times. I d select this one to treat. I dislike this. 123 the select 123 de select. You can also do this with the mouse. You can come closer here, one to treat. Okay, let's preview how this animation would look like at this stage. Pretty decent. It could get better. I'm not quite happy about this. division. But as always, I can double click here. I can click on the logo. 1234 A few frames up and I have more space here. Okay? Does those less key frames I want to right click key frame assistant and ease them in a little. So the animation at the end is a bit smoother. Now, is this OK? Really realize it's pleasant for he I and you can always change this by going closer with those key frames. Then this information would happen quicker. In case you are not satisfied about this animation and this is completely up to you. You have those values open. You can always press far if you don't see those values, let me press you this time. And I can, for example, make 300 degrees here or let me start like that. More degrees, more degrees, more degrees. Just just that's your imagination. You can do this as you want, and the innovation would be slightly different. But you know what? Oh, no nooky frames appeared. This was my mistake because I should make those trained is here, here and here. But I will not make any changes. I wanted to be 270 on all stages because I believe this looks really cool, unpleasant, and I'll see later if this fits my animation or not, once you already select once again everything right click pre composed logos circulation. I'll call this logo circulation. That's just that will be my way off naming things, and we are prepared to work on our logo animation by having the first animation complete. Now we can go from there and at some elements here. 4. Animated shape addon: in this lesson, I will teach you how to prepare such a little element which will make the whole animation nicer Antal at the necessary extra touch. Since we have our first animation, I want some squares to be flying around here. Let me go back for a second and I'll enable motion blur just so the animation looks a bit more interesting. It is blurry now. It renders longer, but it will be a bit blurry. Also here I want to be sure that motion blur is enabled in motion. Blur is enable for this entire composition. Okay, the animation is altered and let's prepare the items we want to be flying around here. I own some shapes to be flying around and working with this information. So let's go here. Use my rectangle tool and I great a small rectangle directing who have the same color as the logo here in this part this pink one. And I believe this is a bit too big. Let me process and lower the scale. Now it is scaling towards the anchor point. If you want to have it easier press Why? To select the pen behind tool and place the anchor point in the middle of this object. Okay, Now I can reduce the scale. Okay? This is all right. I'll even help myself by enabling rulers. And I'll put a ruler here. Okay, Now I can use the shape layer. I'm sorry. It's hard to grab this shape. Layer will start here. I'll press P like position. Let me go to the beginning. I will keep bring this position. And just before the animation begins, let's maybe begin the animation here. And before the animation begins, this shape should be here. So I click on it. I take it here. It should be here. And in this moment it should disappear. So let me make it disappear here. By closing this layer, I select my left old key and the right bracket key. This is a shortcut toe cut. Any layer. Okay. This information flies here. It should be also blurred. This will be much interesting. You see how much the blur does here? Because that's a really swift and quick animation. This is why the blur is so cool. And also here on the end. I want to hit shift on s because I also want to work with the scale. I'll scale it here. It's 55%. And here, another key frame. And here it should start to disappear. Okay, like this, let me preview the motion together with those motions. Really, really nice. It looks much better than let me maybe get rid of this. Just a little element. That's so much for this animation. Normally, it's just a boring animation, but this little element makes it a touch nicer. Maybe the scale can be here later. Boom, boom, boom! There's a bit forward because I want to hit the timing's right. Boom. Very nice. Really pleasant. 40 I and I had the first rectangle fly in here and I want more off them Fly out here just to make the animation a bit more appealing. Let me hit. Enter here and rename this, for example, shape you one. And this is what I wanted to teach you in this lesson. In the next lesson, well, duplicate this shape and we'll prepare for something that is flying out off this animation 5. Utilize what you already have: in this lesson, I will teach you how to duplicate the shape we prepared previously and how to make it burst out of the logo to get the additional flavour. Welcome back to this animation. Now let's preview once again what we have here. Well, the animation is a bit stiff, so you can select those key frame and, as usual, keep him assistant and ease them in a little. Because we want this animation to be a bit more interesting, I can also select of key frames. Go to my graph editor. Let me select him here, and I'll drag this line a bit forward because I owned the animation to happen quick at the beginning and then to slow down a bit. Let's preview is this is OK yet this looks really better because the animation I won't find out some strong motion going into this boom. Okay, now I'll select the shape you one I'll duplicated. Let me maybe place it on the bottom because I want it to happen behind this logo animation . I'll even right click and pre compose it because pre composing will allow me just to grab it and place it in a different place. Okay, let's now try to follow this animation. This shouldn't be visible. It should burst out off this logo animation. So I look at my page up and page donkey toe, Find the right spot. I believe this will be the right spot to start bursting. Okay. And this information should be here. You see, it's behind this logo animation. It's next in the queue. So it is invisible unless it goes around here, okay? And now it should fly out. So it's a bit too slow. It should already be flying out. Boom, boom! And it disappears here. This really went perfect. I only go here. I pursue because I don't like this last position. Key frame. I think it should be a bit closer. So by having this keeping selected, I make the first position a bit closer because I don't want it to go so far. Boom. A really, really nice and quick motion. OK? And they didn't even have to do much things because we only copied the shape. We pre composed it and he placed it in a different spot. Control de the next one will burst out off this one. It should be also later. Maybe two friends later Like this. And let's preview what's happening here. I made a mistake. This shouldn't be visible here. Okay, Page down. This also shouldn't be visible here at the beginning. Still not visible. Okay, Lays it here. Lays it even further. My mistakes. I'm sorry. Burst, burst. Maybe not so many of them. But you get the idea. I could copy them for each of the layer I have letting. Maybe make it two more times. One here, one here. This one bit more under this one even further. Let's say I didn't make any mistake. Your let me preview this. Okay? This really looks good. Off course. I could copy it even one more time to have it for the last one. But you know what? I don't need it. This animation already looks pretty cool in itself. And this is the beauty about motion graphics. It happens so quick that do you do not always have to be picture perfect. Because if it's not pixel perfect, it looks unique. It really looks as if he would carefully curate what is happening here. And I'm really satisfied about this animation off course. There could be some tweaks. I can always go in. I have those key frames. Well, it's not easy to always go in here and change them. But you can do changes on the fly as you go. But for the part we are in, I believe everything is okay. Maybe it shouldn't be visible at the 1st 2nd So 11 little thing I will do. I'll press t like opacity. I'll place zero key frame. I'll go to Frames forward and I make 100%. Why did I do this? Because at the beginning, I want a blank, empty screen. I want nothing to be happening here to friends forward. Okay. To friends forward, this is already the animation, but here it's nothing. Okay, lets one last time preview what we have. And this is where we are at. Let's continue to the next lesson and extend this animation with another cool feature. 6. Add the tagline animation: in one of the last lessons for this animation, I want to show you how to make a consistent tagline which will go well along with this animation. Now, let us work on the tagline popping out as quick as this logo animation happens. So I have this animation. I'll once again copy this shape. I'll control the and I'll rename it toe white tagline reveal. So I really know What is this about? And I'll place it Maybe two friends forward. I'll see how this will look. I Oprah's control and five to open up my effect and please search for the fill effect. DFL effect will be the simplest way to recall or this one I'll double click. And I want this one to be white. Then I need to make sure it's visible here. I click on it and I place it here under this local because I want it to reveal my tagline. Okay, it looks fairly good. Let me place it a bit to the right side. Is this okay? Yep. Maybe later. Okay. And I can now work on my tag like maybe a bit down. This should be okay. You can always click on the logo and place it more towards top. Okay, we have this white space and I want some text. Now I'll create my first text. That's how it goes. Let's say this is my weird tagline. I want a different fund. I will go for something simple. I open science because it's always a nice and clean fund, maybe semi bald, much, much smaller. I don't like those those big phones I'll aligned in the middle. I will align it closer to this one and what I have to create. Now I have to create a mask once again the mask. But it's really simple. Just hit on the rectangle tool. I need to also see this animation, this little animation happening. Click on the rectangle tool and you can place a mask here. The mask needs to cover the text. Don't worry about that. You see color now because I'll place this shape layer above the text. I will rename it to top text reveal Er and I'll Creek on the top text. Now we can select a track met for this option. I was like track matte all format top text Reveal now what? This does it uncovers the text here, but if the text will be anywhere else, it will be invisible. You should have it like that. If you will not see the treatment options, please select the second button or press a four on your keyboard. This will reveal those options now, as this white animation progresses. I owned this text to reveal. So let me select P the simplest intimation position. I'll press the second value. I'll hide it. I will place a key frame. I go a few friends forward. It quickly appears Boom. Maybe a few friends forward as the animation progresses and it goes a little more towards top. Okay, the animation looks like that. We can alter the animation by going into a key frame assistant, easing them a bit. We can go into the graph. It is, or as well. You see, these are those key friends. We barely see anything, but I believe at the beginning it could happen a bit quicker. So I select this one, and this indicates quickness because we have the speed here you can see and it goes Moom and slower. And the 2nd 1 can be slower. Let's preview if this looks OK, Perhaps it doesn't, but it should be fine. Well, the animation could have come quicker. Two quick. Sorry. Well, well, it is kind of OK, but you can still shift around with it. Maybe let me delete this turkey frame. I I think I made this wrong. This should be up, up like this. And this is animation we should have and we can do the same bottom here. We can just double click on this. Duplicate this and the only trained you want to make this offer inverted Met. This will do the opposite Because we want We want it to be revealed on the bottom, but hidden on the top. This is a really quick way to alter this. Let me press you where I have dyas position, key frames. I have those positions difference here. It should start here where it's invisible. And then it should reveal itself Here. Off course. You need to change it. You need another phoned like for example Ah, light one. A smaller one. I'll call it w w w website. Come. This looks now completely different. You could also pre compose this, but for the sake of this animation I think this will look pretty OK now it's a bit. It could be closer to the logo like this. These are just small alterations you need to make. If you want to finalize this animation, let me preview this. And I see I have horrible mistakes here. I think I'm mistaken with the website information here. Perhaps the second mask didn't work out as I wanted. This is because the position animation is really wrong. This position should be deleted. The first position should be hidden here like that. And this reviewer needs to be bigger. I'm sorry. I'm a bit mistaken here. Double click. Make it bigger like that. Okay, let us preview. How does this work? Okay, we improve this. It's a bit better. Boom, boom. Now I see this is too slow. This review together with the tagline. Perfect. This is now the completed animation We have Boom and boom. This looks a lot better. We can still change the phone. We can still change the size. We can still work with the animation, but basically it should look like that 7. What's next? & Thank You!: thank you so much for taking part in this logo Animation. The finishing steps is to organize the entire product. For example, I'll go into the logo inside. I press control or command K, and I call it local, because I want to know that this is the composition I need to place the logo in. And overall, you can always rename those shapes. For example, the scrapie Camp one. It doesn't need the comp one name here. I always want to stay organized. What the things I'm creating. What I also wanted to showcase is that you can still freestyle with this animation. Let's for example, take this little one. I'll press are and I'll wrote it in 1 80 degrees. Now it's the same information that goes backwards, and I could use this. Place it here. Oh, I see it in the corner. And as this first animation ends, the 2nd 1 would start. This would create a backward motion just for fun just because I can just because I have those elements prepared, and in the matter of seconds, you can tweak the animations with little animations. Of course, this could be done a bit better, but it really happens quick. You don't really see it, and it really can add the little saver you need in your animations to make them a bit nicer . I really hope you did learn a ton of new skills, and you would like to continue to learn aftereffects with me in case you want to learn more logo animations. With me, you can go to the about section off this class and on the bottom you will have links to other logo animation classes in the local innovation. Serious I create. If you would like to learn more about aftereffects with me, I have also different classes. You only to click on my profile and go to teaching or write my surname here in the search box on Skill Shirt and all my classes will pop up. I have both after effects and power point classes. This is my main specialization. This is the thing I teach and I love doing and producing as a freelancer. Probably if you are enrolled here in the aftereffects course. Those aftereffects lists are more interesting for you, so I can only recommend them. If you would like to learn more with me, thank you very much for staying and learning this logo animation with me. I had really a lot of fun, and I really love to watch those logo animation. This is my favorite thing to do in after effects. That's why I started to serious. And I hope on continuing doing so as long as you like them and would like to see more of them. Thank you and see you in the next one.