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Logo Animation Series™ - Quick Motion Elements Reveal in After Effects

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Create the dot

    • 3. Circular movement

    • 4. Add the logo composition

    • 5. Make the animation POP!

    • 6. Finishing touch

    • 7. Thank You!

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About This Class

Logo Animation Series™ is dedicated to teach how to make animated titles, openers and logo animations in After Effects. Each time we approach a different animation. In this class we are going to make this: 


Let's use motion graphics and Adobe After Effects for our animations! Logo intros will always be perfect openers for YouTube, online courses, brand videos or any type of online presence you want to have. Enroll the class!

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Meet Your Teacher

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Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome in the second class, where we will prepare a local animation in after effects. This time, the animation will have some motion elements style. We will reveal the logo. We will prepare some elements which will be flying around the screen, and we'll focus on swift, clean and a nice animation. Throughout the video. Let me give you a brief review What we're going to create here, take a look. We will create some trendy motion graphic elements flying around the screen, and with help off a simple camera, they will get some unique motion. Then we'll try to reveal our logo with a shape layer and at some custom movement to it. To make the animation more complete, The project will be made very clean and professional, and we haven't take a brief look into the graph editor toe. Alter our animations. So if you want to have a lot of fun and after effects and greet this motion graphics animation, enroll in the class and I'll see you inside 2. Create the dot: in the first lesson off this animation will create our dot, which is flying around and fading off on the screen. Welcome in the first lesson off this animation, where will prepare our first steps? Let's go and create a new composition. I will hit composition. New composition. My first composition will be 80 size. It will have a frame rate off 30 frames and the adoration off. Five seconds. The entire animation, maybe a bit shorter, but five seconds is okay to work with. Let's create it and we can start to work. I'll also delete the old composition so it doesn't get in the way. And let's start. Please go to the tooth panel, click on the rectangle tool and select the L IBS tool. I'll have the Ellipse still selected. I will create the first shape in the middle of the screen. Please make a shape often size, for example, like this. Then press. Why on your keyboard to select the pen behind Tool and by clicking on this shape layer, try to place this little point. This is called an anchor point somewhere in the middle. It looks okay. This is middle enough as I can say and we are preferred. Then I hit a line and I aligned this circle perfectly in the middle. Click this button and click this button from the align panel. If you don't see it, you can goto window and open up a line. Now I need another shape layer. I'll decide like this one. I click once again on my lips too. And they make a very little shape here on the left side. If it turns out to big. That's no problem, because we can click on this layer. You can press s on our keyboard and we can work with the scale now, as you can see, it makes it smaller towards the middle. Why is that again? Because off the anchor point, click on the shape layer once again to the pen behind pool and take this little fella here in the middle to the middle of this little object. It doesn't have to be perfectly precise, but you need to try your best. Okay? Now, if I make it smaller, it will go towards its middle. I think this size is OK Now we will work on our very first animation. Let me maybe select the move toe. I make it a bit closer here, so the animation isn't so intensive. Okay, Right here. Please select this second shape layer. Take this little parents nail and tell it. Hey, dude, shape layer number one. This big one is your parent. I can even rename it parent road rotator. Okay, that's the parent rotator. What parenting means is wherever this one goes, the second ghosts as well. Control Z, let me make the first animation I press are to open up the rotation property on this parent rotator, I click a key frame here. Then I go two seconds forward on my timeline. I see two seconds are here. I can also confirm it in this area. And I make the rotation as big. So it will be here in the middle. I want to be precise, so I'll hit 1 35 degrees. Negative. 1 35 You can do this as well. And this will be our very first animation. It's a bit slow. It's a bit boring, but that doesn't matter right now. Now, I don't need this anymore, so I d selected. But the intonation still stays because this shape has its properties here with key frames. Now I select this shape and to make the animation a bit a tiny, bit more interesting, I want to work with the scale. At first, this case will be like 10% so it's really, really small. As you can see a few friends forward, this scale will be back to maybe 70%. Just so it's a small dot, but it still should be visible. Now it goes forward, and as the information ends somewhere around here, I want another key frame. So I click here to make another key frame and there's about two seconds. It should disappear, so I select zero Now. This is the animation we have until now. Boom! It grows and it shrinks. Okay, if we want to make sure that it's invisible in the beginning, I can press t to open up opacity. I hit on 0% and somewhere around here it slowly fades in. So I make the opacity 100%. You see, it's invisible, but here it starts slowly to be visible. Boom! And okay, the very less touch. We want to make express control A to select everything, press you on your keyboard to reveal all key frames, and I will select all key frames. I right click key frame assistant and I select Eazy E's. This way the animation will look a bit better because it will flow in better instead of being Ellen. Your animation you see it goes a bit faster. It slows and then it goes again a bit faster. This really looks better if you're advanced in aftereffect. You can also select key frames and press on that graph. Editor. The graph editor allows you to manually adjust the speed off any key frame, but that's for advanced users. I don't want to go into the graph editor now, but if you want to explore it, you can, for example, select Tookie frames. Present the graph editor. Pull those handles left or right and see what result will you achieve now. The ant animation would be a bit different. It will be quicker at the beginning, and it would slow down. And this is it for our first composition. For our first animation, we wanted to have prepared for this animation 3. Circular movement: in this lesson will make the dots fly around on the screen and by usage of camera, we'll make them fate off on the sides. Welcome in the second lesson of this animation were Will adjust the dots toe work with our entire local composition. Okay, you've prepared the first flying dot Now what I want you to do is to select boat those layers and we will pre compose them. Right click select pre compose. And we can, for example, name it flying dot We'll know what this was about. It's a flying dot Let me extend this. Okay? We are within our composition to still now. I would like to duplicate this dot I hit this layer and I press control d Now I have this 0.2 times what I want to happen is this animation right here. Want to finish here and want to finish here this simplest way to do this? It's select the second dot You can also call it a second thought if you want, if you want. If you want to know what you're editing and press are to open up rotation since we will also use the camera under slayer and cameras only work on Tweety layers, please also enable treaty for boat off these layers. Now you see much more rotation options appeared, but that's no problem. This is because now we have as well the Z rotation here. We only have two dimensional rotations here. We have three dimensional. Now I'm at this point. I want this animation toe end here. Now I simply need to rotate it around to an exact amount off. Negative 1 80 watch what happens. We have the same animation boom and boom. Perfect. We have a copied. I see. It's a bit too big. It should be closer to the middle. You can either go inside the composition and change. Does the placing of this object or simpler, you see, like both layers and you make them smaller. Now, if you have a small logo, you can even make them smaller. But I think this will be OK or a bit bigger. Let me preview this boom boom. All right, this looks really nice Now, The last step I wanted to take in this composition just to make it more fancy and do not harm any compulsion more, I'll create a camera cameras are also a very advanced topic that we will use only simple tricks. What? You'll make this animation better. Please. Right. Click on the timeline Select new and select camera. It can be a standard 35 33 focal length, 55 degrees off angle of view. I have the camera and I'll also select new nil object. The new object helps us to control the camera without harming the camera. I always call it Cam or Ah, one man. So I know who is the boss off this camera and I tell it Hey, camera, This is your parent. You should obey this man. Okay, Now I have total freedom and editing. I'll set off course treaty because else we could not work with the camera properly. And the only thing I want to work with is the position you can see As I fly around with the camera, something is happening on the screen and I will work with the Z axis because there's the excess comes closer and further to me. If you can't imagine that you can select two views and you will see what happens here at the camera as I fly with the camera around the camera goes back and forth on the screen. Okay, let me play zero. Let me select one of you again. And as this animation happens, I want the first key frame. A few friends forward. I wanted slightly to come towards me. I'll other value off 200. And as the animation ends about here, I want a camera to fly much, much further away. In fact, I wanted to fly away on the screen that why has the left a crazy amount off 1500? So it's not visible now. I'll preview. How does this animation look? Two. Quick, definitely too quick. So I take the cameramen and they place it forward. Something like that. This goes too slow. I have to preview it a few times until I like the results. I still see that's too quick. Somewhere here. The animation should happen first and then they should fly out. Exactly. That's the effect I wanted to have. As the animation face. It ends. I want them to fly to the site. The camera gives me so much freedom because I can hover around with those key frames and find the perfect spot until I like this animation. Maybe those key frames could be a bit closer here. So I see the 1st 200 points going a bit towards me. Then it ends and it flies off. Look, how nice does this look? Normally you would need several key frames, toe change the position, fly around, thinker. And here we can do this only by usage off the camera. I hope you did understand how to work with the camera. Please prepare the same thing in your animation, and then we'll follow with our next step. 4. Add the logo composition: in this lecture, I will teach you how toe place a local composition and how to reveal this lower composition with a track mud and a simple around its shape. Welcome. In the next step where we finally will try to reveal our local what you created this around the dot animation. Please select once again all layers, right. Click pre composed and call it as you want. I will, for example, college, sir Fueler thoughts. So I will remember This is the circular movement around the screen and perfect. We have a pre composition which no one will harm. Now I will important the example logo I want to have. I have, for example, this example after effects logo. That's what I'm going to reveal. I've imported it into after effect and I'll place it in the screen just so help me toe edit this composition. I see it's very, very big. Let me make it smaller by holding the shift key. And I need toe also pre compose this because I own this to be a separate composition. Let me extend this right click pre composed and I'll call it logo. Now. Any logo you have anything you will read it. You will go inside of this composition. This composition. I see this composition is now very small. But if you want to recite this composition, that's no problem. Composition, composition settings, and I'll make it a normal, full HD composition. This will make it easier for me to edit. I see this logo is really big. Okay, I close this down. I have this logo here. We can always resize it either here or by going inside this composition. Now, watch this amazing trick which will use here. Let me make be placed a local because I wanted to be somewhere around this now will work on our reveal. Please go to the tool box and select the Ellipse Tool. I will try to make a perfect ellipse here in the middle. It doesn't matter how big it will be because we will change its size. Now. I need to go toe a line and align it in the middle. I also need to select the anchor point and place it perfectly in the middle. I'll open my title action safe. So I see where the Middle East I see the middle hyperspace Penn behind tool to select this shape layer. Select the anchor point and place it exactly here. Okay, let's say I am very precise here. Boom. You can go as close as you want. Place it in the middle. That perfectly. OK, now this shape layer, click on. It s in the scale. I wanted to be at the beginning. 0% and a few frames later. Like half a second or one second. I wanted to be big enough to uncover this logo. Now I off course need to place those key frames at the beginning, so it will be easier to add it like that. Okay. And the last steps we need to make is placing the shape layer of off the logo. Now what you have to do to reveal itself with this shape layer on the local composition, click on track matte and select all format shape layer one. I'll also called his reveal er And what? What happens? As this shape layer goes around, it slowly reveals our local. Now, if I wanted to have in quicker, I select this key frame and I place it here. If I want this to happen slower. I placed the ski frame here. This is what you can do with track. Matte track mets always work with the layer above the Slayer. If you don't see track matting, select the second button to open up moat and track minutes. Once again, I want to select those key frames, right click, key frame assistant, and easy is them to make the animation a bit slower here. OK, that's a really nice reveal. I can now close my title action safe. This is what we have until now and in the next lesson will work on the movement off the entire composition and the logo, because now it's really plain and a bit simple. 5. Make the animation POP!: in this lesson, I will show you how toe double resize this animation. At first, we'll make the logo go backwards and go smaller, and then we'll place here a second animation, which will make the logo pop forward. Welcome. In the next step, we are slowly finishing our animation by adding some fine touches into this composition. You see this animation. It's really plain and boring. That's why I want to add to kind of movement into this composition. This is done very simple, and you'll use this in after effects in the future. And while you are working with something right, click Select New and let's create a new nil object. I'll place the metal object near to the logo to make everything better visible. I'll select the same core for example, folks here. So I know boat off these connect to the same thing, and I even rename it to logo rece Isar. Now I need to click on the lower composition and parented whatever local resize it does. Please do the same Mr Logo. I will make a simple resize here. I press as on the logo resize er I will start with 130% off scale. And as the animation progresses, the logo will slowly become smaller. I'll go to an amount off 80% so you see, we have 50% off change. As everything happens, the local slowly goes back, and the animation already looks better. Now I want to make one more resize, er, because I want to animations to happen here. I owned the logo toe when going smaller to grow bigger. How crazy is that? That's actually not as crazy, because it will be really simple to perform. Right click. I knew another object. I'll call it Crazy pop. No matter how you call it, you can do, for example, like that. And now logo resize er be connected to that and reveal er be connected to that. Only the poor circular dots are not affected by this because this is meant to make the logo pop. And as the local gross smaller here and it doesn't grow, it gets smaller. I want another animation. As for scale, click on it, go forward toe about when the animation ends, or a bit more 200%. Now I select all those key frames. As always, I select easy East to make the animation flow a bit better. And what what happens? Let me make it closer here so we can repeat this animation boom boom. And now I can see that's very, very slow. I want this to be pop, like, really quick. I can do this on two ways. I can make those key frames closer so this animation will happen quicker. Boom! It still isn't booming. That's why you need to select both those key frames And this time go to the graph editor, the graph editor. You can see how this animation flies. It's faded. I want to click on this, and I want to pull this handle. I don't also do click here and pull this handle. Now the animation will start slow. It will pop, and then it will come back. I don't want to explain the entire refugee tore, but it's a way to adjust our key frames to have the animation off our liking. Now the animation will be completely different. Let's preview it Boom. It goes a bit quicker, and I wanted to adjust this perfectly with those dots flying out. I can, for example, Oh, sorry. You can always shift around those key friends to another place. If you think that's not the proper moment, I think they were OK. So I will select them to place them here, this one a bit closer to make it even quicker and boom a bit too quick. Go later, Boom. Okay, right. And this is the animation I wanted to achieve. So in this lesson, we created a logo resize er with a slow size animation backwards and the crazy pop with an animation upwards. This is the result you should have by now. Thank you very much for your attention. I hope you are following through and in the next lesson will slowly finalize this animation . 6. Finishing touch: This will be our finishing touch where we at the tagline this time our website. And we'll lift the enter animation to give it this fine touch at the end. And here comes the adjustment. At first I want those dots to have another color. The same color that my logo has click on circle are dots go to effect. It's very simple. Press control or command and five and select the fill effect. That's the simplest effect you can imagine. Double click on it. You don't have to go inside and change their color. You just place an effect on this entire layer and this entire layer will be recalled. I select this color with the pick Whip the color I want. Okay, Much, much better. I want you already with that, please. Pre composed this entire composition, right? Think pre compose it. I have this pre composed and I love, for example, Kolet logo Pop. This is my entire local pop animation. Now I want to also reveal a website and a tagline here. Nothing simpler than that. Let me go to the place where this animation finishes because we will work here I click on the text tool, and I'll place here. Www my website dot com. You can select any fund you want. For example, open sands. Make the fund big. Make the front light. You can do what you want. I'll place it perfectly in the middle by going toe a line. I line it in the middle, and now it's under my local. But that's not quite the animation I wanted to have. So at first I need to click on the website. I pressed T toe open up opacity, and they place a 100% key frame here. I move it forward a bit. I go here backwards and I make zero because I want this one to fight in. I can work with the faded like that. Okay, Boom. The logo comes in the tagline flies. Also it faith in this creed. Now the very last thing we want to. We want toe place it a bit upwards because the animation isn't complete. The animation is nice, but it needs a little fine touch. That's why you again use new and you use a new object and I'll called lifter because it will lift both those animations. I click on boat I select up equip and I connected with lifter. We could also place separate key frames here, but this way it's much, much easier because the lifter in the position stab will live the entire composition. I'll place the key frame at this point, and as the tagline flights in it should go a little bit towards the top. For example, to this place, you can decide if you like the animation or you would like to have them east in, I'll ease them. And let's preview what we achieved with this little change. We have our animation, the animation flights in, and we have a nice little find touch at the end. The cool thing now is you can work around with the logo and you will not harm any key frame because those key frame we're work alone. And that's exactly the finalized animation we wanted to have. My last step would be selecting new, selecting it solid layer, select a color for the background. I wanted to have something great which will work with the after face logo. I'll select a dark grey, maybe even a bit reddish. That's okay. Okay, place. It is the last Now you see, it's a bit too bright, but I can also go inside its options and change the color or make more more off them. I was like a darker color. And now this animation is ready. If you want this animation to take less time, you short on this entire composition. Now, if I would render this, this would have three seconds. A really cool and simple logo for your YouTube channel, your branding or anything you do over the Internet. Thank you so much for following this lessons. I hope you just create the same animation with your twist on it. And remember, you can always recall or everything changed the key frames. Shift them around and the animation will be slightly different to your liking. You should be proud of yourself if you completed this. Thank you very much. Once again. 7. Thank You!: thank you so much for taking part in this class. If you like the local animation serious, you have links toe other animations. I'll create here. Right now. I have only two because this is my second release. But I'll follow with more animations because that's my favorite type of animations, logo, animations, title openers and after effect. If you would like to learn more after effect with me, you could under my surname here on skill a shirt. You can simply go to the search bar and enter P E A. C H, which is my surname, and all my classes will pop up if you have any trouble it after effect. This is a complete guide where you have lessons about what is attract meant. What is parenting? What are shape players if you would have trouble to follow any off those lessons, But you can also ask me questions inside this class. I'll gladly answer them because I want you to make those great animations as well. And I look forward to any input you have and, of course, to your showcase. Thank you once again very much for taking part in the Siri's with me. I'm really honored to have us a student. And it was a pleasure to work with you in after effects. I'm signing out. See you in the next one.