Logic Pro X Mixing Course For Beat Makers - Module 1 "The Pre Mixing Process"

Joseph Evans, Make Better Music Now: Follow Me

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12 Videos (1h 9m)
    • About This Logic Pro X Mixing Course

    • Module 1 - The Pre-Mixing Process

    • Getting Organized

    • Sound Selection

    • Creating Drum Kits Using the EXS24 Sampler

    • Replacing stock drum sounds (part 1)

    • Replacing stock drum sounds (part 2)

    • Replacing stock drum sounds (part 3)

    • Replacing Instruments

    • Cleaning Up The Track

    • Exporting Your Session as Audio Files

    • Creating a new session for the official mix in Logic Pro X


About This Class

This is Module 1 of THE LOGIC PRO X MIXING COURSE FOR BEAT MAKERS where you will be learning several production techniques you can use in the production process to make it easier to mix your beats.

Please consider taking all 4 Modules of this class in order to get the full benefit of the information.

Click the links to enroll!

Module 1: http://skl.sh/2r3Lo40

Module 2: http://skl.sh/2rK2lm0

Module 3: http://skl.sh/2rKpLYA

Module 4: http://skl.sh/2rK9AKU


Thanks in advance for watching! 


If you want to get pro mixes on your beats and you use Logic Pro X, then please continue reading.

One of the leading causes of missed opportunities in music production is having a bad mix, wether you're competing at a beat battle, submitting music for a placement opportunity, or selling your music in person or online to an independent recording artist. And if you've been struggling to achieve success in these areas it might be that you need to improve your mixing skills.

I was once in your shoes, a music producer with great talent in the area of creating beats, but lacking in the area of mixing my beats. I would send my beats to an artist or manager and would get the same response, "you need to work on your mix!". So thats what I did. But like you, it became very frustrating searching online for the answers, simply because all of the information was either incomplete or scattered. So after many years and even getting a degree in Recording Arts, I finally found a way to make sure that my mixes are on point, and after you take this course you will too.

In this "Logic Pro X Mixing Course For Beat Makers" you will:

  • Understand the mixing process
  • Address several things hurting your beats
  • Improve your sound
  • Make your beats sound more professional
  • Operate Logic Pro X's stock plugins to get a better mix!
  • And much more!

The course starts with tips to help improve your beats and make it easier during the mixing process by selecting the right sounds. After taking the first module you will understand why certain sounds work well together and why others don't. 

The course also comes with downloadable source files to a beat that we will mix together in Logic Pro X step by step, covering mixing techniques such as:

  • Organization 
  • Leveling and Equalization
  • Compression
  • Adding Effects
  • Panning
  • Automation
  • Adding final touches to your mix
  • And even several mastering short cuts to boost the overall volume of your beats!

If you have any questions or suggestions along the way, I am here for you and will respond within 24hrs.

So if you are someone who is new to mixing your beats or someone with experience that would like to polish up your mixing skills in Logic Pro X...

Then enroll in this course today!

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I highly recommend this course, and every mixing and drum sequencing course this instructor has -- even ones that you don't think apply to your situation. Between the Hip Hop mixing course, the drum sequencing modules, the Logic Pro mixing modules, and others... I've learned sooooo much. Because there's just a lot of great information sprinkled throughout, that I feel can be used in any DAW and just about any genre of music. I'm already seeing a HUGE difference in my work. I don't want to essentially spam every course with the same review, so I decided to write it in one. I finally have a better handle on what plagued me all of these years about EQ, compression, and panning, plus great organization and production tips, and a solid game plan, in general. Over the past 15 years, I've used a lot of courses and other materials to wrap my head around mixing but Joseph Evans is the first among all of those that I feel really understands what those struggling with mixes really want to and need to know -- and without having to invest a lot of plug-ins or space upgrades. I feel these courses are designed to *empower* people not just to mix but to also become better music producers, on the whole. He has an easy-going, positive, and enthusiastic style with great analogies that makes the material really accessible and easy to make sense of. This is one of the reasons I ended up taking so many of his courses, even on topics that I thought I already knew a lot about or otherwise didn't need: He's professionally trained and clearly has prepared the lessons well... BUT often has little unplanned, off-the-cuff insights and tidbits in the middle of lectures. Those asides are where I found a lot of extra nuggets that are just helpful. My notebook quickly grew from a cheatsheet to a real solid reference that I can refer to, time and time again, until this all becomes second nature. This is the first time, where I really feel I genuinely understand what I need to listen for and how to make solid plans in a way that I can duplicate and achieve consistent results. It's like having an old friend sit down with me and tell me exactly what I need to know to take my mixes to the next level. He keeps things simple, teaches you how to use your ear, and gives you enough training in different aspects of mixing tools to be able to apply it. Another thing I appreciated is how he comes at mixing from a producer standpoint... it's not this tedious, technical thing but a platform for creativity. Very inspiring courses. I'm extremely grateful.





Joseph Evans

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Module 4: http://skl.sh/2rK9AKU

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