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7 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Welcome & Introduction

    • 2. Logic Pro X Drummer - Live Example 1

    • 3. Logic Pro X Drummer - Live Example 2

    • 4. Logic Pro X Drummer - Live Example 3

    • 5. The Drummer - All Main Features

    • 6. The Drummer - Power Tips

    • 7. Congratulations + Your Project

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About This Class

Welcome to my guide on the Logic Pro X Drummer

Hello Music Composers & Producers, Mike here. I will now teach you how to use the Drummer Track in Logic Pro X, to truly speed up your workflow and efficiency when adding drums and percussion parts in your music.

You will get a complete guide of all the main features, practical live examples of how I use the drummer as a composer, as well as my best power tips.

Now are you ready to?

  1. Learn the Foundations of the Drummer in Logic Pro X

  2. Watch Practical Examples on using the Drummer

  3. Get my Best Power Tips on the Drummer Track

My name is Mike, music composer and sound designer since 1998, and a passionate teacher. I truly love to inspire, motivate and educate creative people like you.

Now it is time for you, to master the drummer in Logic Pro X! =)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mikael Baggström

Music Composer | Sound Designer | Video Producer


Hey Friends and Creative People!

My name is Mike, and I am a Music Composer, Sound Designer and Artist. I Share my Story, Journey, Experience and Knowledge, to Inspire and Empower Creative People like you. =)


I believe that learning should be fun. I love to bring my personality into my teaching style. I also try to make my courses dynamic, to be more interesting to you. =)

You are more than welcome to visit my website to learn more about who I am.

Friendly regards,
Mike from Sweden
Founder of professionalcomposers.com

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1. Welcome & Introduction: Hello music composers and producers. I will now teach you how to use the drummer track in logic Pro X to truly speed up your workflow and efficiency. When adding drums and percussion pours in your music, you will get a complete guide of all the main features. Practical live examples of how I use the drummer as a composer as well as my best power tips. My name is Mike founder off Professional composers don't come music composer and sound designers since 1998 and a passionate teacher I truly love to inspire, motivate Andi educate creative people like you. Now it's time for you to master the drummer in Lordy Pro X. 2. Logic Pro X Drummer - Live Example 1: In this live example, I have this short composition I created with a drama er on top, a drive track playing the rhythm, harmony track, playing the courts and a male of the track on the bottom here. So let's first listen to it. And then we will dive into the actual drama track, and I will show you A with the customer stations I made to create this drumming performance . All right, let's listen now, all right, so let's dive into the actual regions here on the drummer. If I open up the library, you can see I'm using the alternative show Anger Here and Gavin playing indie rock as the drumming style. So it also uses the Drum kit Brooklyn, which is in an acoustic drum kit. Now let's open up the drummer editor by clicking E after you selected region. And here you can see the beat presets for every style. Which is custom because I customize these beats and also the X Y pad and all the settings here. So let's go through them one by one for the region's here. So for the intro, I've owned something that feels like a Phil or transition so I ah, actually increased this fills? Nope. Here and let's listen to these in solo, by the way. So right now it sounds like this. It really sounds like a great feel and transition into the verse section here. So what I did here was that I created a short one bore region, and then I used shift end to name the region's. I like to name them proper way to know what exactly the specific drumming performance is for. So then I used the X Y pad, which is the most important setting in the drummer. I want something complex, which means lots of drum hits, but know that allowed because it is a fill in transition region, not a course. For example, the night shows the kick drum, the snare and hi hat here to be included in this beat. And these were the settings or the variations I wanted. But the most important nobiz, the field snob. So I dial this up too well, let's say 70 60 70% or so so you can experiment with different variations on the field snow here and also on the complexity and simple access and soft and loud Let's say you have something simple and soft and no fill. This will be a straight beat. It's not really that good as you can hear. All right, So let's move these back to the complex side on the fields knob up. And we have, as you can hear, much better as a transition and feel. If you're not really, truly happy about the transition and you don't want to change all these settings, you can always get slight variations. All these settings by clicking the Coke real here and clicking, refresh reading and look what happens. The drummer AI makes a slight, different variation every time you use this and you contrite out until you're happy, right? So let's say that is good. Next we go to the verse, so select the section. And as you can see when I click on different regions, they are independent of each other with Aled these settings. So for the verse drumming port, I want something slightly simple, and in the middle of the soft and loud scale, I want the kick drum snare and hi hat here. In fact, let's change these two. Let's say number three for the variation of the hi hats I don't want and it feels And I would a slide swing feel just a couple of percent there. So this sounds like this now, right on da. Then we can go to this port, which is a transition into the well. I call it the Energy section, which is this basically repetition, but bit louder this time. Now, for this went again to increase the field snob. I changed it to include the symbols here, and I added even more complexity and loudness compared to this one. The first field with the intro on DA These were the rest of the settings. I actually increased the swing slightly more. And the fields? No, but you can see and then into the energy section where I used the loudest setting on the X y pad. I even added some collapse because, well, collapse or mawr energy, in my opinion. And I have some feels in the end, no swing here. And then we go to the section here where the courts and drive and Melody Cole's downs. I call this drama region calm down. Reduced very simple, slightly soft, which you can see less drum hits here. Some fills in the end there, and I went back to kick drum, snare and hi hat and then the end region here, which is very simple and soft. I used the symbols and the snare, and you can hear the ride Cymbals here with a bit of a film job there, which sounds like this. In the end, just listen to the drummer. Let's listen from here. If we listen to it in context, you will hear the calm down effect together with the rest of the theme like So now what? If you like the performance but not the actual drum kit sound, you can actually use 1/3 party plug in, or any drum kit that is mapped to the general meeting started for drums, and you can then use an alias of this track to play the exact performance on the other drum Pugin. So I have created a track here, which is addictive drums to one of my favorite drum plug ins, and I use the studio public it so you can simply drag it and put it below the drama track. Then, if you select all these regions and hold down shift and option than left quick and you see the plus sign and you drag it down like this. This is now an alias. You see this little tilted arrows here to this track, which means these will play exactly what these regions are playing. So you can now mute this track and you will get the sound off the addictive drums drum kit played by the drummer like this compared to the sound of the original drum kit. So you can go into this drum kit and customise the settings, the individual drums and mixer settings, or choose another drum friggin if you wish. The point is that you get much more flexibility and control when you use a second drum track with the drum for gin and kit of your choice and all the customs sound shaping and sittings here and then use the alias or, as I call it, the mimic mode to create aliases off these drama regions you already created. And by the way, you can still go into these regions in the drummer settings and make changes, and those will update the settings off the a liest region below 3. Logic Pro X Drummer - Live Example 2: In this live example, I will show you this short composition with a Dr FAC eHarmony tracked in a Miller track and a drum track that is played on 1/3 party Pugin called Addictive drums to. But it does not play the full drum performance on Lee, the main beat, which is the kick drum and the snare hits. In this case, the reason I often do this is because I want to be in complete control off the main beat to make sure the accents land on the proper beat, corresponding to the rhythm off the rest of the composition. Then I use the drummer track for the high drive in high percussion ports. So first, let's listen to what it sounds like now with only the main beat on this drum again. All right, so I actually got a wrong note I see here. It should be here to line up to the court changed and changing drive here, But anyway, now let's go to the drama track and lead. Let's create a new drama region here and let's create another one. In fact, So what do I want to accomplish here? Well, I want to get rid of the kick drum and the snare drum in the drummer because I don't need it because I already have it on this track. So let's start by Well, in fact, let's first create the region's I want. I want to add another region here in the court, change like so on on the final bore. Let's make kind of an altro. Now let's go to ease reading here, remove the kick from removed the Sanad Rahm. Let's say I want to have a term Marine or let's do Shaker and a high hat. Let's choose to hire Dr. Make it slightly more complex. I don't want any feel in that region on Let's go to the next one, which is a feel kind of thing, not with the and I want to use. Well, let's use the terms for that one on the symbols. No, you can't do that. All right, so let's use the tome and ah, the hat. So let's use the terms and the Shaker. Then there's some swing at some feels like so So we have a feel here. Let's go into the next region. Remove the kick drum again The snow. Graham. Let's go with high hat and what Wasit in the first reading in Shakur was, Do that again, used another high hat and percussion variation. Then through the final part. Let's all the years, the symbols for this one, really simple and soft. No feel at the end, just as a starting point. I don't know how this will sound, but the point is that I want to use these external drum plug in for the main beat and the drama track for the high percussion and drive. So let's listen to how it sounds right now. All right, so that is a starting point, at least, and then I go into each region and manipulate the settings to get exactly what I want. I'm immediately noticed that the high drive is way too loud compared to the rest of track, but you get the point from this demonstration at least, so try this out for yourself, used the drummer for the high percussion and create another drum plug in for the main beat , which openess the kick drum and the snare drum. This way you will be in control over the main beat, the main rhythm of your composition and the accents and so warm and leave the drummer to add that high drive to the percussion 4. Logic Pro X Drummer - Live Example 3: In this live example, I will show you how I use the drummer to add some little feels and details basically despise up the drum performance. So without it, it sounds like this. I actually recorded manually the kick drum, the snap drum and some high hats. And it sounds like this, right? So let's bring up the drama track here. And as you can see, I simply created short Radiance in this case, only 1/4 note long and half a bar here and to other regions. 1/4 note long to and I went into the drummer, created these regions, shortened them. And then I applied on Lee the Toms on this Rock Logan rhetoric, look, kit and rummer. And then I choose some feels on the fields. No, because I basically want to add little variation and spices to the drum performance that I can then copy and paste into the addictive drums here below. So they simply sound like this all Tom's, as you can hear and in the context, off the track. And by the way, a common thing to do in this case is also to add a crash symbol, right? Author, a feel like this so I could do that in this track here. But for this example, let's skip that. And I would just want to focus on the drama of regions here that the 1st 1 I It's like some feel no swing here and this Tom preset and slightly soft and simple, more complex here in the turn off the full bore here into the port Threat 38. Here, As you can see, if I go here, start Lee. More complex, more hits here, higher on the fields factor. And some swing here as well. Now for this third region, I wanted to add even more spice to the drum performance. So I brought this wing up to maximum set it on eight notes on that will make it swing for sure, and for the final region. I brought it softer and simper because this is the ending off the this particular performance 5. The Drummer - All Main Features: her logic users. Mike. Here in this video, you will get a complete guide on the Amazing Drummer track in Logic Pro X. You will learn all the main features. Get practical live examples as well as my best power tips. So let's master the drummer in lorded Pro X right now, add a drummer. You start by simply adding a drama track to your project, either from the menu track, new drama track or by using the key command option plus command. Plus, you make sure to drag it to the proper place in your sequencer, for example, at the top of your drum group, or perhaps even the top of your sequence there altogether. Choose your style. When you have the drama track selected, you simply open up the library Review where you will find the show longer and style browser for the drummer. The Left column is where you choose the main show anger and to the right of it. You have different drummers with unique performance styles that you can try out as a starting point for your project. Whenever you choose a new drummer, logic will automatically is sign the corresponding drum kit. You can see the current selected drunk it in the instrument library below the drummer Assignments. Power Tip. You can actually change drama kit manually from the instrument library so that a specific drummer and shong ger of your choice is performed on a drum kit that you can also choose. It can be a drum kit plug in or a sample library as long as it is mapped to the standard general Media drum mapping system. It should work fine and most plug ins, actually, or meaning the kick drum is the same key in every drum. Pugin the snare is also the same key, and so one create drummer regions. When you create a new drama, track logic will create the first drama region automatically for any drama region. You can resize it, split it up into several ports, move it in the sequencer and so on. And, of course, you can create new drama regions simply by hovering your mouse at the right side, off the track header or just to the right off another drama region. You can also add a drama region by right clicking or control. Left clicking and shoes create drama region from the menu in this same and you, you can also choose populate with the drummer regions which will create ramen regions for the entire project. Power to. If you have added arrangement sections in the global tracks area, you can use populate with the drama regions, and this will add drama regions. That corresponds not only to the length off those arrangements sections, but also to the category off each section. For example, the INTRASECTION will yet an intra type drum performance. The verse will have a slightly higher energy and so on control the energy. First, you bring up the drummer performance view by double clicking a drama region or by selecting one and clicking E for editors. Every region will have an independent performance based on the AI off this drummer performance view, and the main control over the performance is the X Y Comptroller for strength and complexity. Off the drumbeat, the more you move these dot up the louder the drummer will make the performance in that region, and the more remove it to the right, the more complex the beat will become. Every time you move these dot the AI will update the drama region, and this is the main way to shape the drummers performance, so make sure to add variation to east region and add more regions for even mawr. Detailed control over the drummer shape this style per region. You can even use independent beat presets for the drummer on each region. Inside the drama track, you will find these presents just to the side off the X Y pad, and the actual present names will be different depending on the show. Anger and drama you have chosen create more regions. The drummer ai were exper region. So by creating more regions, you can add more variation into your drama track. I personally use full bore regions as my standard length instead of eight bores, which is the default setting. I do this because drummers often add a little Phil or variation at the turn off every four bars and also because of the added control I get with more regions, control the transitions. If you want even more control over the drama track in a transition from one section to another in your track, you can simply cut a small extra region just before the transition point. For example, vom bore or even half a bore. If you want to be really precise, then you can dial down the field slope on the reading just before and increase it on the short transition drama region Power Tip. Since transitions are so incredibly important in music, you might even want to convert the short transition region on the drama track to customize the beat exactly as you want it. Change the instrumentation. You also have independent control over the ports off the drum kid used per region. You have a clear visual representation off the drum parts used from the specific drum kit. Simply select or de select any port of the drum kit that you want to have in the specific drama regions. Performance. Take advantage of this for adding even more variation between your regions. Drum Port variations. You can apply the re ations to the main ports off the drummers performance with the sliders beside the drum kit. These spiders will change depending on the drummers style, but mainly the or percussion hi hats and shakers and the main beat meaning kick snare clap . As a woman, add some fills. You can use the Phils knob and dialled in the strength and complexity off all the fields, the drummer adds to a selected region. The main Phil will always be focused to the end of a region. But the runner can also add, for example, a Cymbal crash in the start of a region on some small extra details in the middle, depending on the setting off this fills knob add some swing swing is when the players don't follow the straight beat but rather play in a swing fashion. Full swing will be a triplet groove, but you can dial in how much the drummer will swing the beat. With this dial, you can also choose if this wing will be based on Eighth Triplets or 16th Triplets Field, both the filled snub and this wing No, but can also be looked so that you can try out different beat presets without these dials changing polish. The finish. You can shape and polish the performance with the details button, which has different features depending on the drummers style. For the RUK drummers, you can control the field pull vs push ghost notes less versus more and high hat preference closed versus open. And for the Elektronik kids, you can control the complexity range per drum port, as well as a humanized level and phrase variation. And again, what is so powerful is that you can control all of these per region. Keep your settings. You can look your settings so that he can change the drummer while still maintaining the performance you already created and shaped. You can even look the drama kit so that it will remain even when changing to a completely different style off drummer. For example, having a rook drum kit played by a hip hop or e g. M drummer, you will find both of these settings. If you click the Cougar real beside the beat preset list, add some refreshments. The drummer in logic is truly remarkable because even with the same settings on all features, you can get a slightly different performance due to some of rand my stations in the algorithm and you can always re apply this light a Iran my station by going into the Coke real and choosing refresh region. Every time you do this, you will get a tiny variation to the performance. Convert to me D right quick or control lift quick on any drama region and you will get a menu, find convert and then choose convert to meet region. Now we can go in and adjust each drum hit individually, add or delete notes, control the timing, velocity, move notes and so on. Power tip. If you want to use the drummer as a workflow booster for creating percussive media ports in the wrist of your music composition, you can simply option drag a drama region to another meaty track, which will automatically convert it to a media performance as well. Full Ooh, the drummer. If you want to use another drum plug in but still get the performance off the drama track, you can simply create an alias off the drama region. I personally call this the mimic method because it is essentially mimicking the VD. In you create the alias from, for example, create a new track below the drummer and assign another drum plug in and drunk it. Then shift plus option drag a drama region to the new track below. Then you can even you to the drama track completely. And the new trump again that you dragged the alias region to will still play the performance based on the drama region 6. The Drummer - Power Tips: and now I will give you a couple off power tips on using the drummer in logic. Pro X Power Tip one. Follow the groove When using the Drummer in law Decree wakes, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to get it to behave in a way that suits the timing off other rhythmic ports inside your composition. This is why I personally love the feature in the drummer, simply called Follow. When shaking these checkbooks, you can shoes which track inside your project. The drummer will be influenced by when creating its performance. However, it is not always working as you expect, so you might want to double check, but you end up with. Also, if you change the track it full loves, you need to refresh the drama region to make it update its performance accordingly. Now, as with almost anything inside the drama track, this feature is also region based. So you can, for example, have one drummer region be influenced by your bass track and the next region by perhaps, on Austin. Auto strings track inside your composition. Power tip, too. Percussion Port Creator. One of my personal favorite ways of using the drummer in logic. Pro X is not to create complete drum performances but to instead use it as a percussion port creator. For example, I can use the drummer for adding feels to my epic cinematic Tom's or spicing up the high end with stick. It's on my Tyco's by using the high head performance from the drama track and so one. Basically, I first choose the drum port or ports from the drum kit to treat the percussion performance . From then, I choose the drummer. The style shaped the performance, and then I drag and drop the created region to the track. I want to use it on. Finally, I polish the meaty inside the piano roll on the new track. Power Tip three Phils. And Transition Creator. Transitions and fields are so important in music for adding that spork off change and anticipation for something new that you will introduce in the next section of your track. That is why I often use a one board rumble region to help me get a starting point for a fill or transition that I can then option drag to one or several percussion tracks in my composition. Then I can go into each of these Cupid regions and make some customization two feet, my specific needs for each track. But the point is that I get a great starting point quick and easy, which cuts down the time dramatically. And I love features that make my composition work for more efficient. 7. Congratulations + Your Project: congratulations. You have now learned and improved your knowledge and skills on using the drummer in logic Pro X. Now it is time for your project, which I strongly recommend you to do, because learning by doing is the most powerful way to become an expert or even master in any field. One. Create a new project in Lordy Pro X, with three tracks, bass chords and melody. To record is 16 bore section with these three tracks and three. Add a drummer track and used the know much you gained to practice creating and shaping readings and performances, Experiment, practice and have fun improving your skills in using the drummer track in Loaded Pro X for your music productions. My name is Mike, and I wish you great success on your Journey in Music.