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8 Videos (26m)
    • Promo Video Logic Pro

    • Adding Audio Effects & EQ To Your Vocals

    • My Process For Recording a Demo

    • How I Edit & Line Up Vocals

    • Setting Up Your Sound Card & Trouble Shooting No Input Selected

    • Using The Autotune or Pitch Correction Plugin

    • Mixing Your Demo Levels & Bouncing Out The Track

    • Jack of All Trades Master of None Hire a Producer


About This Class

As the artist Manafest I've sold over 300,000 albums worldwide over 1,000,000 singles and toured over 21 different countries.

I've used Logic Pro for the last 10 years to record my rough song ideas and email the demos to a producer to take to the next level.

This is a a beginners course to get you started recording as soon as possible.

  • How I Record Demos The Fast & Easy Way
  • How To Setup Your Sound Card inside Logic and Trouble Shoot No Input Selected
  • How To Edit Vocals Parts & Add Audio Plugin FX
  • How To Do a Basic Mixing and Export The MP3 To Email To a Producer