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Local SEO Marketing: Crush Your Competitors

Brian Dale, Internet Marketing Coach

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12 Lessons (2h 2m)
    • 1. Google's Keyword Planner

    • 2. Grouping Local SEO Keywords

    • 3. Keyword Rich Domain Names

    • 4. Creating Contact Us Pages

    • 5. Adding Privacy Policy Pages

    • 6. Creating Terms of Service Pages

    • 7. Setting Up Yellowpage Directory Listings

    • 8. Setting up Whitepage Business Listings

    • 9. Yelp Online Directory Listings

    • 10. Google My Business

    • 11. Yahoo for Business Tools

    • 12. Facebook Local Business Pages


About This Class

Budget constraints put local businesses in a tough position when it comes

to both global and local SEO (search engine optimization) marketing.
Building your business' online presence is crucial for establishing trust
with your areas local consumer base.

There are very few marketing tools which have the immediate impact on
website visits and sales conversions as Local SEO Marketing. In this
course, we teach students the basics of establishing a local SEO Marketing
campaign in the following areas;

1. Local SEO Basics

2. Onsite Local SEO

3. Directory Listings

4. Local Search Listings

5. Social Media Local Listings

At the end of my course

1. List businesses with top local SEO Directories

2. Understand the fundamentals of basic website preparation

3. Master local SEO keyword selection

4. Use Social Media SEO for local marketing

Who Should take this course?

1. Online merchants

2. Traditional Brick-n-Mortar Companies

3. New Entrepreneurs

4. Beginning SEO Learners

5. Intermediate SEO Learners

What Students Need to Know?

1. Logging onto the Internet

2. Basic website management

3. Knowledge of basic back-linking

4. Basic Search Engine Skills





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Brian Dale

Internet Marketing Coach

Brian Dale specializes in teaching numerous areas and disciplines in online
marketing for entrepreneurs and small businesses. He believes an effective
online marketing plan must be centered around industry specific
geo-targeted keyword strategies as well as executed through use of Internet
marketing best practices.

With each new product and service launch, entrepreneurs must have an
effective strategy which must extend well beyond their website. Key to

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