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Local SEO: A Definitive Guide To Local Business Marketing

teacher avatar Joshua George, Digital Marketing Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

94 Lessons (5h 6m)
    • 1. Local SEO - Class Overview

    • 2. Local SEO - What We're Going To Cover In This Section

    • 3. What Is Local SEO And Why Is It Important

    • 4. Map pack vs organic results

    • 5. The Two Elements That Make Up a Local SEO Campaign

    • 6. Setting The Foundation - What You're Going To Learn

    • 7. Mindset

    • 8. CMS (Content Management System) Of Choice

    • 9. How To Test If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

    • 10. How To Set Up Google Analytics

    • 11. How To Set Up Google Search Console

    • 12. Keyword Research - What You're Going To Learn

    • 13. What Is A Keyword And Understanding The Intent Behind it

    • 14. Brainstorming your SILS

    • 15. How To Determine Keyword Difficulty

    • 16. Keyword Difficulty Pro Tip

    • 17. How To Find Out What Keywords Your Website Currently Ranks For

    • 18. How To Find Additional Keywords For Your Business Using SEMRush

    • 19. How To Find All The Keywords Your Competitors Rank For

    • 20. How To Use Google Auto-suggest To Come Up With Keyword Ideas

    • 21. How To Use Craigslist To Come Up With Keyword Ideas

    • 22. The Importance Of Keeping Your Keywords Organised

    • 23. Creating Content For Your Website - What You're Going To Learn

    • 24. The Importance Of Content + The 2 Types You Should Have On Your Website

    • 25. Service & Locational Based Content

    • 26. Review Your Competitors

    • 27. SEMRush - Topic Research

    • 28. Subscribe To Industry Related Blogs

    • 29. Examples Of Bad Content

    • 30. What To Avoid When Creating Your Content

    • 31. How To Ensure Your Content Conveys Trust

    • 32. The Importance Of Fresh Content

    • 33. Google My Business - What You're Going To Learn

    • 34. What is a GMB listing?

    • 35. How To Check If Your Business Is Already Listed

    • 36. How To Set Up A Google My Business Listing

    • 37. How To Navigate Around The GMB Dashboard

    • 38. The 9 Elements To Optimise On Your GMB Listing

    • 39. How To Optimise Your GMB Listing

    • 40. How To Find Out What Categories Your Competitors Have Selected

    • 41. What To Do If Your Business Has Multiple Locations

    • 42. Citations - What You're Going To Learn

    • 43. What Is A Citation

    • 44. The Benefits Of Citations + The 3 Categories You Should Be Building

    • 45. How To Perform A Citation Audit

    • 46. How To Find Citation Opportunities For Your Business

    • 47. How To Reverse Engineer Your Competitors Citations

    • 48. A Recommended Vendor To Outsource The Whole Process To (If you wish)

    • 49. Onpage SEO - What We're Going To Cover In This Section

    • 50. What is Onpage SEO?

    • 51. The 3 Kings

    • 52. Optimising For The First King - URL

    • 53. Optimising For The Second King - SEO Title Tag

    • 54. Optimising For The Third King - Page Title

    • 55. How To Geotag Images For Local Relevance

    • 56. What Are Internal Links & How To Add Them

    • 57. An SEO Trick To Help Add Geo Relevancy To Your Website

    • 58. What Is Schema & How To Easily Add It To Your Website

    • 59. What Is An XML SiteMap And How To Create One

    • 60. Page Speed & Hosting - What You're Going To Learn

    • 61. The Correlation Between Page Speed & Rankings

    • 62. How To Test Your Websites Page Speed

    • 63. Web Hosting And Servers

    • 64. Link Building - What You're Going To Learn

    • 65. What Is A Backlink and Why Are They Important

    • 66. What Is Anchor Text and Why Does It Play A Crucial Role In Link Building

    • 67. What Anchor Types Does Your Website Need?

    • 68. What Pages Should You Build Backlinks To?

    • 69. How To Find Out What Backlinks Your Website Already Has

    • 70. The Difference Between Citations And Backlinks

    • 71. How To Determine What Makes A Good Backlink

    • 72. How To Generate High Quality Backlinks - Strategy 1

    • 73. How To Generate High Quality Backlinks - Strategy 2

    • 74. How To Generate High Quality Backlinks - Strategy 3

    • 75. How To Generate High Quality Backlinks - Strategy 4

    • 76. Reviews - What You're Going To Learn

    • 77. Why Are Reviews Important

    • 78. How To Generate Reviews

    • 79. How To Deal With Fake Reviews

    • 80. CRO - What You're Going To Learn

    • 81. What Is CRO & Why Is It Important

    • 82. How To Turn Your Website Into A Conversion Machine

    • 83. My Favourite CRO Hack

    • 84. Tracking Your Results - What You're Going To Learn

    • 85. How To Keep Track Of All Your Backlinks

    • 86. How To Track Your Rankings

    • 87. Key Things To Be Aware Of

    • 88. Putting It All Together - What You're Going To Learn

    • 89. Selling SEO - How To Package Your Services

    • 90. Knowledge Is Power

    • 91. How Long Does It Take To See Results

    • 92. What To Do If Your Rankings Aren't Increasing

    • 93. Google Algorithms You Should Know About

    • 94. Conclusion.. Bye For Now

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About This Class

Stop wasting time following strategies that don't work. Use my proven process I use at the agency to generate 100s of Page 1 Rankings for local businesses!

Are you looking for a Local SEO class that shows you how to rank business websites on page 1 on Google?

Great, you’re in the right place.

Maybe you own a local business or maybe you simply want to learn the process so you can set up your own local SEO agency.

Whichever one it is, you can be sure I’ve got you covered.

I don’t just talk the talk; I actually walk the walk and live it too.

In this class, you’ll be able to watch me in real-time as I optimise a LIVE local business website to get it on page 1 in Google.

At the end of the class, you’ll find that this same website is now on page 1 for some BIG keywords!

The process I follow throughout the class is the SAME process I use when ranking my client sites, so you can be confident what you’re learning is indeed used in the real world and does actually work.

I will also give you access to the exact spreadsheets I use at my agency so you have everything at your disposal.

What you’ll learn by taking this Local SEO class

  • Learn how to optimise your website and your Google My Business listing

  • See exactly how you can find profitable keywords to target for your business

  • How to structure your website so it's built upon a solid SEO foundation

  • How to let Google know you’re actually based where you say you are (super important for local rankings)

  • Find out how to spy on your competitors and see what SEO efforts they have been getting up to

  • Why, how and where to build local citations for optimum results

  • How to build powerful backlinks that will crush the competition

  • How to convert your visitors into phone calls and enquires

  • How to generate reviews for your business on autopilot

  • How to come up with tons of ideas for your blog

  • A reliable company you can use to outsource local pack rankings (hint, they’re not who you think they are)

Literally everything you need to be able to implement a successful campaign.

There are tons of resources for you to download throughout the class and lots of bonus tips and tricks you can use as well.

Fact: 97% of consumers searched online to find a local business in their area. (Hubspot)

There’s never been a better time to learn Local SEO:

Let’s make sure your website is one of the sites consumers will find.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joshua George

Digital Marketing Expert


Joshua is the founder of ClickSlice, an extremely successful digital marketing agency based in London.

Joshua originally got involved with SEO as an end result of selling on eBay.  He loved selling on eBay but hated paying the eBay commission fees (also known as final value fees). Instead of paying eBay every time he wanted to list an item he decided to make his own website where he could list as many items as he wanted without paying any insertions fees.

After building the website he noticed his site was nowhere to be found in Google and no one was buying his products.

As you do, he started to Google things like “how to get my website higher in Google” and stumbled across SEO in 2013.

Josh remembers this day like it was yesterday and says wh... See full profile

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1. Local SEO - Class Overview: Hello and welcome to the ultimate course on local SEO, where I'll be showing you how you can get your website under the first page of Google. My name is Josh would George and I'll be leading you through the course. I actually own and run the lead in SEO agency in London called clicks lies. With day by day, we are implementing local SEO campaigns for clients in multiple industries. This course brings together all of our processes and shows your exam strategies we use at the agency and presents it all in a nice bite-size format. I'll be covering every single thing you need to know, such as keyword research, how to optimize your website for local keyword, google, My Business citations link building, you name it. I've got you covered. I designed this course for local business owners who would like to generate more traffic to the website once also generally more inquiries and cells. As I'll be going through the exact process we use at the agency. This course is also a great way for anyone who likes and learn more about local SEO and potentially even offer as a service or local business owners. I don't just talk the talk. Throughout this course. You can let you watch over my shoulder and watch me walk the walk. You'll be able to see exactly how to optimize a live local business website to get it onto the first page of Google. And even better at the end of the course, the same website we've been working on, It's going to be on the first page of Google. That person that put him right. I'll see you inside before we dive into the actual course content. I just wanted to clarify one thing. So throughout this course, I will be showing you a range of different freed souls that you can use to carry out specific tasks within SEO. However, if you'd rather use one tool to carry out all of these tasks, instead of using five different tools, then this is the tool that I recommend you use and it's called SEMrush. So SEMrush is a premium all in one SEO. So literally allows you to do every single thing. When it comes to SEO. Sem rush is personally I'll go to Tool at the agency and is one we use every single day without fail is extremely powerful and literally gives you the unfair advantage over your competitors. The only downside to SEMrush is that it's not free, which is purely because of the mountain data and the information that I provided you. Similar should prices start from $100 per month. However, as clicks lice is a heavy user of the tool, we've actually been in touch with SEMrush, and I'm delighted to announce that we've managed to secure a free 14 day trial exclusively for members of my course, which is you typically so much provide new users with a free seven-day trial, pushed him a little bit harder to ensure I've got the best for learners of my courses. To take advantage of these free 14 day trial, you simply need to click on the link in the video under this icon right here where it says view or notes. Once you click that, it's going to open a drop-down box. You can go ahead and click this link and it's going to direct you to the page which was just on, so you can sign up and get access to the tool for completely free for 14 days. And just to confirm, 14 days is more than enough times that action upon everything which we're about to learn in this course. So you shouldn't have any issues there whatsoever. If you use our referral link to make a purchase, IE continue to use the software offered a free 14 days, then we will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. So that helps us out too. Similarly, the very powerful piece of software, and as I said, it literally give you the unfair advantage over the competition. So get excited and get pumped up as you now have the opportunity to get access to seminars for completely free. So now we've got that out of the way. Let's dive straight into the course content. 2. Local SEO - What We're Going To Cover In This Section: In this section, we're going to give you a good overview of local SEO. I'm going to explain exactly why local SEO is important, especially for local businesses. I'm going to show you the differences between the Google Map pack versus that organic results. So these are two types of listening as you have on page 1, I will explain different between both of them. I'm going to go over the two main elements that make up a local campaign. So let's dive straight into it. 3. What Is Local SEO And Why Is It Important: So what is local s CEO? Local s CEO is a process of optimizing a web site to increase its visibility for a local audience. Keyword being local audience ah website gives you the opportunity to target the entire world. But the target audience your business is located in or near your city that you want to focus on local S e o. In short, you need to optimize the people know where you are located on are able to find you offline if required. So why is local Seo important if your business provides us a carpet installation in London ? But your website does not sharp for a search of carpet installation London. Then you have a serious problem. People don't know about the other pages these days. All searches carried out online. The future is digital. You need online presence failure to rank for the service you offer in the city. Your based only results in missing out on tons of potential customers as no one can find your website your competition with the better optimize science, stealing the work right from under your eyes as a consensual be higher up on Google and more visible than you have zero chance to build brand awareness as people won't even see your website. As a result, they won't see your brand so super super important. We understand local s CEO and if super port me optimized for local sdo to ensure we are visible and people can't find us. 4. Map pack vs organic results: Google's map pack versus organic results. You will be gone over to Google in the past yourself and typed in a local keyword. So local keyword is typically a service followed by a location such as carpet installation , Richmond, Virginia or even carpet installation that London Once you cracked in a local search, Google with them return free different types of results to you. You have the ads at the top, which concedes it on there. There, these people pay in Google with part of you will add scheme. So essentially every time you click this added a top with out of the bottom. This company will pay a fee to Google below the ads you have. What we call the map app section is often referred to as the snap pack as well. So essentially what this is Google is returning businesses to you based on your proximity. So if you are in the city of Richmond and you just type in carpet installation, Richard Virginia Google War turned businesses to you, which are based in Richmond, Virginia, to so, as you will see, this is actually a desktop search, you'll see it says website there on directions. If you did the same search on a mobile. This website will be switched out for a phone icon and it will say call. So it's a massive opportunity to generate lots of phone calls to your business. If you appear in the map, pack below the map pack. Just have the organic listen. So essentially these businesses, which appear on Page one organically, so use a clean energy, results in the map pack or inorganic listens. You won't pay Google a penny as you are there organically, so I'll show you how to optimize for both. Throughout the training course in his video, it is very, very important. You appear in the map pack on the organic results. 5. The Two Elements That Make Up a Local SEO Campaign: the two elements that make up a local seo campaign. Every local s yo campaign, I should say every good local Seo campaign will consist off two elements on Page Seo on off Page Seo. So on Page Seo refers to any change you make on your website to improve its visibility on off Page Seo refers to any change you make off your website to improve its visibility. So on Page Seo, for example, you could update your title tag. You could change a hate one tag on your page. You could edit the meta description of your page. These are all actions you make on your website, and as a result, they are classified as on page optimization off Page Seo. So some examples off page Seo optimization is you can make are building a link to your website. Get your business listed on an external directory, optimizing your social profiles. These are all actions you implement off your website. So as a result, they are classified as off page optimization. So it's really important. Have a good graph off both on page on off page. So unpaid is essentially the foundation of what you build upon on our pages. What you do to push it up higher in Google 6. Setting The Foundation - What You're Going To Learn: Setting the foundation. In this section, we're gonna go through how to have the right mindset and what mindset you need to maintain as you're building out your local SEO campaign is super important as if you don't have the right mindset, what will happen is you'll just end up quitting prematurely and quickly before you see results, which is what we don't want to happen. We want to avoid that cost. We're going to go free. What is the best platform to have your website on, whether it's Joomla Squarespace or WordPress, who go through the best CMS in my opinion, I'll show you how to test if your site is mobile friendly. Again, this is super important as Gou where she introduced mobile first index in 2018. So what that means is Google essentially index the mobile version of your site first. So I'll show you how to test if it is mobile friendly. I'll show you how to set up a two Analytics account for your website so you can see how many people are landing on your psi every single month and what pages they all visits in. I want to show you how to set up a Google Search Console as well. So let's dive straight into it. 7. Mindset: Mindset, it's super important. You learned how the right mindset from day one. And like I said in my introduction video, fed into the right mindset, which result in you quits and prematurely and quickly before you see tangible results is vital. You understand that SEO is a long-term game, needs to be in it for the long haul, I've lost count or the amount of people that commented as industry and say, Oh, I could do the SEO to my site and the next day I'll be on page one. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that and that is not true. So definitely did not happen overnight. It does take a while to build up. The reason being is when we're doing SEO, what we're actually doing is it builds trust and the pharmacy of our websites. It doesn't happen overnight and it does take a few months actually built up and have a snowball effect. Typically we advise people they can expect to see results between four to six months. However, it can be a lot sooner, which is what you'll see from the cyan building in this course. And on the downside, it counted a little bit longer as well. So if you just do things that's four to six months, that will ensure you have the right mindset. This is especially true for brand new website. So you can imagine if you build a new website, say today or even last week, and it's a brand new website. It has 0 trust and authority in the eyes of Google, which means it will take quite a bit in time for your efforts. A snowball effect, but I came from issue is really, really worth it. Once you do go on page one, especially towards the top of page one, you will be generating a lot of phone calls and inquiries. If you sell products, would be selling more products. More and more people will be visiting your website in your local area, which is exactly what you want. So please, you're not quite fully see results and make sure you have the right mindset. 8. CMS (Content Management System) Of Choice: Cms of choice, if you're not already aware of what CMS stands for, it stands for content management system. So essentially this is the platform you build your website upon. So there's tons of options out there on the market are highly recommend. If you are starting from scratch, you build your site on WordPress for five main reasons. The first, as it is really a SEO friendly, which makes your job a little bit easier as obviously gonna be learned in SEO and optimizing your website. The second is easy to customize with themes and plugins. So plugins make a life of really, really easy, as I'll show you throughout the training videos, It's completely free. It won't cost you a penny. It's super easy to manage and it's extremely versatile as well. So, you know, if your site isn't built on WordPress, it's not the end of the world. You can still optimize your site as I want to show you throughout the video, you just might have to navigate to a different section in your CMS defined the option that we're going to be working on. However, WordPress is my CMS of choice and is one I recommend you use when you build your website's going forward. 9. How To Test If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly: Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the course, we need to figure out if your website is mobile friendly. So essentially in 2018, gigawatts introduced a mobile first index. So what that means is when you make a website or a new page or even update something, Google views how your content looks on a mobile device first, before it sees how you've used on a desktop. This is primarily because more and more people are carrying searches on their mobile devices. So your website needs to look good on a mobile device as well. So you'll see from the example on the left, we've got this website which you see the image is quite small. Text is very, very small. The menu on the left, that logo up here with game, which is quite small. So you can see it's not really optimized for a mobile device. Where if you check the example on the right, you see what the logo nice and bigger the top or the menus at the top, nice and accessible, a very big image. The text is a lot bigger as well. So on the right and loans a lot better and views a lot better on a mobile device. So if your website isn't mobile-friendly, it can actually have a negative impact on your search rankings as well, which will mean it's a lot harder to get on page one. Probably near impossible as well. So do make sure your site is mobile friendly. It's very easy to check using this tool. Who actually created this tool for us? Simply go to search dot google.com forward slash test for session mobile friendly is simply go on his website, plug-in your website URL, and it will tell you if it's mobile friendly. If after you plug in your website, it says it's not mobile friendly, I highly recommend you do get it fixed before moving on into the actual course elements and optimizing your website as this is the foundation we built upon. So super, super important and we get a strong foundation and we make sure our site is mobile friendly. If you are using a theme or like a template builder, for example, nine times out of 10, your site will be mobile friendly anyway, however, it is still worth common over here, plugging your website and just make sure it is indeed mobile-friendly. 10. How To Set Up Google Analytics: Hi. In this video, I'm gonna show you how to set up a Google Analytics account for your website. So first thing first, what is a Google Analytics account? So a Google Analytics account is a platform that Google provides you with to give you tons of information about your websites. Such as? How did this person find your website? How long did they spend on this web site? How many people are landing on your website every single month? Tons of valuable information for these reasons are highly recommended. You know, Skip this there. So this is a site one abusing for at the video is called a level finish. It's a florin contracts in website based enrichment in the United States. So the first thing to do we head over to Google on type in Google Analytics. Sign up. You want to scroll down and click the top result here? We should just say Google analytics give that click and then wait for the page to load. You should see a page like this once You think that was old from Google? The reason why I actually clicked trades account is because this website already had an account created before. I just deleted it 10 minutes ago so I could make it again for his video. So just confirm once you click the results from Google, we should land on the page. It looks like this about setting up an account for your crew analytics. So the first thing to do is put in your accounting. So account named simply, I just put in the initial of my name. So my name is Josh with George. So I just put in jg you want to scroll down and make sure all of these boxes are checked and then click next. What do you want to measure? So now we want to measure our traffic on our website. So just make sure you have a web selected at the top. Scroll down and then click next. It always for your website name. So I could said only that my website name is called level finish. That I would just copy my website name on pace in their level Finish the next thing, Aren't you? Four is your website. You are l so you could be a whole thing from your browser and then go to the box on then paste it in. We're gonna make sure you have is the right protocol. So it gives you two options Http and https. So you're gonna figure out what your website is? You can double click into it. I'll just show you if I refresh that. Typically it shows you a result like this Now in the browser, you can actually see if you see a padlock. It means your hate T T P s and the website is secure. You are still not sure you can double click into it and I'll expand the whole thing, which you can see. The S is indeed there. So it for me I will click Haiti TPS. You could see the error message is still there that it's simply because I have included Haiti. TPS on the four slash is in the box here so well, late to do is just delete them as well. Just make sure I don't believe the l from a level finish There you see their messages now going clever Move that there's a forward slash at the end of your rope. However, that is not an issue. So you can leave that they if it's there so in my case, I will leave it there for ease the next we need to do now select the relevant industry category. So this is a caterpillar which is very similar to what your website is about. So as my site is about Florinda, things do it in the home. I will click home and garden. However, if your website is about accounting for example, you were then also click finance. I'll click home and got him. The next thing asked me for is a report in time zone. So this is the time zone off the website. So the air I'm actually targeting so as my website love to talk Teen Richmond, which is in the United States. I'm going to change the United Kingdom to say United States and they're gonna kick the correct time zone. So for me it would be New York or C. Richman is what entire it in on. It's on the east Coast near New York. Why don't you do that? You want to click, creates and then click two boxes of one up here. Just say you stepped in data processing terms on set this one down here. Do you read freely just to make sure you are happy to accept. However, if you don't set, you can actually create account. Anyway, Click. I accept. Once you've done that, that will now create you an account and give you a unique track in I. D. So this is a unique track and I d cause he's 15537 double 501 It begins of a u A. And you could see is actually also hear a you a 51 free. So essentially what you need to do now is at this code into the head section off your society ceases to the head so it doesn't matter which way you do it. I'm going to show the easiest way, which is used in the global side attack, which is all of this. So we're gonna do is head to your site on go to the dashboard. You want to scroll down to plug ins, hover over, plug in and then click. Add new. I'm gonna add a plug into our science called insert headers on forces. So once you type it in Hey, don't you deflect entire. It will refresh your results for you. So this is a plug in. We need insert headers and footers. It's by a WP beginner. You can see it's got 900,000 acts of installations, so let's click in store now and then click Activate, which means this problem is now live on our site. So what when I do is add the code into the plant the plug ins head section. So to get to that, you scroll down to settings. Hover over that and you'll see it right here. Insert head is emphasis. So click that and that will bring up head of section on the filter section. So as a construction is tell us we need to add it to the head section off the site. We simply select the whole thing on. Do you make sure you have or the code where there is two parts to it? Just make sure you have the whole thing right there. Click command, see or control CH one windows. Go back to their plug in on, then paste it in there and click save. Once you've done that, that is exactly how you add the two analytics. Your website and that is the end of the video 11. How To Set Up Google Search Console: you definitely have a Google search quantum account set up for your website. If you're not sure what search concert with is essentially a platform that Google provides you with on allowing you to seat sons Information about your website, such as how the website indexing in Google how you can optimize of his ability of your website. And if you do have an issue of your website do we will notify you free of Google Search Clinton account So it's very important to do. Set up one to set up an account head of to Google and search for Search Consul You want to click the top result, wait for the page to load and then click Start now under the column that says domain, you want input your domain name So let's do that now and then click Continue now What we need to do is to prove to Google we actually owned this domain. So to do this we need to sign into a domain name provider and create a TXT record with the below string. So it domain name provider is essentially the company bought the domain name from so I actually domain name for my name cheap. So we head over to name cheap right now. Once you logged into name cheap, you need to find a domain. If you have multiple domains, that is. So I found level finished already. One she founded domain. You need to click advance, Dennis, wait for the patient load. Once the page load, you need to click this bottom right here at a new record. We want to go for txt record. As per the instructions for this column right here for the host will put in a act on for the value who will copy that value that Google provides us with which is this part right here. So let's click copy, go over to here and then paste for the last column, which is t t l. Just leave it at automatic. And then lastly, make sure you click Save which for us is going to be the tic Barton. Once I've saved, we have now added a string to our DNS settings on. We have proved to give away actually owned this domain. However, it can take up to 24 hours, but it's information to propagate for Google to be aware of this so If you go back to Google and click, verify straight away, it will not verify. Unless you're very, very lucky. You'll have to wait up to 24 hours of my advice is to come back the next day. After 24 hours, click verify on. Once you've done that, you would verify ownership of this domain. I've just come back a day later. Now I'm gonna click, verify and you'll see. Just like that. The property is now verified and you can go to the property in your search console on their start to play with it. 12. Keyword Research - What You're Going To Learn: Keyword research. In this section we're going to cover what is a keyword and understanding the intent behind the keyword. When I go through how to determine the keyword difficulty for a keyword is very, very beneficial to know. As you can imagine, different keywords have at different levels of difficulty. A keyword that is extremely difficult will take a lot longer for you to get on page 14, then a cue that isn't that difficult. So understanding the keyword difficulty, we helped you tons and will save you a lot of time. We're going to look at how to see what keywords your website already a pays for in Google, again, a novel useful tactic to know as sometimes you might already be on page two or page three for a keyword you didn't even know about. However, once you know about that keyword, you can then optimize your site a little bit better and boost your search positions. We're going to look at how to find the best keywords for your business. We're going to cover how to see what keywords are competition our targets in. Again, another little handy trick. You can see all the keywords, the people you're competing with, it's Augustine. You could simply compile them all into a spreadsheet and simply chop it at once, which are relevant for your business. You want to look at how to organize and compile all of your keywords. So it's very easy for you to action when it comes to doing on-page SEO later on in the course. 13. What Is A Keyword And Understanding The Intent Behind it: What is the keyword? Keyword is simply a search phrase. Anything you searched for in Google is going to be a keyword. So this is imagined. I go to Google right now and I type in a best chocolate ice cream, the keyword would be best chocolate ice cream. It's important to note that the keyword is the overall search phrase and not the individual words. To be successful in local SEO, you simply need to figure out what your potential customers would search for in Google to find a service you offer. So let's just imagine your business based in Richmond, Virginia. And the main service you offer is carpet installation. People in Richmond, Virginia who are looking to get there copying stored, they would most likely go over to Google and type in carpet installation Richmond, Virginia. So that would be a keyword you'd want to target for your business. This is actually the website we're going to be used in. The whole training course is called level of finish. It's one of my websites. One of the main service that we offer is flowing contracting services in Richmond, Virginia. So as a result, the key what I wanted to be Tommy saying would be flowing contracts are Richmond, Virginia. It's also important to know and understand the keyword intent. So keyword and tenant, which is sometimes often referred to as search intent, is literally the ultimate goal of the person using a search engine. So if I have to go over to Google and type in carpet fitter Richmond, because of the keyword in ten is classic view. I am looking to get my carpet fitted enrichment as I typed in carpet fitter Richmond. However, if I typed in how to fit carpet yourself, the intent behind the keyword is not to then find someone sends us figure out how to fit the carpet myself. As a result, the result and I should see for both searches should be totally different. The top search cop, if it's at Richmond, that should return websites. We're talking about carpet fitting services and helped me with my solution, IU my search, get my carpet fits it. And the other keyword, how to fit the carpet that should return results about guys talk about how to install the carpet is an easy, is it hard, maybe tools you need? So understanding the difference between keyword and Senate will help you and take you a long way in your local SEO campaign. 14. Brainstorming your SILS: when it comes to keyword research, One of the first places you want to start is bring storming your current sales so still stands for service in a location. So essentially in this process of what I want to do is figure out all of the services I offer and what locations I offer them in. So before level finish, I would start with services. So I go to my services type from the drop down menu and it was simply list on all the services I offer. So I recommend you do the same for your business. So for little finish, I have hardwood. I have carpet. I have Lemina tile and I have vinyl. However, actual service isn't just hard. Would it be hard Wood floor installation At level finish is a florin installation company, so I'm simply list down my services. So number one would be hard wood floor installation number two would be carpet installation number free would be Lamela insulation or maybe even laminate floor installation. You would do this for all of the services you are far. Once you list down all the services, you want to move on to the locations, so level finish only targets one city which is rich in Virginia. So I only have one location. However, if you target multiple locations, you would have location one location 234 So on and so on. So, once you confirmed all of your services and all of your locations, you want to combine them to make your keywords. So, for example, if I combined the service one on location one, which is my only location, I would get hard wood floor installation rich in Virginia. If I did it for service to, I would get carpet installation work in Virginia so you'd have rinse and repeat is for all of your services and all of the locations, and this will give you your main assails. 15. How To Determine Keyword Difficulty: So now that you confirmed your service and your location, it's time to determine how difficult it is to get to page one for your keyword. So to do this, we need to analyze the websites already on page one and see what we're up against. So you can use this free Google Chrome extension called Mars Bar. So to find it, just simply Google Mars Bar Google Chrome Extension are like so and it should be the first result in Google. So this is a Google chrome extension which essentially pull with tons of metrics in from odds. Not sure what, Moses, are you seeing the website more? That is the CEO Web. So actually, all for a lot of Seo services, however, they do actually have some free s totals. One of them is actually the Mars Bar. So to use the chrome extension, you will need to have an account with more, which again is free to Don't worry about it. Just sign up for account with Mars, download the plug in and then get active on your bugle Crume. So once you got there active, what you do, you go to Google and type in one of your keywords. So in this example, we will use carpet installation, Richmond, Virginia. Or which is the service we offer. And I'll see the location is rich in Virginia, which is a city. If we scroll down, you'll see we just got to standard listings. However, if we go back to the top and then click the model icon, which will be this, click it so it turns blue. Once it turns blue, it means it's active. So what this does it will over late information on the organic? Listen, so you won't do anything for the ads were only analyzer organic, which is obviously what we're gonna be up against with the S. E. O. So you can see is poured in to metrics. One is p A and one is D a so d a stand sort. The main authority and ph dance will page of foresee. So essentially that page authority is how our foreign tive and how powerful this certain pages. The main authority is how powerful the overall domain ISS. As you can imagine, yacht dot com It's a massive website, so the main authority is really high in 19 free just to say as well. Both these numbers are out of 100 in case you couldn't sell from the bars already. So the higher the number, the harder is to beat these guys out as there are very informative site. So typically, when we do keyword difficulty analysis, we like to go for websites at below 30. So if we see any Web sites on page one that below 30 it's a very good sign to after. Hey, we can also get on Page One because firstly, isn't that height of reach a tour for any of these metrics? So you can see for Angie's list, they've got page 40 41 on the main 40 85. So again quite high. So position one and 22 big authority of websites, however, imposition free. You got this website down here called Jesse's Carpet. They only have a page of authority of 20 free and even better at the main affirmative. 14. So what this means is this page is more authoritative than the overall domain. So this is probably one of most powerful pages on the site, which is actually the home page. So do bear that in mind. So imposition free. You've got a very weak side, which is a great sign for me. It means we can beat these guys out very, very easily. You can see a position for when you've got page 40. 27 on 21. So again, very low numbers both below 30 which is pretty good. You could see what Home Advisor next page Authority 38. The main authority. Very, very powerful. However, you know, just because you see a big 81 do not get intimidated, as you just saw already. Got these two small websites above it. We've lowered the main rating actually above them. So again, native optimize of site. Really? Well, if you keep on scrolling down, you see, you've got a page of authority 10 on the main A 40 13. If you look close, you got to see it. Actually asked her level finish. So what? Already on page one for this keyword on later on, Frank, Of course. I'll show you exactly how you got to pay you one so quick. I don't see how you can replicate the same results for your business to. So what I'm trying to say to you here and trying to show you is that long as you see low numbers 27 30 a. Any number below 30. It's a good indication that you could also be on page one. If you see numbers like 41 50 60 80 big numbers just bear in mind. You can also get to page One. It will just take a lot longer and it will quite a lot more. Resource is as a sites on page one have tons of authority on tons of power. So if you want to get quick results, go for numbers under 30. If you don't see any 30 again, I would avoid hopeful. That makes sense anyway. But any questions, you put them in the group and I'll get back to you on them. 16. Keyword Difficulty Pro Tip: right. So now you know what a que it is. It's time to determine how difficult it is to bring compared one for a keyword. So this whole process is called Katie, which stands for keyword difficulty. So, as you can imagine that you want to target a keyword which not that many businesses are targeting, because why? It means you have less competition, which means you can get to page one on a lot more quicker. So with local aecio, certainly the key words are two components. It's the service on the location. So if you're a flooring, contracts are that is the first part, the location to be the area toilet in. So, for my instance, it would be, Richman said, a cure to be flooring contractor Richmond. As you can see, I've got the whole state or Virginia up here in front of me, and you could see Richmond is a city with in Virginia. So as a result, I'm only competing with flooring contractors in Richmond. You know, these flooring contractor down here have nothing to do with me as I'm only tongues in Richmond. So answers I'm not compete with them. If I then said I want to talk about the whole of Virginia, which mean Mikey would be flooring contractor Virginia. That now means I'm up against every single flooring contractor in the whole of Virginia so that there's more people going for the keywords. It's a lot more difficult, and as a result it takes a lot more longer to rank on page one. So do bear this in mind when you pick your location and you want a target. I always advise my clients and campaigns that when we start talking in one city and even better, you've actually zoom in. And she just calling it asserts in town in that city. So, for example, it could be bellwood, which means the killer would be flooring contractor Bill would. So do bear that in mind as a location you talk. It does have a massive impact in regards to how long it takes to see results. So I'm gonna show you to live examples of what I mean right now. So the key wood flooring contractor, Richmond, Virginia, You can see when you search that giggle, you get one ad at the talk and then you have the map pack below that which is pretty good. And then you've got the organic Listen. So this is what a typical results will look like if he did the same thing for the state flooring contractor, Virginia. So the much larger area you can see straightaway, we've got 12 free. You got free out at the top of the page. We just showed you already. It's a lot more tough to go for this keyword below that, as you have. Ah, no map as it goes straight into the organic listings. So Google is not actually pulling any businesses based in Virginia, as it's such a big area where with the Richman search, you can see it is poured businesses enrichments. That gives you a much better chance as well. So always start off with a city and even better, a town within that city, so that is the first part. The second part is once you confirm your keywords. So let's just say, although I do flooring contract on with my site, you can see and love of service I or fire is actually called the insulation, which is a service as part flooring contractors. So you can see if I go to the site. Go to services. You've got carpet right here. So I don't want people who want a carpet installed to kill me and get in touch with my business. So the key would be carpet installation again in the same area of Richmond, Virginia. 17. How To Find Out What Keywords Your Website Currently Ranks For: When it comes to keyword research, does multiple strategies you can utilize to find additional keywords for your business. One of the best places to start is to figure out what key words your website already a peaceful in the first 10 pages of Google, the beauty of this, if he's a key, was at Google already deemed relevant to your business. So all we need to do is compile the list of these keywords, further optimize your site and a little bit better to include these keywords. And you can expect to see massive jumps up in Google. We've had clients where from page to page one, just by optimizing the site a little bit better for keywords. I didn't even know they appeared for in the first place. To do this, you need access to the software called SEM rush. If you're not sure what SEM rush is, it's an SEO tool which is super powerful and provide you with tons of information that you can action upon to further increase the visibility of your website. There are a few other options when it comes to SEO tools such as Majestic, which is used for check-in backlinks. However, majestic has no feature for keyword research, meaning that if you use that tool, you'd have to get another tool to carry out the keyword research element. Whereas we have SEMrush, it has all of the features built-in. So instead of having five different tools to carry out five different task, you can literally just use one tool to do everything you need to do when it comes to SEO. Seo is quite complex. The more information and data you have, the better decisions you'll be able to make, thus increasing the likelihood of you succeed him. Simply put, in this day and age, it's no longer viable to carry out an effective SEO campaign without using any tools. Reason being is because you won't have any data to base your decisions on. A lack of data equals poor decision-making, which you want to avoid at all costs when it comes to carry in our SEO, SEM rush is a paid tool and the prices start from just under $100 per month, which I appreciate is a lot of money, especially if you're new to SEO. However, fair not as I'd been in touch with SEMrush and I'm delighted to announce that I've managed to secure a free 14 day trial exclusively for students of my courses, which is you. So to take advantage of these free 14 day trial, all you need to do is head over to the first video of my class titled cools overview. Go ahead and click this icon right here where it says view or notes. This is going to open a link like so. And once you give this link a click, it's going to open this page where you can sign up and get access to SEMrush for 14 days for completely free. And just to confirm, 14 days is more than enough time to action upon everything which we're about to learn in this course. So you shouldn't have any issues there whatsoever. Alright, so once you have access to SEMrush, what you wanna do is put in your domain name, so level finished.com for example, and then click Search. And what we'll do is we'll give you a domain overview of your whole website. How many backlinks, what keywords you're paying for if you're running any page search traffic. However, if boys are looking at information, what you wanna do is make sure that the right database selected. So as you know, level finishes talking to in Richmond, which is in the United States. So what I'm gonna do is go to database and change United Kingdom. Q United States, if I was taught was in Canada, I would oversee click Canada. So pick the right database for your website. Once you've selected all the information should reload and updates. If you scroll down right here, you'll see top organic keywords. So these are all the keywords my site currently a pays for in Google. First 10 pages. So in a left-hand side we have the keywords. So capa installation Richmond, we have the position and this is the position we are in Google. So I'm currently in position 21. There's ten results per page on Google. It's uncanny at the top of page 3 for this keyword, the next column is volume. So this is the amount of times these keyword gets searched for in Google every single month. So you just information we can optimize our site for these keywords based on the keywords that gets searched for the most. So for example, this keyword down here, the only gets searched for a scientist is 20 times that maybe it's not that valuable. However, I would still recommend optimized for every single keyword to make sure you get the biggest ROI out of your campaign. If you click View report down here, this will let out there remain in Key West you can see all 19 keywords and really see if there's any room for improvement on your website. So do bear in mind if your website is brand new. For example, you made it yesterday or last week, you won't see that much information in SEMrush is pretty good for science that at least I would say one month or two months old, that we have some information data coming through. If a site is I'll say all of them one or two months and it's got information coming through at all. It's just a clear signal that your site isn't optimized for any keywords. It's all. Say if we scroll down, you can see this is the amount of Qi was picked up from my site. So you can see over time, more and more keywords again picks up that I simply because I'm building more links and I'm optimizing over time. If we scroll down, we can see all 19 keywords. So this is the key, what I showed you earlier, carpet installation in position 21 and you get search for 480 times. So if you keep on scrolling down to see what key with away with aware of sorry. It's keyword here, wood floor installation. I'm not sure what would flow that is similar to. If you click this arrow, it will show you what page is relevant for that keyword. Okay, so it's a hardwood page. So you can see on my website, I had this page talking about hardwood floor and installation. So again, the key, what I'm targeting is Hollywood fluorine. As I fought this was the main keyword. However, from doing this process, I've just found out a different keyword variation is going to be wood floor. So what I can do now, I can optimize this page. Let's talk about wood fluorine as well because at the moment is all about hardware. Once I optimize this site a little bit better for the keyword wood floor, I can split my position to go from 47 to maybe 27 or 17, whatever. It would definitely go the right direction and improve as a prey to be more optimized for these keywords. So the whole idea is you kinda go through all the keywords, see what's here, see what pages appear on your website, and then you can optimize it a little bit better for those keywords. 18. How To Find Additional Keywords For Your Business Using SEMRush: Another way which you can use SEMrush to find additional keywords is to plug-in your service and location into the top bar. So if we go back to our website and see what services we offer, we oversee a floor and contracts and services enrichment. So that could be potentially one keyword. Or we go to our service dropdown menu up here and see the different types of fluorines we install. So we can do hard word copy, Lambda, Tau and vinyls. Let's just go with copy it as an example. So this is the first bar, the keywords. So it'd be the service carpet installation and it should be the second part of the area or Richmond, Virginia. So let's just copy the whole thing into SEMrush now. So once we type this into SEMrush is going to return us some information about the keyword related keywords and given us some new ideas of keywords we didn't initially think of. So you can see it's pulling information. Again, just do make sure you got the right database selected here. It's what the volume is. What about the CPC stands for cost-per-click. So this is the price we would pay a producer run an ad for every time someone clicked, I add $14 is quite a lot of money. Yeah, this is why we need to learn SEOs mentioned we don't have to pay for ads because $14 is a lot of money indeed. So anyway, if you scroll down to the phrase match keywords, unrelated keywords, this is where the juicy parties. So as you can see, we've got the main keyword here, Kaaba installation, Richmond, Virginia. They may have a different phrase of that keyword. We've got Richmond, Virginia carpet installation, so kind of back to front. Then we've got cheap copy it, which is not what I did initially think of. We've got Best Carpet, we've got carpet installation and repair. And then we have a 122 belated different keywords. So we've got copper insulation, Richmond, so that's without the VLAN the Virginia. We've got carpet replacement and we've got carpet company. So again, tons of ideas I didn't initially think of. So what we wanna do is export both of these now, so let's explore the phrase match first. Go Excel format. That's also export the related keywords as so. And let's go back to our master file now. So this is the master file early work on that, the agency. So essentially it's a very simple template. We have the MFA tab, which includes all of the keywords. And then we have a tab for each service. So as you go through the masters have you one of them rename the services to what actually going to be. So this might be carpet, this might be hard word is, might be laminar for example. But to start off with, we just call it service 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 if you haven't have a five services. So ten intos or just clone is five times you have ten. If you have only to their non-food, delete the ones you do not need. So let's open the ones we just downloaded now. So it'd be these two right here. So let's go for this one copy installation. I believe this is going to be the phrase phrase bonds. Yep, is indeed. So we want to take the first two columns for the phrase keyword and the volume is 0. We need the keyword and the volume. Let's copy them and then go back to our template. Don't worry about trying to screenshot this as I will be uploading this into the project and resources section for you. Paste that in there. Just like that. We don't need that anymore. Then it's go for the young one, which is I believe the phrase related ones. So again, just be careful because sometimes they added different column for the phrase relates it. So just delete that related column there. We don't need that, we only need the keyword and the volume. So let's copy all of these like so, and then go back to our monster template and then paste that below. So what we've done now is we've copied all the keywords over to our template. Now I need to sift through them and kind of why call bucket them together? So all the keywords to do with carpet should be together to be fair as we typed in carpet into semi, much as I'm showing you right here, the majority of the keywords should be about carpet. We have to remember obviously a lot of related keywords. So keywords that are not about carpet, bomb, they are about installation, enrichment, imaging or so. Just bear that in mind. So it's a good way to get all of the keywords. So the easy thing to do is add a filter off. So you go up to data and the goldfields up as so you would click the hour and we're gonna go to contain. So I went to see all of the keywords that contain the word carpet. And just like that is tilted out all the rest of the keyword. So I know all of these keywords are related to copy it. So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna rename the first service tab. I'm going to call that copy as our, as our copy service. And I want to copy all of these keywords onto that carpet tab. Like so I went back to the master file and now I want to find keywords to do with another service we offer surge, go back to my site, and what services do we have? We have hardware. So again, I'll go back to my sheet and I'll type in. I would put it could be wood laminate, that can be a different search coming up. So just like, just like that, I've got these keywords for CONOPS and what would flow, which again, if I typed in heartwood, I would have missed that also tries to be a little bit generic. Again, these are all my keywords for hardware. So now we'll rename this tab and coolies hardwood and paste it in. Try to paste it in. Like so. And then the next service, and let's close this. I keep sliding their own way. Let's get rid of that. Don't need that. The next service is going to be laminar. So again, just look for laminar. There might not always be keywords in here. You have to remember lambda. So at the moment is none phenomena, which is absolutely fine. I'm going to explain why that's fine in a minute. And then you've got tile and vinyl tile. So you can see you've got quite a few keywords for tile. So let's get these onto a tile tab. We should be service free now, this O key, keywords to do with tiles. Some reason either not copying across there we go, get there in the end. And then the last one was Vinyl. Vinyl of just one provider. Okay. So let's get this final one across as well. Rename that to vital. Try that again. There you go. That's what we've done now, is we've filtered through the whole master file and we put the keywords on the right tab. Let's get rid of that clear the filters that will bring us back to where it was initially. So essentially now when it comes to optimizing our copy page, it should be very, very easy. We can go on my carpet tab and we can see all of the keywords which are related to carpet. So just bear in mind, this is what we call the master because they're copied across. It's going to be some keywords in here which we don't actually need. So you are going to need to filter through these a little bit more and just make sure you remove all the ones you don't need. So for example, you could have one like this copy house. I mean, it's not really related to what we do. We install carpets. We don't do carpet house. I'm not sure what that is. So again, just delete them. We've got Evans carpet, which is obviously a brown. We don't want that in there. Evans coffee outlet again, 10 an ala house car bits. I can stay in their gesture, copy it, which is one we actually earlier. This is actually another business enrichments, so we don't want that someone's actually inject as carpet. They obviously want to go and get his carpets website not level finish. So let's just get our website out the way. We'd go, Jim, staff copy. So again, we don't want that. So again, you get the idea. You want to go through the list and clean it up. The same for all of them. Now, do bear in mind when we use on SEMrush, all I did was plug in a carpet installation. You can actually remove your location and get more keywords. So currently we have 16 and a 122. If I was to remove Richmond, Virginia and just type in carpet installation, so much is now going to find loads of key with which relate to copy installation across the world. So that's going to be in the UK, the Canada, the United States, in New York, LA Vegas, every single area. And it won't just be Richmond, Virginia. So as you can see, I've now got 17 thousand results and I've got 2000 results. So they had a lot of information to sift through. So the reason I show you this last it because if you plug in your keyword and location and you're struggling for ideas, you can just take things a little bit broader. But what you wanna do anyway, for the first thing is you want to type, type in your keyword and your service, all of your services. So I've just done the car pick one. I would then go and do hardwood. So again, the keyword for me would be hardwood floor insulation, breccia, Virginia. So I'll copy that and go over to SEMrush and r, Plugging the keyword as so. And search that. Wait for innovation to lows but no data there, which is fine. So you can see for a search like this, a lot of SA node data, which means this keyword isn't as popular as the carpet installation key with however, I've still got six keywords I can use here. So this is a good example, carpet installation. I've got hardwood installer, hardwood floor installer. So again, different variations of the word installation. Tons of good ideas and new suggestions, which is really good. So I will then download this Excel and as an owner as a whole to do with carpet. So to do hardwood, sorry, do the opposite. We will go on the hardwood tab. So very, very simple. So again, what I need is the hardwood and volume. And then I'll go back to my spreadsheet, goes to the right tab hardwood, and then paste them in as so. So now I've got these keywords included as well. Some reasons actually only two on that spreadsheet. Not too sure what actually happened. If that does happen in this instance, we can just copy them from here. It's not the end of the world. Well, like I said, in this case scenario, we're missing data. So again, this would be a good example of a minivan, the location and taking things a bit broader. There we go. I've now got over 5000 different ideas how to install hardwood, hardwood floor installation. So again, this wouldn't go on natural hardwood floor. This should be an idea for a blog post, however, you want to download this and then export it. So do that for all of your services. Once you've done that, you'll have a massive master file template with loads of keywords, tons of ideas, and then you start optimizing the site. So that is how you use SEMrush to find loads of keyword ideas. It's a really powerful tool. I highly recommend you guys do this for all of your keywords and compile a massive, massive masterless. Sometime you have keywords in the master file which color up to 7 thousand keywords, which is quite a lot. And again, I'm in 7 thousand keywords where all of them are relevant. So do take your time on SEO is all about keywords. Your base, your whole campaign on keywords. If you don't take your time with this, you're going to base your whole campaign on a weak foundation. So please do get this right. Thank you. 19. How To Find All The Keywords Your Competitors Rank For: one of my favorite methods to find keywords. It's the reverse engineer. The competition. What's essentially means is looking at the websites that already on page one, looking at all of the key words already talked to him. The reason why this works so well is because the sites on page one they've already done the hard work of General the kid with research Finding the best keyword so we simply need to do is probably websites into our clever little ECM rush tool on Look at all the keywords and time of Tim and simply chirping the ones that are suitable for our business. So this is how you do it? You go to Google, you wanna talk in one of the key would just targeting so example for me to be copied. Installation Richmond, Virginia. Scroll down and you want to find a local business. So position one. I've got Yelp. I would ignore that. I've got Angeles. So again, I'm gonna ignore that because no, a local business keep on scrolling down. I will custom floors potential. This could be a good example issues right now or if you do Jeter's carpet or even I could scroll down further and go for not level finish, because that's actually us but essentially need to find a local business. So in this and I'm gonna go with Jeter's carpet dot com, so you want simply right, click and then click copy link address. Go over to seven. Rush on problem that their domain into the search bar and then click search. Wait for the pace to loan. It should actually remove the Haiti t p part of the U. R L So you'll see when I copied it. It's got http ps air when you paste into semi, should actually remove that few automatically. If it doesn't, then just remove it yourself. Because if you clued that there, you and I should get any information to the first introduced makes you have the right database selected. So again, United States what I need. Now it is waging a deluded that lets you scroll down and see loads information about this domain because he have any bad things they have. I could see the traffic trend on again. Most important, I wanna look at it the top organic keywords. So this tells me that this website Jeter's carpet dot com actually appears for 860 different keywords in Google. So again it let's click view for report like we did last time and these were list out all of the key words. This site is ranking for in Google just like that, so you can see the keywords going up over time and time and time, which is good. It shows a positive correlation at the site of different in the right thing. Google is trying to show this site for more more keywords. So if you see a site going downhill, I'd probably avoid this and maybe go for back on page one or even two page two. It doesn't matter. Long as you're analyzing a site that is above you, you're going in the right direction. Scroll down. Now you can see all of these keywords. It's quite lofty words to manually review here, so best thing to do is to scroll to the top and then click export, and that's download a C S V phone. Let's give that even so this is what it looks like. It's closed out so you can see it's a bit better, so the first we want to do is get the columns we don't need. So we don't need column B, which is a position. So this is a position. They are in Google. We don't actually need that creepy physician. We don't need that, Eva. We do. You want to search volume? We don't want Cuba difficulty, so get rid of that. We don't want the CPC to get rid of that. We do want the girl. I want to get rid of all the RECs. We don't need these ones. So once you got that, let's tidy up, especially a little bit. So to make things a little bit easier to see the reason we want to keep the oriole it so we know what you are really is appearing for that keyword. So as you probably see already, sometimes you see the home page appearing and sometimes you see the flooring shop appear. So it's good to know what your old people deemed to be relevant for the search. Turn this way, we know when we built our campaign, we can optimize certainly Orioles or certain keywords. For example, if I want to target coffee and flooring, I'll need a Florin Pedro in front of the best way to do it, but it's just showing you how they've done it. This name boat virtually is filter fruit with keywords is gonna be over 800 keywords. It was in the spreadsheet. Just double check. They have 860. So, yeah, we don't waste our time going for one of these. So to save you, time simply took the column like so then go to data on Go to Filter. And that's added the lower right here. Once arrow comes through, give it a click and we want to choose that contains the word Let's go for any services go for carpet first, Just like so that we now thought out all the key was that did not contain carpet. So you might think I get these keywords of great So let's just copy it one of these to our master file pulls. We don't want to do that straight away. You have to remember these key words are key whether this website appears for so the company is called Jettas carpets. As a result, they've got a lot of key words coming free, which contains the word Jeter. Also we don't wanna have these keywords in our results because if someone taps, inject gestures, carpet that always looking for Jeter's conference website. So the perversions rice will be super low anyway. So let's talk throughout these ones as well, so it does not contain chess is just like so that has removed the bulk of them. There still be a few in there like Jeter's as you'll see from my films. So I just put in a Jetta. But this should remove the bulk of them now. Now left 159 different T where was pretty good. So now you can kind of copy it straight over to your keyword research template. Or, if you want, you can tie up a little bit more. There's still gonna be some keywords in here. They're not relevant for us. So, for example, we've got this keyword right here. Mobile Urs, A major carpet. This is obviously just a type of carpet as we only in store carpet. We don't actually sell carpet. This isn't a good keywords. I guess you go ahead and delete. This will just zoom in a little bit, just in case you continously see this have just a little bit better, but essentially depends how you want it. You can clean up the list here, or you list on your master. But I would advise team now on your master phone call this morning using to work with a reference from one type. So once you have information here, copied the key word on the search for Liam. And just before I do that just to make a note for the oral column. When you see a long your own like this, it's typically a block post or to do a product page. If you don't himself products on your site, you don't, pal. I'm writing those blocks, and you could simply delete these ones were gonna be more than longer when the keywords. So if I show you what I mean, So this is a long one because keyword set a creek carpet again. We don't sell carpet. You can see a lot of these keywords down here. Massive. You RL's on what? The keywords tro carpet tro carpet again. We don't need any of these, so you can see what I mean. So that main key was the one on typically the shorts, the Orioles so Let's get all just get reservation over to our spreadsheet. Now, wait. Some pre sure should be here. Que research template. This is to do with carpet. So I'll go to the carpet tab and our pace for these below here with a monthly search volume so that essentially how you do it for one of them. So what going to do now is obviously, repeat that we've only done carpet. Would you have to remember? We need to check what keywords they appear for. They could actually be time it in hardwood. Who has your experience been stopping? Would on the hardwood? So they stayed hard, would like that which they have indeed about. Quite a few key words here for hardwood. They've got maple tumbleweed hardwood flooring. Pretty interesting once you like someone going byproduct they've got Give it. Sorry. They've got Harvard for Richard. Virginia woman. Pretty already aware of unfinished war, not harbor foreign. That's a pretty good keyword. Hardwood floor repair. They've got seven Harwood, Florin, rustic maple hardwood. So again, just sell to freeze and see what she's relevant. So, for us, I would say we don't need this one. Keep this one could stay, this one could stay unfinished. That's not into distorted of installation. How what we can leave that and maybe go for unfinished border hard wood floor installation . So keep that and go for a longer type keyword. Hollywood Foreign Gunstock Color Gim Sensitive Installation You don't need this one cold front tennis. You could have this one. Their country Hardwood floors. Not sure that is pretty generic. Get rid of that one. Some step maple hardwood flooring again. Not sure what that is. Natural Red Oak hardwood flooring Again, It's not true of installation it it is just more generic floor in search terms. So again, you know there's no harm in keeping them. It just for us to know, I would say from experience is better to put all the keywords on the master father once you're unsure about. If you know it's lower than just from meeting with unsure about it, put it on the sheet. I'll show you why. Let's copy these back to our martyr sheet. The reason we went at it is because we knew comes optimizing your probably page. This is what you gonna first to all of these key words, if you don't live it. You just don't optimize your site for it. But it's better to have the information and not to have it just do the same thing that we don't carpet and down. Part would lets me one tile. So get back to the filters on simply typing tile. It's got quite a few key words for title. Quite a lot indeed, actually. So you could see again. You can add more key. Was the thoughts about more these world we don't you need. So again I would go for this one. Seems pretty good. I'll take out this one that's not needed. There's a tall potentially the three different variations. So some people look for Mosaic Tower installation some again. I can keep his key word here for a bit of reference. Delete this one. We don't. You need this one slate. Our plumes created one. I don't need this one. Talcum enrichment, a good one. Top stores Richmond tile stores again. We'll keep that one again. So I'm looking for a tile store that might be looking to go to the shop. And actually, by the time where we just install him So again, I'm gonna delete it, Which means that should delete this one Richmond Town stores and hope you get the idea of what I'm saying now. So you go through the list, then you propped up the best keywords. So when it comes to your business, you obviously know what keywords the best for you on what you offer a service. Once you finalize them, just copy across to Master spreadsheet. Martha Tyler just said there, so it's fine. So that is the See how you do it. So do bear in mind. We've just done one website. What you wanna do is go back and plug in all of the websites Interview. So all of your keywords into Google. So I'm just about the carpet installation of Richard Virginia that is one of the service. I now want to begin hardwood installation rich in Virginia, for example. And now I wanna find more local business like so again, I'll ignore Yelp. Eternal Home Advisor. Ignore Angie's list. Ignore fun tack. I would go for custom floor floor in R V. A. Typically, I would do about free websites for service. That way, you know, you cover one of the t word that you know that way. You know, nothing is left unturned. So with the carpet installation, obviously just don't want example. But you won't be doing I would say at least free hope. That makes sense. In this way, you will make sure you cover all of the key words. 20. How To Use Google Auto-suggest To Come Up With Keyword Ideas: another method you can utilize to find additional keywords for your website. Is using Google's auto suggest feature so good what has its feature? You've probably seen it before. You go into Google and typed in a word like let's say cake because cake, right? And then Google has suggested similar searching to do with cake. So got cake box cake, recipe cake, Stan cake toppers, cake tins and so on and so on to the that'll think you have searched for in the past so we can actually utilize this suggestion box for our own keywords to find additional cute. It didn't initially think up. So if I go to our website and see one of the pages, so services the hardwood, it's the top eight. I'll just go this one as an example. The keyword is obviously hard wood floor installation. I don't want to copy and paste that Cuban into Google because it will give me no suggestions. I wanted to Did she start typing it word by word so But I've been hard. Would I've got floor in timber plywood, so I want to have a bit more. That's not enough so we can see now we're getting some relevant searches were getting hardwood floorboards, which is a pretty good one. I didn't initially think of that initial stages. And to be fair, it didn't actually come up with any barbecued researchers. So again really found a good keywords. So make a note, this keyword and added to the spreadsheet we continue to tighten out to find additional keywords. They have a florin. I've go near me. I've got underlay was potentially be a good keyword installation of the one we know about. Let's keep on typing. We've got close, which is when we already know about We've got tips. You've got price. We've got a video. So people in the videos about it potentially to make a video for our site and satisfy that user Keep on type in. We could see again. Same ones if I type in Richmond, people in Taipei and I've got best hardwood floor installers. So again, that's another key word. I've got hardwood floor installers again, a different variation off installation. So you want to rinse and repeat this for all of your services. So again, by the carpet installation have been service, even different variation who always talked Whether you want, I'll show you different idea as well. So I attacked in carpet installation service as a different sample. He also scroll down to the bottom of the page and sea searches of late to carpet installation service. This is what Google puts on additional keywords, which it believes are relevant. So again, I've got carpet fitting cost. That's another key word. I've got carpet fitters again. A different variation off installation is fitters different word of what? Carpet fitters near me Carpet fitting cost calculator. So people want to know how much it costs to get the carpet fitted so potentially you have a calculator on your science saying, Hey, for every meter you have in your house is gonna cost you x amount so you could get tons and tons of ideas. So it's all about doing its rinse and repeat for all of your keywords, the key ways you do find that really good to simply go ahead and add into your spreadsheet and including the project s yo campaign 21. How To Use Craigslist To Come Up With Keyword Ideas: another method you can utilize to find key with your business. If Craigslist Craigslist can be a gold mine to find some keywords for local businesses going to show you exactly how severe it is very, very simple. So head over the Craigslist and then pick the city, which is where your business is located in. So for me, I will go to ST. I'll go to Virginia and then I will go to Richmond. Once that's done, you'll see Richmond at the front of craziest Richmond dot craigslist dot all. That just shows me. I'm now searching Richmond for all of these services off a cell for jobs. I always he wants services, which is a new carpet installation, foreign installation. So Ochlik Services, and then I'll simply type in my keywords. So carpet installation, which is right there. There you see ravine seconds. I've got cute idea, professionally installed or appeared carpet and vinyl flooring. So the key, what I could include is professional carpet installation. That's when I didn't actually think of. I'd actually see any of my security research processes so again it shows you why it's very important to cover every aspect of the cured research. Do not leave enemies out. You'll find a ton of keywords, which can help you, especially one. I found it. You've in five seconds. You keep scolding down for more ideas. You've got professional power. Seen that one already got installation of affordable, which is different variation for cheap, so affordable carpet installation could be a different cured idea. So again, it's all about going through a list of find different ideas, so low prices a different word for cheap. So again you can talk in low price. So it's just really, really beneficial. I wouldn't advise skipping the Craigslist. A talk to some people. See this and our creditors can't help me on. What you cannot do is, well, you can branch out. So instead of talking in just Richman, there's no reason why I can't target Norfolk or a different city. For example, just get different ideas because plenty people could be certain of these as well. It just might be, at the time, the searching. There's no ads available. So again, just play around here. You'll find tons of keywords I know from experience, and when we tried this on a different client site, I think it was last year. In August, we find another seven different keywords, and seven might not sound like a lot. But these keywords added up in search, wanted to have a 300 searches a month so deftly do play around. With this, you'll find tons of keywords. 22. The Importance Of Keeping Your Keywords Organised: So now that we've finished completing or the keyword research strategies, I would actually make sure your key would reach a template. Is crystal crystal clean on? What I mean by that is you don't have any key, but it should be on there. So the reason why I say this now, at the end of because sometimes when you do killed research, I know at least with me, I do get quite excited when I see a key with a lot of really acute, Well, that's a good one. Key would get so involved in acute research process. I actually let these bad here was actually slipped through the net and as a result, actually end up on my keyword research template. So this temple is going to be used. When you do, you are on Page Seo. So let's information you have on it, the better you have less information to look at. And of course it makes you have on this spreadsheet would be more relevant, So I will let you just go through all of the tabs. I wouldn't worry about the master file for now, and you're gonna be optimizing a Web site based on the service tab. So for me, because I warned about the carpet page right now I've got this cured right here some ways. Carpet installation. I'm pretty sure that is actually a business. So if I open up Google and just do a quick search for that, you'll see somewheres Club in vinyl is actually a business based in Richmond's. I don't want this keyword on my spreadsheet, as I do not wanna be optimizing my sight for a keyword, which is the name of another business. So again, just go through it. Just double check just inside that. Let's just delete that. Don't do. I just done You want to actually delete their own, Just like so. So just go through all of your tattoo example of hardwood right here. I could just go for it. And about the keywords I've got. Scott's hardwood flooring Wonder stood out straight away again. Scott. The sound of a different business on lead that from spreadsheet just literally make to the Cuban we have on here all relevant to your business. So, like I said, when it comes, optimizing the site should be very straightforward. I could see I've got around them Service. Five tab on here. Just delete that. So let's just point out the sheet. Get things nice, entirely ready to go for the on page Seo. 23. Creating Content For Your Website - What You're Going To Learn: Creating content for your website. In this section, we're going to cover the importance of content in SEO. So I'm going to show you exactly how people read your content and how it uses it when Rankin sites in Google, we're going to cover the two types of content you should have on your website. In fact, two types of conduct that every website should have. I'm going to show you how to come up with new content every single month. How to make your content engaging and avoid being dull and tedious. Because what will happen if you have dough and boring content on your website? People actually land on your website, read it, get bored and actually go back to the search results and find another website. I'm going to show you how to ensure your content conveys trust is it is super important as your content doesn't convey trust. You weren't actually convince the user that you could deliver on what you say. And as a result, they'll just go and find another local business. And lastly, I'm going to show the importance of fresh content and why you should be updating your blog at least once a month. 24. The Importance Of Content + The 2 Types You Should Have On Your Website: The importance of content in SEO. Whenever you're crafting some content for your website, always ask yourself, what value does this content provided to the user? Gig was main goal is to provide useful and relevant results to the user. As a result, Google's algorithm analyzes millions of search results and it returns a website each believes answer to search query the best. For example, if someone searches for carpet fit of Richmond, Google is going to return websites that's talking about compensating services enrichment. Naturally, there'll be quite a few websites talking about this, as is obviously multiple Carpathian communist enrichment. However, if your website is one of the ones that has extremely high content with no spin and areas. Perfect, grandma and your content is formatted correctly. It's more likely towards certain you're sighted user APA high rankings. However, if your content is sub-par, Guo not returning a sighted user, aka low rankings. So you really need high-quality content to stand out. The two types of content you should have on your website. The first type is what we call informational content. So this is content that priority provides information to the user. Some examples are informational content, would be a blog post, such as the industry related updates. You can have FAQs, you can have reviews and testimonials and so on. The other type of content is what we call service related content. This is content talking about the services you provide and the products you sell. Typically the service related content is what makes up your generic service pages on your website. I highly recommend you cover both elements, both informational and both service laser content on your website. I've got I've seen it multiple times in the past where website will have tons of service related pages, knows major content at all, and they literally can't go on to page one, I guess is a case where Google potentially view the site as it's just selling with little value to the user due to the fact there's no informational content on the site. So as a result, Google whenever Brian Asylum page one. However, as soon as we come in and then add some informational content to the side to side, then skyrockets and jumps on page one straight away. So I've seen it so many times is super, super powerful. You know, you want to make sure you have both your service relates to consent and informational content on your site. 25. Service & Locational Based Content: when it comes to producing content for your website, the first version of started producing service related content, so this is content related to a service you offer so typically these type of contents will be informational type of post on your website, so as a result they will come under your block. So, for example, for level finish, it can't go to you. My services. You can see me off. Ah, hardwood carpet laminate tile vinyl. These are all types of Florence we install. However, each service I can produce content around it. So for hardwood flooring, I could have brainstorming common ideas, such as How much is hardwood floor in what are the pros and cons of hardwood floor in when you get pick hardwood flooring over laminate flooring, for example. For carpet, you could have how to clean your carpet. One of the best products to clean your carpet with is carpet good for people allergies. So, as you can see, these are all ideas on continent related around the services I offer. So, for example, if you're a plumber and you have a service such as sink unblocking, that would be your main office. The service page, You could have article talking about how to keep your sink free from blockages. For example. I just educate people really build trust with the user. So once you do that, you actually be surprised, because when you compile a list of all the services you offer at all the content you actually craft around the service, you'll have a massive list and tons of content upload what you done that the second thing you can move onto is what we call locational content. So this is content which is typically crafted around the location you are servicing. So for me, it would be Richmond, Virginia. To get loads of ideas about this, you simply go over to Google and you Google something like things to do in Richmond, Virginia, on what this will do. You actually return a little section like this top things to do in Richmond. You actually click more things to do here and expand to get some more ideas. So a dewberry mind when you end up writing about things to do in Richmond, Virginia, it's not gonna help people buy our products and services. But what it does do it has an S e o benefit in the background. So to rank on page on Google, you need to have what we call a geographical relevance. So geo relevance. Essentially, it's just letting people know you are actually based in that city. So when you end up writing about things like this over example, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts if you keep writing about things to do with in Virginia, it's gonna become apparent to Google after certain time that you are actually based in Virginia. On Other is always gonna be more likely to appear for keywords and things to do in regards to Richmond, such as carpet installation, Richmond, Virginia, for example. So these type of articles, like I said, not gonna attract customers. What we do is gonna push up hiring Google in the back end. I met you. Talk about this in a lot more detail on the on Page Seo section. For now, I just wanna make your where you can't actually write about things like this as well so you can see straightaway. I've got free right there. 69 12 12 ideas. Click the button here and even get more more ideas. However, just do bear in mind. It would be writing about things like now, marks and science and one local to our city. You don't go too far out and you can't confuse giggles where you are actually based. So this is to really good sports, which staff with, So there's gonna be a service related content, and there's gonna be what we call your geo related content so content based on your location on your geographical area. 26. Review Your Competitors: another thing, which you can do to come up with tons of content ideas. It's a look at the website you are competed with. Visit their blocks and then see what they are writing about. This will give you the opportunity to then review that blawg and see if you want, include any of the stuff neighborhood about on your website to. There's very simple process. You want to go to Google and simply Google Simon like floor insulation companies. Virginia, Obviously, for my example for level finish, you'll see how going a bit broader as well I put in Virginia and just not Richmond as these companies that don't need to be local to me. What I want to do is find a similar business that does what I do so installs floors. I want to check out their blog's. So I just Googled that Now let's scroll down and find a local business. Got one here, absolutely floor in R V. A. On appreciate went past one a k and K hardwood thes guys to toe. Once the website loads, you want to find their blog's, and if you see what they're writing about so that she don't have an option for the block up here. It was under the about page, which is a little bit interesting. So let's go on our block and you'll see these are all posts of things they've run about. So is it time to we finish your floors? We've got it. Time to replace your hardwood floors. New hardwood floors will raise home values. So again, talking about how flooring to potentially increase the value of your home. These are all really good block ideas. I can then write about my site. Haven't already covered them to go to page to get some more ideas. It's already got two ideas already various types of woodcocks. That's a pretty good articles. That's 1/3 idea about hardwood, for insulation to spit generic potentially again. I could write about that. I've got so adversity engineered hardwood Florence and have a good idea. So that's four. Now I've got helpful advice from a hardwood floor in. So again, I've got about five ideas already. Just checking out one website, but yet you have a website again. I don't think the have a page for the blogging might be under about again, which is is going to block. It could be a certain trend in this industry to have your blood under your about page. You can see that actually only have one blood, which is a quick overview of hardwood flooring. So again, not potentially six ideas I've got just for checking out competent website. So Dewberry mind. Like I said, I'm just typed in Virginia. There's no reason why I can't go to a different state as well. Like I mentioned, it don't need to be also about wrong. They don't need to be based local to me. I just need to find other local businesses. Check out the blog's and compile a list of love ideas so you can bring its and repeat it as many times as you want looking as many states as many city that you want. And I'm pretty sure after five minutes of doing that, you'll have a massive list of potential blood you can now post on your website. 27. SEMRush - Topic Research: some Russia also has a very good feature called a topic research. What allows you to do? It's a plug in a key work on what it does get returned tons of toppings, which it believes are relevant to what you typed in so toe access it. You just log into some rush. Then you go to topic research here on the left and you simply plug in your keywords so and you can see I've really done that and I plugged in a copy. Ideas is advised to keep your keyword a little bit broad as well. Don't go and type in your full keyword as it won't bring back that many topics. So start brought on their narrow down. So as you can see for copy ideas, I've got this whole topic here called Eco Friendly so that one I can click it and expands a whole box to give you more information so you can see I've got potential idea Already. So 10. Most popular ICO friendly flooring solutions. I've got ICO friendly flooring so potentially I could add a block to my websites talking about ICO friendly Florin and that be obviously under this topic, you see you keep scrolling down and kind of find what suits you. So for example, we've got this one right here. So a family room topic If I give that click, wait for it to load. You can see I've got this article right here. How to choose the best carpet for a living room So potentially people are searching for this every single month. So what I can do is right. And I call back on and truck it on my block posts on my website. We could keep scrolling down to get more and more ideas. Colored carpets are gonna have a copy. Ideas for living rooms, traffic areas of, for example, carpet buying guide. How to choose carpets. These are all ideas with potentially bright about on our website on. Then satisfy our readers on our audience. So, like I've just done this for carpet ideas, I could then rinse, repeat this for lamb in a vine or harbored all the other services we offer. The great thing about this tool is if you like to learn what you prefer to learn, things visually can actually click this part right here, which is the mind map and what it will do. It will convert that into a more visual guide you can look at so you can see for copy ideas . I've got these keywords down here you could see on the right hand side as well. I've got the headlines which are different ideas, to write that as well. So it's a very, very good tour indeed. Do have a play of it and do test different keywords. As like I said, the different key we will bring back different results. 28. Subscribe To Industry Related Blogs: another thing, which you can do to come up with tons of content ideas. It is subscribed to industry related blobs, said abusive. This is what you subscribe for these blog's What will happen is I'll send you an email every week or every month. It all depends on the frequency which you can set up in your account but essentially get emails coming in and will be information containing stuff about your industry so it could be new products. Do you think you should be aware of new legislations affecting the industry on what this does? It gives you the opportunity to then go for these emails and chopra that one doing a feature on your website. So essentially you have a massive imbalance of ideas coming in off stuff you can future on your website on autopilot and it doesn't require to sit down and the finger pay. What should I write about on the good thing? Finding the industry blocked is actually very, very simple, only to do a simple search. For I was I put flooring in because flooring is my entry you want replace floor and with your industry, you operating in so type in top industry blocks. That for me would be Florin. Once you've done that, people then return probably a few articles. So what it's about right here. Top 100 flooring bloggers and Web sites to follow in 2020 about the top 10 UK foreign blocks that I go for this one, this update six days ago and also has a way more than this website just here. So I click into this one and you'll see straightaway its website listed at 100 different blocks I can follow. I should get my email in here and click, continue and subscribe to the newsletter. So what happened himself? Start getting emails from this website I can go down over for Florida or part of my email again. How many when it subscribed to depends on how much Clinton you add to your website. So why don't you do this? You'll be getting ton divided to your inbox. And like I said, you just go for your emails and see what these people are saying and then think about whether it's relevant to show your audience on your website or not. 29. Examples Of Bad Content: when it comes to producing content for your website, you want to make sure you have the focus off the juice in higher quality and unique content . This is especially true if you operate in multiple locations as it can be very tempting to use the same content you use and location one and copy over to location to on. Just swap out the location name I'm gonna show you a website doing is now and explain why you shouldn't be doing this. So this website I found is Essex event tired so they provide photo booth fire as a service . So this is the service right here. This part of the title on Rockford is a location they are targeting. And you could see I've got this introduction text right here. Now the image of five females in front of one of the photo booths. I assume they got its image of one of the phone booth down below at the bottom. If you read the first paragraph, you could see it said photo be Fire has been an essential addition at weddings, parties and celebrations. For many years, I actually found another page on the site of time it In Basildon, which is a different town in the United Kingdom, you can see it's exactly the same sentence. First of the fire has been an essential addition at weddings, parties and celebrations for many years again. Exactly the same content which grow down that the same image here who had the same image down there as well. In fact, if you actually flipped between both tabs, you will see that nothing changes other than the location. I would not recommend you follow A strategy like this is actually against a legal terms conditions, and it comes under the category off duplicate content. You want to take a time when you're crafting Clinton for your locations as this way, you know you're gonna build a strong foundation if you use the same content on every page and that you just swap out the location we're gonna have is a weak foundation, and that is kind of a no go. You definitely avoid that at all costs, as if you have a weak foundation. It makes your work so much harder later on down the line and you'll struggle to see results . Dewberry mind just because you see a website on page one that is doing this, it doesn't necessarily mean it works, and it's fine to do. It just means that Google hasn't actually penalized them as of yet. So do take the time and get high quality and unique content on every location you operate him. 30. What To Avoid When Creating Your Content: one thing I want to be wary of when you're producing content for your website is you want to avoid having a matter of wall of text, the reason being as you'll see from this example below, we have the image on the left, which is just copy and paste, or the sex as a result is a massive wall of text on example of the right. They've actually taken the tech and added head in there and I'm a subhead in. They formatted it had some bullet points. You've got another head in it, but an image, the image at the top so you can see it's so much easier to have you on the I. And as a result, if I was a land of both these websites, I am way much more likely to read the website on the right. If I actually landed on its it was on on the left, what do? I would actually go back to Google and find a different website because there's no way I would sit through here and read all of this, even know to say my information on example right? Just visually, it looks way more intimidating and tedious to read. So it's very important to get this right because actually a metric giggle uses in the algorithm is called Dwell Time. So essentially, the longer the person spends on your website is actually a good indication to Google that what you have in your website is good. So if you have a good 12 time number, why she happens is Google. Put your site higher up in Google. However, if you have a low dwell time to people coming or sigh it on the bouncing straight back to Google and they're not spend a lot of time on that page. What happens? It's a clear signal to go with. Hey, this site isn't actually satisfying the user, which obviously good with our From is all about given use of what they want to see it assigned to Google it. It's not good, so, as a result, will put your site further back on Google. So Page 234 and even further depending how bad dwell Time is. So make sure you put a lot of effort into format in your Clinton correctly, getting the structure done, bullet points, images and just maybe engaging for someone to read 31. How To Ensure Your Content Conveys Trust: How to ensure your content conveys trust. One of the worst things that can happen is you spend tons of time optimizing your website in the background and working really hard to get to page one. And then when you get there, your phone doesn't ring. One of the possible causes for something like this is having a website that conveys it at little to no trust. You really need to sell stuff online and build confidence in your potential customers and convince him as to why they should use u over another company, for example. There's multiple ways which you can do this. There's free which tends to work the best, which are reviews, case studies, and photos of your recent work. These are all things which help build confidence and reassurance in potential customers, is that she proved you're good at what you say you're good at, and that you can actually deliver on your promises as well. Video testimonials also work very well. So if you have any, I highly recommend you get them added to your website. Reviews, for example, should only be added to your homepage and your most visited pages. And he's obviously the pages which are visited the most. So if you scroll down to the level finish homepage, you'll see we've got don't take our word for it. Chihuahua customers have to say, I mean, what interviewees put it in and which should be on a slide and Safina day every three to five seconds. Or maybe you have to slide it shows that way, so yep. You say I've got reviews and a homepage is helps build more social proof. I wouldn't advise been any reviews in your blog post, for example, as I said earlier one in a section of this course, blog posts should provide users with more information content. So get this right and you'll have a solid foundation to build upon. You also want to have the other two elements ticked off as well. So that would be case studies and photos of your recent work. Now, depending on what industry you operate in, you might be able to combine both of these into one form of social proof. So for example, for level finish, a foreign contracts insight, we can actually combine our case study, I'm photos of our recent work together so we could actually go to someone's house, let's say he wants to their copy installed. We could go there, a pitcher or the current sets up and the current copy the copy up and then take another picture, which would be the in-progress picture laid down that new carpet. Get it. Looking nice, and then take a picture of the final end product. Speak to the customer and kinda get an idea of why they wanted this. Cop it well, I don't want a copy over hardwood floor, put it all together in a nice case study, and then use that as promotional material as well. So you could actually use his case studies because they're super, super powerful. You can even go out and get these printed on flyers before and after and impose them around people's address in your local area. Like I said, when you see things visually, it sells itself. So these three things combined are super, super powerful and definitely make sure you include them as part of your website. 32. The Importance Of Fresh Content: The importance of fresh content gig whose job is to serve up the best search results are people who are looking for information. Cpu wants a continent, it says up to be fresh and up-to-date. And that's typically the best type of content, then it actually a fresh content algorithm and we hadn't hits your site. You can take advantage of it. I've tested it multiple times. I'm about to share is what I call the bare minimum. At least once per month, you need to increase the size of your website by one page. You can easily do this by adding a new blog posts your site once a month, for example. And why I added a new blog post to your site once a month, you are clearly demonstrated to Google that you care about your website whilst also satisfying the fresh content algorithm. One of the worst things you can do is create a website and then neglect it. This is actually what most local business owners do. And the main reason why most local businesses job to generate results online is because they may decide which really and truly just add to the portfolio. And other than that, that's really it. So as a result, no potential customers even find the website organically online. It's simply a case of this local business owner meet a potential client and networking event, had an ad business card and insane, check our work online. We want to avoid it lets in our sites and by publishing one piece of content of month, we're going on the right tracks. Covenant with tons of blog ideas you can publish every month is nice and easy. You actually check out the video that I made on just that in this section in the course. You should also consider updating existing content once a month. This is the cholesterol to Google again, that you care about your content and also your competition. Your content will be the most freshness and up-to-date, which makes it a win-win. Just to clarify, when I say Update Existing Content, what I'm referring to is things such as adding a new sentence, removing the sentence, change in a pitcher, adding a video for example, this is more than enough. And as already said, I've tested this multiple times and I haven't seen any additional benefit of adding maybe a whole paragraph or two paragraphs, for example, as long as you're updating the content, you're satisfying the fresh content segment of the algorithm. You are making Google happy. And you're also letting Google know your content is the most freshest and the most up-to-date out there. 33. Google My Business - What You're Going To Learn: Google My Business. So Google My Business is the main bread and butter of local SEO. And this is where the majority of your phone calls will come in from you doing optimizations. The good thing about the Google, My Business is people can actually coup before they even click your website, even visit your website. So it's really important, you know, how to optimize for Google My Business. So in this section we're going to cover is actually what is a GMB lifting? We're gonna go over why every business should have one. I'm going to show you how to determine if your business already has a GMB list and really get to know it. If you do already have a GMB listen, you don't want to go and then create another one as it will just cause more harm than good. I'm gonna show you how to set up a GMB list in for your business from scratch. I'm going to also show you how to optimize your GMB list in. So having a GMB listener isn't optimized. It's really ineffective. And as a result, when it should do any good for your marketing efforts, it won't generate, you know, cool. So knowing how to optimize it is super important. And I'm also going to show you what to do if your business has multiple locations. So if you operate in multiple cities, say city a and city be ideally want to have a GMB listed for each city. So I'll show you exactly how to set that up the correct way. So let's dive into this section. 34. What is a GMB listing?: So first things first, what are the GMB list in GMB, obviously standing for Google, My Business a GMB is a business listing on Google. It allows local customers to find you and information about your company, as you can see from the screenshot below, for a simple search, level finished Richmond, Virginia, goodwill has returned the GMB list of our business. And as you'll see from the GMB listing, coup actually pulls in quite a few bits of information such as our business name, the reviews are address, the algae operate on our phone number. And if you look closely right under our business name, you'll see that the bottom that says website. If a user was to click this button, then you'll be redirected to our website, which is very handy. It's important to note that this isn't always how a GMB listing will look. For example, on a desktop, a gene be listing will take this form. So as you can see from the screenshot, I've searched for a local service and Google has now returned them backpack, which is what we call it this whole section, right. Hey, I'm a witness. We have free GMB is listed. So you have 1, 2, and 3. This one is actually an add, so I'm going to ignore that one. Let's sort of right of each listing, you'll see that even one or two bosons, which would be website and directions. And sometimes you'll see two bosons, which should be a combination of both Website and directions. If your height and your address, some users, maybe you don't have a physical location and you serve its customers in the home. For example, you could be a plumber, then it's likely you wouldn't have your address on show as it's simply no need. We can also see that the listing called American floors doesn't have a website link to the list in or they potentially could just not have websites at all, which is quite interesting. So if your business is related to web design, then this is actually a great way to find potential clients for your services. As obviously this company might not have a website. So now it'd be kinda the same search on a mobile device. The results will look a little different. You'll notice that there are no bosons to get directions that anyone's business or to visit any other websites. These bonds have now been replaced with a cool button, which if pressed, will trigger the cool function on your mobile device. As you can imagine that this helps a ton when it comes to generating more inbound calls, your business is only free spots in the mat pat list in not included in the ad. So as you can imagine, is super-important. Getting the map pack as you can generate a ton of work for your business. Jimmy listens also actually appear in Google Maps to say she went over to Google Maps and did a search for a service like below in the screenshot, you will see if Google has returned GMB listens. Why every business should have a GMB listening? Hopefully it's pretty obvious now for my last few slides as to why should have been for your business. However, to summarize, you get free business listing, search results. You get a free Maps listing. You can acquire a customer reviews on it. You can utilize G and B posts, which is a feature that within the GMB dashboard essentially allows you to share messages directly with customers. And these messages actually appear in the local search results. And lastly, you get free GMB website, which is basically a free simple website for your business. However, as we have our own, it's not really needed. However, it doesn't hurt to set one up as it only takes a few minutes and plus it's free as well. 35. How To Check If Your Business Is Already Listed: one of the easiest way to figure out if your business has a GMB listing is a head over to Google Maps, So let's do that now. So with Google Maps, it gives you the ability to find businesses across the whole world. So if you use a search feature at the top left as I type in your business name if you do you have a gym be listing. You could see your business name and address below. So what's that type in the level finish, you'll see enlisted a level finish and have the address below enrichment in Virginia. If I click this, it should load a gym be listed below it. We should just further proof that I do have a Google my business listing just a word of note as well, attracting a level finish as one word, even if you type in. That's two words. For example, level finish. Your baby should still appear. It should even work if you misspell your business. So if you could level finish like that, for example, you could still see it. Google has pulled back the same result for me. This is because do without government is super super advanced. So if you're typing in different variations of a business and we're still not seeing a business name below, it's a very strong indication they do not have a Google my business listing for your website. 36. How To Set Up A Google My Business Listing: in this video, I'm gonna show you how to set up a G and B listing. So Google my business listing for your website. So, however, before you start this video and start setting up a listing, please do double check if you have a listen already for your business. Because if you do, we're gonna do you have a duplicate listing and cause more harm than good. So please check out my previous video and see you have a list in first. If we don't, then please follow the steps set up one. So simply google Google, my business set up. You wanna flip? That's what was all which should be this one and you want to click at manage now for some reason, do or do not call this sign up or Celtic will manage now. But anyway, you want click manage now they both are the same thing. The bottom There, on there. Now what we do is type in your business name, so I already have a GMB listing set up for level finish vacancy level. Finish already has a Google my business listing. So don't do we want to create another one, but I'm going to spend it a little bit different. So I'm gonna go for level finished like that. And what I'll do actually delete this after the video, because I don't obviously want Teoh difficult list in. So what you talking The biggest name You want to click here, create a business with this name? What's any of your business? Which is wives typed in Now level finishes. Make sure it's all correct and then click next choose academy that fits your business best . So this is what we call the primary category. So it's the main thing your business does. So, for example, for level finish. I know we have different types of for me install, So he got hardwood carpet lemina. However, the main service we do is actually or major. Eventually provide is actually is Florin Services, so I want to type in floor in to see what comes up. So I talked to Florida what floor in store, but flowing contracts are so the best one to me is going to be flooring contractor just exactly how I have it on my home page as well so you can see my home. He's also optimized for this category stop flooring contractor and then click next. Now you have the opportunity to add in more services. So this is what kind of breaking out and go for the actual service they offer. So I got hardwood carpet laminate Thailand vinyl so I would put in extort Florence. Actually an option there. That's fine. You can add a costume service so I can pretend carpet installation are copied acts on me. That again. So I did another service. I'll do hard wood floor installation are gonna put in lemina installation of opinion tile installation on the last one we have is vinyl insulation. So literally all of the services we offer on the website. So he's a call your secondary category, so kind of sub categories of your main one. So I've told Google Hey, I'm flooring contractor. I install floors and neither type of floor I install so simply populate this so suitable for your business and then click next. Now people are actually Do you want customers to visit your location E g a store or on office? So this is all up to you really? For example, with level finish, we installed floor in people's homes. We actually install flooring in people's homes. No one needs to come Teoh. After that, you don't actually sell any harm. But we don't sell carpet. So for me in this instance, when I do, I will click No. However, if you do have a physical location like a short people come to your premises all the time. You will want to click Yes, and then click next and then put in a location on the actual store. This will help people find you. So if you put in, yes, I'll show you what it does. For example, with little finish, you can see my address is on show. This is because I put in actual address for people to visit. However, the company below us rustling young ink you can see they have no addresses that I've actually clicked No for this. And it hit him the address. Some people so leave these people didn't really not one customer visit in the kind of property, the business location. So they're getting it from users. So this is kind of up to you for me. In this instance, I'll just click knows I've done yes, every for the first listing, where do you serve your customers? This is often also again, as on base enrichment in Virginia. And you can see from my first address I'm also gonna put down in my local city, which is gonna be Richmond. Sometimes being Richmond. Make sure the right one. I don't wanna go for these one down here. I want Virginia USA and then click. Next. What? Contact details You want to show to customers. So this is gonna be the details on the listing. So this will be the phone number you see here on the website you have on the listing. So if I just go for this site, for example, better floors, because the about phone number Right here. So this is the phone number on display, and then when you click website, it should actually link to the website. So you want to put the right website in there just to make sure people are going to the right website and not someone else's? So, for this one up in any phone number for now, in fact, I'll just take the one off level finish and change the last digit just for the training purposes. So But that number there. And I'll change that free to one. For example, the website euro. If I just put in level finish change our website and fill it with dashing their just For now, just make sure there's no over website before I do. That is actually everyone website gator. Let's go for level. Like that said, spell it wrong. Hope they shouldn't be able Several website. It's not so okay up. But that down obviously want picking your right details. I'm just doing this for training purposes. I