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Local Marketing For Photographers on a Shoestring Budget

Julian Young, Creative Agency Director

Local Marketing For Photographers on a Shoestring Budget

Julian Young, Creative Agency Director

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5 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Photographic Niche vs Freelancing

    • 3. Sell Your Services First

    • 4. Researching Local Demand and Competition

    • 5. Adding Yourself to Google Maps

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About This Class

Getting started in marketing your photography business or freelance services doesn't have to break the bank, or even cost a penny!

Creative Agency Director Julian Young provides you a unique insight into the successful areas he takes his clients through to help them create profitable, successful photography businesses on tiny budgets. 

Regardless of your photography specialisation, this course can help provide you with clarity and purpose. Julian has worked with clients from a huge range of photography niches including freelancers, landscape photographers, weddings, boudoir, glamour, business and property.

Julian will run through some of the specific advice he would provide during a client consultation and take you deeper into the world of digital research whilst also trying to keep you entertained.

Julian will be continuing to develop and add to this course!

What You'll Learn

  • Digital marketing for photography from a digital consultant's perspective
  • Why selecting a Photography Niche is important
  • How to Research Local Demand
  • Analysing Your Local Competition
  • Get Found. Placing Your Photography Business on The Map

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Julian Young

Creative Agency Director


Hello, I'm Julian. I'm the managing director of a digital marketing and web development agency named Jellyhound.

I have a wide and varied background across many industries. I completed a degree in software engineering but I had a hunger to try everything when I was younger. I created a salon and a games development company, many small startups. I've worked in sales, purchasing, r&d, support, finance, banking, microsimulation, beauty, seo, hosting, PR, education and training. I helped market and launch local businesses and huge international brands. 

Now I'm very much focused on helping my clients build digital businesses, providing insight and guidance and more often than not, helping people create their first startups.

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1. Introduction: Hello. Skill share, Andi, I'm gonna clean my glasses. Let's get to it. Welcome to my skill share course on local marketing. For photography. It's on a shoestring project. You've got no money. Then this is the cause for you. Or if you don't want to spend any money than you found the right place. I'm Julian on. I am the director happy creative agency in Scotland called jelly. How I'm gonna help you monetize your hobby or realize your business as a photographer really show you how you can go about making money, doing what you love. We're going to look at why? Choosing a photography leeches important. We're going to look at how to research local demand. We're going to look at how you research competition. We're going to look at getting found. How to get yourself on the maps. Whether it be Google, Microsoft's being, we're gonna look at how other businesses can help sell your services. Right. You ready? Get stuck in local for profits before we start. Right now, I am going to talk a little bit about cameras now 2. Photographic Niche vs Freelancing: check in with. Okay? It was squeaky and I'm watching Mission. All right. See what we got? I'm often asked. Should I Niche? Quite often. I noticed someone should niche on. They haven't on more often than not, people Neech too much on find themselves struggling neech ing. It's not something to be taken lightly at all. In fact, the core question we asked ourselves whenever we start to business. When I started out as a marketer, one of the first clients I had was a building company, nothing to do with the doctor piano, but with this building company. They wanted to market everyone. So one of the first things I did is I created a website and I said, So what's the services you're going to be offering on? They said everything and they gave me a big, huge list of all the services they offered, one of which was painting and decorating. Uh, now, this is my first job as a freelancer. I have to admit nation was not on my radar at that point. But I still have their best interests at heart. I wanted them to succeed, so I went ahead and created this beautiful builders website, all trade services, talking about every service in depth on duh. Later on I had another company and they were paying to in decorator on did a website for them as well. On what I found, very surprising is that they lived in the same vicinity. But the painter and decorator received so much more traffic, so many more leads, so many more customers than the builders. It raised the question Why? What was it about the painting and decorating service that brought more leads in as a new website than the building company on? So I slowly realized over the space of the next year that the key to bringing in the traffic through Google um waas being found on when you offer everything under the sun, you make it a lot harder to be found and recognized, whereas if you offer one particular type off service, then when you are found well, firstly, you're more likely to be found for that particular service. But secondly, customers are more likely to choose you over someone that does everything now, yes, that other factors involved. But the core principle waas sound on it was a valuable lesson. Moving forward. So from that I can certainly tell you that as a photographer is setting out on business if you offer every service, if you try and do everything, then you're gonna do far worse than a photographer that specializes in doing something really well. Recently, I met a photographer, Brad Hobbs. You can see on the road to influence dot com on an interview with him. Kneel by Stuart Allen Onda. Um, what's interesting about this guy? He's worked with Huffington Post, New York Times, National Geographic. He's worked as a writer and a photographer. You know, he he didn't have in each. We actually asked him, Where's your specialty? What do you focus on? And he didn't know. Brad doesn't have a specific niche. So what is the reason for his success? What has he got? So many followers on Instagram? What is it he does well that allows him as a jack of all trades photographer to perform on ? The answer is, he's become very good at networking, so I think there's two aspects there. Either you become very good a particular niche or you master related skill on when it comes to photography, networking, getting to know people. Being a people person is just absolutely essential. Hey is essentially a social influences. So what brothers done is he has created a network for himself that supports his skills as a photographer on Brad's main tool for this is being Instagram. He's really made instagram would for him very, very well. Picking in each is not easy making that decision, you know, 10 years down the road, you could be like No, why did I decide to become a cake smash baby photographer dripping in cake and mush? One of the core aspects is to know us. Johnson Weaknesses. If you're rubbish up toe, creating landscapes, cream, taking good landscape photography, you know I'm outdoors person. Then it's probably not your cup of tea. Key to this court is good demand. There's gonna be demand for the service. Otherwise, why bother? Low competition obviously plays a factor. If the market saturated with people doing the same thing, then obviously you've got to compete with all these other people. Another element you need to consider when niche ing picking unleash time. How much time does it take to provide the service? Have you got the time to commit It's a product you're providing at the end of the day, so you've got a way up. What's the cost for creating that product? Monetization is the last point. Andi. Picking a good sector good niche Where there's a good opportunity for making money is important if you're gonna have a successful business than picking something random rare, even if you think it's unique and special can sometimes be very risky. 3. Sell Your Services First: I'm back friends and family quite often. The first people you would approach. You want to get the word out there. Your friends and family are your network. They can sell your services. You're really using a support network that exists So many people don't. So many people feel afraid to, to let their friends and family know what they're doing. I think that's a real mistake. Being able to reach out to your friends on reach out through your family to say, Here's what I'm doing I'm loving it. I could do with your support. There's nothing wrong with that. So do it. It's a great stepping stone to creating a successful business. Here it all the time. Go sell your photos in cafes and coffee shops. Not a particularly efficient way of selling your photos. But it's an extremely good way of selling of services. So if you're going to be doing that, at least on every photo, you should have Ah, card. That explains how to get in touch with you restaurants or a great one, especially small local restaurants or looking for something nice to hang up bookstores. Big one on the Rise Airbnb contacting local Airbnb properties. There's so many of them now, especially here in Scotland. All of them are excited at the prospect of being able to put up local photographers. Beautiful work. Now remember, you're not giving it to them. You're lending it to them. You're essentially beautifying the apartment in exchange for advertising yourself when you're working with a coffee shop or a cafe, restaurant, bookstore, Airbnb, whatever, you should be more focused on the potential off advertising your services. Then you should be on selling your photography. It's all about expanding a network. So if you've just got a picture up there with a price on it, and they have to talk to the landlord talked to the business owner toe by that photograph. It's not gonna do anywhere near as good as advertising you as a photographer. You and your service always go for exposure and reach over selling your photos. Finally, gum tree, Craigslist, Local Facebook listings, Local Facebook groups. These are all places you can advertise. It's services. Set yourself a calendar reminder. Do it every Monday Tuesday or somethin 4. Researching Local Demand and Competition: Okay, We're gonna look at how to research local demand in your area. So we're gonna jump onto a computer on. We're gonna have a little look see? See what we can do. So in this section, I'm joined by Calum on camera going to help me, because one it doesn't have a Google AdWords account. And that's what we're gonna be using today on two. While he's not a photographer, we're gonna pretend he is. What sort of photographer would you like to be? Let's be landscape a landscape. No, let's not. I'm a modern fashion photographer. All right? Okay. Perfect. So you have landed calumny. No idea what we're doing. We're just starting street, so right on D. So the first thing we're gonna search for is the Google. He would two. So Type A and O might taking the helm using denture adhesive with science. So that sounded a little bit weird, right? It's We're recording this in Halloween for vampire. Fine. OK, beautiful. Okay, Now it's important we hit the rate option here on day. I think it's this one here, so it says keyword research. Keyword planner to Google AdWords. Right. Brilliant. So when we hear. I don't want people to hit. Sign in. I don't want people to hit. Start now, Assuming you've got Google again. If you haven't got a Google account, go get Google account. We want just hit. Start using the keyword planner. Try that. All right, go ahead and confirm issue and we're rocking and rolling. So what we want to do here is you want to get through this without having to give them a website because you may or may not have a website. At this point, I'm assuming get done. So skip guided set up. Okay. Create an account without a campaign on. Uh, yet let's find submit. Explore your account. Goody, goody. We're in without giving a website without providing any credit card details. That's what we wanted. Right? So let's This is the homework for our skill share viewers. So they're going to go on and do some research. Can you go back to that tab? The key would researched up and hit Start using again. So if it comes up, Okay, works. So we're gonna start with, find new keywords we're gonna type in. Let's go for it. So, fashion photographer Lovely. Right? So you're starting your career is a fashion photographer. Let's get started. See who's searching right now. We've got loads of results here, but what we need to do is narrow it down to where we are. So go to locations. Andi want to get rid of the United Kingdom, Beautiful and to a new location to target on DWI are going to target Edinburgh. That's the nearest big city to us. We could also target the area in which we're in, which will be five. So we could, but we're not going to. We're gonna be quite specifically. But I search. I'd research each section individually because there's different connotations involved. We want to be looking at the competition in Edinburgh. I want to be looking at the demanding a number. And then if we would look at five, which is just up there, we would look at the demand there on the competition there. So let's look at him or separately, granite safe. I'll figure should update so we can see that in Adam breath. If you move, you follow the mouse for me. So for fashion photography, every month there's 10 to 100 people searching for fashion photography. Interesting that that doesn't really surprise me to be honest. Okay, what else are they searching for? In relation to the best fashion photographers, Top fashion photographers, model photographers near me. That's pretty good. That sounds like a good one. So what we're looking for is keywords where there's an intent to buy your services. Right. So what do you think you'd pick from the ones we've looked at so far? Which do you think would result in the best type of customer? Someone is definitely looking for a fashion photographer. So if I If I was photographing fashion, I would probably want a model. No. So you started a business over. Okay. As a fashion photographer, you're looking to see how many people are looking for a fashion photography. No area. Okay, what do you think? What do you think? People type in to find a fashion photographer? Imagine. Just fashion photographer. Yep. On is anyone typing in that? I don't see anywhere. Um, so if you were going to this business, I take that one. Take that for me on will take model photography on will take fashion photography. Protect those three. So that is 10 plus temples. Tenders 30 on 100 put 100 500 sets 30 to 300 searchers each month in Edinburgh. So that's 30 to 300 people that could find you locally. Let's look at a different area, a different aspect of photography that we might be interested in. Let's go for portrait photography changed that. Get rid of that type in Portrait photographer. Your keyboard is rubbish. Portrait's Foothold, Mr H There in photography. Yeah, beautiful. Okay, on get results. Let's see what we get here right now. This seems to be a lot more in demand. So portrait photography. Um, there's 100 to 1000 searches every month. It's not. It's quite a wide niche. As you can see here, it's saying you born photography, baby photography, family photography, family portrait. So these Airil sub knishes auf portrait photography. Probably slightly more reasonable search figures. 10 to 100 a month. Um, we're going to go and look at the competition. So you're a fashion photographer. The 32 300. How many people are competing against you in this sector? So open up a new top. Let's type in fashion photographer Hold for you hear from Excellent. All right, so here we go. Here is the competition. So we've got someone advertising atop John Need. So they're paying. So if we would click on the advert we're not going to do if you were to click on it, they have to pay £2. I believe they're using Google ants, and that's something we promised ourselves. We're not going today because we're photographers on a shoestring budget. So let's have a look with maps here. The maps is really important. We're gonna look at adding yourself to the maps next, but we can see we put in fashion photographer number so it's in relation to the center of town. These are the best photographer. Is it confined on? That's based on how close you were to the center of town on how many reviews you've got. There's all sorts of aspects that make you go higher in the maps ranking. So coming, coming from a complete novice, I'm seeing three listings here, but they're also so those are highlighted. But yes, those smaller dots are also photographer. So if you were to hit more places, it'll show you go for it. So you all those photographers zoom in there. You can see much more detail about There's not that many fashion photographers in November . Some of these are fashion photography's. We're gonna wedding eso That's our starting point. So these this is all competition. If you're going to go into business, we got beat this case on one of the best ways you can do it. First of all was getting yourself on the map. If you've got your business address, Senator Central to Edinburgh, then you're gonna show up on this list as competition to these guys straight away. If you're right the edge of ember on the person that searching for the services in the center, then it's less likely that they'll find you. So sometimes people will buy a business address by a mailbox address on. They'll put it in the center of town. Um, just so they could be found. So let's have a look at the actual websites that competition to your service. So we got and, uh, serving Kovar. I pronounce that right. So what does she do? So she does fashion photography, but she doesn't load of other stuff as well. So she does appear we got fashion and commercial. So she also does event photography, wedding photography, professional portrayed in video. Good for her. It's gonna be a a long slog, I think is a fashion photographer. Um, one of our customers was Climate for Total. Fifth on. He did, ah, lot of shooting a lot of collaborating for free, constantly looking for models moving up and down the country, saying, Let me give you a shoot on on you know, he it's a long slog before we got started making actually money, getting paid for what he was doing. So obviously it's not just about the content, but it's also about who knows you, who's heard of U. S. So we can see. So Anna is number one. Scroll down so we can see more the results. So what are our chances of showing up on the front page of Google in Edinburgh? As a fashion photographer, I would say pretty slim. Even the last option this guy's doing. Fashion photography. Second glass Gordon were going Fashion photographer Glasgow and Edinburgh. Lee Howell ISS fashion Jesse shirt Does fashion photography and so on. So pretty competitive. Okay, portrait photography portrait photographer. With that, let's try corporate portrait photographer. If we get anything, we'll get anything. Any businesses looking for a portrait photographer? Would they even know what to type in? Look at that. So we've found a niche. So in Edinburgh, they're 0 to 10 people each month and no competition at all for corporate corporate portrait photographer. So we found something where there is some demand and no competition, at least in advertising. So let's see. I see what the Google results show. So let's type incorporate portrait photographer. We're gonna find something. Guarantee. All right, so we got someone advertising on top. Um, but that's it. One person advertising we then got Joe Hanley, Portrait photographer, at number, corporate, industrial photographer, corporate port portrait, photographer number. Just having a look at these results. We know John need does everything. So, um, I've got a feeling that these aerial sub services, like everyone here, is offering everything on and corporate photography. Go click on corporate industrial today. Very nice. Well done, Joe. Scroll down. So this person is dedicated to corporate portrait photographer. I want I want photos like this jelly hand. Beautiful. Yeah, I love this. Really good. So as a corporate photographer, I'd be like, yes is great, but this is not the home page. So I click on Joe Hanley photography. So the new portrait corporate stills sport, um, the next one, Simon Williams clicking staff portrait pictures taken in your office. Oh, dear. Go click on the title. Okay, so we can see Simon Williams is not focused on corporate. It's just a page on their site. Um, so I think weaken, deem the corporate photography might be a good one to go for. We want to look at the different niches. Research. How many people are searching in your area for those niches on, then look at the competition and kind of get an idea off. Is it something they specialize in, or is it something? They are just part of the list of things they do because they're gonna create a website that specializes in just that. That's who you're going to use for that service in not going to use the person that specializes in everything because you've got a good portfolio, Then you've got a great chance of competing. So thank you to Collins. Very much, much appreciated. Thanks for coming in and lock it in with your account. Thanks for Let me use your do you want Teoh create a business? Google business? Sure Listing. Yeah, if you want. If it helps your students then wouldn't. 5. Adding Yourself to Google Maps: and we're back with Calum and Callum. Today is no longer a photographer is now a graphic design expert expert. But I would actually, What he does is graphic design. So we're gonna show you how to list yourself on Google maps. This is easy is next to get yourself listed online. So Collins never done this before, so I'm gonna scoot on over, okay? Callan is going to set it up. So the website we want to go to Cold Google my business. All right, let's not hit the and let's go for the actual my business listing on start now, populace. Now, obviously, if your photographer, you're gonna put in your photography business here, naturally, having a name that incorporates what you do could be really important to being found in Google for being promoted up the ranks. So this is where you see so many companies that might be called things like, um, at number of stare lighting company. The rather having a coup brand name. They're focused on stair lighting. Yeah. Would you believe it? And they're in Edinburgh, so they call themselves Adam Bristol like, and then they get a website called At Number Stares fighting dot com. So eso as a wedding photographer, you could be, um, car wedding photographer has co dot UK and have a company called Khar Wedding Photography. And you do you know, reasonably better than the people that just call themselves flamingo wedding or whatever. So, in your case, we are going to be creating a business for graphic design. Proactiv designs create designs. Yeah, um, beautiful couple day. Beautiful. Right quick. Except now remember, folks, if you're gonna get yourself on the map, then you need to actually have a physical location. You can't just get yourself on a map. So if you're working from home, then you're gonna be actually putting your home address. You might not want to do that for pretty reasons. In our case, we've got on office here which our column works from ESO. We're gonna be putting that on the map and creating a listing here. So next where's it located? We know where it is. So now this is gonna have to be seven Preston krosen. I was waiting for user into any of that number. Chris, look, unless you have a line, so go ahead on move that to the second line because it's Preston House. You know where we are if you want to come, Stukas. That's right. We're in five 11 one D uh, do you deliver goods to your services? You deliver goods and services to your customers. Do not. Okay, so next is your business on here? No. Okay, choose the category that best fits your business. Now, can we just have a look at some of the photography categories? Just type in photography waken. See, we've got wedding commercial and Ariel. Aerial photography. Probably being like a drone photography. Is that what we've got? Every one of you type for took a fee. So got studios, services and schools so you can have more than one category. Andi, it's important to make sure that your main category is your main service. Secondary categories are ranked as high, so you always do best for the category that you make your first category. So, in your case, this graphic design. So let's go for graphic design. Beautiful. You go have a design. Happy days. Next. All right, So you need a phone number? Sure. Got one. Uh, yeah. Okay. We're gonna blew this out for everyone. Have you a website? I didn't know. So I don't need one. Give you one late around. Stay in the know. So if you want to hear all about the latest and greatest from Google, you can I prefer your Gmail account on now. What's going to happen next is you're gonna have to verify where you are, so that will assumes you verify it will allow you to list your business on the map. So go ahead and finish on. What they're gonna do is gonna send out well, they usually send a postcard to dress. He comes here. It comes Way for the post monitoring the door out. Now it's gonna take up to four days to arrive. What other options have we got? No, Uh, not so they have to send it. So yet, you know, if that ever arrives than I'll be surprised because I'm glad you got a listing on the front door so we might actually have toe put a car Grave designs on the front door, But, um and that's it. It's a simple as that hit continue. And in four days time, Callan will be able to have his business listed on Google So let's have a quick look at what we can do in here to improve your listing on the maps. Because if you've got a more complete listing than others, then you're gonna rank up higher. So we're waiting on a red verification. When that arrives, Card will tell you what to do. In the meantime, let's add your hours of business. So Caroline comes in on Monday. It Callum oclock leaves at midnight. He does. But whatever. Whatever city, I think you better see it, obviously, but you have to wait to your verified, but this will show you how many people are searching for your service every month and how many people actually clicked on your service every month reviews. So people will now be able to review you on Google Maps, photos. So this is your opportunity to, especially as a photographer to aunt photos and videos to create your profile. So you've got a profile photo. So that's like your loga, your identity, your brand cover photo. To showcase your personality, it will be shown on your listing video that tells the story of your business and what makes it unique and interior shots. If you want to show what your business looks like inside school along. And you've also got exterior team believe eso appear. So your team, your identity? Um well, it's just the same as cover, but anyway, so you want to be filling? This was with many photos. And you can Andi, you don't really want to be skimping on them. If possible. The more complete your listing is, the better. Even if you haven't got an interior, come up with something fun for it. Be creative with it. So, as a wedding photographer, this is your opportunity to really put some beautiful photos on. Especially if you haven't got a website. Then this is your opportunity to sell their found here. They're not gonna find anything else. At this point, I'm gonna call you. We're gonna look at the competition so this becomes the best place to sell. All right. Thank you very much for get me. So no worries, right? Just guys. Bye for now.