Living Life With Severe Allergies: Allergy Coach Tells You the Truth | Nina Modak | Skillshare

Living Life With Severe Allergies: Allergy Coach Tells You the Truth

Nina Modak

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13 Videos (1h 14m)
    • Day 4

    • Day 4b

    • Day 5

    • Day 6

    • Day 7

    • Day 8 4 Things NOT to Tell An Allergy Kid

    • Day 9 How to Change the World's View on Allergies

    • Day 10 Going to University with Allergies

    • Day 11 Are You A Competitive Allergy Parent

    • Day 12 Dear Competitive Allergy Parents

    • Day 13 Should You Keep Allergens in the House

    • Day 14 What To Do When You Have An Allergy FREAK

    • Day 16 Action Steps to Deal with Food Allergy Anxiety


About This Class

This class is about dispelling the myths and taboos of living with life threatening allergies. 

Hi, my name is Nina I'm a grownup allergy kid and Allergy Coach. I help allergy parents through the initial phase of dealing with the allergy diagnosis. We work on how to beat the overwhelm, conquer the fear and manage allergies successfully so they can build the foundation for the life they dream for their children.

For more on Allergy Coaching, please visit:





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Hi I'm Nina. I love food and over the last 15 years I have developed my culinary skills.

But what's different about me is that I have anaphylaxis to peanuts and tree nuts. That means that peanuts and tree nuts could kill me, not to be too dramatic about it...but it's a fact of my life.

As such I've had to alter the way I cook and eat to keep me safe.

In 2015 I started Eat Allergy Safe. I'm passionate that allergies and free from diets aren't about missing out, they're ab...

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