Litha - Journey Through the Wheel of the Year | Ashley Krout | Skillshare

Litha - Journey Through the Wheel of the Year

Ashley Krout, Making Magic Simple and Powerful

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9 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. History of Litha

    • 3. Deities of Litha

    • 4. Magical Correspondences of Litha

    • 5. Ways to Celebrate Litha

    • 6. Litha Altar

    • 7. Inner Work and Journaling

    • 8. Litha Meditation

    • 9. Thank You!


About This Class

Litha, the midsummer sabbat, which means Light, is a celebration of the sun and the space between the earth and the heavens. It occurs on the summer solstice and is a time of honoring the longest day of the year, while balancing energies between light and dark.

The seasons correspond to different parts of our growth so even if the weather doesn’t match summer, we can still utilize this energy to further our inner work.

With the Journey Through the Wheel of the Year Series, my intention is to breakdown the sabbats so you can implement them into your life without overwhelm.

Each year you can dive into the celebrations more deeply, but in the beginning, these classes can help you know where to start!

In this class you’ll learn:

  • The history and significance of Litha
  • Deities associated with Litha
  • Some easy ways you can celebrate
  • The magical correspondences, along with a step by step of my Litha altar
  • How to balance light and dark through a relaxing guided meditation
  • How to do inner work with several journal prompts and a beautiful coloring page

The class handbook and coloring page are located in the files section of the Class Project.