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Litha - Journey Through the Wheel of the Year

Ashley Krout, Making Magic Simple and Powerful

Litha - Journey Through the Wheel of the Year

Ashley Krout, Making Magic Simple and Powerful

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9 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. History of Litha

    • 3. Deities of Litha

    • 4. Magical Correspondences of Litha

    • 5. Ways to Celebrate Litha

    • 6. Litha Altar

    • 7. Inner Work and Journaling

    • 8. Litha Meditation

    • 9. Thank You!

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About This Class

Litha, the midsummer sabbat, which means Light, is a celebration of the sun and the space between the earth and the heavens. It occurs on the summer solstice and is a time of honoring the longest day of the year, while balancing energies between light and dark.

The seasons correspond to different parts of our growth so even if the weather doesn’t match summer, we can still utilize this energy to further our inner work.

With the Journey Through the Wheel of the Year Series, my intention is to breakdown the sabbats so you can implement them into your life without overwhelm.

Each year you can dive into the celebrations more deeply, but in the beginning, these classes can help you know where to start!

In this class you’ll learn:

  • The history and significance of Litha
  • Deities associated with Litha
  • Some easy ways you can celebrate
  • The magical correspondences, along with a step by step of my Litha altar
  • How to balance light and dark through a relaxing guided meditation
  • How to do inner work with several journal prompts and a beautiful coloring page

The class handbook and coloring page are located in the files section of the Class Project.


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Ashley Krout

Making Magic Simple and Powerful


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1. Introduction: E. Letta. The midsummer sabot, which means light, is a celebration of the sun and the space between the Earth and the heavens, and it occurs on the summer solstice. It's a time of honoring the longest day of the year while balancing energies between light and dark. This class is going to cover the history of LIPA magical correspondences associated with it . Some tips for celebrating some ultra ideas Some journal prompts with a coloring page for your inner work during this time and a meditation for balancing the elements of fire and water within you. This class is intended to be an introduction to LIPA to help you get started celebrating without any overwhelm. In the next video, we'll cover the history and significance of with a 2. History of Litha: Letta has been celebrated for thousands of years, and every culture has some variation of a summer solstice festival or tradition throughout history. The main energies honored during this time are a celebration of the space between the heavens and the earth, finding balance between light and dark and finding balance between fire and water. A northern European tradition was to set a wheel of fire and roll it down the hill in tow water. There are two guesses as to why this was done. The first is that this may symbolize the weakening of the sun as the days begin growing shorter and shorter. The second is that it may be imbuing the waters with the power of the sun, Willetts added. Strongest, in order to ensure no drug in the coming months, this long standing tradition dates back to at least the fourth century, and Onley faded out in the early 19 hundreds. In places farther north. Like Scandinavian countries, midsummer is still celebrated with gigantic bonfires to celebrate the power of the sun. In overcoming darkness in June, they're subject to nearly never ending days, which are a welcome contrast to the nearly never ending darkness. They experience in the winter. Romans celebrated this time by honoring Juno, the wife of Jupiter, who the month of June is named for. She is the goddess of women and childbirth and the Patronus of marriage, which is one reason June weddings might be so popular in modern times. Lipa is mainly celebrated by honoring sun gods and goddesses, integrating our shadow Selves through inner work and my spending time outdoors. The way you celebrate is completely up to you and a little bit all share some of the ways I celebrate and some ideas for you to implement. In the next video, we'll go over a few of the deities associated with Letta. 3. Deities of Litha: any gods and goddesses associated with fertility and the sun are perfect for honoring during with tha in the Shinto faith Alma Terrace, who is a solar goddess who is known as the one from which all white comes in ancient Egypt , Atten was worshipped for being the giver of all life and was represented as the disk of the sun. Another Egyptian sun God. Horace was thought to be the force behind the rising and setting of the sun every day, as we talked about in the previous video, Juno was the Roman goddess closely associated with fertility, childbirth and summer time in Celtic cultures. Liu was a powerful sun god who granted talents and skills. He has his own harvest festival at the beginning of August, known as Lou NASA. And honoring him at this time could lead to an even more fruitful harvest. As summer begins winding down, which ever deity, you choose to honor focus on the fruitfulness of this time of year on the balance between light and dark, and the next video we'll go over some of the common magical correspondences associated with LIPA 4. Magical Correspondences of Litha: the correspondences of Lithia reflect the time of year to Curzon. For animals, we have butterflies and cattle caterpillars, robins and other birds, bees and even snakes for foods. Anything green. Anything that's in season and could be harvested locally to you and then items that remind us of the sweetness of life, like honey cream, strawberries, then for colors. Lots of green and red, orange, yellow, blue. Pretty much all the colors you see naturally around you that are signifying the fertility of the earth of this time, with flowers blooming and fruits and vegetables growing, then for gemstones, all green stones are great for use during with a. This includes green of entering malachite, jade moss, maggot, pray night molded by emerald. And, of course, clear Courts can be used as a substitute or as an amplifier, then for herbs, oils implants. If you have an herb garden, this is a wonderful time to take a small harvest to use in your magical work. Anything is freshly growing is really great to use. Some ideas for plants and oils include lavender rose, lemon daisies, mug work, cama, meal and time. And the next video we'll go over a few ways. You can celebrate Letta 5. Ways to Celebrate Litha: harvest some herbs from your garden or go wild, crafting in your local area. Be sure to follow any laws and courtesies. Celebrate that it's summer. If you have kids, take them to a park or play in the sprinkler. Let your inner child have some fun, too. If you're in an area that allows bonfires, get a group of friends together and honor the energies of the sun. Set up a small offering to the theories who are said to be more active during this time. If you have tiny capture thimbles, fill them with milk and honey and decorate the area with small flowers to draw them in. Make a flower crown out of Daisy's. Sit out in the sun as you put it together. If it's spread out a blanket in your yard and try clouds crying to search for meaning behind the shapes of clouds in the sky. Above all, one of the best ways to celebrate with A is to get outside and enjoy nature, whether it's taking a walk around your neighborhood, planning an elaborate day trip to go hiking somewhere or sitting in your backyard and observing this guy and the next video all share my little altar with you. 6. Litha Altar: for my little altar. I'm going to be honoring the Egyptian gone atten as well as the fertility of the Earth. At this time, I'm going to be using my trusty gold candleholders to represent the sun's energy. And if you watched any of my other Sabit classes, you'll notice that I use these old lot unless you want to use completely different items each time. There's no rule saying you can't reuse magical tools. I have a really small house, and if I start to collect too many items, they become more of a burden instead of a blessing. And I don't want to ever look at my tools as a burden. So I just reuse what I have if you feel called to make a completely different altar with new items every time, absolutely do that. But if you want Teoh or need to reuse items, absolutely do that as well. One big take away I hope you received from any of my classes is that there are no hard and fast rules when we start to get an attitude of half to, we make magic dogmatic and inaccessible, and that doesn't benefit anyone. So follow your intuition and use the tools you have access to. Okay, So back to the altar. I'm going to use this open Terreri. Um because it gives me kind of a slightly ancient Egyptian feel. And then inside the gold candleholder, I'm going to be placing some rose petals that I collected from my yard last year. And you could also do fresh daisies if you want something fresh and not dried. But this is what I have on hand right now. So we're making that work. Roses are currently blooming here. So even though these air from last year is still from kind of the energy of this time and if you don't know when something was dried, that's completely fine to go ahead and place that in here. So next to that, I'm going to put some Pray night and I have it in raw form and in a tumbled stone. I'm gonna place these two in here and later I'll probably straighten this out a little bit better, but for now, just kind of giving you guys a general idea of what I'm doing. I chose per night for this altar because it's the stone that's used to heal the healer. It's important to take care of yourself and meet your needs, especially during harvest times. And I'm guessing that if you are drawn to any of my classes, you have a tendency to be a humor. For others. The energy of this stone reminds us to nurture ourselves as well as others. Working on our own health while the Earth is in such a fertile state could be extremely powerful. Now I don't want to place a candle directly in the terrarium because it seems like a fire hazard. But I do want to place a handle next to this, though, so I can light it when I'm doing the Lytham meditation or any journal work or setting intentions. Alters don't have to follow a specific formula or layout. Just adapt what you want to do to the space and tools you have and make it your own. So this candleholder a golden again has a green candle in it. And like we learned in the previous videos, Green is strongly associated with LIPA, so I'm just gonna have that right here to be ableto light as needed. In the next video, we'll go over some inner work and journal promise to work on integrating your shadow self after that is a meditation 7. Inner Work and Journaling: Letta is an excellent time to work on integrating our shadow Selves the energies Air balancing and fruitful, which allows for an abundant place to make these changes. In the class handbook, there's a coloring page that beautifully symbolizes balancing energies so you can use that if you find it easier to quiet your mind while doing an activity. There's also a list of questions to answer that will help you work through a few key areas . These questions are what results or manifestations have come through from the seeds you planted earlier this year. If you're feeling resistance, other parts of yourself, you're denying right about one aspect of yourself you find frustrating or inhibiting. Now write all the ways this aspect has benefited you or helped you throughout your life. Repeat this for any other aspects that come to mind, and any time you're feeling down about yourself to begin rewriting the narrative, this is how we interview our shadow Selves and experience true growth. Join me in the next video for a little meditation you can listen to any time you'd like to balance energies within you 8. Litha Meditation: get into a comfortable position. Begin breathing deeply, allowing every muscle in your body to relax. Gently close your eye. Continue to allow your body to relax even deeper. Allow your feet and toes to relax. Relax your legs. Release any tension in your belly. In your arms, your hands. Relax your fingers. Allow your body to fully melt into wherever you're sitting or laying. Continue taking deep breaths in and out. Let your face relax your eyes in the back of your head and finally your job. With your eyes still closed, visualize a garden path in front of you. Begin walking down this path with each step you take. Notice the beauty of this path. It's worn down from many others following the same path. Generations of magic makers have Travers to the same road, also looking for peace and balance. Lining the path is a deep green grass and every color of wild power you can imagine. As the path continues, the wild flowers and grass begin to get thinner and more sparse. The dirt is fading into sand, and you hear the distant sounds of the ocean getting stronger with each step. There's a curve up ahead that you follow, and you find yourself on a secluded beach surrounded by lush greenery. The sun is gently shining down softly, warming your shoulders. Slowly walk up to the shore front and step into the water. It's peaceful, warm and cleansing. Walk out into the water as far as you like to remember that you were in a safe place and allow yourself to explore as the water laps up against your body. Feel it pulling away any stagnant energy. Sit here for a moment, enjoying the cleansing effect the water has on your body. You become aware of a place inside your solar plexus that is yearning for the water. It kind of looks like a hollow sphere. Allow the essence of this water to fill up the sphere, satisfying the craving of your solar plexus. Begin heading back to the shore, slowly stepping out of the water. The sun is still gently warming. You allow its golden rays to evaporate all the water off your skin. Let the glow of the sun nourish every fiber of your being. Both your physical body and your soul stand here for a moment, soaking it. You become aware of another hollow sphere in your solar plexus, and this time it's yearning for the energy of the sun. Allow the golden light of the sun to Philip Spear, satisfying the craving of your solar plexus once the spirits filled, turned towards the path and begin your journey back to where you started. The path is sandy at first, with some wild flowers lining it here and there. Then it turns to dirt with lush greenery on either side of you. Continue walking on until you reach the point you started began wiggling your toes, your fingers and gently open your eyes. Carry the essence of water and sun with you as you go about your day. Return to this meditation any time you need the energies balanced or filled. 9. Thank You!: I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your magical journey. As a reminder, This'll class was simply an introduction to Lipa. With such a long history there so many ways the Sabah has been celebrated that I didn't cover here. My intention with this class and with all of my classes was to break it down in a way that allows you to easily incorporate it into your life without any overwhelm. Year after year, you can dive into the celebrations a little more deeply if you choose to. But in the beginning, thes classes can help. You know where to start. The next holiday will cover is Lughnasa, which occurs on August 1st. I hope to see you in that class as well. Thank you.