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Lit Instagram: An Introductory Class to Social Media Marketing on Instagram

teacher avatar Nikki Kahl, Break Through the Noise & Make an Impact

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. The Journey Ahead

    • 2. Pave the Path

    • 3. The Client Journey

    • 4. Craft a Lit AF Bio

    • 5. It's Storytime

    • 6. Lit AF Captions

    • 7. #litstagram

    • 8. Get Engagement

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About This Class


Lit Instagram is an introductory class to social media marketing on Instagram. In this class, you will learn how to craft a lit AF Instagram bio that immediately inspires interest from potential followers, and write captions that make a bigger impact so that you can attract your dream client.

Lit Instagram is intended for millennial business owners who are ready to become magnetic to their dream client and make an impact using Instagram. To get the most out of this class, you should already have an Instagram account set up, and a business idea in mind.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nikki Kahl

Break Through the Noise & Make an Impact


I believe in breaking through the noise and making an impact. I love empowering millennial business owners to show up fierce AF online and tell their story. I do this by teaching online marketing that feels authentic to you.

My Origin Story:

I was in my freshman year at The Art Institute of California, Los Angeles when I first found out about the magical concept of passive income.

I was mesmerized. I just knew I was meant to be a Course Creator, but didn’t know where to start.

I tried it all, from failed blogs and albums to odd jobs and freelancing my way through college, until…

I was offered the position of Video Production and Digital Media Coordinator at Merle Norman Cosmetics. A position they created FOR ME. I was 22 years old and... See full profile

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1. The Journey Ahead: Hello and welcome to Lip Instagram. The introductory classes. Social Media Marketing on Instagram. This class is for Malaya business owners who want Teoh break through the noise of their industry and really make an impact in the online space. This class is perfect for those who are looking to build a personal brand on Instagram. Those would be it coaches or freelancers who are looking to product eyes their services, but they no longer have to treat time for money or any other course creator. I'm your teacher, Nikki Kale, and I believe in breaking through the noise of your industry to make a greater impact. I love empowering business owners to show fear, Sayef online and tell their story. I teach online business owners just like you, how to captivate their audience through storytelling, how to teach through those stories and then how to create offers that actually speak to your dream client. My journey and online business started in 2010 and I built a successful online business doing something I loved, which was content marketing. I did video writing, social media, and ultimately I found out that that wasn't enough for me. I needed to teach people how to do what I knew how to dio and empower them to do it for themselves. The formulas and techniques that you'll learn and let instagram are repeatable processes. That means you can use them over and over on your instagram captions to create a lot of interest and get people really following you and caring about what you have to say in this class. You will learn how to create a lit F instagram bio and write captions that truly captivate your audience and inspire that interest. It's gonna get them toe. Actually buy your products. Marketing your business on Instagram doesn't have to be sales your heart. It could be a Superfund process that you really enjoy and actually helps you connect with the people that you can help the most. So let's get started. 2. Pave the Path: entrepreneurship is an exhilarating journey, one filled with calls to adventure, helpful mentors, tests, allies, enemies, deep introspection, rough ordeals and exciting rewards. As online business owners, we totally signed up for leaping into the unknown with no sign of a net. But sometimes it is nice to have a bit of a road map. Justice. A clear vision for your business allows you to choose yearly, quarterly, weekly and daily goals. Choosing a definite purpose for your INSTAGRAM account provides clarity on what the platform does for your business. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks when it comes to your content . By choosing the goal of your instagram account, you're getting intentional about what you want to post on. Why intention is the basis for success when it comes to marketing your business on social media? There are many goals to choose from when it comes to the purpose behind your instagram account. But here's a few to educate, to book clients or get customers to get followers to sign up for your mailing list, to direct followers to your podcast on iTunes, stitcher or another podcast platform, and to get followers off of instagram and onto your website, consuming blog's videos, free trainings and other types of content that you have available. You'll notice that I didn't put to inspire as one of the goals that was intentional. Inspiration does not equal impact, and it definitely doesn't equal money. You could be inspirational, but that's more of a byproduct of the content you create than the goal behind it. Choose the gold behind your account and write it down before moving on to the next video. 3. The Client Journey: before we get into practical application, it's important to understand the journey your client takes from being a potential follower to enrolling with you by buying your products or services. The journey is simple and consists of seven steps. So many online business owners leave out a step or two and then wonder why nobody is taking any action from post. They create the's air. The seven steps, Step one. They find you on Instagram. Step to your bio intrigues them, and they tap the follow button after glancing at a few of your recent photos in determining in all of 10 seconds that you're someone they may want to see more from Step three. Your content gives them a reason to care in the begin to feel like they know like and trust you. Step four. They reach out and start to communicate with you. Step five. They book an appointment or buy your products or services. Step six. They do the work by showing up for the appointment, using your product or collaborating with you on a done for you service and ultimately letting you do the thing you do best to help them. Step seven is when you follow up with the client. Step one is fairly obvious. Your potential follower finds you on instagram, either through the explore tab or through your use of hash tags or by following a hashtag you used so that your post shows up in their regular feet as their scrolling. In Step two. They decide to follow you. You have three seconds to capture their attention with your bio before they decide to move on to the next thing. If you capture their attention, build, then glance at the last 3 to 9 posts in your feed to see if you're worth fall away. If they decide that you're somebody they'd like to see more from, they'll tap that follow button and maybe even like, or comment on a photo or two. Step three is where your content comes in. This is where you'll give him a reason to care, to let them get to know you. So I began to like and trust you. I'll get deeper into that later in this class, in a lesson that shows you exactly how to do just that. The time that your potential followers spends in this step depends on how long it takes them to start and know like and trust you. This would be almost immediately to a few months of consuming your content with trust. Patience is key When you make a new friend, it often takes several months before you can consider yourself besties with others that can happen almost instantly. Give it time and stay consistent. That is what will transform your followers into customers. Step four is where communication begins. In this step, followers will begin to engage with you, believe comments on your posts, reply to your instagram stories and send you D. M's to start a conversation. This is where a lot of people mess up. If someone takes the time to comment on your post or reach out to you in some way, it must be a priority of yours to reach back. The whole point of social media is to start a conversation so converse we'll talk more about how to do that. In the last video of this class in Step five, they take the leap from follower to customer by booking an appointment with you buying your course or product or enlisting your services. This is the stage where they enter into a financial agreement with you. Step six is where the actual work takes place. They go to the appointment, complete the course, used the product, go through your coaching program or you render a service for them. During this time, it's important to communicate with the client and make them feel heard, understood and safe while working with you. The final step, Step seven is the one that most online business owners neglect when first starting out after the whole process is done, following up with them for a testimonial or to take a survey giving them a relevant free gift as a thank you for working with you, continues the positive client experience. Those who bought from you once are more likely to buy from you again than those who never have. So make sure to continue to cultivate that relationship by staying in contact with them. The most effective way to stay on their radar is by asking them to sign up for your mailing list so that you can continue to provide value for them. Email is the best place to sell your audience, so I definitely recommend looking into that. If you haven't already Now that you know the seven steps, you have a clear view of what the path of your clients journey looks like. Use your instagram to guide them through that journey. It all starts with the Instagram bio. 4. Craft a Lit AF Bio: your Instagram bio is the first impression your fault aware will have a view. It takes about three seconds for them to decide whether or not they vibe with you. So that bio needs to be lit A f it needs to immediately intrigued them. There are three elements to crafting an instagram bio that is, let a f who you are and why you do what you dio how you do it in what you dio and contact info. In my bio, I have my name a statement about why I do what I dio a statement about how I do it and a call to action to tap the link in my bio which tells potential followers what I dio Instagram also allows you to have a couple action buttons below your link. If you have a business profile, it's free to convert your instagram into a business profile and well worth it. So make sure to do that if you haven't already the lit A f bio formula name um Odier separator why you do what you dio next line how you do it And on the next line the call to action to click the link in your bio, which tells what you dio and then one or more action buttons below the link. Those can be it to email you book an appointment or to actually call you with your phone number. The first part of your instagram bio is your name. Then follow it with your favorite relevant emoji or Unicode symbol or some other type of separator. Then you'll put a statement about why you do what you dio at the time of this recording, that statement says, Break through the noise and make an impact on my profile. My target audience is millennial business owners, and what millennial business owners want most is to make an impact doing work that they love. We were all told that we could do anything we wanted to do and be anything we wanted to be . So it seems natural that we would want to be all that we can be to make an impact if you don't yet know the why behind what you dio. I have a great free workbook that'll get you feeling super clear on the why the how and the What of your business. It's at www dot the abundant freelancer dot com forward slash inside out Marketing Freebie Who do you most want to help? And how do you help them for a virtual assistant, the person they might serve, maybe a busy online business owner or business owners who are overwhelmed with the tech of running an online business. That phrase may look like freeing busy online business owners from the tech. For a writer, the person they served might be coaches who need heart centered. Copy were online publications and blog's that need consistent articles. A yoga teacher might be serving beginner yoga students in a specific county or want to teach other yoga teachers how to fill their classes. Think about who would be the most fun to help, rather than who you think you should help. This seems fairly obvious, but it's so easy to get caught up in who we have been serving and think that there are Dream Client, a dream client. As someone who lights you up toe work with, um, think about who they are, the problem they're having and the solution you provide to that problem. Then craft a short sentence explaining how you do what you dio. The less words the better, but you should use enough words for the phrase to be a complete thought. Next is your call to action. This is where you tell your potential follower what you do and where to find more from you . That's your link. I could be your website. A link tree link, YouTube channeling iTunes, Podcast link or something else. Describe what they'll find an address link in bio. The final element of your let F instagram bio are those two action buttons. You can get there by editing your profile than scrolling to the business information section and tapping contact options. Fill in your email phone number if you want location. If you have a location based business like Los Angeles, Manhattan or London and choose an action button, I have acuity scheduling. So I added a book button to my bio so that people can book a strategy call with me. That is the first step into my funnel when it comes to working with me one on one. If there's nothing relevant to you, hear your email will do just fine at this point. Go back and make sure you fill out the rest of that business information section. It's important to choose a category that best fits your business, as this is a way that instagram indexes you and ultimately helps you out in the algorithm. And it has the added bonus of further indicating what it is that you dio and how exactly you help your clients or customers. A final word about your Lincoln bio Instagram only allows for one link and it lives in your instagram bio. I haven't unlinked page on my website. That is a page that isn't in the navigation bar of my website, where I have buttons to all of my important links. As you can see here, you tap on the link in my bio. Then I have a short explanation of what I dio followed by buttons that take you to the podcast, the log and information on how to work with me and whatever I feel my followers might want quick access to. You can do this on your own website or use the free service called link tree to build out these links. Link tree is a great place to start. If you don't have a website or can't immediately get that link page up 5. It's Storytime: humans have told stories since the dawn of man. Even before verbal language was established, stories were told through drawings on cave walls, etchings and stone, and before written language, they were told around fires within tribes. Stories were spoken and entire histories were passed down, generation to generation, morphing with each telling until somebody finally Scribd them into stone tablets on papyrus and in many other ancient forms of capturing words on paper. As we evolved and became more sophisticated, so did our stories. Books were written, histories recorded and poetry recited for entertainment. We told stories through songs in theater and later in films. Now we tell stories every day, sometimes without realising it. When we tell our partner about her day, that's a story. Conversations with friends are filled with stories We relay from our past so that we create a deeper connection through mutual understanding of thoughts, emotions and circumstances. On social media, we tell micro stories when you make a post on Instagram, you're telling a story through imagery, and if you're doing it right, you're captions. Give more deaths to that story. Stories are how we communicate and create connection with others. This is what we do as humans. Persistent, consistent and frequent stories delivered to an aligned audience builds attention. Trust in action. If you want to have a lit instagram, the way to do that is by captivating your audience through consistent story. In time, a follower goes from the double tap scroll type of follower toe, one that reads your captions, engages with you in the comments and opens up communication so that ultimately they become a client or customer. The best stories tell a tale of something you overcame and learned a lesson from. That could be something you went through in your personal life or in business. I've told stories about when I discovered I had a dream of creating an online business while I was working as the video production and digital media coordinator at Merle Norman cosmetics. How I left that job to pursue that dream and met with obstacles along the way that I thought freelancing was my endgame but discovered it wasn't the kind of meaningful work I set out to do when I left my 9 to 5. I've told stories about the events that led up to me, discovering that I truly did want to become a coach because I had a deep desire to teach and make an impact for millennial entrepreneurs. Anything you've gone through is fair game. In the next video, I'll show you two examples of thes post on my instagram and give you a template for your caption so that you have a repeatable process you can use for making your instagram let a F . 6. Lit AF Captions: a proper story has a beginning, middle and end. But how do we fit all of that into the confines of an instagram caption? By following a simple structure in making concise sentences that tell a lot in a few words as possible, that story structure goes like this. I wanted something. I struggled to get it. I got it. Instagram limits the amount of the caption your followers can see when scrolling. You have less than 140 characters to grab the attention of your follower so that they want to tap more and read the rest of your caption. That's why you want to come up with a hook to your story, something interesting to capture attention that points to what your caption will be about. I follow that quote up with Have you ever wanted something so bad that you do anything to get it? Most of my followers will answer yes to this question and by getting them to say yes to me . Early on, I've captured their attention a little further. They'll read on after the yes question. As I like to put it, I continue. That's where I was at with freelancing after I was let go from my last ever job, I had a keen, pulsating desire to finally make freelancing work, no matter what it took. That part of my caption is my I wanted something part of the formula. I wanted to make freelancing work, no matter what it took. The next part is where I struggled to get it. I started working with my first client almost immediately on Lee. I wasn't doing anything that was within my zone of genius. I was a content creator, but I was doing back and advertising work because that's what the client needed. I learned the platform with all the technical ends announce I was a nervous wreck, stressed a F that I was going to mess everything up and accidentally delete all of his ads , thereby losing hundreds of thousands of dollars for the client. I didn't and I was rewarded with content creation work that first month, while I was doing the back and advertising, I made $500. Here's where I got it the next I made $1500 of course it just went up from there. I had succeeded in creating a freelance business with my content creation services that would take me on the wild ride of entrepreneurship for the next 2.5 years. In this post, I wanted to highlight a definite lesson. I don't always do this sometimes I'd finished the post off with a call to action directly after the I got it section of my story. This time I really wanted to drive home what I learned. The best advice I could ever give a person doing business in the online space is this. Have a burning desire to make your vision become reality and do all you can from your present place to make that happen. I have complete faith in yourself that what you desire will come to pass and show up consistently. Do not heed any thoughts. Contrary to the having of all you desire, I close this caption with that call to action. I talked about a call to action is a statement at the end of your post that asked the person reading to take an action. This could be the book an appointment with you toe. Ask them to listen to a podcast episode, watch a video or read a blogger to check out a product or service, or even a simple is asking a question to spark engagement in the comments. The call The action will vary from post to post, and you'll often figure out what the call to action should be after you've already written everything else. My called a action is I have a few spots still available for my free strategy calls. You can schedule yours directly from my profile. Talk soon. As I mentioned in a previous video, those calls were the first step to working with me one on one and those strategy calls. We talk about the person's business struggles and come up with three action steps they can take to move through those struggles. Right now, this usually transitions into them working with me one on one. But if it's not a good fit, they at least left the call with something they can actually use. Here's another example of a storytelling post from my Instagram The Hook. My longest job was at Merle Norman cosmetics right out of college. I was hired as their video production in digital media coordinator. The photo is of Baby Nikki and her office. I look so young. I was 22 years old and thought I was the shit I had landed what I thought was my dream job . I had my own office with a window, my own Mac pro, for editing videos, all of the software and equipment I asked for and could hire my video production friends from college on a freelance basis to help me out on video shoots. I was responsible for the video aspects of all the marketing for the entire company, for the United States, Canada and Dubai, and I still wasn't satisfied. I wanted something. Why? Because I knew there had to be more to life than working 40 plus hours a week building someone else's dream. I wanted to build my dream on Lee. I wasn't entirely sure what that was yet. I struggled to get it. I knew I wanted to be my own boss and work from home. I knew I wanted to freelance, but work had never been consistent. So how could I leave my salary benefits in a for a one K when I still had student loans to pay, So I stayed in that job. I stayed because I didn't know what else to do. I stayed until I couldn't handle lying to myself anymore. I got it. Here was my exit strategy. I decided to enroll part time at Santa Monica College to study music composition, which I was really into at the time so that I could defer my student loans. I was living at my mom's and didn't pay rent, so I only needed to make enough money at first to pay for my car food and say for whatever was next. In August of 2013 I quit my cushy corporate job to pursue my dream of freelancing and that one scary decision, the decision to answer the call to adventure began a journey that turned out to be one wild ride. As you can see from this post, I don't have a call to action. Not every post needs one. The purpose of this post was to tell my audience my story so that they would know me better and possibly see their own story in mine and start a conversation of their own accord. Some pretty cool conversations resulted from that in the comments and later D. M's. So here's the template for a lit a f instagram caption the hook or set up. I wanted something. I struggled to get it. I got it. The lesson, which is optional in the call to action again, optional. Below that, you'll have your hashtags in the next video. I'll go over some guidelines for choosing the best hash tags to use for your post. 7. #litstagram: hashtags are often misused. Feature on Instagram. This is one of the main ways you put your posts out there to get seen by new potential followers. What people make the mistake of is using hashtags that are not what their dream Klein is using, or they refuse to use them at all. Back when he used to run social media for other people's personal brands or businesses, I would have some clients that would stubbornly insist that I use hashtags like insta love or insta good hashtags that had nothing to do with the post and no relevant to their ideal audience and that were of no value to them. They were wasted real estate. You may be tempted to use hashtags that have millions billions of people posting to them, operating under the assumption that the more popular the hash tag, the larger your reach. This is not the case. The more people posting to the hashtag, the more posts to swallow up your own. That is, you can expect your post to get lost within minutes. Onley use hashtags that have 500,000 posts or below. I generally like to stay around the 350 mark and below for mine. This ensures that your post will be visible for longer, which means more people will potentially see them and like them. Another reason to use hashtags that Instagram has a feature that allows users to follow hashtags. When someone is following the hashtag that you've used on one of your posts. Your post will show up in their feet as they scroll in the same way that they see post from people they already follow. So how do you determine which hashtags to use? If you have a business where you serve a specific location like photography or videography , use location. Hashtags. Hashtag your city videography and hashtag your city photographer are two examples of using your location to help clients find you. If you specifically shoot weddings in the Los Angeles area, you can use the hashtag like hashtag Los Angeles wedding photographer or hashtag Los Angeles wedding. Then there are hashtag Seiken. Describe the style of business you have using that wedding photographer example again. Let's say they specialize in bohemian style weddings. The hashtag they could uses hashtag boho wedding photographer or a more general hashtag like hashtag boho wedding ideas and others that your dream client might use to find inspiration for their wedding. You can and should also use hashtags that relates specifically to your post content on that post I made with the quote from Napoleon Hill as the hook, I use specific tags like hashtag burning desire. Hashtag Napoleon Hill Hashtags thinking grow rich hashtag mindset hashtag abundance, mindset and hashtag money mindset. These aren't tags that I use in most of my posts. They're specific to the content of that post rainstorm hashtag So you think your dream client may be looking for Write them all down, then search instagram for the hashtags using the magnifying glass button in search under tags. Cross off any that have over 500,000 posts. These are the main hashtags will use in your posts A word of caution. Do not simply copy and paste your hashtags from post to post or use the same hashtags and every post. Switch up the hashtag to use in the order used them in. Instagrams algorithm does not like when it thinks you're being robotic and inorganic. Abusing your hashtags by using the same ones for every post or copying and pasting your Hashtags in the same order. Every time can result in you getting Shadow Band. This means your post won't show up in certain hashtags your Shadow band four, and could even result in disciplinary measures against your account. This has never happened to me, but it's happened to people I know just followed the rules. Don't get lazy and you'll be just fine. Instagram allows you to use upto 30 hash tag along your posts, though I generally use between five and 20 because we're using up most of our character allowance to write our caption so that they tell a story. There's less room for Hashtags. This is fine. Better to have a valuable post that makes an impact than use all 30 hashtags. 8. Get Engagement: the entire point of instagram that's often missed by those who use it is to make connections and start conversations. Instagram's algorithm rewards those who start conversations and continue them in the comments and in other people's comments. To get engagement, you must first engage. Are you responding to your comments on your posts? What's more, are you responding with an insightful comment or you just replying with Emojis or things Most people don't know how to be insightful. When someone leaves a great comment on my post, I go check out their profile to see what they're all about. I even check out a few of their recent posts so that I can respond with something relevant about them. Something as simple as asking them how their businesses going can open up a conversation that can last several comments. You can also go their profile toe like a few posts and comment on a few posts. Follow them if you feel like they may be your ideal client, that way they'll pop up in your feed and give you more opportunities to interact with them and build a connection. When you interact on social media, speak to your followers and potential followers as if they're a close friend. There's nothing better than meeting a father where in real life and having them say, Wow, you're just like you are online Be authentic be yourself and really engage with people on Instagram. Your bank account will thank you. That's it for let Instagram Thank you so much for going on this journey with me. I am so excited for your class project. Make sure to post that in the class project section so I can take a look at it. Tag me in your post on instagram. My handle is at the abundant freelancer and I would love to see where you're up to, maybe give you a follow definitely post in the community section of this class. If you have any questions whatsoever on any of the videos or the topics that we talked about, please leave a comment. I will get back to you as soon as possible and make sure that you are super successful with this class and moving forward that you have a instagram that is Les F. If you want to subscribe to my mailing list, you can go ahead and get that freebie I mentioned earlier at this link. Just sign up. It'll get sent your email, and then we can have continued conversations and make sure you're getting the support you need. If you're interested in working with me one on one, I do have those strategy calls, which you can get Teoh from my INSTAGRAM account. If you press the book button, you'll be taken right to my calendar. You can book a call and we will get started. Thanks again, and I can't wait to read your stories.