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List Building, The Lifeblood Of Business Success

Frank Wesley, Where Education Leads To Your Success

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10 Videos (54m)
    • List Building Introduction

    • List Building Traffic

    • List Building Tools

    • List Building Squeeze Page

    • List Building Free Offer

    • List Building Niche

    • List Building 101

    • List Building Sales Funnel

    • List Building Autoresponder

    • List Building Conclusion


About This Class

List Building, The Lifeblood Of Business Success - Fact is, email list building remains one of the most powerful and thoroughly understood “modern” forms of communication. That’s why just about every social media platform requires you to have an email. An email list is a list of names and email addresses of people who gave you permission to send them updates and promotions from your business via email. Why is this so important? This so important because these subscribers joined your email list from your website or squeeze page and they are extremely interested in what you have to offer and say.

The following are demonstrated through the lectures in this order:

  • List Building - Introduction
  • List Building - Traffic
  • List Building - Tools
  • List Building - Squeeze Page
  • List Building - Free Offer
  • List Building - Niche
  • List Building 101
  • List Building - Sales Funnel
  • List Building - Autoresponder
  • List Building - Conclusion





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Frank Wesley

Where Education Leads To Your Success

Hi, my name is Frank Wesley, owner and webmaster of Frank Wesley Education Hub. I am a 37 year educator with Elementary and Special Education Certifications along with a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology. I’m also an internet enthusiast as a self proclaimed entrepreneur. I am most importantly a father, husband, and “BigDaddy” to 6 beautiful grandchildren. 

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