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List Building Mastery Course

teacher avatar Jimmy Razo, Learn-Implement-Earn

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 23m)
    • 1. ListBuilding 01NicheSelection

    • 2. ListBuilding 02CreatingFreeOffer

    • 3. ListBuilding 03SetupAutoresponder

    • 4. ListBuilding 04FreeAutoresponder

    • 5. ListBuilding 05AutoresponderDemonstration

    • 6. ListBuilding 06FollowUpSetup

    • 7. ListBuilding 07FormSetup

    • 8. ListBuilding 08LandingPageSetup

    • 9. ListBuilding 09BuildSqueezePage

    • 10. ListBuilding 10FreeTraffic

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About This Class

List building is one of the most under-rated business models and greatly mis-understood by beginners as they continue to ask the question 'is email marketing dead?' Far from it!

Not only will you learn how to build your own niche list but you'll discover how to do it using a free system so you can eventually be the one making 100s with every email promotion you send out!


Lesson #1 - Discover how build a profitable niche list that love receiving emails from you

Lesson #2 - Learn how to create an appealing offer that your niche will love and happily sign up for

Lesson #3 - See how to set a mailing list with a paid auto-responder service

Lesson #4 - Discover a free autoresponder service as an alternative to reduce your costs

Lesson #5 - See a basic list-building system in action so you know what to expect

Lesson #6 - Setup your first follow-up system so subscribers receive your emails automatically

Lesson #7 - How to setup a basic web form and retreive your embed code

Lesson #8 - Why you need a landing page and best practice examples

Lesson #9 - How to setup your squeeze page, insert your code, and optimize for best conversions

Lesson #10 - How to generate traffic to your squeeze page using simple and free traffic generation techniques

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Jimmy Razo



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1. ListBuilding 01NicheSelection: This is part number one of no costless building. And in this video, we're going to discuss the basics of this no cost business model. The first step of this system is to select a profitable niche market with hungry buyers. And we're gonna show you how to do that in a following video. Then we're gonna go through how to create a quality offer. After that, you're going to get people toe, opt in with their email address and possibly their name, so that you can start sending follow up messages to them. The goal here is to post your free offer on something off, like a free website or a free blawg. And that's exactly what we're gonna show you how to do. Once you do that, we're gonna set up automated follow ups for an affiliate offer or your or your own product . If that's what you have as well. And then we're gonna also show you how to do email broadcast messages. So as affiliate offers come up that you can promote, you will be able to send out emails and generate commissions for certain affiliate products . The key part to make this system work is to send all traffic possible to the opt in page To generate your subscribers. You can actually run a fully sustainable business, a full time income on the Internet. If you focus on just having one good often page and just building up that opt in page as much as possible, funneling all the traffic you can to build up that list of subscribers. It is very possible to do that. You also could scale this up and do this across multiple niche markets across multiple spectrums within the same niche market to really enhance the amount of subscribers you get . Ah, but ultimately, all it takes is one good squeeze page, one good free offer and a really good follow up sequence, and you could generate a nice, sustainable passive income that's pretty much hands free. Once you start getting the traffic again, you could scale up with this with paid solutions. After some income has been made to take this even a step further to go into paid traffic options to really ramp up your list building, you could go into getting a paid auto responder just to give you a little more extra layer of protection. There's all kinds of directions, you could end up going with this. Creating your audience is a key to a long term income online, and your audiences like your email Lester following people that are interested in what you have to offer. And that's the key. That's a key to this system and making it work. Is your finding a profitable niche market that has a problem? You're giving them a free solution to that problem, and you're getting them to give up their name or email to get on your email list. And then you're going to follow up with them in the future with related products with your own products down the road and also with building value and building that relationship with them. Because once they join your list, they're yours until they choose to unsubscribe so you can email them however many times you want. This is a lot better approach did, sending them to a landing page where they click on an affiliate link, go to the other website and end up maybe buying or not buying. But either way, you have not captured their information, so this forces you to capture their information. So you can follow up with them into the future. And so it's a really good business model. It's a great way to get started on the Internet is to start building that list. It's a mistake a lot of people make when they start out, and if you use this method, you're not going to run into that mistake. So here's Step number one of the no costless building system, and that is to choose your profitable niche market. So you want to choose something to start with. So a niche market where people are buying things. You don't want to spend days and weeks under niche research because it gets very easy for you to decide and keep putting it off and say, Well, I'm just gonna wait till I find that perfect niche market, that perfect market of hungry buyers, a niche market for you, just you understand it's a group of people with a common interest or problem, and these people are looking for a solution to that problem, or they're looking for a way to get better or make that better. So you do not need to be an expert when you choose your niche market. That's another key thing to keep in mind. You can create an opt in list and a very large opt in list if you just do a little bit of research on finding a good niche market and then do a really good job of putting together a nice free report or free offer for people. If you can make someone's life easier, save them money or make them money, you have a winner. So keep that in mind. As you're looking for a niche market, I would recommend that you use click bank dot com forward slash marketplace dot HTM. That's the click bank marketplace. You could also just go to click bank dot com. That's their home page and then look for marketplace in the top of their navigation. Click Bank is a really good sight. It's loaded with digital information products, and it gives you a really good idea. As far as what products are selling which products you could self popular. Niche markets online now that you could consider, would include the Internet marketing niche market now underneath Internet marketing. It's a very broad spectrum. There's all kinds of directions. You could go there. It's that the whole work from home market people wanting to make money online. People interested in blogging People needing Web traffic Affiliate marketing List Building help. Ah, there's all kinds of possibilities within Internet marketing beyond just what I listed their paper click traffic. Just just oodles and oodles of possibilities there inside Internet marketing loads of possibilities, Private label writes Reso writes Technical set ups, video training, all kinds of directions. You could go green living so things like alternative energy. Those do well. There's click bank products on that dental health category. Natural teeth whitening solutions cures Too bad breath are common problems people have. There's also a really big market out there for tonsils, stones, believe it or not. And it's an finish market where you can build a very large email following. And there are, you know, five or so products on click bank related to that, and you know it. Sometimes it's the most obscure niche markets or the obscure health issues that you may not realize you're out there until you've done some niche research that can actually become very profitable for you because there's not a huge amount of competition building a list in there diet and weight loss. Always a winning solution. If you can give people free fitness tips or free weight loss tips or free workouts in the form of video teaching or something of that nature to help them build their list up, you've got a winning solution right there. Fitness and muscle building. Another very lucrative, very popular niche market so similar to dieting and weight loss. Because those kind of go hand in hand, weight loss and fitness, but also muscle building muscle building in itself is an extremely lucrative niche market. People want to get fit. They want to get trim. They want to build more muscles. They want to bulk up men's and women's health issues. Another big you know, problem here. Men's and women's, you know, health issues. Another thing that people need help with. So all kinds of of things. And you know what those are if you're a man or a woman, Um, and you could broadly tap into those as a possible niche market relationships and dating advice. People need help with that all the time. Ah, self esteem. If you have a product helping people, I think better themselves improved themselves self improvement. Very big niche market, self defense. Extremely lucrative. And if you need any more indication, beyond there's products and click bank, just think of all the little karate centers around that teach self defense classes or the local Y M. C A's or the local health clubs that are teaching self defense. That tells you it's a very hot topic. People are interested in it of public speaking. If you can teach people how to do better public speaking, that's a very big niche market, with people looking for information. Ah, computer security software like anti virus software, scanning registry cleaners, those types of tools you're gonna find those on click Bank. You could do, you know, short Little refuse. Or you could come up with some sort of ah ah, free giveaway for somebody in those spaces, like a free report on how to safeguard your computer online or something like that. Now the reverse phone look up the that's actually a very popular product line on Click Bank , and you could actually build up ah, landing page or squeeze page on how toe you know, find people's public records and then get them into your funnel very lucrative job search and resume training. People need help looking for jobs, finding new jobs, especially now when jobs are a little more scarce. Great demand there. There's products you could easily plug into that sales funnel. And that's part of the key. When choosing your niche market is, you want to make sure there's products that you can recommend there as well. Plus, there's many, many more. And I would advise you especially to take a look at the Click Bank marketplace because that's just loaded with possibilities for you. So get out there, choose your niche and let's get started. You know, getting out there and building the list. The first step here is to get out there, picking its market picks, something that you're passionate about. Something. Maybe you're not as passionate about that you can become passionate about once you start seeing revenue and subscribers coming in. Ah, that's the key. It doesn't have to be the perfect niche. Market key is just to pick something. And then let's get started on to the next step, which is to create your free offer and get your often page built and get subscribers and traffic going to your opt in page 2. ListBuilding 02CreatingFreeOffer: This is part number two of the no costless building system. This is where we will teach you how to create your free offer so you can start generating those opt ins. The free offer is what's going to entice people. To join your email list, you need to have some reason to get them onto your list. Sometimes it's referred to as an ethical bribe. And so what we're gonna do is go over several different things. You could offer people that are very easy for you to put together that enables people Teoh want to get on your email list, and then they'll gladly put in their name and email because you've created such a good offer for them. So the first part that you could do first thing you could offer is a free report that short , maybe 7 to 15 pages. You could write it. Basically, you would go out there based on the niche market you've chosen. Do your research. You could research on article directories. You could go to Q and a website. You could go toe forms in your niche market. Look for questions people have about your problem about your niche market look for problems they have and find ways that you can solve. Those watch YouTube videos if you have to on the topic and take notes. Do whatever kind of research necessary. Just like you're writing a report for school. That's really the best way to explain that. And really, most everybody has done something like this in the past, so doing a free report is not something that's gonna kill you. It won't crush you. And, you know, again it's completely free cause you're putting in the sweat equity to do it. And so putting together report would be great. If you want to know how to write it, you could write it in something called Open Office Writer, which you can find an open office dot org. Or you could actually go to Microsoft Word if you have that as well, or Google documents, even which is also free. So some somewhere create your free report and then you're gonna want to save it as a PdF. So that's what that part of the process is. Another thing you could do is a free report with this series of articles. Now, this is a little bit different. Been riding the free report yourself, but this would be where you go out to ease. Ein articles, go articles dot com and articles based dot com These Air three really popular article directories. And of course, there's many more out there, and what you can do is you can actually copy and paste articles that are related to your niche market, and I would only do this for the highest equality articles, even if it's one or two per website. Do you want to go out there? Copy and paste these articles into a word document or open office, writer file or Google document file, Whichever one you choose to use? Copy and paste these articles into these these article Our word processing solutions and that becomes your report. You have now have five or six really good articles that help people on this, you know, with these problems that they're having the only caveat. There's You do need to include the link for the author because you need to give credit where credit is due. That's how these article cites work. So they do allow you to do this as long as you think back to the article and as long as you keep the link intact for the author, so keep that in mind. But that is a very simple way to jump into any niche market, especially one that you may not be 100% knowledgeable about. But you just know it's a potentially profitable niche markets. Another thing you could do is a free report with a set of YouTube videos that maybe you created or that someone else created that you found. It's just it's kind of like the article concept, but you found maybe five or six really good YouTube videos on your niche market. Well, you could actually summarize each of the videos into a word document or word processing solution, summarize them and then put a link to the video. So just compile 45 really good videos. You don't have to create the content again, except for you know, going out there and putting together the 45 videos, summarizing them a bit. And boom. There's your research without you having to be an expert on that topic, and that gives you the ability to tap into any niche market, and it gives you a free offer that you can give away. You could also do a free report with a set of other quality instructional videos on top of just YouTube videos. You could, you know, find videos on Wiki, how or some other how to site that allows you to share their videos. You could include those as wealth. You could also offer free email Siri's that you write, and what that would do is that would give you the ability with a free email. Siri's is. It would give you something where you could set up a series of emails. Maybe over the course of seven days they're going to get an email lesson or could be even the article concept where you take the article and you publish each day you publish a new article in that syriza, Of course, leave the author information intact. That's a good way to get people excited about joining your list. They're going to get some thing each day. They're gonna get something so they're going to start to see your name, and they're going associate you with quality content in their in box. And that gives you the ability to follow up with relevant offers because you know what they opted in for you could also do a free e book you made from free pl R or private label writes content. Private labor rights content is content that you have the rights to edit rebrand repurpose as you see fit. The only catch there's if you're using pl are, you need to make sure the terms and conditions allow you to give it away for free after use it. Some do some don't. Um, what you could do is Google the phrase free Pilar and your niche market. You could also, if you're trying to struggling with what niche to go into it. This point. You could just look on your hard drive because there's a good chance you may have some peel our content. See what Pilar content you have that lets you give it away, and that could become the report that you work together. I would recommend at least changing the name of it, and then you could, you know, work it together with within your own research, or add in some articles or videos to the end of it. But you could make a really nice product free giveaway product out appeal are content you would also want a link toe high quality training that you may have on YouTube as well. So instead of even putting all the YouTube videos into like a PdF, which I recommended doing, you could also just send out a series of emails where, instead of queueing up, you know an email Siri's you're curing up in email with high quality videos that you found . And so each day, one day, maybe once every couple days, they're going to receive a new YouTube video on their niche market with a solution to a problem they have. These could be videos you created or you didn't create. Ideally, down the road. They'd be videos you created, cause that's gonna personally build you up even more as that expert in their eyes. Plus, it would give your YouTube videos more views down the line, but initially for starting out, you could just send it to videos. Ah, that other people have created and just put those in an email. Siri's for the creation of the content already mentioned this. You could use Microsoft Word if it's already installed. Um, if you do not want to have Microsoft word, you do not need to pay for these is all no cost methods. Open office writer works Justus well, and it's completely free. You could also use Google documents as well. Open office writer eyes found an open office dot org's and you can download something else that's called Open Office Impress, which is just like Power Point, similar to what you're watching here. Another thing to do when you're done with your reports on any of these options Microsoft Word, Open Office writer or Google documents. They all give you the option to save the file as a PdF. So make sure you save the file as a Pdf because it's gonna be a lot more accessible. Two people instead of coming in. And like Google documents format or open office format where Microsoft Word Format it's gonna pdf's, make it more universal. Universally friendly. It's easier for people to use, and also with it being a pdf. They can't modify it at all, either. So within your content, another thing to do as you're creating this content include your affiliate links as well, so you can get credit for making you know referrals to other products as well. So as you put together these reports, make sure you're also incorporating your affiliate links somewhere in there. You know, maybe at the beginning, maybe at the end. So if you're doing a whole report on how to cure bad breath, make sure you think to a click bank product. Or maybe you find a couple click bank products and say, you know, for more information, form or insight on curing your bad breath problems, check this out where I found this to be a great solution to your problem. So and then the next part here, Step number three's after you've created your free offer, and I'm gonna assume you're gonna use the pdf method. If you're using the YouTube method, it would just be simply putting the links into your auto responder as well. But for step number three here, we're gonna upload our pdf. That way we have a link. So when we start setting up our list building processes, we have a link to send people to after they often in that very first email, because what you want to do is you want to get people toe land on your opt in page, put in their name and email, and then you want it to automatically send them an email, where with where they can download that free pdf that they signed up for where they can access it. You know, upload your free pdf online to deliver to your target market. This is the link that you will send your subscribers to. So here's a list of popular places that you can host your pdf content. You could go to slide share dot net and you could actually upload your pdf there. And when you do, loaded up their use Really good keywords related to your niche market because slide share could send you some residual traffic as well. That's definitely something to keep in mind. Pdf cast dot org You could upload your pdf there, and then they will give you a link that you could share and then another one is E. Doc our dot com similar to slide share as well where you want incorporate your keywords because you could get some natural search engine traffic. And the beauty of that is is that if your affiliate links are embedded in there, they may actually click on those links and be taken right on into, you know, your affiliate offer at which you may get credit for. So look, consider uploading your documents there. It's completely free. And then you could just provide that link in the email. Now, ultimately, once you scale the solution up, you would have your own web hosting. So you could obviously just load up your pdf there. And you wouldn't have to worry about these sites because these sites always have changing terms and conditions, and you don't have to worry about whether or not it's going to stay up there. But this is a great way for you to get started. It's gonna be a simple way you could use any one of these three services. If one doesn't work for, you could go to another one. And you can also Google for free, free document sharing websites, free document sharing websites, and you should find more of what you're looking for. So let's get out there and start creating our free offer. That's the next action step. You go back, watches, video, pick one of the methods, one of the free offers that you want to have start creating your free offer because you need some sort of a free offer so you can start building that list 3. ListBuilding 03SetupAutoresponder: This is part three of the no costless building system, and in this part we will discuss setting up your list. At this point, you should have selected your niche market and gone through the creation process of a free offer because you need to have something Frito offer people to get them to join your list. So in this stage were up to the point of setting up our list. So to do this, we're gonna need a free auto responder service to collect leads. Now, the beauty of having an auto responder service is that it really helps automate the process . So as people join your email list, an auto responder will automatically send them an email back, thanking them for subscribing and also automatically sending them the download link to what it is they signed up for. And so the great part behind that is that that gets people excited. You know, it's it's on instantaneous gratification because they get what what they were looking for right away. It's also gonna build their trust in you, and it also helps you because it's hands free marketing, because during that process with the auto responder, you can also queue up additional emails so you can send out sales emails without having to be in front of your computer. You just have to queue them up once. And every time somebody joins, they're gonna get those emails at whatever interval use at whether it's daily every couple of days every week. So arteries Boehner's air really good part of the process. An auto responder lets you capture the names and the emails and then, like said, it automates the your business by sending the downloads and also by allowing you to send out free, you know, emails out there and auto responders to them, the best free auto responder out there that we confined. Because again, this is the no cost income stream. There are paid auto responders that we will talk to you towards the end here, but the best free auto responder is list wire dot com. By far very, very popular auto responder, there are two other options for a free auto responder. Wanna send free dot com. They were very limited, though, because they start charging after I believe it's 100 subscribers. And then there's also time to respond dot com and then other people also have considered, ah, mail chimp as well, but they're they don't quite make their auto responder services working right away, so they let you do email broadcast for free. It is a popular one, but it does not let you do the automated follow ups in their free version. They make you pay for that. So that's why we recommend list wire. It's created by a marketer that has been around for a long time. He actually uses the same email servers for his own email business, and so he does a good job of keeping it updated and keeping it fresh. So here's a look at what list wire dot com looks like, and we actually have some tutorial videos that show you how to set up that process. But I wanted to let you know in this training, this is the course we're gonna use. You can take a note of this list wire dot com list wire dot com. So step number five here is we need to set up our follow up messages. We're going to set up an account with list wire, set up our list as well on list wire, but we have a video tutorial that's gonna show you more in depth. How to do that? So this next phase I want to discuss your follow up messages So you want to write at least one follow up email because that's gonna be the first message. Um, and that should leak to your often report. Wherever you have that hosted in the previous video, we gave you some tips. That was step number three of this process was uploading your free report or your free offer to a variety of free file sharing document sharing type websites. So your first message should link to the opt in report because that's what they opted in for. And it should also thank them and congratulate them. The second message could be something that pre sells your product that you are promoting to them. Or it could be another informative article that you found that would be the ideal solution only because it's gonna help build that relationship so you could find a good article on design articles on go articles. You could find a really good, high quality video that trains on your niche. There's tons of them out there on YouTube. You just have to do the searching within the niche market that you've chosen. The beauty of it is again. You do not need to be an expert on these topics. You just need to be able to connect people with problems with solutions. And that's really the whole purpose of this list. Building process of really anything on the Internet is connecting people with problems with solutions, problems and interest, I should say, and that second message again should help either pre sell a product or give good information. You want to try to set up three initial messages spaced a day or so apart, and the reason you want to go a day every day initially, because you really want to stick and home in their mind who you are because it's gonna come through is your name or a pen name that maybe you've chosen for this niche business? The key point is to build a relationship with your subscribers will let your subscribers know exactly who you are and let them know you understand what they are going through. That's really, really important in building that relationship. So in the follow ups, you know you want to let your scrapers No kind of about your back story. If you have one again, you could skip that part. If you don't feel comfortable, let them know you understand what they're going through, because obviously you've done the research in their markets. You know its a problem, whether or not you suffer from it or not, or know somebody that does. Or it's just a niche market you just chose to chose to go after because it was profitable and looks profitable. Let them know you understand what they're going through, so make sure you let them know that, but them know you're there for them if they need help, if they need to email you back for assistance on and also a key part here, this is going to go back to the previous video that we just did, which was all about creating your free offer. If you create a really good free offer, it's gonna go a long way to build up that trust from the get go. So if you're free, offers really good loaded with high quality and high value, and you also send out a few occasional really good resource is and tips to help people. You're gonna be much, much further ahead in your business. And so these are just come some core principles to help build that relationship, because the better your lest responds to you and the better they get to know like and trust you, you're gonna make a lot more money from that email less down the line. So let's get out there and start setting up our auto responder and are free auto responder on list wire. 4. ListBuilding 04FreeAutoresponder: we're now on part number six of the no cost product launch. And for this part, we're going to go over how to set up your free auto responder. Now, keep in mind this part is not required just like the e cover. But it is highly recommended because this is gonna be how you can create ah buyers list. So everybody that purchases your product during the product launch they can get onto your email list so you can promote relevant affiliate offers for people that promoted for you For other products you find on, like JV zoo or click Bank that are related to the niche of the product that you created. You want to capture your buyers, e mails, form or sustainable business. And again, this is a completely free way to do it without having to purchase an auto responder. Now we do recommend down the line investing in your own auto responder because services like a Weber and get response actually integrate seamlessly in with JV zoo. So as soon as they purchased the product, you can automatically have them added to your email list and with the free auto responder service that we use you don't quite have that full luxury, but you can. Using the information that we're gonna present to you in the following video, you're actually going to see a way that you can actually capture the names and e mails onto an email list of your buyers so you want to capture your buyer's email for more sustainable business. It helps reduce support requests as well for lost downloads, because you could send people straight to a spot where they could download your content. It lets you make much more from your buyers in the long run, which is very, very important. And then you can follow up with relevant offers that you promote for commissions and the best free auto responder that we found. And you can use this for setting up your squeeze page and all kinds of things to generate. Traffic is a list wire, and that's a great way to get people on your email list so that you can build an audience of targeted people interested in what you have to offer. And this is a look at list wire dot com. This is a service that was created by a Internet marketer himself. He actually uses his own email servers, and he developed this platform, and the beauty of it is that he he does everything he can to make sure it stays up, because this is what he uses on his own, to send out his emails to keep his business running. And so this service is very well up to date, and it does a really good job, and it's absolutely free for you. So list wire dot com list wire dot com is very well worth checking out to get your free Otto responders. Just goto list wire dot com. When you land on their page, you're gonna see the option that says Click here to sign up now. Ah, that's what you do, and we'll go inside the account here in just a moment and take you through this process of using list wire dot com 5. ListBuilding 05AutoresponderDemonstration: in this video, I'm gonna show you step by step, how to set up your free auto responder. So what you want to do is go to list wire dot com just like you see on your screen list wire dot com and you're gonna land on the home page, which is gonna look similar to this and what you're gonna find here. There's a short video right here that you could watch from the Creator, or you could just come down here and choose click here to sign up. Now it's absolutely fast, and it's absolutely free to sign up and get going. So let's just click here. And the next thing that I'm going to do is put in my account user name. So I'm going under the name for these videos of Jacob Jones, and we'll just go Jacob Jones biz as their user name. And the account password will just create a account password. And this is where you're gonna put in your user name, your chosen user name, whatever you want it to be. And then you're gonna put in your account password as far as first and last name goes. Just put that in there just as they ask. Business name. You could put your name again if you don't have a business name already. Ah, lot of people may not, at this point, so completely acceptable. You could even put your main website domain name in there if you had one. If you do not again, just leave that blank or put in your name there. Your address. This is very important to have your address. The reason they're asking for your address is to stay in compliance with the can spam act. The Can Spam Act says that if you're going to be sending bulk email or opt in verifiable emails, you need to have some sort of address for people confined you so you need to put in your address. Preferred a physical address, but some people do get away with doing appeal box just fine, so you could choose what you want to do here. So I'm just going to create an address out of thin air and we'll say Northwest Harvard Street, and we're going to just say this person eyes from, let's just say, San Diego, California and the ZIP code 12345 and then Let's go select our country here, which is the United States. And then phone number 555-56 to dash 34 3555 5555 Okay, And the reason I did that? Because obviously we don't want to give away anybody's phone number on here, and then we'll put in our email address once again, which is going to be Jacob Jones. Visit gmail dot com and once I'm done with that part of the process here, let's just make sure that goes in there. We can now go to create your click here to create your list wire account. So put in all your information, pretty self explanatory, and then click there to create your list wire account. You have one more step, and that is to go to your email inbox to verify before you're gonna be able to log in. So let's just go right up here. Let's go to Gmail, so I'm gonna go to gmail dot com. You could go to Yahoo Mail, Hotmail Ah, your own personal email inbox, Whatever. Wherever you get your email, that's where you're going to go next, and it's going to say, you know, Hello, Jacob or hello? Your name. Welcome toe list wire. And I'm just gonna click on this link to verify my information. So that's what I've done here. Your list wire account is now verified and ready for use. And so now we're just gonna click here to log in and start using our account. So I'm just gonna go to my log in here, Jacob Jones biz, and I'm gonna go to my account password, which was the one that we created during the sign up process. And I'm gonna go here toe log in. So now our address is correct. So let's just go here. Um, would you like to store your password for the future? I'll just say not now. And now it's going to ask me, you know, before it can continue. Um, the information that I provided looks like my postal address didn't accept it because I did just make something up. It needs to be a valid postal address. So do make sure you're entering your valid postal address in order to set this up. So go ahead, update my postal address, and then we're gonna go on to the next part of the process. In another video, I'm gonna show you how to set up your very first list and how to set up the process so you can get your first auto responder list going up and on the Internet. 6. ListBuilding 06FollowUpSetup: in this video, I'm gonna show you step by step, how to set up your very first auto responder within list wire. So one thing to keep in mind when you first set up your account, you're gonna have what's called a master account that you initially have when you sign up, you could work from that. But I would recommend creating a new auto responder for each of your different list that you have that way you know who's on which list. So depending on what free offer you're giving away, I would have a list created for that. If you're creating an offer for a product because you want to get your buyers onto an email list, I would create a separate list for that. So I'm gonna show you an example of creating a list, and it's gonna ply whether you're creating a free offer or getting people onto a buyer's list. So what you're gonna do is go on the left hand side when you're logged into list wire, click on manage auto responders. I'm gonna choose click here to add a new auto responder click here to add a new auto responder, and I'm gonna call this. Let's just pretend that we're doing our gulf products. So I'm gonna call this golf swing. Of course, because, Pete these we're gonna be people that bought this product. And I'm gonna call this, you know, Gulf swing course buyers. That way they know what the auto responder is. If they tried to opt out of that and you want to try and keep that within 50 characters, she don't want to go too long on that. Um, and then I just keep the default here. No, do not allow replication. That's more for the advanced setting. So you can keep that alone. And the replication password would stay blink as well. Once you do that, you're gonna be brought to a page after you've successfully created your list. And it's gonna say you've successfully added a new auto responder and it's gonna tell you a little bit more about it, and it's going to tell you just a few other things to go over with that account. So next thing you're gonna want to do is create a follow up message. So a follow up message for that list So I'm gonna go in here to manage this auto responder . First, I'm gonna choose manage auto responders and I want to select a golf swing course And we're going to switch over to that, cause that's the one we're gonna be working from. So I'm gonna go to manage auto responders, Make sure I select that course and then choose click here to switch to that selected auto responder. Alternatively, if I want to manage this particular auto responder, which is for people that purchased my golf swing course, that's we're gonna pretend you would use the drop down menu to go to that option. So I'm gonna come over here again to messages and follow up messages, and it will take just a moment. So this is where we're gonna put in our very first message that people are gonna receive after they opt in to our email list. And these air gonna be the buyers. So subject tags You could choose to include these if you want. Um, so, like, let's say you want include first name or full name, for example. You just choose, you know, insert first name. Thank you for signing up or thank you for your business. Since this is people that purchased. And if it's, ah, free report, you could say, Hey, thank you for signing up. So let's just go here. Put in a Ah, a tag here. So let's a first name. So hello. First name. So that's gonna automatically insert whatever their name is. It's automatically going to be inserted in there. So hello. First name. Thank you for purchasing our Gulf swing improvement course, and likewise, you could put in Thank you for signing up for a free report. Thank you for getting involved in our golf swing improvement course. You can choose what you want to put in here. We hope we hope you have great success as you work hard to improve your golf game. One other thing that may help you is this new guide I just saw called How to Break 80 which had a break. 80 is very popular product on Click Bank in the past that teaches people how toe, you know, improve their golf swing. And so right there and my follow up, I'm actually pre selling them on another offer because they've opted in for a golf product or they purchased the gulf products. So I know they're very interested in improving their golf game, So I'm gonna give them some additional tips on how to do that. Now, necessarily. You don't want to immediately start selling right away, but sometimes it makes sense where if they've just purchased something, they're kind of in that buying mood, so they are interested. So you only want to recommend high quality products. You could also just introduce yourself who you are, what they can expect from you to kind of build up that relationship, and then you can email them later. So it's completely up to you. And so you know, you can check it out here. So I'm just giving an example. You would put in www dot your, uh, how to break 80 dot com and again, Of course, you're should be your affiliate Link. Please let me know if you need anything else. Sincerely, Jacob Jones. And then you can choose the message format. You could do a plain text HTML based, or you could do a combination. I typically just Plain text is gonna be the easiest way to go and message Interval set at zero. That means it's going to go out immediately, so click here to save changes to this message, and we'll give that one just a moment. So we'll let that do its thing and save. Okay, so then you should see a confirmation page once it went through, and it looks like it's got a duplicate interval of zero. So, um, let's come down here because we were trying to create another message here so you can come back here to follow up messages, and you could add in a second message so, you know, how are you doing? And this could just be a simple follow up email to them that you could send out, you know, in interval number two or interval number one, which you got like a day after the next one. So then we just come down here, click here to save changes, and then we're onto the next part of the process so you could actually create multiple follow up messages. And what that does that what that enables you to do is to queue up several emails you get queue up 45 days worth of emails, a week's worth of emails so automatically on autopilot. Once they join your list, they're gonna be drip fed content that you can provide to them. You could send them over to your blog's or free website. You could give them or information on who you are to kind of build up your credibility. You could be promoting relevant products, and these air automatically set to go out automatically after they sign up. So they're going to get this message first, which is welcoming them, thanking them for their business or thanking them for signing up. The second one's a little bit about, you know, how are you doing? What can I help you with? You could send them a survey there to see exactly what kind of products you could recommend them. All kinds of things you can do here now I would recommend having more than two follow ups. I just have this in here for an example. That's the part of the process here is you wanna have follow up messages so we'll go ahead and pause this video and will go on and do another video, which is going to then show you how to set up your Web form. So then that way you have a Web form link that you can actually put on to your website. So when people buy your products, they could be taken to this page and get on to your email list so you can get them access to the product. Or you can actually just, you know, get their information. If they're buyers, you can also have them sign up to your email list if you're getting them on for free services, well. 7. ListBuilding 07FormSetup: in this video. I want to show you now how to set up your web form. So this point you should have set up some follow up messages. You understand how that process works. And so the next thing you want to do is you want to come up here to where it says prospects appear the top of your list wire count, and you want to go over here to subscription form. So prospects and subscription form and we're gonna click on that and go to the point where we could actually create an often form that we can then put onto our website. So first thing is, it's going to say you've not created any form for this account. So click here to add a Web form that big button at the bottom there, and we'll give it a moment toe load up. Next thing you're gonna do is choose your form name. So what is the purpose of this form? Is it to get the buyers onto your list? Is it to get people that signed up for free? That's what the purpose is going to be. So we're gonna just plug in our form name here So I'm gonna type in Gulf swing buyers one, because this is the buyer's list form, type in line used when placing the form on a specific location on the Web page. That's gonna be the best one. This form. Redirect your Oh, this is going to be the link or website your prospect will see after their subscription. So what you want to do here is you can plug in a website link that maybe you have on your free page. And so I would recommend that you create on one of your free sites and will demonstrate how to do that on, like wicks dot com or blogger dot com. I would recommend that you have a place to send them just kind of like a short little thank you message that you can provide to them. So I'm just gonna grab a link here and again. We'll show you how to set up this page in the next video. So what you can do here is just put in a link to your free website right here. So you know how to do that. And this would be any page, you know, any form or something, they're gonna go to after they opt in, so on. Submit open form, redirect your l in existing window, and that's completely fine. So now we're just gonna click on next step, and it's going to say Click here to edit this text. So click here to edit the text, and we're gonna give it just a moment toe load up here. Okay, So you're just gonna type in here What, you wanna have appear above your opt in form? So let's just say, you know, put in your name an email for product updates. And obviously, if this was free, then you would just, you know, if it was a free report, you would give them a reason to opt in. But product updates air good after they just purchased something. So let's just highlight this text here, and we could play with that front there, make it a little bit bigger there, and we're just gonna choose safe. So put in your name and email for product updates, and I just chose that header as far as the format goes, and then we'll say thank you for your business. And you don't need to worry about the fun because that's automatically going to be changed there. And you can just click on any of those tools that will center it. And so now this is how our opt informal look. You can click on a live preview which will take just a moment here. Toe load up. So now you can see how the form will look on your website. So let's just click on close here and go on to save my form, save my form. So now you've got your form right here, ready to go. And all we need to do is go here to get code, and we can actually insert this code. You can either use this one or this code here, and we can insert it onto our free website. So we'll demonstrate in the next video how to set up the form. So you congrats your buyers information, and we'll also show you how to set up that Thank you page that we talked about as well 8. ListBuilding 08LandingPageSetup: This is part number four of the no costless building system, and in this video we will discuss how to set up your landing page. You need a place to send your visitors to get them onto your list, and that comes in the form of a landing page. Or what's sometimes referred to as a squeeze page in the recent it's called a Squeeze page is because it's got one main goal, which is to basically squeeze information from the visitors to that page. It basically is gonna force them to give up their name or email in order to get something like a free report or free offer. Your free landing page to describe your offer accurately should make sure that your free offers described in a very accurate format, encourage them to opt in to receive your free offer on this page. It should do a really good job of pre selling your offer, and a lot of times a good landing page squeeze wage will convert anywhere from 40 to 60% or even higher. So you have a really good conversion rate because it's free and that's something free that they're going to give and if you have. Ah, well worded landing page or squeeze page. It will go over here in just a moment. It's gonna really help increase your opt ins and the amount of people that join your email list to get your free report. You want to start with a good headline just like any other copy writing. If you're writing your own sales copy, you wanna have a really good headline? Use bullet points to describe value that they will get from your offer. That super super important is to, you know, leverage. Bullet points on that squeeze page. Think of things like, how will your free report benefit them? What are they going to gain from it? Are these five articles gonna help them finally be ableto get the solutions they need to their bad breath issues? Is that gonna help them cure the gulf slice so they don't look no longer are, you know, playing the entire course and looking foolish out on the golf course? How is this gonna benefit people? They're gonna help them make more money. Think of ways that your free offer is going to help them so you can incorporate that into your landing page and take a look at this example. This is an example. Squeeze Pages is using a format that's been around for a long, long time. And again, yours does not need to look like this. Ah, you definitely don't need it to look at all just like this. But you get the ideas, the elements that you want to include on your free squeeze page that will show you how to build up. But what you want to do here is really, you know, Dr Something home with a headline. So notice Here you are struggling to find quality Pilar content. That's a strong headline because it hits people right where they are. So you could do something like you are struggling to cure your bad breath or you're constantly struggling with poor posture and it's causing back pain. You're constantly struggling with back pain. Download this free report which will change your life or whatever. So you get the idea here. You notice that that there are bullet points being used here and then there's also, of course, the often box, and you want to try and keep your landing page as short as possible. You don't need it to be super long, and this is actually a good size, a good format. So keep this in mind. You can actually, you know, pause this video review this Review some of the elements on here, but you want to be short and sweet on your squeeze page on your landing page, but you do want to have a good headline. You want to stress the fact that it's free, and you really want to sell people on what what benefit they're gonna get from getting this . What benefit is downloading this report? Because people value their time and they also value their email and contact information, So you do need to do a good job of selling it. Just because it's free doesn't mean they're gonna sign UPS. You need to do a really good job of selling that as well. So here is Step number six on setting up your landing page. There's a couple tools we recommend using will go over these in a video. One such tool is weebly dot com. You could actually create a landing page on a free site that you make on weebly, so it's just weebly dot com. Other options would be, ah, free page that you create on your blogger blawg, which could be found a blawg spot dot com or blogger dot com. They're actually the same thing, and they are Google Service. And then wicks dot com is another free website builder. She could build a free landing page on wix dot com. That's W i x dot com. Another thing to do is you can use their built in templates system to integrate your free often forms. You could, you know, put it on the sidebar. But we would recommend creating a page specific to the opt in, because you're gonna get much better results. That way, it's gonna really increase your opt in rates and then, of course, use your form from list wire dot com. List wire dot com is the free auto responder service. Until you want to make sure you're using that form, the next thing that you want to do is start getting traffic to your landing page. That super super important that's where you're basically Once your landing pages set up, you're gonna want to focus on 100% of your attention. What your email list to set up Once your auto responders in place, your free offer obviously is going out to them. You're gonna really focus on building up that opt in, list as much as possible and then finding and connecting them with good, relevant affiliate offers. So the key part here to this list building system is also to scaling it up. Because once you generate some revenue, it's time to invest in your business. You can get your own domain name, and for that we recommend a couple of services. There is godaddy dot com life domains dot net there. Actually, it's very similar to Go Daddy, but they actually have a little less, you know, little lower cost domains as well. Named cheap dot com named chief dot com name dot com is another good one. And then you could also start your hosting, um, your landing page or squeeze page on your own Web hosts. And that way you're protected because a lot of these free website builders they may or may not, you know, like what you're doing. They may take it down. They may change their terms and conditions right now, as of the recording, they seem okay. You know, with using their services. They have free website builders. They let people use them. But it's changing all the time. And that's why it's so important to eventually scale up to your own Web hosting. You could use Ah, host Gator or get gator dot com for some additional deals as well. And then you could also go to blue host dot com blue host dot com. So get gator dot com or blue host dot com. Are both really good options for getting your often are getting your Web hosting. You could also get your paid auto responder service. We recommend a Weber and then get response. Those were the two most popular ones and the reliable, and they work well so you could use either one of those services to further scale this up. That's gonna be a paid for auto responder. And again, you don't need to invest in anything until you generate some revenue. So go through the free system. You know, choose your niche. Get your free offer created, get the free offer uploaded, set up your auto responder and then get your squeeze page set up and then start driving as much traffic as possible to that often form to build up that subscriber base. So get out there and let's start setting up your landing page as her action step for this video. 9. ListBuilding 09BuildSqueezePage: in this video, I'm gonna show you how to set up a landing page or squeeze page using the free wicks dot com engine. And so what we're gonna do is set up a template so people can come to a page where they can opt into your email list through list wire, as you will recall. So what we need to do is go toe wicks dot com. So just goto wicks dot com and you'll go over here where it says start now and you want to just put in your name and your email and preferred. If you already have, like, a separate email account for all these operations because we're gonna be doing a lot of Web traffic things and you're gonna need to have quite a few accounts, it's advisable. Toe. Have a separate email account. So what we're gonna do is go right on in here at where it says, Start now, start now, and it will take a moment to load up here and let's go on over here to where it says templates. And when you're when you first get here toe wicks, its actually actually going to bring up these templates here when you first land on here. So that's what I'm going to do. I'm gonna go ahead and pick a website template that should work. And so let's just scroll on through here. What we want to look for is more of the the one pager or the personal side. So we go down here to where it says personal, and look at one pager that's gonna show us one page templates, um that are just more, you know, personal one page bio templates. So we can actually click through here. And it will show you the price on these templates. You know, show you Fitz free. So let's scroll on down here. Just keep looking at what these look like. So a new software landing page and again, some of these have, you know, quite a few colors and backgrounds, and we kind of want to minimize that. So I like this. Ah, this online business card one. This one looks pretty good. So let's just go to view this one if you this template. All right, so there we go. So this kind of just a very basic template that we can play around with here, So Let's just go here to edit this page, and it's gonna take a little bit toe load The Wicks. Html five editor. So again, we just browsed for just a one page template. We don't need an entire website. About the only downside of Wickes dot coms. They're almost too nice, in a sense. I know it sounds crazy to say that, um, but they actually have so many features, um, you know, within them. So it's it's very difficult to get just that basic one page. Ah, very simple squeeze page that we want to have. So, um, let's see here. So we can come on in here and we can, you know, work on this image. So if I were to click here, um, we could actually just click here within this image. You could actually delete this image if you wanted to, cause you're not gonna wanna have his picture there. So just click your mouse in here and drag right on over here where it says delete, we'll go ahead and delete that part of things. Um, right up here, it actually is the text part of things. So we're just going to double click in there so we can edit the text here. So we're gonna pretend like we're building a list for the Gulf swing. So let's create just a short you know, the the text here that we wanna have. So that's a discover how to finally cure your your gulf slice with this free e book so we can take out that part of the text again. This is super easy toe work with. That's the beauty of the Wicks system is they do make it very simple for you to work with. If next thing we want to do is want to highlight this text and we want to justify it. So we want a center justify that discover out of finally Curier Gulf size. With this free e book, we can come down here and make this part show up here just below it, and we could center justify that text. And let's just say, you know, download put in your name and email below, you know, below for free access. Okay, so next thing we're gonna do is you want to come down here and we can take out this box so anything that you see that you want to delete. Ah, we're just gonna go ahead and just remove that. So the key here for Wicks is you really want to keep it as simple as possible for any any landing page and especially on Wix because they have so many features. Um, in order for doing your landing page type stuff, so you want to keep it as simple and as basic as we possibly can. So we're gonna come right on in here. We'll scroll on down and cause we don't really need this text here as well. So we're just gonna highlight this box and just delete this as well delete this part of it so that part will be removed. And then the line, we could actually remove this line as well as we go on down here. We can remove this. Elements were really just cleaning this up because we don't need all these aspects on this particular page. So we don't need all these boxes and in different things that they're looking for. So we could actually delete that entire section. We can come on down here, delete that part of things, and then let's just go on and here highlight this area again. You're just clicking your mouse to anywhere that you just want to remove. And so that's gonna be the footer. Now, we could also extend this box over here. So it's more of a center justified more along the lines of what we're, you know, we're used to working with. So go in here to edit this text even further, and we're just going to go over here. We're gonna just center, justify this, and we're gonna find a spot to place our HTML code right on in here. Okay, so now that we have that centered up, we need to come over here. And what we need to do is go over here where it says app market because we need to find the html five. The HTML app that we can work with this will enable us to put our form on to our website. So I'm just gonna type up here html and we're gonna do a search here, and we need to look for this html I frame in bed and it is free. So you just want to select add to site, so add to site. And we would just click on where we want that form to show up. So we're going to click on that and choose HTML code. And we need to go over now to our list wire and we need to go to our form here. So I'm gonna go to our auto responder here, and it looks like I'll need the log back in here, so let's just log back in, okay? So we need to go to our form here. So golf swing course under managing this list, next thing we want to do is go right on over here. Toe builders and then prospects ago appear to prospects. And we want to go to subscription form subscription form, and it looks like it's gonna ask us to update our address. Let's go ahead and make sure that is updated. Okay, so it looks like our address has been updated successfully. So now I just need to go here to where it says settings or prospects and let's go to subscription form. And right here we've already created and set up the form and so we just need to go to get code. We just need to click on get code, and this is going to be the code we want to use. We just want to use the simple JavaScript code. So I'm just gonna copy this code. We'll go back to our wicks editor, and we're just going to paste this code in paste that code in. And then we're just gonna click on update, and we just need to expand this form here, so we just need to expand upon that form so that it shows up there a little bit better. And then there is our squeeze pages pretty well set up and ready to G o. Ah, the only other thing you may want to add is down here. The very bottom is will put in something, you know, it says, designed by copyright 2023. So we want to edit that, you know, copyright 2014 and put your name here. So I'm just going to use the pseudonym here, Jacob Jones and then probably created by wicks dot com. So you definitely want to leave that since it is a free website that you're working with, All right. And so that is how you simply in bed, your opt in form into your wicks dot com website. And then you can play with this form, you know, to get it a little more centered up to center it in there. Um, and so you can just expand this this field here just to try to get it, to show up a little bit better in there, and we can bring up the spacing here, so it's not as large. And then there you go. So now we've got our often form, um, you know, and then you can also go into the form part of things. And you could change the text here so that the form shows up a little bit better. Um, you know, for your free less. This is for people that want to get, like, product updates. So you could actually set up a very similar form. It's gonna be the exact same process if you're trying to get people to sign up for free. And also if you're trying to get people to opt in, So all we have to do now, now that we're at this point, is just click on safe. So the process of the same again, whether you're doing this to get people to squeeze your buyers information to create. You know this the link so you can include it in your pdf. If you're launching on JV Zoo and you can also use the same method if you're trying to build up your opt in list just like we're demonstrating here so you can play around with the forms inside list wire, create another form, you know, just for the freebie. If you wanted to do that as well, um, make sure you go through, make sure use a one page site in Wicks that's gonna make it easiest. And so the only other step we need to do here as we need to save this and let's call this so it's gonna have our our name here. We're gonna call this free opt in form or we'll just say, Free Gulf Guide. Let's just say that Click on save now. Congratulations. Your work has been saved, and now we're just gonna go over here to where it says publish and you want to allow search engines to index your sites to make sure that set to green, enabling optimized mobile view of your site, make sure that is green as well, and then go ahead and click on Publish and right here it's gonna ask you to upgrade for domain. You obviously don't need to do that of right. Here is your link. So this is now your link to your free landing page site. So discover out of finally curier golf sliced with this free e book, put in your name and email below for access. And again, we can clean this form up to, um so if I want to go back here to list Weir and let's just say we want to create, you know, a little better form so I can give you guys a better example. Um, let's just go right here. So form name this is going to be Let's just call this free Gulf guide and then let's go redirect here. Let's go to slide share dot net. Let's just put our Lincoln toe where they would get the free pdf that we've uploaded. So let's pretend we put it on slide share and no, do not worry about that next page. You could click here to add it. This text up here, you actually don't need any text there, so you could actually save that, and we don't need any text there so we could save that as is, and then go here and just click on Save my Form. So Free Golf Guide will just go appear to get code. I'll go back to my editor here just to show you the process one more time. We'll go back to our HTML editor and we'll just paste in that new form. Click on update. There it is. Now it's gonna look a whole lot better. Then we'll click on Publish that's gonna publish these changes. We'll go back over here to our website, and now you can see it's optimized a whole lot better. So this is where this is how you set up your squeeze page your landing page on wix dot com . So you have to do here now is copy this link, and this link here now becomes your squeeze Pages is what you use to promote your landing page to get people onto your list. And you could even test this out so you could to check this check this out as well, just to make sure it works. And it's going to say step to activate your subscription so it works seamlessly in there. And then it's going to say after you've confirmed in your email, click here and it's gonna take him to the link we specified, which we recommend using slide share or one of those others for your pdf hosting. So you don't have to pay for that. And it's a very seamless, easy to follow process, and it works very, very well for you and for your website visitors. 10. ListBuilding 10FreeTraffic: This is part number five of the no costless building system, and in this part we will discuss getting traffic to build your email list up. So here's the key part. To get traffic to your often page. That's step number seven is to focus in on every traffic generation method possible. And at the bottom here of this page, you're going to see some red arrows that you can't miss right now in that blue circle in their means landing page that your landing page at your squeeze page. That's that page that you should have set up that gets people interested in your free offer and get some on your list. Each one of these red arrows signifies traffic, a traffic source of some kind, and so the whole point here just so you can wanted to represent this as best as possible is you want to just focus on sending all the traffic you can to this landing page, whether it's you know, on the sidebar link on the sidebar of your blog's at the end of your blog's post. If it is in your article marketing that you do and we're going to discuss each traffic method and several different traffic methods here that you can use. But it's all about sending traffic and funneling traffic all to that opt in page. You can start building up that page and building up the opt in subscribers because that's where your business is ultimately gonna grow is with more subscribers and more subscribers you have, the more people you can reach and the more possible commissions you can generate as an affiliate, the more sales you could make with your own product and the more people you can help an impact. So it's all about getting traffic to that page. So keep this in mind as we go through this traffic model, we're sending all the traffic possible to that landing page that we set up. Traffic is what gives your online business life. You need targeted groups of people to view your stuff, so we're not just talking about any old traffic. You know, we're not talking about going out and purchasing these 10,000 hits for, you know, a couple dollars, because obviously this is no cost, and so we're not paying for traffic, but those air that's junk traffic anyway, so we don't need to worry about that junk traffics. We're not looking really so much for quantity of traffic as much as we are for quality of traffic. So the traffic methods that were going to be talking about here all produced quality traffic, meaning they're gonna view, get you the kind of use and looks at your pages from people that are interested in what you have to offer. Because if they're not interested in learning how to cure their golf slice and they're interested in making money online, that's not going to be a good match. But if there's somebody actively seeking how to work from home or run a business from home and you have a report related to, you know, five tips to make money online or make more money online, that would be a good opt in for them would be a really good connections. You need to make sure we're targeting the right people in each one of these methods do that sales or opt ins cannot happen without traffic just because you build a landing page just because you build a good blawg, it doesn't mean you can just let it sit there, and they will come like a field of dreams. You know, that's that's not what it's about. It's about building something up and then getting traffic, getting foot traffic in the doors through marketing. More important is how you get the right kind of traffic. That's ultimately what it boils down to. We want to get targeted people to our opt in page, so send all your visitors to your landing page, no matter what. So I wanted to show you that in this diagram, so it makes sense. All your visitors are gonna be going to this landing page. So all these traffic methods we talk about they need to end up on your landing page, the one that you just created recently. So here are several free traffic methods. Social media, post Facebook. You can go out there on Facebook. There are a multitude of targeted groups, depending on really any niche market you're in. There's groups and there's online communities built in just through Facebook. Loads of those there is Twitter as well. You can build up a twitter following. You can go out and follow other Twitter users. You can go in there, find people that are in your niche market. Follow those people and then see who they're following who's following them. So find the big players, which maybe have 10,000 or so Twitter followers, or maybe 5000 and go out there and see who is following them and start to follow those people. Next thing you know, they will follow you back, and now you're building up a targeted following a potential users. You could also go out to Pinterest, and you could create, you know, pictures related to your niche market pictures that depict your niche market or problems within your niche. And you could create Pinterest pinning boards as they're called to really drop. You know, draw more people and get more excitement. Google. Plus, that's another a definite possibility for you. It's great cause, as you do different sorts of content, like if you do a block poster, you do a video. You could post it out on Google Plus, and that video or that blawg post then would lead people into your landing page. Squid do dot com or hub pages dot com Thes air. Really good sources of traffic there high traffic, the want high quality, unique content. So if you can create unique content. Rich pages to send traffic to you can be in business. You can do very, very well, and you create really good high quality squid Do pages or hub pages with different modules on them. And use that to funnel traffic into your landing page. So linked your landing page from those pages. Youtube dot com. This is where he could create short and informational videos to draw your market in. You could find questions that people have in your niche market, and then you could create very short, informative videos around those topics to bring them in right and submit a press release about your free reports. So you've you've created a free report or free offer of some sort, and you have it on your often page that would be worthy of writing and submitting a pressure. These you can google the phrase. Submit press release free to find more, submit pressure lease free and you'll come across a great updated list of pressure. The sites that you can list on look deep into the results to look for the for the 2nd 3rd and fourth pages on Google to find many more free pressure the sites that you could submit to. Also, when you're on the sides, you're going to see what a pressure least looks like, how it's formatted, and it's typically gonna answer the questions. You know who, what, why, when and where. So who is the pressure least about? It's about your website. What is it about? It's about your free report and how it helps people. When was it listed? When was it created? And you could talk about, you know, just last week or just recently. How did you, you know, come about doing this? What inspired you to do this? Those are the types of questions to answer in your press release, and then make sure you're linking that. You're providing a link that sends people to get to your opt in page. Also, posting on relevant niche forms is a phenomenal way to get traffic. And again, I mentioned that forms that allow signatures because that's really important. If there's no signature link that appears below each person's post, it's not going to do you any good to have, you know, hundreds of post or thousands of post or whatever, because you're not going to necessarily be able to pick up, Ah, the audience that you're looking for, so be active and engaging on the forms. Don't spam your link. And when you're looking for forms Internet, you could go out to a site called Board Reader as well. You could google this phrase that called board reader, and it's a software where you can type in keywords and find boards, forums and message boards related to your niche market. You could also just go out to Google, type in your niche and the word forum, and look for those forms as you're browsing them. Look to see if they have a signature link. Some of them may not let you put your signature in there until you've got 5 to 10 post, and that's completely fine. But it's all about being active and engaging. Ask questions. Answer questions. Don't spam your link, so don't put your link into the box. Say, I created a free report that discusses this because that's gonna end up getting you banned . But if they if they allow signature line, what you can do is say, you know, click here for my free report on ending bad breath or on fixing your relationship problems or be better at long distance relationships. Those types of things provide that link in the signature write articles, submit quality articles about your niche to top sites online. So these top three article websites you could write in submit articles to. I've mentioned these in reference the's in the first part of this process when we were talking about how the system works and we were discussing, you know, places to go to find good content for your free report. But these are also great places to submit your content to and in the author Resource box. Make sure you include a link to your squeeze page in your free often page So easy in articles dot com articles based dot com and go articles dot com. Those are some really good article cites as well. You could also google the phrase, submit content in quotes and then your niche. So submit content, weight loss, submit content relationships, submit content, dating advice, cement contact. Make money online, submit content. Internet marketing. You get the idea there, and you could find niche places where you could submit your content and get further traffic and traction going to your site. You could also on the sides use to links in your signature. You could link one of the links going to your squeeze page. Another link to maybe your blog's to build that up a little bit more, write a short report or power point. You could upload to a site called E Doc, our dot com and then also slide share dot net so you could do a short report or a power point, just like this year with bullet points about your niche market uploaded to these sites, you could further record this power point and then you've got a YouTube videos. Well, that you're uploading linked to your often page in the bottom of the Power point or the bottom of the short report. Join relevant groups on Facebook related to Niche Market We pretty much touched on that. One of the first traffic methods been talking about social media, so there's lots of groups to join their within your niche. Post your squeeze page link where it makes sense. You don't want to go in there and Spanish and spam links, but you can put it in the in there, create your own Facebook page. You could create your very own Facebook page about your niche or your very own Facebook group. And then you could funnel traffic through these pages. So from your blog's, you could link to this page. You could send people from within different groups to your own page, and that way you're getting people onto your own platform so you can do your own marketing to them. Also include your opt in form and sidebars of your free blawg. So if you have a blogger, blogger or Tumblr blawg, you could use the opt inform on the sidebar. She could take your opt in form and embedded on the sidebar of your blawg. Create lots of content for your blawg because actually what it's gonna boil down to. It's all about creating content, good content that gets eyeballs and gets people reading your materials. Add swaps is another good idea of where their shared email swaps. So what it entails is you find people with relevant list in your niche, and you you agree to a certain date in time when both of you will email your respective list and they will send a traffic to your often page, and you will send traffic to their often page. It's a really good way to swap traffic or swap leads, in a sense, but the beauty of it is you're lead still, stay with you even after they get them, so you're actually building up your list and building a partnership. Do this after you've built your list up a little bit, so you probably can't do many at tops until you have a list of you know 4 to 500. Sometimes you could get away with it for a smaller list of like 100 people, but you don't want to over use this method, either. You don't want to bombard people with this. Ah, this works really well on the Internet marketing. It's there's a lot of them, a lot of health add swaps as well, and other like four X and those kind of niche markets like the stock advice and stock trading markets do have add swaps, too. But that's a method you would do after you've built your list up more. But I did want to mention that this is a really good way to build. That list. Up is to offer services of your own or free offers on product launches. So what you would do is contact product owners in your niche people that are launching a product, your niche market and offer to do something for them. And in exchange, all you want is just a link on their download page. So you want to have a link on their download page. A lot of them may not be open to this, but if you're doing like a free service for them ah, something that could help them or their subscribers. Maybe you're doing a free training. They're gonna be more apt to give you some space on their download page because it gives them an additional bonus. So offer relevant content that they could use. Um, a good idea. You could use a site like Munch i dot com, or look for the leading launch boards for update on what's coming up next. In that way, you can have leg up and contact them ahead of time. Say, I see you have a launch coming on coming up on such and such day, I would like to create a free report to put on your download page and you can see what they say. Sometimes they'll say Yes, sometimes you know, most of time they may say no, but it's just about putting yourself out there, seeing what happens because it's a great untapped tool to find all kinds of, you know, users to get onto your email list, be consistent with your traffic methods. It takes more than one article, takes more than one video takes. Want more than one blawg post more than one pressure least, and you get the idea. So those who have success they might have 10 to 20 really good articles. Those who have success might have 20 to 30 videos out there, so it's gonna take time. It's going to slowly build up to where you have that nice, sustainable traffic. Traffic is a process that you should never stop. You are probably never gonna be done with your traffic generation because that's the only way to keep getting sustainable income and passive income and keep getting that traffic that keeps coming in for you. So now it's time to get out there, start work on getting traffic, and then once you scale this up, eventually you could move into more of the paid traffic solutions. But for now, let's get out there and start building our traffic up