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List Building Mastery Course

Jimmy Razo, Learn-Implement-Earn

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10 Videos (1h 23m)
    • ListBuilding 01NicheSelection

    • ListBuilding 02CreatingFreeOffer

    • ListBuilding 03SetupAutoresponder

    • ListBuilding 04FreeAutoresponder

    • ListBuilding 05AutoresponderDemonstration

    • ListBuilding 06FollowUpSetup

    • ListBuilding 07FormSetup

    • ListBuilding 08LandingPageSetup

    • ListBuilding 09BuildSqueezePage

    • ListBuilding 10FreeTraffic


About This Class

List building is one of the most under-rated business models and greatly mis-understood by beginners as they continue to ask the question 'is email marketing dead?' Far from it!

Not only will you learn how to build your own niche list but you'll discover how to do it using a free system so you can eventually be the one making 100s with every email promotion you send out!


Lesson #1 - Discover how build a profitable niche list that love receiving emails from you

Lesson #2 - Learn how to create an appealing offer that your niche will love and happily sign up for

Lesson #3 - See how to set a mailing list with a paid auto-responder service

Lesson #4 - Discover a free autoresponder service as an alternative to reduce your costs

Lesson #5 - See a basic list-building system in action so you know what to expect

Lesson #6 - Setup your first follow-up system so subscribers receive your emails automatically

Lesson #7 - How to setup a basic web form and retreive your embed code

Lesson #8 - Why you need a landing page and best practice examples

Lesson #9 - How to setup your squeeze page, insert your code, and optimize for best conversions

Lesson #10 - How to generate traffic to your squeeze page using simple and free traffic generation techniques





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Jimmy Razo


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