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Linux - Server Design and Socket Programming through C

Abhishek Sagar

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About This Class

This course is about discussing various strategies and trade-off of typical server design through C on Linux platforms.  Through this course you will be able to :

1. Understand various ways to design a Linux server program in C

2. Understand pros and cons of each design

3. Understand and implement the program to make two machines talk to each other over the network

4. Understand Socket programming in C - TCP and UDP

5. Reason Socket programming interview Questions.

6. Understand Client and server side Steps to establish TCP connection

We elaborate each and every step of Server Designing in great detail in this course.

At the end of the course, you will be given a problem statement with description. This problem statement forms your project of this course. The project completely in lines with the concepts and Demos shown and taught in the course.

Socket programming is one of the favorite topic of discussion in technical interviews. So, needless to say, one must be well prepared in this area. Doing this course would enable you to understand the paradigms of socket programming and Server Designing.

This course will cover basics of networking as well, required to understand how data transmission on a network works. You are advised to browse the internet for more details on theoretical topics discussed in the course.

This course is thorough and completely coding based. We explain the design, discuss the code flow and then guide the audience how to implement the particular server design in detail in a step by step manner. All you need is a linux OS running on your system to do this course.

Who should do this course ?

This course is meant for UG Computer science students, job seekers and professional developers. This is MUST do course for those who want to join MNCs as a developer. Socket programming and Server designing in one important area often asked in interviews and students graduating in computer science and looking to seek an opportunity in MNCs as a developer should have Socket programming concepts at his/her finger tips.

Students with at-least above basic Or intermediate level in programming, not necessarily in C

Working professional who want to switch to Linux development environment

Better to have done Networking under graduate course, not mandatory

Job seekers trying for the position of developers in product based MNCs

System software development is evergreen area


There is no pre-requisite for this course, however, it shall be advantage if you know a little of C. This course if essentially for beginners. However, If you have never written a C program, you should not do this course.

Drawback of this course

This course will ask to to CODE and DEVELOP at every stage. So, if you dont like coding Or not willing to invest enough time in coding the project, this course is not for you. 

Who is the target audience?

  • Computer science students, atleast in 3rd year, job seekers and professional developers





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