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Linux Administration for Beginners - Build a CentOS Version 8 Server

teacher avatar Adeel Afzal, Senior Systems Engineer | Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction to UNIX Operating System

    • 2. Install Virtual Box on Windows

    • 3. Install Virtual Box on Mac OS

    • 4. Change Host Key Combination on Virtual Box

    • 5. Download CentOS Version 8 ISO

    • 6. Build a CentOS Version 8 Server

    • 7. Download Putty and Access the host remotely

    • 8. Customize Putty

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About This Class

In this class, I'll walk you through on how to download and install Virtual Box,  next we'll pull the ISO image for CentOS 8 from the internet and install it on the local machine.   We'll also learn how to connect to the server remotely using putty. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Adeel Afzal

Senior Systems Engineer | Instructor


Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time out to read through my Bio.

I am Adeel and for the past eight and a half years, I've been working for an industry tech giant as a Senior Systems Engineer.  I have a ton of experience working with various technologies and I can't wait to share my knowledge with everyone on this platform.

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1. Introduction to UNIX Operating System: welcome to the course. So what is UNIX? UNIX? It's an operating system. You may be using a Windows PC Mac machine or watching this video from your mobile device. Each device is running an operating system, and in this course you will get to learn how to operate UNIX OS. For each operating system to run, it needs a few key harbored component. First is a CPU or the central processing unit. It is a brain off your computer. UNIX operating systems. They rely on CPU to to operate successfully. Two. Let's look at the next key component and some memory memory. Is the physical device capable of storing information? Temporarily, The UNIX systems heavily utilize it. Let's look at the third key component. It's a hard disk. Hard disk is basically a stories device in your computer. The operating system in all the Softwares received on it in any files and directories that you create, call this device their home. Lastly, a network adapter. Our network card. It is a part for your system to access the network or the Internet. It is considered a key component, so these are all the key components that make the OS or the operating system run smoky. That's it for this presentation. Thank you for watching. No seeing the next lecture. 2. Install Virtual Box on Windows: I didn't start watching boxing. New Windows Machine Person, open up a browser in the address bar. Type in war chilled boxed wine Cork, Pick on downloads. Select Windows Host and this will go ahead and start downloading the txt file for you. Okay, What's the Donald is complete. You can double click on the porch of Oxy XY file and granted close the browser. So for the installation part, we're gonna leave all the defaults. We can go in and click next Leave defaults. Here, check Next. Next again? Yes. Stop. Yes, Again. Once the installation is complete, you can go ahead and click on finish. This was opened on partial box for the first time. And there you have it. Now we have Oracle IBM worth your box manager installed on your windows machine. You can go ahead and click X to close it out. If you don't open this word show bm again, you can double click on the icon on your deck, stop or in your start menu. You can search for Marshall Box and double click on the jukebox and you're going to the same point. But thank you so much. And I will see you in the next video 3. Install Virtual Box on Mac OS: Welcome back to install worship box on your Mac machine. First opened up of that browser in the address bar, type in war chilled box told or and you can click on this Donald virtual box button, select or sex hosts and click OK to open up the DMG file. I want it now. Notice complete. It will automatically start opening or very find the DMG package. You can close the browser at this time. Once the package is verified by Mac OS, this will open up a new dialog box. You can double quick on this working box out package file icon Click. Continue. Really continue again and you click on install. This will prompt you to enter your password so good and into your McElroy's password, and this will start the installation off the wardrobe box on your back machine. And at this time, we can also close this dialog box. Once the installation is complete, you can simply click on close entry. Click on moved to trash to remove the DMG file that it downloaded from the Internet. Now, if you want to open a bushel box again, click on the magnifying glass to open a spotlight and type in virtual bugs and double click on the worship box application. And there you have it. So you have virtual box installed on your Mac book and you can go in and cut the close button and thank you for stopping by. We'll see in the next video. 4. Change Host Key Combination on Virtual Box: Welcome back in this short video, I'm gonna show you how you can change the host K combination. So if your first time user would Oracle watch a box, you might have noticed that every time you click on the console for the server there, you working on this will take over your cursor or this will take control of your mouse and keyboard. So in order for you to release that, you will have to click on the old key in my example or by default on windows or virtual boxes. This key is your right control key. Um, if you're a Mac user, this would be your command key. Um, your left command key to be precise. So there's a way you can change this. We can make it, um, your tab key or your shift key on your keyboard to be the cursor release button. So the way you can change that is you go back to the workflow manager, click on tools, click on preferences, select input and go to the worship machine tab in here. The first line in my cases host key combination, and I have mine to be the all key on my keyboard. No, you won't change this. Do something else while you have to do is click to the right off horse key Combination. Press any other button on your keyboard? Let's say if I want to change mind toe a shift key. I will press shift once if I click. Ok, notice that from old. It is going to change to shift Now if we go back to my server and I click into my console You see the mouse disappeared. Now the council has taken over Well, I compress my shift key and this will give me the car share back. Well, I hope this video is helpful to you and I will see in the next video. Thank you so much for stopping by. 5. Download CentOS Version 8 ISO: Welcome back in this video we're going to download sent us words and eight from the Internet. Superstate we need to do is open up a web browser in the address bar. Type in, sent us dot or once the page opens up, select. Get sent to us now, and click on the center was the next DVD eyes. So button. These are all the available mirrors that are closest to your area. You can select any one of these links to download the IRS. So, image, I'm going to go in and select, um, this one, and this will go ahead and start the down a process. This is a large file. It can take about an hour or less to download. It also depends on the internet speed. All right, now that the finance finished downloading, if you want to access it, simply click on the up arrow click showing folder. This will open up your downloads border. If you want to move it to your deck. Stop. Simply right. Click on it. Could copy. Go to your decks. Up right. Click and paste. This will copy the file or to your deck stop as well. Well, I hope you enjoy this video. Um, once you're done with everything, you can simply close the browser and you can close the browser for a center s download. This Well, Thank you so much for joining. See in the next video. 6. Build a CentOS Version 8 Server: All right. So in this video you were actually going to install sent to us? Where's an eight to our workshop box. And we'll have a life server at the end of this video. So first, go ahead and open up or jukebox application. Take a new to create a new word. Your machine for the name of this machine. I'm going to call it Cento us version eight. You can also call it a test server, a deaf server, anything that you personally like for everything else. We're gonna leave this as default and simply click on next for the memory size. The recommendation is 1000 and 24 nb For this, William, we can add more memory. Tow it, or we can actually drop the number down. We're gonna go with the default for now, which is 1024. If we want to change, add or remove memory from this VM. We can always do that video on in this video, even after the server has been built. For now, 1024 is fine. Let's going to pick next. We're going to create a new hard disk with this we em that we will use to install the I. Also on Let's click on, create a new virtual hardest count and click create there three types of stories types that war shoebox supports. We can go with Beady Eye, which is a workshop box disk image, and click on next. The two different types of storage is that we could map to this VM. We can either go with the dynamically allocated storage. What that means is that this we m will create eight g B or 10 GB block on your heart desk, but it's only going to use the space that the PM actually needs to run successfully. If it does not need, Let's say, if it only uses for GP, the reem is not going to use more than for GP off that disk space. That's an application on your computer needs more disk space. This reem will release the remaining disk space to the other application. But if you were to go with fixed size, fixed size is going to create a dedicated storage block on your artist. Now, if let's say every chose 10 g B for the hard disk, this is not way to release that stories to any other application on your machine. This will strictly leave that a g, B or 10 GB space. For this We him only so what I would recommend you do is create on dynamically. L give it storage and click next. The default recommended size is only a g B, but I will bump this up a little. Let's go with 10 cheapie in size for the hard disk and click on Create. Now it has created the PM But before we actually install the OS to this reem, we still have to do a few more tweaks. And we can do that by clicking on the settings button here. Okay, under the general tab. If you want to change that name off your BM you could do that here. We're going to go to systems. And here if you wanted to increase the memory size before we selected one GB, let's move it just up to two GB under the process Attempt Credit has one CPU assigned that's given one more CPU and bump it up to total. Now let's click on storage pro stories. We already have a scent os Worsen eight dis created, which is a 10 G B disk that we created. We actually need to mount this bias so image to the reem every year, trying to build to kick on this empty CD and click on the DVD that the drop down arrow you can choose a desk while now you will try to find where I saw images located. I saved mine on my deck Stop. I'll click on deck Stop and select the image that I need to mount. Click Open to Mount DVD for the network. You would scroll to the network tab in this. We, um, only needs one adapter, but we need to change the network type or the adapter type from that to abridged adapter. The breast adapter would allow this week AM to reach the outside world. Let's say if you want to pin Google or yahoo dot com this connection here, the breast adaptor will allow that connection if you do not make this setting if you leave this as not only this will not allow this reem to reach outside off your IAM, so I highly recommend you change it to breast adapter and click OK to save your settings. All right, now, let's click on start to power on the VM for the first time, and this will open up a consul session to the server. When you get to the start of disk menu, you're going to click on this drop down arrow and select the iris or image study mounted earlier to this PM and click on Start. You can go in and click on X to close this message, and to make the console window a little larger, you have to click on view virtual screen, and I will scale it to 200%. This will make the console window a bit larger and easier to read now. If you notice that the automatic boot will start in about 30 seconds, you can click on the console window and pressed the up or down arrow key. This will disable that clock now when you're ready to boot. Christie A. Barrow and Select install sent to us Lennox eight and hit Enter. This will start booting the server using the DVD image that amounted. You also close any of thes informational messages that pop up here. We will select English as the default language that will use during the installation process click continue to go to the next screen. Okay, so the first thing that we need to change is the softer selection. So we're not going to build a server with agree or, in other words, a graphical user interface. So let's click on softer selection and change it to server their other options. The weekend Select two. But for our exercise, you're just going to build a basic server. Once you have the selected click on Done to continue Now, we're going to select installation destination. So click on this and we will select the 10 GP hardest that we created earlier in the process. So select the hardest that you want to use and click on. So the last thing that we need do is select the network for the server. So click on network and host name be already mapped a network adapter to the server. All we need to do here is simply turning on. So click on this button here. Now the network has been connected. You could see the speed is 1000 megabytes per second and the server has been assigned an I P address. Please do make a note of this. I p address. We're gonna need this. Mitterrand In the course, we will leave the horse name as local host. For now, click on. Done to go back to the old screen here. You could also change the times on to your local city. I'm gonna leave this as default in New York and simply click on pickin installation to start the installation process. Meanwhile, we can set the root password for this operating system, or OS, and we can also create a local user if you want to. So let's start off by creating the root password that we're gonna need to log into the server password and you consent the pastor to anything that you like. Once you're done setting the password, click on Done to go back to the previous screen, we're going to create a new local user. It is not required. You couldn't do that if you like. Once you're done creating the local user, click on Done to go back to the previous screen. So the system is now going to install a bunch of rpm's about 596 to be. Except this could be a lengthy process, and it will take about 20 to 25 minutes to complete. So I'm going to skip the video towards the end. Um, once a system is done, we'll have to report. All right, twenties, delicious. Now complete. We can go ahead and report the machine, and this will boot the server up for the first time. That's go ahead and take on report. Okay, so it looks like we'll have to amount the duty first. That we used to install the center was server. Click on devices and select optical drives and click on removed disc from virtual crime. Click on 1st 1 month. Now click on machine in select precept and still a preset begin. Okay, now the service up and you're at the log in problem. The default use ready will be route are tee type that in and hit. Enter. Now it's going to ask you for the password that we created during the installation process . Gordon into that in and hit. Enter this Will logging into the server, you can run up time to see how long the server has been. No, Right now, it's only been up for a minute, and that's it for this video Now, you know how to install and build a center s words in a box In the next video Will Donald Putty to access the server remotely with us? A such connection. Thank you for stopping by policy in the next video. 7. Download Putty and Access the host remotely: all right there. Two ways that he can use to access your server first is you can access it by opening of a consultation from the workshop box manager, for example, I minimized this window, and if I want to open up a console, I'll click on my server and click on show. This will open in the console window where we were at a second ago. But there's another way for you to access the server, and that's through. Putty Party will allow you to have multiple sessions open to your server at any given time if you wanted to. But the console, on the other hand, does not allow you to have multiple sessions open. It strictly allows you to have one session open at any time, so it's a single user mode, not multi user enabled. So let's go in and download party and I'll walk you through the steps. Open up your browser. I need the address bar type in putty dot org's. Once you get to this page, you can click on this link here. This will take you to the download page for a party. So what's this patient? What's up? Strolled down a bit and under putted of E x e. You're gonna need to don't know the 64 bit abortion. It's a click on party Don E x e here, and this will download the file. Once the download is complete, you can click on this up arrow and click on shore in Folder so the party was downloaded under your Downloads folder. Let's move it to your text up so right kick on it. Click on copy. Go to your text up. Great click on your text up and click on Pieced. This will copy Putty or to your tech Stop is bull. Let's exit out of the six poorer. Let's close the browser as well. Now on your deck style, you see that there is a party icon Double click on your party. I come. Let's move this to the left a bit. If you have the I P address of your server, go in and enter that now. But let's save you forgot the I P address. I will show you how to collect that again. Go back to your console for your server type in route as if he was ready and enter the password fruit once you're logged in. Type in. I have Couldn't big space dash a pipe grip? Fine it and hit Enter. So this is your I P address. 19 to 168203.1 46. In my example, you might have a different I p address depending on your system. So enter the I P address here manually that you see on your console. It's 192 168 not to a 3.1 46 and click on open. Now it's asking you to enter the user I d that you want to access the server with, you're gonna type in route and hit. Enter. Let's enter the password for their would I d. Once you're done, press enter and this would lock you into server. All right, if you want to open up another session to server right click on this top part, either select a new session or a duplicate session. I'll go with you into the I P address again. So it's 19 to 1682031 46 and click on open. Enter the user i D, which is root and enter the password for the road I D and presenter. Okay, I'm connected to the server twice using the putty sessions. Perfect. So now that we can access our service through party, I don't need the console window open anymore, So I'll go back to the console type exit an inner. This will log me out from the council session. I can simply click on minimize to minimize the window. This wouldn't leave the server running in the back end. I hope he enjoyed this video and you found it. Helpful policy in the next video. Thank you so much for stopping by. 8. Customize Putty: welcome back. So now that you have done with Putty, there's still a few more changes that weaken due to customize it. And it will be easier for us to work on any time you're accessing our server. Before you do that, you need to first get the I P. Address for your server. Let's open up for Joe Box. Click on your server and click on show. This will open up the council window. Log in to your server by typing in the route I D. And the password for route. Once you're logged in, type in. I have conflict. Ashby Pipe grip. Find it. This will show you the I P addresses for your server. The one that you're interested in is the 1st 1 which starts with 19 to 168 to a 31 46. That's the I. P. Address for my server. You could have a different I P address based on your machine. So I'm gonna make a note of this and move the console window to the right. Now open a party by double clicking on the application. So the first thing that you wouldn't change it's a default background color and the font color. So quota Connors and select people Poor ground. This will be the color off your phone Click on What if I right now it has selected a little grayish color. We're gonna click on this arrow. It's cruel it all the way down until it's completely black. Now click on OK to save your changes. The next color that you're going to change is the background color. Click on default background and click on modify for the background color. We gonna move this arrow all the way up to wait. Once you're done, click on OK, no go and click on session. So we're going to do here is we're going to save the I P address for our server and believe it as a saved recession. So next time when we opened up party, we can simply double click on the saved server session, and that will load all the settings of yet save previously to type in the I P address for your server. In my case, it's 19 to 168 to a three in 146 here, I'm going to call it my Scent OS Version eight server and click on see. So it saved our server as one of the CPE sessions we can click on open to open the new session to our server here. You noticed that the background color changed from black to completely white and the text was changed from a little gray color to back. I personally find that this is easier on my eyes to read. You can go out and play around more if you want to change it to a different color scheme. All right, I'm happy with the changes that I made. I'm going to type in route as a user. I d press enter and type in the password, food and hit Enter again. Now I'm loved into my server. Let's type up time. This will tell you how long the server has been up. In my case, it's been up for two hours and 40 minutes. If I go to my council now and type in the same command, it will give me the same out. But two hours and 40 minutes. Let's go in and minimize our concert window and go back to our server. Okay, so we are going to open up a new party session. Let's double click on the party application. I come and double click on the center s version eight server to open up a new session typing route for the U. S. Ready. And your root password. This will logging into the server in all our previously saved customization for fallen and the background were still intact. Well, this is it for this lecture. Thank you so much for watching. I'll see in the next video.