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Linocut + Print for Beginners - Create your own Goddess Print

teacher avatar Ilka Art. from. Ilkas. heart, Artist and Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools & Materials

    • 3. Inspirations for your Project

    • 4. Meet Yourself - Meditation

    • 5. Sketching your Goddess

    • 6. Transfer to the Block

    • 7. Carving the Block

    • 8. Printing your Goddess

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


If you love to work with your hands and would like to create some magical piece of art that you can reproduce as often as you like, then this class is for you!

My name is Ilka and I am a printmaker and artist from Germany and the woman behind art.from.ilkas.heart.

In this class, I will guide you through the creation of your very own handmade goddess print. You will learn that with just a few tools, your imagination and your own hands you can manifest a magical print made by yourself. 

In this class you will:

  • Learn about the affordable tools and materials we will use
  • Find a goddess theme that is meaningful to you
  • Sketch your goddess
  • Transfer your Image to the block
  • Carve you block
  • Print your very own goddess by hand

This class is for everyone. We will use very basic and affordable tools, and everyone can join whether or not you already have art or craft skills.

The final project will be a hand-carved and printed goddess of your choice, printed on paper. 

Get your own starter toolset here!

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook or come visit my website

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ilka Art. from. Ilkas. heart

Artist and Designer


Hello you! My name is Ilka

I am an artist and printmaker from Germany and the woman behind art.from.ilkas.heart

In the last couple of years, I have successfully grown my art into a business. I am mainly selling my creations online in my Etsy store, sometimes on festivals and I teach linocut art classes.

Feel free to follow my journey as an artist on Instagram or Facebook!


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1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome to my own Lila and cup course. My name is Bill Come and I am artists from Germany. I am mainly creating Lina cuts with the topic of femininity, and there's always women in my art. I'm mostly selling my art online sometimes on festivals, and I'm also giving some life Lana Cup courses. I am here today to invite you to create your own goddess with me to go step by step through the process off, creating a goddess that it's meaningful to you. This is a really intuitive and fun class, and I want to really make clear that does this open for everybody if your woman or if you're a man or if you're a person who is not considering to be any of this, your super welcome to join the class to make it God or some very new version of a god or gods or goddess that nobody ever saw before. So please feel very welcome to join and just adjust his course. Two units. I will guide you through this process, and I will show you how we can work with very basic materials and with very affordable tools and also things that you already have at home for me personally toe work with this method off Lana Cod. It was really helping me too. Let go and heal a little bit off my perfectionism. I was very afraid toe work with this method because once you did it happen. Sometimes you slip and then you can't in a wrong place. And then in my eyes, the piece was ruined. I would have to start again. But after a while I found that if I just accept that I made a mistake, I just was really able to let go off my high expectations and off my perfectionism. And I could just trust the process and let every thing happened the way it wants to happen . So thank you very much for joining Discourse and let's get started. 2. Tools & Materials : All right, guys. Now I will introduce you to the tools and materials that were going to use, and this is really the basic tools and materials that I also used when I started toe work with this method on their super affordable and some of them you already have at home. So to start with, you will need at least one pencil if you can. And if you maybe have them at home already, get a heart pencil. That could be like an HB, and the soft pencil perfect would be six B If you don't have them. Don't worry, just a normal pens will do. Also, you will need a razor and you will need some different papers. It's good to get the newspaper any other big scratch paper that you have left to protect your table. Then you will need some paper for sketching. This can be really simple paper from your printer. We will need some paper to print on. Once you're finished carving your block, you will print on paper. This could be also any paper can be newspaper can be sketching paper can be Kraft paper. It can be fancy handed paper. Whatever you feel like you want to print on. Just take whatever you want, and also you will need some transparent paper to transfer your sketch to the block. Then, of course, you will need a block to carve. You can get different materials. You can get the traditional linoleum. There is usually a dark brown one that is harder to cut, and it's not so easy to see you schedule. There is the battleship gray one that it's my very favorite toe work with. It's easier to carve, and it can easily see your sketch. And for this project, I will recommend you to go with the soft cut. I really recommend this material. It's more like a rubber. It's not linoleum. It's a rubber, and I recommend it to beginners because it's very easy to carve and very durable. Then you also need a set off carving knives. There's a really wonderful set that you can buy that's very affordable. It comes just as handle and different blades that you can pop on, and whenever you want to change, you just take this piece of wood and you take them. Odeon. I will really recommend us for beginners once you find yourself carving a lot. You can, for sure also upgrade to more expensive Shoels. But for the beginning, this is fine. You, of course, need something to there's water basting in there's oiling. I will use the water based for this project because that's what I started to work with. And also it's very easy to clean. You will also need a roller to apply the ink to your block. He will need a glass just a very normal drinking last. Take a small that it's really nice handy. We'll need some tape. You will need some kitchen tiles for the cleanup for later, and also a surface to spread the ink on. It can be an old frame. This is how it started out to can be an old friend with the glass still inside. It can also be plexiglass or a big, smooth stone like marble and very optionally can get some sage, sage bundle or something to smudge with to bring you in the present moment. All right, this is the tool said we going to use. And if you don't have the patience to look for all of this online, you can get a set with the basic essentials in my own land shop. I will link it below. And in this set you will get everything that you need to start with. Okay? I think that's it for now. Now you know which materials you need and the next section I will give you some tips and tricks. How to find inspiration for you, Very personal goddess. 3. Inspirations for your Project: All right, guys. Now we're going to talk about inspirations, and I want to tell you a little bit how I get inspired and what might help you to find the right theme for your goddess print and for me. Personally, I get inspired by every day experiences like just things that are really close to my heart and that excite me in this life and also experiences that I have in this female body and things that are really that it really new to me. And, for example, just a couple of years ago I started to learn about the funeral cycle, and you can see this print actually right behind me, and it really helps me to process everything I learned when I create art from it. And it always in in return, reminds me off the beauty off what I learned already and what gives me strength in this life. So I created the Moon Flower, and I also created the print. It's called the Fox Goddess, and it's about a meeting. Were met a big fox on a field, and it was really magical and beautiful, and I just had to put it on the paper And then there's, for example, the bleeding goddess. And it's just about my female body and my experience off bleeding every month in cleansing my body. And for me, this is really important part off my femininity, and I'm still learning to. I really love it. Yeah, so this can be inspirations for you. Just whatever comes to your mind. Maybe already had have really clear vision. And if not, don't worry. You can just go and start and draw whatever you want and see what comes out. Maybe you already have some idea. You could also think off role models that you have. Like, for example, For me, it's Pippi language, Trump. Not sure what's the name in English, but it's this redhead girl with the with the braids like this with Tarzan, a monkey, and she just lives her life the way she wants. And for me, she's a really big inspiration, even though she's not a real person. But you can also think about this, and you can think off what kind of energy and what kind off quality you would like to invite to your life and just create a goddess from this. For example, one of my first goddesses waas the gutters off strength because I was really feeling not in my middle, not balance and weak. And I was really wishing to bring more strength into my being and remind myself of my own strength. So I created the goddess of strength. And every time I see her, she's really supporting me to remind me off how strong I am. I think this is it for now. Next, I want to invite you for a little guided meditation that I will do if you that hopefully helps you to really, really be present right now in this process, in this beautiful creation, process off your gallerist and just make yourself comfortable. Take whatever you need a few warm and get some water, and I meet you here in a few moments. 4. Meet Yourself - Meditation: Alright, guys. So now I want to invite you to come with me into a little meditative state, and I will guide you through it. And I want to do this with you because for me personally, to find the answer, it really helps me to get really still. And then the answer will come naturally and I will guide you through it. And once you here to come, you can start to move your body again and open your eyes once you're ready. Okay? To know already to get really comfortable lean bag in your seed. Close your eyes and just take a few deep breaths into you nose and out of your mouth on. You can also make some sound and really let go off all the tension in your body. Feel the feet on the ground, feel your ophelia But sitting on the chair on the college or wherever you're sitting and feel your skin this touched by the air ever so slightly and keep on breathing in deep breaths and feel there breath that's coming in and out for your nose. Mm. And if you hear some sounds around, you just noticed. Um, and if there's any thoughts arising. Greet them and send them on their way again. And always come back to your breath and notice. You're breathing in breathing out and slowly, slowly you can start to move your body. Are you sure there's in hands in your neck and come really back to your body? Maybe caressed yourself a little bit. Can yourself some love. When you're ready, you can open your eyes. Mm, baby. Now, in this little meditation, some pictures came to mind and maybe some thoughts. Maybe some feelings. And you can also use whatever came up now on a meditation to incorporate or use as an inspiration for you, goddess. And I want to thank you for doing this with me. I felt very good to take this time with you too. Do a little meditation. And in the next section I will talk a little bit more about sketching your goddess 5. Sketching your Goddess: All right, guys. So now we're ready to start sketching our idea off the goddess. And I want you to bring your paper that you want to sketch on. And I also want you to bring the block that you're going to carbon later. And I need you to decide now which size you're going to use. And I recommend you to use a smaller size for the beginning, just to get used to working with this material and whatever size you using, just place it on your paper and trace around the block. So you already know that you can draw within this frame. And I also recommend you when you start sketching. Now that you used not so much details right now, just keep it more big just because you still experimenting with this and you still have to learn how to use the carving knives. And for the beginning, I just recommend to use less details. And for me, a signature in my pictures is a lot off hair, so Oh, my God, is this have a lot off hair? And for me, this is not necessarily celebrating long hair. It's just that it's a big symbol in many ways that it's, for example, the goddess connecting to the land or the goddesses connecting to each other through the hairnets. More like a really symbolic thing that I use. And I want to invite you to chest put everything that represents for you the value of a goddess. Just put it all in there, whatever it is for you and just play with it and have fun. So I have here my sketch already that I have prepared and I want to tell you that why you're drawing or just when you finished drawing you should already think what will be late , her black and what will be white. And as we're only going to use black ink in my example, at least you can use whatever color you want. But for for this class, I'm going to use only black. And I want you to think already what will be dark and what will be light. So in my example, this will be obviously for sure, dark and what I do with my goddesses. I always give them black hair, and I like to use this to give a picture of balance between black and white And that's also why most of the times the hair off the women is huge. So for me, I already know this. This will be dark. But if you are not sure what will be dark and what will be white, just make a little sign and remind yourself that this is going to be black and that this line will be white in this example, just out to think about it. And then when you start carving, you already have more clarity off where to carve and we're not. Once you've finished your sketch, you can go on to the next section, and I will show you how you can transfer your sketch onto your block to carve it. 6. Transfer to the Block: All right, So now we're going to transfer our sketch. Got a sketch month for our block so we can carve it on. I want you to fake transparent paper now and touch it two year skitch, so it cannot move just very quickly. If you have a soft pencil, then take the soft pencil. Now, if you don't have a self pencil award, just take whatever pencil you have. And I want you now to start redrawing, you know, to sign and just go all over. Well, you went before. If you now see Oh, I don't like this part. Symmetry. I want to change it again. Now would be the time to make some final changes. If you see there, some changes need it. And I recommend you to start in the upper left corner. To avoid that, you will see much with your hand. However you have already traced, especially because the soft pencil easily smudges. And there's another trick as well that you can just take a piece of paper. That's a I want to trace now. Here can place the paper right away. I've already traced Just go over like this and now just continue doing this until you finished and I will jump ahead. You want to be quite precise here while you trace. So you remember exactly how this is supposed to look like. I will make this a little bit thicker. And once you're finished to trace your design, you know you can take it off and bring in your block and what you want to do now. I mean, trying to come freely, going to fat close to my design in this way, I will have it easier Touch it to my bluff. Now I will take the side on which I was drawing with the soft pencil and I will turn around and place it upside down onto my block in a place it so all of the design is fitting onto the block and the once again I tape it into place if necessary, even taped to my table. And now it's a time to take the heart pencil. This case amusing. HB once again, if you just have one pencil, just use your one pencil. You can sharpen it really good and always re sharpen if you need to. And now you start just to go over your drawing like this. Go away over in this case, power go like that. You might want to rest your hand in between because it can be tiring on the body once you feel better. Continue. All right. So now I went with my heart pencil all over the places where have drawn before. And now I can take one side and you see Yeah, and work great. You can You can first peek and see if you can really clearly see the marks, and I definitely can. And then you can just take off the transfer paid her in here. You go with your block. If there is places in your sketch now, that didn't transfer so well, you can still go in here and just go over them. So in the next section, I will show you how to cut and how to handle your You're carving knives and to be really mindful when you use them 7. Carving the Block: our guest. So now we have successfully transferred our sketch to our lining or Robert Block. And now it's time two car. By now, you really have to know which area off your design will stay in which 11 will go Amusing, blacking. And wherever I wanted to be black, I also paid a black. So I am really cannot confused what? To cut and whatnot. So whatever is black now will be black later And whatever is not black like in this case, this grayish this will be white except my hair because my hair always I know that it will be black, but if you didn't pick it, what will be black and what will be right now It's the time to really sure, you make this clear and I want you to take your carving set and also a piece of paper this you can use to protect your drawing while you're carving. Otherwise, you probably will smudge it and make a big mess and thes sets. They usually come with a variety of places that you can change, and I want you to take the smallest one, this one in this case it's their their numbers and it's number one V gouge. If you want to exchange him, you can take her little help her and push him out. What we're going to do, we're going toe. Isolate the part is going to stay in this case, the black one and the one that is going and you take your blade like this. People hold it differently. Some people hold it in their hands like pencil. I prefer to hold it like this gives me more stability and out. What is what is really important is that you make sure that you blade the tip off. The blade is always visible. You want to avoid to go very deeply. If you go so deep into the material that the tip disappears, you cannot go on any more and you lose to control over the lines. So you always want to make sure you can see still the tip and you go like this and you go slow. So basically it means that if you have a very steep angle like this, you will eventually end up with all the tip inside the material. That's what you don't want. So the angle of your hand and off. The tool is not very big, it's more smaller angle, and we're going to just make a little small Gib between the part. It stays in the part it goes, and while we're cutting, we don't push hard. We push just just a little bit. It shouldn't be super hard, because then it's really dangerous, and you could easily slip it way and just create like a little crater. Crater is not the right word, but we create a little ditch around it. You can turn your your block all the time, and in this way you make heart that you can always cut away from your body and you always want to cut away from your fingers. Never, ever cut towards your fingers, always away. Very important, and you can turn your block as much as you want, always cover away from you. So now we've created like a little ditch, the separation. Let's call a separation between the parties days and imparted goals and you want to do it with everything. I would do it now with all the lines here, and then I would go around her hair and I would take out all the white parts. But first I will always go with the V couch and go around like this. And then when I'm done with this, I will take the second biggest. In this case. It's number number two public in here. And no, I can take away low with more on the side like this. And you always want to cut away from your design. For example, in this case, I will get in there with number one first two separate and then number two again. I make it bigger, their separation like so. And then I can get an even bigger one to this number three now. And I will be very mindful to cut away from my lady here for my goddess. And I will cut into this direction very slowly. Mindfully. See, now I accidentally slipped underneath. I want to make sure that I can always see the tip here. Please take your time. Don't rush it. Really Go slowly and be present in the moment and be present with your body and what you're doing. And if you feel you get tired, please take a break. It's really important. And also we tend to sit like this and forget our bodies because we're so excited. And it's really good to remind yourself to again again, stretch a little bit. Move your shoulders, give your fingers arrest and then you continue. It's really, really good to take care of your body. And like this, I will continue. You will continue until we carved everything. As in the next step, I will show you how to print your block. 8. Printing your Goddess: Alright, guys. So now you want to protect your table from, so you can either take old newspaper, just paper. Whatever you have to protect the table, you'll need your car. Block the paper you want to print on another extra sheet of newspaper frame or whatever surface you have to roll out your ink, a pencil, your ink glass roller and maybe some toilet paper tissue paper, and we are going to arrange. Rearrange here. The first thing you want to do. Take the paper that you want to print on and trace around it. So you know, now late her where to put it like this next to take your block, trace the well over here. You also you can eyeball it, but you can also take a ruler if you're not so good in eyeballing. And just make sure that a distance between the top and the bottom is even or even better if there's more distance here in the bottom so he can later police your signed their signature and indeed and then check also the sides 4.5 this and then also traced around the block. The water based ink dries really fast, so we want to work kind of quickly, and you put your ink on the top here just a little to start with and take your owner you mean and you start to spread it onto a glass are the plate that you're using and you want to spread it thin and evenly until you get a feeling that is that's evenly spread all over . And just because my camera was not so big, I will move to snow. I will put a sheet of paper here. I'll put my block here and now I can apply the ink to my block, and this is one of my favorite moments where you're actually first time. I see how your chorus will look like, and what you want to do is that you apply a few thin layers off ink. Not one big thick layer, but a couple of thin layers. Sure, it's everywhere, and then you can take your blocked outside where you marked to go. Then you take your paper. It's a little with my paper. Go like this. You will align your paper on one edge where you marked and you slowly go down. You still hold on deciding slowly go down and you can. Now you really want to make sure you don't want to move it accidentally, so you want to tap it a little bit Small, little. But you can also use some tape now, but it is possible to the table destroy paper. And now you take a glass and now you want to tip your glass a tiny little bit. Just a little bit of angle. And now you will gently, gently. But with a little bit of pressure, rub over your design in case you're not using a thick paper, you can already see where doing is applying well, anywhere it's not. Hey, patiently go over all the places. Other hand, you really make sure your papers not moving. And then slowly, slowly your goddess with appear on the paper, Okay? And once you feel Inc has evenly by more or less evenly applied to your paper. Okay, you can take it on the one side and lifted up like that, and then you have your print. Now, this is your test print, basically, and from here, when you see ah, there still something that I don't really like And I would like to change this. You can go back to your broke and just readjusted toe whatever you needed and work on it as long as you want. All right, So now that we have our print ready, we can hang it up to dry. Their water based ink, as I already told you, is trying really quickly. Probably just takes a few minutes. But you really want to make sure once you finished with printing, you want to clean your tool and you want to see in your block, so you will be able to use it many more times. All right, I really hope you are excited about your result. And I will meet you in a minute to wrap this up. 9. Final Thoughts: What do you think? Should I frame her and put her on the war? I think it should. I'm real excited about her. She's the goddess inner wisdom, by the way. And I really hope that you're excited about your goddess to about your print that you made with your own hands with your own imagination. And I would really be happy to see your print in the patriot of your print in the project section where you can upload pictures and you can also write a little bit. What inspired you and what you got is it's all about. So thank you so much for taking this course. I really appreciate it. And please feel free to follow me on social media. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook. You can also visit my Etsy store and yeah, thank you so much for participating. I hope it brings a lot of joy to you. Thank you.