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Linkedin The 80:20 Way - Nine Amazing Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Network Faster!

teacher avatar John Colley, Digital Entrepreneurship

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Linkedin The 80 20 Way 1

    • 2. Linkedin The 80 20 2

    • 3. Linkedin The 80 20 Way 3

    • 4. Linkedin The 80 20 Way 5

    • 5. Linkedin the 80 20 Way 4

    • 6. Linkedin The 80 20 Way 6

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About This Class


Linkedin The 80:20 Way!  Discover Nine Amazing Tips and Tricks to help grow your network.


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Do You Spend Hours a Day on Linkedin with little Result?

Do You Want to Show Case Your Skills and Expertise?

Do You Want to Grow Your Network?


These quick and simple to implement tips and tricks will enable you to accelerate the growth of your network on Linkedin!


"Excellent and extremely helpful - Even for a novice user of LinkedIn , as I am, this course offered precise, useful and organised information on how to get the most out of Linkedin and how to connect in many ways. Really insightful. Thank you!"

George Sidiropoulos - 5 Stars


In this Course you will discover:

  1. Why you should create Create Bespoke messages
  2. Why you should use the LION label and where to do it
  3. How to reach out to and connect with people you DONT know
  4. How to get your photograph right
  5. Why Connections matter
  6. Why Slideshare is SO important on Linkedin
  7. 5 Settings mistakes to avoid
  8. How to connect WITHOUT sending an invitation
  9. How to embed a video on your Linkedin Profile


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See you inside the Course!

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John Colley

Digital Entrepreneurship


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1. Linkedin The 80 20 Way 1: hello and welcome to another linked in the 80 20 way video. In this video, we're going to look at a tip and trick, which is a very simple one. And it's to do with messaging. Now, there were two main instances when you need to message. The first is when you are sending out an invite, Onda. The key thing to remember here is whatever the standard little rubric is that appears. That's not what you want to use. You gotta keep it short for these. But it is important that you send out a bespoke message whether you're referring to when you met somebody or whether you're actually just putting in something saying, Oh, well, thank you very much your business card or, you know we're in the same group or whatever it is, But you must put something in bespoke, and when you send messages out, you can't include links or anything in it. They'll stop you from doing that the other time when message is important. When you're responding to an invitation you've received on here, I would advise you to have a bespoke little message saved on a clipboard somewhere that you can literally drop in and I'm going to show you in the next slide an example of this so that you can see exactly how I handle it and you can tailor it yourself. The key point about this is that you actually make an offer of some kind. Now, as you can see here I start off with a title on it says, thank you for connecting with me on then I g o and start off and say to help you get to know me. And to show my appreciation, I'd like to share with your link to one of my free courses. And it's my social media strategy course, which is on you to me, Andi. I then say if you'd like to get a free coupon to a paid course, I'm offering them some of Anne, but they've got to respond to get it. Then send me the link and I'll send it to you. His best regards, John. And then I say, if we drove my content piece considering joining my own line business academy, which effectively puts them on my mating This so I'm offering them something for free. I'm offering them something of value if they respond, and I'm asking them to join my list. So there's three calls to action effectively wrapped up in this little message. But it's a much more powerful message and much more engaging message than just clicking on the accept button and not responding in any way. So that's it. A simple way to handle messaging in linked him. But it's really important that you take this on board. I look forward to seeing you in the next video. 2. Linkedin The 80 20 2: hello and welcome to another video in the linked in the 80 20 way. In this short video, I want to talk to you about the issue off lions, which are linked in open networkers. Now, these are people who are expressly saying they are open to connect with people who they don't know, and if you send them a message, then they will respond to that positively. They're not going to hit you as I don't know which is effectively attacking you as a spammer. Now there's a way to actually connect with these people elegantly on. The easiest way to find them is actually in groups. Now I'm just going to take you over to my linked to my LinkedIn page and show you some of the groups I'm in, which are dedicated to Lincoln Open networkers. So here we are on my Lincoln Groups page, and if you see at the bottom, I moved the page a bit so I can highlight the more easily you'll see that there's this Lion 500 open network of dot com thing. The orange to European connections is another one. The top link Open networkers UK Open Network is these are all groups which collect on bring together people who are keen to a network on a wider basis. So that's a very good place to start now. How do you connect with them? Well, I'm going to show you that. Let's go back to the presentation. So the way to connect with them, Mr Send them a simple message. And what do you do is you entitle it. I noticed your profile, and I'd like to connect and then your message keeping it very short. You say we are in the same group, the Open network group or whatever happens to be on, I'd like to connect with you. Please send me a connection request or feel free to connect me directly at and then you put in your linked in email address. Thank you, John, and that's it. And that's all you have to do. So it's very simple, Useful tip and triggers a very fast way to grow your network. I wouldn't recommend you do more than, say, 50 a day of these things. You need to build it up. Gradually linked in will start to look at you a bit suspiciously if you really start banging these things out by the 100 butthole strategy. Arlington is to gradually build it up. It's a marathon, not a sprint. So in the next video, we're going to look at another tactic, tip and trick. 3. Linkedin The 80 20 Way 3: hello and welcome to another video in the link in the 80 20 way Siris. In this video, I want to talk to you very simply about the key tactic off which strategy you should adopt when you're Arlington on, there are fundamentally two alternatives. Now, the first of these is that you keep Arlington Network very closed, and you do that by only connecting with people that you know Well, we've met and therefore you use it as an extension off your role addicts. If you like, you use the extension of your email account or your your network and you can use that then to harness on run the network that you already have your existing people. Alternatively, you taken open approach on. What this means is that you are open to invitations and people you don't know. You are prepared to go into groups as I talk about in other parts of this course on, look for people who are open to being connected with as well effectively. What I'm saying is you are making Allsopp a line. Arlington Open networker now one hint. One tip about connecting with people you don't know or accepting invitations to people you don't know, always check their profile and you're looking for three things. First of all, you're looking for a picture of a real person. If it looks like a glossy stop photograph, particularly, it's a pretty girl, then it's almost certainly a bott, and you don't connect to those people that you might even consider blocking them. Secondly, make sure there's a good, well filled out profile because it was only really face sketching. Can't tell very much about them, then they're probably not that serious about linked in any way and then more like it's his family. And certainly look how many followers they've got. And this is the sort of the weakest of the three criteria. But you need to see and be comfortable that they are active on LinkedIn, and they're serious about it. If they have less than 100 for hours, followers think twice about whether you accept the invitation unless they've got a very convincing photograph, and they've got a very, very well filled out profile on, particularly if there then in a in an area that's relevant to what you're looking for. So that's it for this tactic, tip and trick the issue off. What strategy should you follow on linked in? Should you have a closed approach, or should you have an open approach in the next video, we're going to look at another tactic tip on a trip. 4. Linkedin The 80 20 Way 5: Hello and welcome to another video in the linked in the 80 20 way tactics, tips and tricks. Siri's in this little video. I want to talk to you about a couple of key points. The first thing is that connections matter. Now You can see here my profile page and you can see that I've got this magic number 500 plus now that shows people that I've got more than 500 connections. Once you get over 500 he just comes up 500. Plus, I've gradually gotten never needing 2000 connections on. This sends a very strong signal that you're serious about Lincoln, so it's worth gradually building that number up so that you get to the Magic 500 plus point . The second point I'd like to make is that you can use social media tools to update periodically, tactically and in a shed jewel manner. I use Hoot Suite on. I send one update from Hoot Suite about my online learning podcast episodes to linked in every day on. I set that up a month at a time, and then I fire and forget and don't have to worry about it. But I only send one a day. I keep it very, very sort of limited one a day, because if I am doing other things on on linked in, then you maybe get a couple of extra updates as well. On Lincoln. You gotta be very careful about how how you use updates on you shouldn't flood the place with them and you'll see also. And the reason I wanted to leave this this profile picture up is that I'm using my name might my last name field to put in an email address, and this is a clever little tick. If you want to make yourself more accessible and easy for people to to contact you, this is sending a base strong signal that you want to have convert connections with people . Then you can do that. So in my first name field, I put John Colley, and in my last name field, I put my email address. So that's some tactics, tips and tricks for you to think about, and we'll be looking at a few more those in the next video 5. Linkedin the 80 20 Way 4: Hello and welcome to another video in the Siri's linked in the 80 20 way. In this video, which is a little tactics, tips and tricks video, I want to talk to you about your photo. Now here you can see my photo from my LinkedIn page. Andi. You'll see that it is a good, clear head shot. It was actually taken by a professional photographer. It's important that you have good, strong lighting, and it's a very crisp image because this is where you're really communicating an awful lot . Pictures has work is worth 1000 words, as they say, communicating an awful lot about who you are, what you stand for now. Either you need to be face on or you need to be turned towards your right shoulder like that because that means that you will be effectively turning towards the content on your page. On this psychologically communicates a much stronger message than if you're turned this way and you actually turning away from the the words that you've written on the page. Now, some of the obvious mistakes are when you have somebody's picture and they have, maybe it's a full body shorter. It is a shot from the waist up. You can't actually see their their face particularly well, particularly when it's reduced to a small thumb. Now on, Really, what you want to be able to do is see their eyes, because that's where you really get the communication and the engagement. So it's really important to get a very strong photo. It's worth spending some time either having one taken or actually digging one out from your own photo archives to find something that's going to be really effective. It's worth, of course, also considering standardizing your photograph across different social media platforms. So when people come and find you, they look at a similar image and they automatically feel that some continuity on coordination between your social media platforms on your efforts on social media. Very small little detail. But it's actually very important. So that's how important your photograph is on linked in, and it's really, really important to get it right In the next video, we'll take a look at another tactic. Tip and trick for Lincoln 6. Linkedin The 80 20 Way 6: hello and welcome to another link in the 80 20 way video on. We're looking at tips and tricks on in this video. I want to talk to you about slide share now. Slide share can be found at www dot slide shared dot net on. The critical thing to know about cited is that it is owned by Lincoln. Therefore, anything that you do on slight share, it is likely to be very easily shared on reciprocated with Lincoln. The two platforms are linked by common ownership. Therefore, there were 22 ways to play this. The first way is to go to slide share on make sure that you're connected your linked in account from a slide share on. Then later on, I'm gonna show you how you can take or slide share content. Andi embedded in your linked in profile. So let's go over now to slide share and I'll show you how to connect your account to Lincoln. So here we are. This is my slide share page. Andi, I'm not gonna explain to you how you set up a slighter account that's beyond the scope of this presentation, but go to slide share dot net and click Subscribe, and then you will take you through the process. Once you've got your painted up and you've got some stuff uploaded, then you've got material on you, an activity that you can share with your LinkedIn profile on the way to make sure there's a connective is you got to the top right hand corner here to the the little icon, and you go down to account settings and click on account settings. When that page comes up, go across to this sharing tab and click there and you can see. Then it says, um, you can connect your social profiles and it's linked in Facebook and Google, plus now all three of minor connected. But if I just demonstrate how easy this to do so I'm gonna disconnect my account, so it's going to then update. So when you first get this, you'll have three great buttons that'll say connect. So if you click on the connect button, it will find your linked in account on. If you have done it before, it may ask you to confirm the connection. This option boxes very helpful. It will help you to set up your slide share account even more quickly, particularly if you've already set up your information on linked in on. The first option is to allow slide share to import your personal information from Lincoln into slide share to make your profile more complete. So that's a good thing. It says. Follow my linking contacts on slide share so that connects your linking contacts and your slide share contacts. That's very helpful on. Then it goes the other way. And so share my activity with connections on LinkedIn, and I recommend that you take all of these and then you simply press save settings. Andi, you should then be connected, and there you are. My Lincoln account is now connected with my slide share account. Now I'm going to show you how to embed a site share presentation into your linked in profile. So here we are, back in my Lincoln profile on I've gone into profile and then edit profile on. When I do that, I get these little icons in the top right hand corner of each section and you'll see the one that has got a square and a plus, and if you hold your cursor over that, it comes up clicked at video image document or presentations. You can add any of those, but we're talking specifically in this video about how you connected with slide share. So let's suppose I want to connect my presentation in slide, which is all about the on my learning podcast. I want to put it into this summary section, and in fact, as you can see here, I've already done that. But I'm just going to repeat the process to show you how it's done. So the first thing I do is click on this icon and say, Ad link. I then go to slide share on pick up the U. R L two that presentation. So I'm here back in slideshow. This is where the presentation is. Double click on the URL control. See on, then go back to my profile, Adlington and Control V in. It goes on, then Lincoln finds it, and it gives you the opportunity to put in a brief description of a few 100 words on. Then you simply click on profile now much. You're not going to do that because I've already got it in. But it is simple as that on when I can click in on profile, then what you'll end up with is what I've got. Here is the presentation. Now the way orders them is it puts the most recent one you've done at the bottom. But if you want to move one, you know you simply drag and drop them around. You can rearrange them however you like, so it's very straightforward to do. And that's it. That is how you embed a presentation from Sly Chur into your linked in profile. So don't forget. Slide share is at www dot side share dot net Andi. In the next video, we're gonna take a further look at some tactics, tips and tricks to help you with your linked in experience. 7. 8 Linkedin The 80 20 Way 7: hello and welcome to another linked in the 80 20 way video. In this video, we're going to look at five linked in settings mistakes which absolute critical not to mess up Now. The first of these is to do with group emails on my recommendation here is that you keep a few of the emails turned on, but actually, you either move the others to weekly digests or turn them off altogether on. I'm going to show you now how to do that, and we'll go over to Lincoln to take a look. So start by going to your profile page on, then click on the icon in the top right hand corner and go down to privacy and settings and click on review. It may ask you to log in again while you do that, but once you get to this page, you then go to groups, companies and applications on. Then it says, set the frequency of Group Digest emails. You click on that on up will come a long menu off, although groups your member off and you can change between Daily Digest, Weekly Digest or no email. And it's a simple as that you just go through all your groups on set them how you want them and then press save changes. The next setting I want to show you is to do with status updates. If something's updating to frequently and you want to turn them off, I'm going to show you a very simple way to do this. So let's go back to Lincoln right on back here in Lincoln. Andi is You can see I've got my status is in front of me and not picking this this individual out for any reason at all. But if I want to turn off this particular person from receiving updates, all I have to do is hover my cursor of the top right hand corner of the update where it says hide on, Click on that on it will then hide those updates in future from ever coming up. Very simple to do. The third setting that I want to bring to your attention is to do with turning off your status updates when you're making lots of changes, and it's quite important to do this otherwise you're going to get our whole repeat sequence are very small changes, and that could be quite irritating for people who contact with you. So let's go back over Darlington on. I'll show you how to do that. Here we are, back in the account settings page, which we were in earlier on, And you can see you've got a, um, option here under profile says, Turn on or off your activity broadcasts. You simply click on that. It will open for you and give you the option on. All you have to do is uncheck that box and then press save changes and that'll turn off. Then, when you finish making your changes, you go back in, click the box again, safe changes and is back on again. The next city I want to show you is how to adjust, who can see your connections on. We need to go back to our Settings page in Lincoln who were backing the Accountant Settings Page in Lincoln, and you have an option that says, very straightforwardly select who can see your connections, and all you have to do is go and change this option from your connections to only you on. Then press save changes. In that case, I will see press council because I don't want to change that. It's a simple is that on the last setting I want to show you is how to make sure or to prevent someone seeing that you've looked at their profile. So if you got to look at someone's profile, it often comes up on the right hand side. So instead of seeing your profile, but you can turn that off and I'm gonna show you how to do that and we're back in the account in Settings Page. And there's the option. Select what others see when you viewed their profile. So you click on the option, and you can either have your full details, which they recommend. You can have another anonymous profile, or you could be totally anonymous and not be seen It all on, depending on what you're doing, this might be a good option to go in and tweak on. Sometimes turn it off if you want to do some investigation and then turn it back on again and later date. So those are five settings mistakes that you want to know how to avoid, and that's really important. And in the next video, we're going to carry on showing you some tactics, tips and tricks to help you with your LinkedIn experience. 8. 8 Linkedin The 80 20 Way 8: hello and welcome to another video in the Siri's link in the 80 20 way. In this tip, I've got a suggestion for you if somebody sends you a message asking you to send them an invite. Now bear in mind that your in Beit numbers are limited to just 3000. And although that sounds a lot if you are building a large platform Arlington you do need to be quite careful how you use thes. So supposing you get a message of somebody and they say we'd love to contact with contact you please send me an invite to connect at this email address. And this is something I would have suggested that you can do to other people. However, you may feel fine. This person looks really interesting. Yes, I'll happily use one of my valuable invitations and you send him an invitation. No problem at all. If you're in two minds about it, here's a little tactic that you can employ to avoid doing that. And you can simply message them back and say, I would love to connect with you. I'm very sorry. I'm all out of in bytes. Could you please send me one it will be greatly appreciated. On that way, you turn the tables back on them, you can still connect with them. Nobody is offended, but you've managed to protect Andi. Save one of your in bites and they say 3000 does sound like a lot. And if you do use those 3000 up, you can contact Ellington, and they will, in most cases, provide you with another 500 or 1000 that you can keep on using and adding to. But it does help to be just a little bit of careful with them. And here's a little tactic you can use to help preserve your very valuable in bites. In the next video, we're going to look at some things not to do on LinkedIn. 9. 8 Linkedin The 80 20 Way 9: Hello and welcome to this video in which I show you how to embed a video on your linked in profile. Before I show you how to do this. I want to answer the question Why? And it's very simple. Video is very compelling. It's very communicative. If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a video is worth 10 times that. So it's really helpful, I believe, to have some videos embedded on your linked in profile so that when people come to your profile and they click on them, they can watch a video of you as opposed to just having a picture of presentation. Now they used to be an application which allows you to do this. It's being taken away by Lincoln. However, this very simple process does work and works very effectively. So let's go now, and I'll show you what you need to do in YouTube. First of all, for your YouTube video to make it as effective as possible. And to do this, I'm gonna take one of my existing YouTube videos, take it to the next level and show you how to do it. So you get all the optimal settings on, then we'll take it from there. So let's go over to YouTube and I'll share what we need to do. So here we are in YouTube, and I'm gonna be working on this video that I have already up. Bladed called the Entrepreneur's Guide introduction to start ups, and it's my promo video for this course, but their number changes I want to make to this to make it more effective on the first of these is to customize the thumbnail. So I've got some thumbnails prepared. I just got to find the right one. That's the one I want start ups in six simple steps. Learn the basics of 45 minutes. Is you the new title for this course? Open that, and that will upload here. So while I'm doing that, I'm going to change the title off the video to the new title that I've identified for it. There you go. So there's a new title, which I hope is going to be catchier than the original one on. I want to just change that title in the description now. In fact, I don't want to take people to you, to me anywhere, wanting to my fedora site, So I'm actually going to change the link on that as well. I'm just going to say my course. You could be doing this for any site, whether it was skill feed or you. To me, the actual site itself is not important. And that's not what we're trying to focus on here. What we're trying to focus on is where you take people. Now the next thing you should do is in this box having had a descriptor, you should also put some other links to where people confined your stuff on. I've got those pre prepared, so I just need to go into my notes, pick up the pre prepared information on just drop that in there. Now, the next thing is these descriptions of these tags. Now, I've got some tags in here, but I can really improve on these tanks on. I'm going to do that and then I'll come back to you. And once I've done that, I put a few more tanks in. But you know, you can go on, do as many as you want, but you should have at least 10 tanks. That's very important. So the next thing is to get. Just make sure that selected for the best image, the video is public. I can't send a message any longer because it's bean made. Once playlists, you definitely want it into a playlist. Andi, I would have start up funding playlist. So let's put that in there. That's the best one. Put it in there and then save changes. So you see, I have optimized the video as much as possible, and I'm saving. There's changes now. Once they've been saved, I then click on the video. I don't want to place it will stop that. And then you go to share on what you want for YouTube. Is this link here? So, control, See to copy that and then we're going to go over to linked in, and I'll show you what to do with that in Lincoln. So here I am, in my linked in profile, and I want to edit the profile. So I click on the edit profile button on, Go down on. I want to put a video in the summary section so I go to this little box here with the plus on it and click Add link. On this box comes out. Now What I want to do is take the link that I showed you in YouTube and put it in there. So let's do that now. So, as you can see, it automatically picks up the new image of the thumbnail. It picks up the description on it, picks up the description from the text that we've inserted, and all I have to do is click on profile on that is the video inserted? And then all I do is go back and click on the done editing button at the top on that video will be in my profile, as you can see there. And if somebody clicks on that, then a new window opens inside. The found leads up and they compress play and they can watch the video. And there it is, very simple. So that's it. How to embed a video on your linked in profile in a few easy and straightforward steps. I hope you've enjoyed this. Got a lot of benefit from it, and I look forward to being with you again in another video very soon