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Linkedin POWER UP your network

Laurence Svekis, Web technology Instructor

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11 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. how to Search on Linkedin

    • 2. Reorganize update your Skills and Endorsements

    • 3. How to Customize profile visibility settings and social links

    • 4. Customized your URL

    • 5. Promote your Profile

    • 6. Customizing Your Public Profile URL

    • 7. customize linkedin newsfeed

    • 8. Connect share and engage with other users

    • 9. Professional Headlines how to make them count customize your headline

    • 10. add your website to showcase your abilities

    • 11. Joining Groups


About This Class

Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile manage your settings

Linkedin Bootcamp complete guide to a Powerful Profile
Create effective Linkedin Profiles get attention and grow your presence online
Learn the secrets of LinkedIn, how to master LinkedIn to serve you better.

This course is about the POWER of LINKEDIN and what it can do for you!

LinkedIn is a powerful social tool which can be used to find sales leads, increase your online persona, boost your career opportunities and to showcase your professional accomplishments.

LinkedIn has benefits over other networks as it is a professional resource. Get your products, services and yourself in front of the demographics that matter.

Profile views can create opportunities. This course is designed to help you get more profile views, and reach more connections. We walk you through LinkedIn features, and how to use them. Show you ways to connect to others, get emails and grow your connections.

Hidden secrets of LinkedIn to really accelerate your experience. Using LinkedIn as a research tools to better understand competition. Powerful strategies you can use to become more effective.

Learn how to make effective content on LinkedIn's publishing platform.

Begin your network of contacts now so you have connections to use as resources if you need them.





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Laurence Svekis

Web technology Instructor

Providing Smart digital solutions online since 2001. I am considered a true web technology expert. Having professional experience in a wide range of digital areas. Everything from Search Marketing, Video Marketing, Content creation, User Experience, application architecture, and web programming.

Understanding how users flow through the web and learning what drives users to interact online has been the cornerstone of what I do. The more seamless the process the better the user experienc...

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