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Linkedin Marketing: Get Professional Targeted Leads & Drive Real Results For Business

teacher avatar John Barnes, LinkedIn Ads Guru

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is LinkedIn Advertising

    • 3. Why LinkedIn Ads

    • 4. Whats a LinkedIn Company Page

    • 5. LinkedIn Company Page Requirements

    • 6. Adding LinkedIn Company Page

    • 7. LinkedIn Ad Specs

    • 8. Creating LinkedIn Text Ad

    • 9. Creating Direct Sponsored Content

    • 10. Managing Campaigns

    • 11. Performance and Reporting

    • 12. Marketing Plan

    • 13. Best Practises

    • 14. Using Targeting Like a Pro

    • 15. Premium Tips

    • 16. Driving Quality Leads

    • 17. Top Questions Answered

    • 18. 10 Do's

    • 19. 10 Dont's

    • 20. Premium Tools and Services

    • 21. Case Studies

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About This Class

LinkedIn is the largest networking site worldwide where you can target your potential clients, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

In this class you will learn...

  • Foster enhanced brand awareness
  • Expand your market share and boost profits
  • Make the most out of your advertising budget
  • Establish meaningful business contacts round the globe
  • Forge priceless contacts that translate into money in the bank
  • Capture highly targeted and professional leads
  • Get more traffic and sales for your offers
  • Unlock a bank of laser targeted audience
  • Promote your brand in a professional context

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Barnes

LinkedIn Ads Guru


With my first class learn how to get professional targeted leads on LinkedIn.

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1. Introduction: welcome to the latest and very easy to apply. Lincoln adds video training designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting the most out of LinkedIn advertising. I'm very excited to have you here, and I know this will be very helpful to you. This exclusive video training will show you step by step, topic by topic and tool by tool. What you really need to know to dominate LinkedIn ads in the easiest way possible. Using the most effective tools and in the shortest time ever. This video training is comprised of 20 HD training videos organized into five sections. This is exactly what you're going to learn. Section one, linked in ads Basics in Videos one and two will talk about what is linked in advertising all about and why you should use Lincoln ads for your business. Section two, setting up a linked in company page in videos three through five will talk about what's a linked in company page. What are the requirements for adding a Lincoln Company page? And how do you add a link in company page Section three. Setting up your linked in ad campaigns in video six through 10. We will talk about Lincoln's Add Specs an advertising guidelines creating a linked in text ads. Step by step, creating direct sponsored content, step by step, managing your campaigns and performance and reporting. Section four. Advanced, Linked in Ad Strategies in videos 11 through 16 We will talk about setting up a marketing plan for Lincoln, applying best practices for your content and campaign using targeting like a pro. Applying premium tips for compelling company updates. Driving quality leads with sponsored content and top linked in advertising questions answered. Section five. Additional linked in tips to consider in video 17 through 20. We will talk about 10 dues to apply. 10. Don't to avoid premium tools and services and shocking case studies. Well, it's time for you to get the most out of Lincoln advertising for your business. I know you'll love this training. I want 2. What is LinkedIn Advertising: welcome to Section one of Arlington, adds video training in this section, we will talk about what is linked in advertising all about and why you should use LinkedIn ads for your business. We hope you enjoy get the most out of this training section. What is linked in advertising all about what is linked in LinkedIn is a business oriented website founded in the year 2002 in the United States that has been built on the basis of how social media platforms work. In fact, Lincoln is considered to be an employment social networking service, as it is mainly used for professional networking. The key aspect that makes linked in different from other social networking services is how it helps professional individuals and businesses to match on a single platform here. Social interactions air, based on the mutual benefit obtained by both parties. Having access to the single biggest online database of career based resource is most of Lincoln's revenues comes from selling access to his professional user database to head hunters, recruiters, sales professionals and large corporations. This is because people advertise their skills and availability for work on the platform when they create a LinkedIn account and add their professional bios and work experience to it. Currently linked in rightfully boast about having more than 433 million registered users in their platform, with over 300 million active users and 106 million of those in the United States alone. LinkedIn's popularity is due to how easy the platform makes it for employers to place their job postings and for job seekers to post their resumes and professional bios, which results in real world professional connections. LinkedIn users air scattered among 200 countries all over the world, and the main languages spoken by Lincoln users or English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, Dutch, Russian and Japanese. The main types of professional connections that could be made on Lincoln include job seeking users finding work at a given company through a job, posting employers, finding potential candidates for jobs through a job post or through a resume search. Users can follow different companies and watch for any opportunities for new job openings. Users can bookmark job postings for which they would like to apply to a later date. Users can see who has visited their profiles and prepare for potential job offers. What are linked in ads, LinkedIn ads is a way to market on the Lincoln platform to, ah, highly targeted audience made up of professionals that already know what it is they're after. LinkedIn ads are a great way to reach a global audience by promoting your particular brand of service right on a professional context that has been calibrated for business since day one. It is very probable that you have not heard about linked and adds up until this point. And we don't really blame you for that, because Lincoln is most commonly known as a social media platform for professionals, and it is often overlooked when it comes to advertising because marketers and planners do not see it as a consumer centric place. To put it simply, marketers in planners tend to think of it on Leah's, a business to business platform with a smaller audience compared to what could be found by marketing on Google or Facebook. But bear with us because we're about to blow out some facts and numbers for you to consider . While it has a smaller audience when compared to Google or Facebook, consider that it still has a 300 million people audience, and over 100 million of those people are from the U. S. Alone. The targeting options air pretty narrow, thanks to how LinkedIn works. It is ideal when you're looking to target people by job title type of employer role in the company where they work employment status, skills and interests. Professional bios contained much more up to date information than what can be found on a Facebook profile. Remember that this is a platform designed exclusively for professional networking. What types of ads does linked in offer you much like any other online advertising platform linked in offers you a wide variety of ad types to promote your brand or content. However, these types of ads air tailored to deliver career related material that could be of use to your intended audience to build your brand awareness and to get more leads within Lincoln. The linked in campaign manager is a platform where you'll be able to deliver highly relevant, targeted messages to unique audiences by using text ads and sponsored content text ads. Text ads have been designed to drive action and high quality leads within any budget. They're easy to create and deliver and will allow you to stay on budget because you will be able to choose whether to pay for clicks or impressions. Sponsored content ads. This type of ad will allow you to promote your content to the largest online professional network and deliver it on any desktop or mobile device Sponsored content. Adds air Great when you're looking to engage more people with your updates, whether by telling them about an upcoming event or by sharing a piece of written content with them. Besides text ads and sponsored content ads, Lincoln offers you other advertising products. Such a sponsored in male adds dynamic ads and display ads sponsored in mail ads. One of the best ways to reach the kind of people that matter the most to you and your business is by getting to them right in their mail. Inboxes in mail ads will deliver your content to your targeted audience in their linked in mail inboxes. Dynamic ads deliver creative content through response of display ads in the Lincoln Platform. On any device, dynamic ads will allow you to personalize your message and creative copy to target the audiences that matter and a measure your performance display ads. Display ads will allow you to deliver display ad campaigns on desktop devices for optimal placement and outreach. Highview ability and engagement is a given. When you start delivering display ads on Lincoln, Stay with us as we will be telling you the reasons why you should use LinkedIn ads for your business in our next video I want. 3. Why LinkedIn Ads: why you should use LinkedIn ads for your business. LinkedIn is a social networking site like no other, because people in there already knew what they were after when they signed up to advance their careers. So advertising to these people becomes much less tricky than it would be to advertise to people on other social media platforms such as Facebook, where targeting can get Vegas some point and you can lose a little track of where your intended market is going. Awesome benefits. Let's start by mentioning something awesome that has taken are awesome benefits. Top spot. LinkedIn fills a very specific niche, which gives you a very specific audience. Toe work with that, along with a plethora of other factors, are what make Lincoln adds a great fit for your business. Here we have summarized a list with one's more likely to compel you. Very big and highly targeted audience linked in ads will give you access to a very big and highly targeted audience. Currently, there are over 300 million active users all over the world, and over 100 million of those people are active users in the United States alone, unique targeting opportunities, LinkedIn ads will grant you unique targeting opportunities because you can target people based on their job titles. This is because, unlike more traditional social media platforms, LinkedIn is built around allowing its users to input MAWR information around their professional backgrounds. This means that you can target people based not only by their job titles but also by data such as their fieldwork in industry, the name of the company where they work their skills and the Lincoln groups where they participate. Besides the usual demographic data, such as location, gender, age, bracket and interests, business centric interactions, LinkedIn adds performing a platform built around business centric interactions so business to business advertising looks completely natural and does not feel intrusive to people precisely because, like we said, it is first and foremost a professional networking tool, you will be marketing straight to the decision makers by advertising on Lincoln, you will be marketing straight to the decision makers. This is especially good if you're promoting a product targeted at enterprising clients. If you promote this type of product on social media like Facebook or on search engines through display campaigns, it will be more difficult to reach those business professionals that you're after global diversification opportunities. Global diversification opportunities are also a great benefit of marketing. With lengthen ads, you can end up with a juicy business opportunity from anywhere in the world. Because many global companies have their own presence on LinkedIn and just like you, they also want to reach the most people and diversify to different markets. You pay for how you want your ad to perform. Linked in ads will allow you to pay for how you want your ad to perform. You can pay per click, which means that you will only pay for every time that someone clicks on one of your ads. Or you can pay per impressions, which means that you will pay on Lee for every time someone sees your ad, whether they interact with it or not. This is great news for you and your budget shocking fax. Here is some interesting and shocking facts about Lincoln and Lincoln adds. They'll make you want to jump aboard. Now. 80% of business to business marketers say that they want to increase their use of, Lincoln adds after trying them. In fact, 45% of those marketers have also said that Facebook ads are ineffective in comparison. Currently eight and 10 business to business marketers he was linked in as their platform of choice for product launches and linked in ads is a way for promoting them. A whopping 87% of LinkedIn users, which is by any means a significant majority of active users, have stated that they completely trust what has served on the platform, including product related info on advertising. The use of images in ads can increase the likelihood of Lincoln users connecting on your promoted content by 98%. And if you add a video on said content, the likelihood of those same users sharing it increases by 75% linked in ads are ideal for promoting a business because, believe it or not, 45% of Lincoln members hold upper management positions in their companies, which means that linked in ads will generate more leads for your business than ads on Facebook or any other social media Would. There are two new linked in accounts being created every second, which leads Toa one million new Lincoln users every 12 days on average. These numbers should give you a good idea of how big and specific is the audience that you'll be targeting there. The overall percentage of male to female users is almost equal with an audience that is 56% male and 44% female. This number is good to have in mind. A study show that ads targeted at women tend to cost a bit more than those targeted men. 50% of the global traffic. Collington is from mobile devices, which means that dynamic and responsive ads will work better after the United States. The countries with the most Lincoln memberships are India, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Canada. So, depending on what you want to promote outsourcing jobs, for example, you might like to consider those locations as potential job markets. 41% of the world's millionaires use LinkedIn, which means that linked in ads haven't outreach. That will get you closer to the 1% with riel chances of ending up with a hot business opportunity in your hands. 13% of LinkedIn users do not have a Facebook account, which means that LinkedIn ads are the only way to get those otherwise hard to get leads. LinkedIn ads are great for promoting a new business because half of Lincoln members are more likely to buy from a given company if they regularly engage with them on the platform I want. 4. Whats a LinkedIn Company Page: welcome to Section two of Arlington, adds video training In this section, we will talk about what's a linked in company page. What are the requirements for adding a LinkedIn company page? And how do you add a LinkedIn company page we hope you enjoy and get the most out of this training section? What's a LinkedIn company? Page? LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the planet right now, and with a user account already a 400 million, it doesn't look like it could lose that status any time soon. And in fact, its creators have stated that their goal is to reach three billion registered users. With that said, we can all agree that Lincoln is the best place for professionals and business to have a presence on the Internet. LinkedIn is, by all accounts, mostly known as a different type of social media platform, where people could carry profiles similar to those on Facebook, where they composed their professional bios and be found by companies. But how to companies and businesses find their way on Lincoln? We're glad that you asked, because we're going to talk about Lincoln Company pages in this video. So what's a linked in company page A linked in company pages, A profile that works as a social promotion tool for a business no matter how big or small it is they're intended Function is to provide business to consumer relationships in a business centric environment. LinkedIn company pages drive 64% of visits from social media channels to corporate websites , giving them an edge over corporate social media profiles on other platforms. Having a LinkedIn company page gives businesses a greater opportunity to promote their products and services to a more receptive audience. What are some of the benefits of having a LinkedIn company page creating a company page for your business on LinkedIn? Besides giving you a much more professional online presence, has great benefits. Having a company page on Lincoln will increase awareness of your brand or business because LinkedIn users favorite brands with which they engage in the platform over other brands, making them very likely to recommend your products, your services and to share your updates. It will help you to acquire new customers and to connect with a large audience of like minded customers. Many of your new customers will be acquired through direct and indirect connections on LinkedIn. It will allow you to create and promote events and have a potentially very large outreach. It will enable you to run advertising campaigns and target a highly specific audience with great tools for self promotion and sponsored content that rival more popular online advertising alternatives both in functionality and reach. It will give you the means to find exceptional people in your industry and in your field of work with LinkedIn's. Recruiting tools, which will come is highly useful when you need to hire talent for your company. It will allow you to engage and connect with influencers and decision makers in your industry. How can company pages on Lincoln help people to engage with my company? Company pages have not only been created for business owners and administrators, they have also been created with talent and all types of Lincoln members in mind. Some of the things that will help people to find your business and connect with it are connections, company pages, confined connections. Even the most unlikely of places friends and colleagues of yours had have a connection with your page could be a roadmap to your page for other people when they share your content products and services. Updates, announcements, product releases, Useful freebies. Every little thing that could be shared by your colleagues and followers represent a powerful tool to get people to engage with your business conversions. LinkedIn company pages have been created with conversions in mind and whether conversions for you mean gaining a follower or having someone purchased something from you. Company pages will allow you to reach your goal by giving you tools like sponsored content in mail advertising and social sharing buttons. If you want to take a look to get yourself ready before moving on simply getting a Lincoln and type the name of your favorite brand or company in the search bar at the top of the page, then click on the name as it appears in the list menu. Now let's move on and show you what you will need to get started. 5. LinkedIn Company Page Requirements: What are the requirements for adding a linked in company page? So we know what a good social outreach tool a company page a Lincoln could be for your business, right? You get the benefits of having a Social Media profile for your company, along with the benefits of being listed in the largest database of everything that is professional. Granted, you will need to meet some criteria before you can create a company page as requirements for starting a new one go beyond just having a LinkedIn account. Thankfully, these requirements have been set up to protect the quality of LinkedIn's company directory . And in this video we will show you what you need to know. To join the more than three million companies that are now part of the professional community, you will be required to have a well standing linked in profile. To create a company page on Lincoln, you will first need to be an active and well standing member of the network. Unlike other platforms, that will only require you to verify that you're not an Internet robot with a simple check and allow you to create company profiles right from the start, LinkedIn will require you to demonstrate that you can keep up with air quality standards. That means that you will have to create a personal linked in profile that complies with the follow requirements. Before you are unable to start building a company page, your profile needs to be older than seven days. You will not be able to create a company page with a newly created profile. The information in your profile has to match your personal information. When you create a linked in profile, you have to create a using your first and last names. Doing otherwise will not only prevent you from creating company pages, but it will also mean that you're in violation of linked in policies. Your profile strength must show an intermediate or all star status. The profile strength status is shown on the right side of your profile and a ranks your profile based on how robust your profile is. This status will progress. As long as you add more information to your profile, you will be required to have multiple connections on LinkedIn. Company page administrators on Lincoln are required to have multiple connections to demonstrate strong networking skills and to also show that the administrators profile is not a spoof in your case. It means that you will need to have several connections that are also relevant to your business. Before you're allowed to create company page, you will be required to use an email address that is unique to your company. While you can create a personal profile in Lincoln with your personal email address of choice, you will need the list and email address from your company in your profile. When you plan to create a company page, this email address needs to meet the following criteria it needs to use a domain name that is unique to your company. Domains such as Gmail and Hotmail can't be used. A domain name can be used to create Onley one company page. It needs to be confirmed in your linked in profile. You will be required to be listed as an employee in your company. Your current position inside the company that you're creating a company page for has to be listed in the experience section of your profile. Whether you're a regular employee, a manager or the owner of the company, these air the requirements that you will need to meet in order to start creating company pages, and you should have no problem working on those that you don't still meet, stay tuned and learn how you can start adding a company paged on Lincoln in our next video . 6. Adding LinkedIn Company Page : How do you add a link in company page? Having a LinkedIn company paid for your business is your first step to delivering your business related content toe linked in members through sponsored content, adding a company page on LinkedIn. Will Onley require you to follow some simple steps? If you just created your linked in account, remember that your account has to be older than one week that you have to be listed as the owner or as an employee in the company. You're creating a page for Andrew. Profile must be in good standing. Refer to our last video to get a recap of all the necessary requirements for the creation of a Lincoln Company page. Once you're sure that you comply with all the requirements, just head over to your LinkedIn dashboard to get started. Creating a company page on LinkedIn is quite an uncomplicated process, but before you get started, check that you had the following things ready. Your website. You are l and your personal email address within the company domain. This is your corporate email address. First, you will need to add your corporate email address to your profile and confirm it in order to use it. To create the company page, go to the account settings tab in the right top corner of your dashboard and click on privacy and settings. You will be taken to your basic account settings. When you're there, click on email addresses. Now click the add email address button below. Enter your corporate email address and click on Send Verification. Ah, Verification league won't be sent to your corporate email address inbox, so you'll have to check it. Open the email that linked in just sent you and click the link to confirm your new email address. You will then be taken to a page telling you that you just confirmed your email address. Now go to the menu bar at the top and place your pointer over interests and click on companies. This new page is the company's dashboard. Go to the menu on your right and look for the create button and click on it. Enter the name of your company and your corporate email address in the corresponding fields . Click the check box below and click on. Continue now. You'll have to enter your company. Information fields marked with right asterisks are required fields so Let's get started. You already selected a name for your company. So now add a description in the menu on your right. You will need to first specify what type of company yours is. You can select from public company all the way through partnership. Then choose your company size, which is the number of people involved with and employed by it. Next, enter your company website. You are l now select your main company industry and your company status. You can optionally enter the year when it was founded and the locations on your left. You will have the company pages. Add men's menu, you will be said, is the main admin by default, and you can designate other members in advance by typing their names in the designated. Add Mansfield Scroll down to enter an image in a logo for your company. Page does click on the green plus symbol below each option to browse for an image or logo in your computer or to upload it from somewhere else in company specialties. You will need to specify each one of your company's specialties, much like you would enter skills in your profile. You can optionally ad featured groups your company page by typing the name of a Lincoln group in the field. Note that you must be a member or the admin of a group to be able to enter it here. Scroll back up. Check that everything is correct and click on Publish. Now your company pages live. Remember that from here you can add your page, expand its presence on Lincoln and share your content I want. 7. LinkedIn Ad Specs: Welcome to Section three of Arlington, adds video training. In this section, we will talk about Lincoln. Add specs and advertising guidelines, creating a linked in text ads step by step grating direct sponsored content, step by step, managing your campaigns and performance and reporting. We hope you enjoy and get the most out of this training section linked in ads, backs and advertising guidelines. You launched your first company page, and we're sure that your fingers were itching to start. Making some cool adds to start promoting your content. That's great news, and we have made room to give something special to you. Before you start in this video, we will teach you how to apply some ideal add specifications and advertising with linked in , as well as how to follow and comply with the LinkedIn guidelines. LinkedIn's add specs for linked in advertising specifications. My advice for you is to go straight to www dot linked in dot com. Backslash help backslash LMS backslash topics back slash 8154 backslash 8155 and right here you will be able to see all the advertising specifications for each one of the ad types. Lincoln is actually offering you first, Take a look at the sponsored content and the text and ones sponsored content adds or updates to promote your content to an audience beyond people that are following your profile or your company, you can use them to target a specific audience and help you reach LinkedIn members wherever and whenever they're engaging on the Lincoln platform across desktop mobile and tablet for sponsored company content and direct sponsored content specifications, we find links sharing embedded rich media, add policy notes, tracking capabilities and click flow text ads or a tailor made for reaching any type of potential audience on desktop devices on any type of budget for advertising specifications . For text ads, we find links, text, image and placement. You can also take a look at the other ad specs, depending on your plans for advertising with Lincoln linked in advertising guidelines, The following advertising guidelines have been created by Lincoln to protect their users and the integrity of its platform. Failure to comply with these guidelines will get your ads removed from the platform. Lincoln can also restrict you from further advertising on it, so take note you're in add content must be accurate and true to the actual content being promoted. Do not ever deceive. Relied a Lincoln members through advertising. Keep your in. Add text, concise and well formatted. Do not use nonstandard grammar, spelling or capitalization in ad contact. Information must be kept to a minimum at only one link. One email address or one phone number per ad. Do not ever use inappropriate, suggestive or outright offensive language in your ads. In ad links must lead to clean and non deceiving sites. Do not use trademark material that you're not legally allowed to promote. Do not promote sensitive content such as adult and dating websites, gambling related material or websites. Hate related or violent content or religiously inflammatory content. Do not promote prohibitive products and services such as multilevel marketing schemes, affiliate advertising, alcoholic products, animal products, counterfeit goods, copyrighted content, private data, drug related content and paraphernalia, fake documentation, cracked or Pirated software, tobacco related content of products and weapons or firearms 8. Creating LinkedIn Text Ad: creating a linked in text at step by step. Congratulations for staying with us this far. In this video, you will learn the basics of creating your first text ad like you did it every day before creating your first text, add or any type of Adam Lincoln, you will first need to create an advertising account, head over to the top menu a logged in a Lincoln and place your pointer on the business services tab. Now click on Advertise and then on the manage adds button. Enter your log in information and click on Sign In. You will be taken to your campaign manager. Here. You will be able to see your ads, your campaigns and your advertising accounts. You have to create a new ad account when you want to create new ads for company page. Unless the company page already has an ad accounts set up because we're going to create a text ad for the company page that we just added. Darlington. We click on add account. A pop up window will appear and you will have the options to look up your company page by name or by you Earl. In this example, we're going to look up our company by name and let the auto complete function find it. A campaign name will be based on the name of your company, but you can edit it if you want. Next, choose a currency to pay for your campaign expenses and click on next. In the following page. Select the select button in the text ads box. How to create a linked in text ad. Now you can start creating your text ad. Enter a name for your text ad campaign. Choose a language to run your campaign in and click on next. In the following page, you'll need to first specify whether you want to send your customers to your company page. Order your company website when they click on your ad. Now you will need to enter a headline, a description and an image for your ad on your right. You will have the option to preview your ad in various shapes. Emplacements. Check that everything is as you intended and click on Save your ad will be saved, and you will be prompted to choose whether to create an ad variation or to continue when you're done with this step, click on next. Now you have to define the audience that you want to target with your ad. First, enter a Siris of countries, cities or regions target in the location field. The drop down menu on the left will allow you to include or exclude these locations. Now choose how to target your audience by criteria you can choose to target by company name by company industry and by John Title, among many others. Finally, check or uncheck the box below. If you want to enable audience expansion for your campaign, which will help you reach new audiences with similar targeting criteria to yours, you can optionally save your audience as a template for future uses. Check that everything is all right and click on next. Now you have to set up your bid strategy, your bid costs and your budget. Select cost per click if you want to pay when someone clicks on your ad or select cost per impression. If you prefer to pay When someone sees your ad now, enter how much you're willing to bid in favor of your ad. Set a daily budget and schedule a start date. You can choose to start delivering your ad immediately or to set up a specific date, check that your settings air correct and click on next. As a last step, you will be required to review your campaign details and specify a payment method. To pay for your ads. Choose your preferred method. Enter your information, click on review order and launch your campaign editing your text ads and sponsored content . To edit a text ad, head over to your campaign manager dashboard and select the advertising account containing the ad that you wish you had it. Then scroll down on the page that loads and look for the campaign containing the text ad and click on it. Click on the add tab and click the edit button. Now you will be able to edit your text ad selecting landing pages for text ads. When your text ads air in edit mode, you can change the selected landing page where it will lead your audience. You can choose between sending your leads to your company page on Lincoln or your company website outside the platform 9. Creating Direct Sponsored Content: creating direct sponsored content. Step by step, direct sponsored content is by fire one of the best methods that you can use to deliver your content through updates that will reach people across many audiences. Direct sponsored content is richer and looks great on the LinkedIn feed who can create Trek sponsored content. Unlike text ads, direct sponsored content cannot be created by just anyone in the platform as it requires members to have certain status. Members that can create and promote content through direct sponsored content are admits of company pages that have higher attributes and thus have access to the campaign manager with a role that is not limited to that of a viewer, people that have been granted the permission to poster ex sponsored content. When LinkedIn members meet any of the aforementioned criteria, they can create direct sponsored content right from the campaign manager. Direct sponsored content could be created for new campaigns and can also be added to existing campaigns. Let's take a look at how to create direct sponsored content with both methods, creating direct sponsored content for new campaigns in your campaign manager select and advertising account to launch your sponsored updates once inside the advertising account, click the Create Campaign button in the top right corner. Now click select in the sponsored content box. Now give a name to your new campaign and select a language to launch it. Then click on next. In the next page, click on Create new sponsored content given name and a description for your sponsored content and click on Save You're Sponsored. Content will be created. You can use the preview button to check it before it goes live. Click the check box under select to select your content and click on next. Now set up your audience. In the next step, choose a Siris of locations to include or exclude. Target your prospects by defining your targeting criteria. Choose whether to enable or disable audience expansion and click next in the next page. Set your bidding strategy, your maximum bid and schedule a start date, then click next. Lastly, review your campaign details. Enter a payment method to cover your sponsored content expenses, submit and launch adding direct sponsored content to an existing campaign to add direct sponsored content to an existing campaign. You will just need to access your campaign of choice. Click on the add tab and click on Create new sponsored content. Enter a name and a description for your new sponsored content and click on Save. Use the preview button to check it before selecting it. 10. Managing Campaigns: managing your campaigns. The campaign manager is a great dashboard. Were almost all of your linked in advertising tasks will be conducted. The campaign manager will allow you to monitor your advertising and marketing ventures on Lincoln and to modify specific details of your campaign in a minimal yet convenient dashboard. We will dedicate this video to taking a look at the many ways in which you can manage your linked in advertising campaigns. Using the campaign manager, creating ad campaigns in different languages. LinkedIn will allow you to create and campaigns across 23 different languages, and in fact, your audience will be targeted based on the language. The ER viewing Lincoln in your selected language. For example, if you select to run a campaign in Spanish, your ads will be served to those members viewing Lincoln and Spanish. To select the language for your campaign, simply select a language from the language Drop down menu When creating a new campaign. Note that the language in your creative and your selective language must match setting and editing a campaign duration you can set when your campaign start and when they end when creating a new campaign, simply set up a start date and an end date in the budget and duration set up to edit the campaign duration of an existing campaign. Just go to your campaign of choice. Click on the bid and budget tab and modify the start and end dates. Then click on Save Turning a campaign on or off. It is worth saying that is not good to keep a campaign running after loses its luster or when the time comes to replace it. When you want to turn the campaign off, go to the advertising account containing that campaign. Scroll down to see your campaigns listed and click on the green lever to turn a campaign off. You can also use this option to resume a campaign after you turn it off. Duplicating campaigns. You can easily duplicated campaign if you want to use it as a template for a variation or to use it to target a different audience. Whichever your intention, maybe just enter on a campaign and then click on the duplicate campaign button in the upper right corner confirmed that the selected account is the correct destination for the duplicated campaign and click on Select and continue now modify the settings that you wish to try differently and click on duplicate archiving campaigns. You can archive campaigns when you don't want them over populating your campaign manager. If they're not active, locate the campaign that you want to archive in the corresponding account. Once you locate it, turn it off. The archive option will appear below the lever editing separate elements of a campaign. You don't have to edit a campaign as a whole if he only need to edit its budget. For example, if you want added an element of a campaign, go to your target campaign and click on it beside the performance tab. You will have the option to edit a campaign's ad, audience bids and budget. We invite you to take a closer look at all the options available, as even the most basic of functionalities could be a lifesaver for you in the future. 11. Performance and Reporting: performance and reporting. Apart from all the cool functionalities, the dashboard manager will also give you access to powerful performance reporting tools. You can use the campaign manager to assess metrics such as impressions, click through rates and your average cost per click. In this video, you will learn how to effectively access performance reporting in the campaign manager to better understand the different types of actions measured in your campaigns to professionally gauge the impact that they have on your marketing efforts. Using the campaign manager to download performance reports, you can download performance reports for each one of your advertising accounts. These reports will give you insights about measurable metrics of his impressions. Click through rates and conversions, which will be important for later marketing planning In your campaign manager, click on the name of the advertising account that you want to examine. Look for the download button under the metrics chart and click on it. A download campaign info box will appear to give you the option on what type of report you would like to download. You can download campaign performance, add performance and demographics reports, select which type of data you want to examine and click on download demographics for ads. You can check the demographic range data for your ads right into the campaign manager. When you were inside one of your campaigns, click on the Demographics Tab. You can check two types of demographic data, clicks and conversions. You can see demographic data and break it down in several facets. Company industry, job title jobs, seniority, job function, company size and location. You can also check clicks and conversions through time ranging from today through all time data. You have to consider that linked in ads. Reports are in universal time, so they will hardly match the exact hours of your time zone. Adds performance reports. Statistical reporting on add performance across various dimensions can be accessed in the campaign manager. Select an advertising account for which metrics you want to examine. Scroll down and look for the statistical table at the side of your campaigns. As you can see, there are four measurable dimensions that could be examined in here. Conversions, performance, social actions and budget conversion metrics will show the statistical results of conversions as defined by you for specific campaign such as click through rates. Performance metrics refer to how your ads were performing in relation to your budget. Spent social action show you the amount of social interactions received on your ads. The social interactions air measured across desktop and mobile devices and include likes comments and replies. Finally, budget metrics will show you plain figures related to your budget, daily budget, maximum bid and campaign duration. Make sure to get familiarized with these metrics and numbers because you will need to understand them along the way. 12. Marketing Plan: Welcome to Section four of Arlington, adds video training In this section, we will talk about setting up a marketing plan for linked in applying best practices for your content and campaign, using targeting like a pro, applying premium tips for compelling company updates Driving quality leads with sponsored content and top linked in advertising questions answered. We hope you enjoy and get the most out of this training section. Setting up a marketing Plan for Lincoln Many online marketers seem to forget that creating a roadmap to have an idea where they're advertising should go is essential for a successful venture. Sometimes this happens because some marketers get very confident in their ways and end up using the same strategies over time without realizing it. But many others, especially new marketers, tend to just go along and market without a concise plan. But the truth is that having a concise marketing plan is vital when you start deciding over what kind of products or services to launch and what social media channels air optimal for distributing what your business produces in this video, we will help you to set up a marketing plan on linked in before we start we want to break down some numbers for you. Here is what other business to business marketers have found out about, including LinkedIn ads in their marketing efforts. Through careful planning, 92% of business to business marketers have found that Lincoln has become their platform of choice for marketing their business. 72% of business to business marketers have stated that a whopping 80% of their leads come from Lincoln. 43% of business to business marketers say that they have sourced customers from the platform. So now grab a pen and paper and listen up because we're going to start mapping a marketing plan for you to follow an implement in your LinkedIn marketing venture. Start by defining the right approach when using linked in the market. The right approach. When marketing on Lincoln is to define hot, advertised their products or services to a professional audience, remember that Lincoln is unlike other social media channels tailored for career minded people, and you should market to them as such. The core principles to follow from start to finish our to target the audiences of professionals that are right for your business. And don't try too hard to reach everybody else to engage these audiences with meaningful content, to drive quality leads and to acquire new customers. Remember that these people are professionals just like you, and you have to think like them in order to reach and convert them. Creating brand awareness Brand awareness on LinkedIn is incredibly important because people on the platform not only follow brands for the sake of following brands, they strongly gravitate towards brands that they know and interact with. Brand awareness must be created early in the purchase process. You have to share high quality content to make your brand be perceived as an authority and position your business as a thought leader, which is highly valued in the platform. How to videos and career specific advice are two types of content that Dr Brand awareness driving sales through interactions. There is a very large number of high quality audiences on Lincoln, and it will be your job to assess which ones will align best with your business. To drive sales through interactions with your audience, you will need to understand and implement the following strategies into your marketing plan . Your audience will mainly interact with your brand through the content and insight shared by it. So bear this in mind as 5 to 10 pieces of content or consumed by leads before they convert and make a purchase. Consider creating up to 10 pieces of content, such as articles and freebies that can be given to prospects to lead them through a final purchase. Funnel white paper and other forms of long form content can act as catalysts for driving sales. Delivering your content There are two ways to deliver your content to engage your audience on Lincoln. A mix of these two content delivery methods will give you greater odds for success. The organic way to deliver your content is through the creation and sharing of high quality content on your LinkedIn company page. Organic reach will be achieved when people start finding and sharing the content to their professional peers. The paid method requires you promote your content using Glink UN's built in advertising functions, such as sponsored in male display ads and dynamic ads. Meeting your goals. The last but not least step in your marketing plan is to meet your goals. Regardless, the product or campaign being promoted, you should be able to reach these three objectives created, maintained brand awareness. Establish your brand is authority, generate leads and new customers I want 13. Best Practises: applying best practices for your content and campaign. You might think that marketing campaigns will be easier to perform after you set up a proper marketing plan. But are they really is easy to implement and run as the art of plan? Isn't there room for error? How can you re strategize? A campaign of details went under your radar and your campaign underperformed and worse, you ate up your marketing budget. We're here to help you with that. Have you ever wondered what kinds of strategies the most successful companies use when advertising on Lincoln? Well, in this video, you will learn the operational strategies and marketing conventions that successful companies used to run successful campaigns. Time and time again Naming a campaign The magic starts when you get to name a campaign. This is not directly tied to advertising performance, but following proper naming conventions will help you a great deal in keeping your individual campaigns in a structured and more organized manner. Campaign names should include business line or name of product format of content, article or webinar, for example, region targeted industry and date of estimated launch A B Testing your campaigns. It is always a good idea to test your campaigns with more than one variation of the same theme. You don't have to completely change all the elements in the content of your campaign. It will be enough to create four creative variations in your campaign and test them across at least two different audiences, each differing in the following criteria. Slightly different images. Shorter and larger character length. The inclusion of a statistic figure in one variation. One variation featuring a person and one variation featuring an object exchanging words that can be used to refer to one element. Using e book on one variation and using guide on another variation to refer to a digital download using images and quotes is headlines. Publications with visual elements perform better than those on Lee populated by text. Use cool and attractive images in your post, along with a quote from your content to make sure it's more enticing. Update and test your content if your content stagnates. Soul. Your campaigns. Testing your content does not mean that you have to change your style in order to see if more people like you one way or another. Instead, it means that you have to test and reconsider every one of your delivery methods and strategies. Organic delivery methods, specifically, if you're used to posting content, has long form articles that read from top to bottom. Try posting list based articles to see how they perform. If you usually post in the afternoons, try posting in the evenings. Try as many different ways to poster content as possible and use the company Page analytics function to see what works best for you. You sponsored content ads along sponsored in mail. Reaching your audience through sponsored content and sponsored in male are the best ways to boost brand awareness and drive engagement available on Lincoln. When you use both media channels, you will be increasing your open and click through rates. This is possible because the more channels as you used to reach your audience, the more the opportunities for interaction. Just remember that delivering content through in male is a more personal approach to your audience, so it's important that you adhere to the appropriate etiquette. Be conversational and casual in your message. If you try to be overly professional, you'll sound spammy. Keep your message brief and relevant, personalized her in mail communications. Use dynamic back Rose to use the name of the recipient. When the email is open, carefully manage your budget. Although your budget figures will depend on your objectives, there are some guidelines that should be followed at the start of a campaign. Your daily budget should start at 100 times the cost of your average cost per click. If your average cost per click is $8 your daily budget should start at $800. If your goal is to have as many conversions as possible, you should bid above the suggested bidding range. We recommend that you bid at least 10% higher than the suggested bid. Last considerations last but not least a friendly reminder of things to keep in mind. Determine exactly who is your audience. Don't target too broadly. Always include images in your ads. A female avatar always works. Drive clicks, no matter what the subject. Use captivating calls to action that stay in the context of your ad. Stop underperforming ads 14. Using Targeting Like a Pro: using targeting like a pro. Targeting an audience on a social media channel can be an effective way of reaching the correct kind of people to market your business. But it can be a vague task if you're not sure where to start, because not every strategy will work the same for different audiences. When people come to linked in with the aim of using it as a marketing platform, they expected to be a place where great targeting can be summarized as targeting the professionals that are in their targeted field. But there are other factors at play that can alter the course of your objectives. If you target a literally defined and very niche audience, you can get a great deal of conversions and big time click through rates. Yet your reach will be very limited due to the equally linear nature of niche audiences. Granted, if your objective from the beginning is toe Onley, reach a limited number of people within that niche audience, the results will be great. But if you targeted that audience with the intention of reaching a bigger number of people , the results could be disappointing. The same happens if you target an audience that is too broad. When you do that, the process can become a little hit or miss. If the targeted audience relevance is above average and your offers compelling enough, you will see conversions. But click through rates can easily surpass conversion rates to the point of making your conversions not count. To counter that, LinkedIn offers you various ways to successfully reach your intended audience is by targeting rich demographic data that Lincoln members, including their profiles. Among these pieces of data, the most relevant ones include titles, companies, industries and seniority. Targeting by interest, for example, you can target an audience based on group membership and skill sets targeting member personas. These types of audiences air unique to LinkedIn and could be targeted by data such as job searches made by members, members that are business travelers or members that are considered to be opinion leaders. You can start targeting like a pro when you start implementing the following strategies into your targeting plan. Expanding your audience when you create a campaign with the campaign manager Arlington and identify the audience that you're trying to reach the audience expansion option will be enabled by default in the additional marketing options when you're setting up a campaign and we highly recommend you leave it as it is, audience expansion is great because it will get your ads in front of audiences that share similar traits with your defined audience. If you target people working in the I T field, audience expansion will help you reach people that fit that criteria in other audiences to see if it works. Driving personalization you can reach a defined audience by defining a Siris of attributes to target and let audience expansion do the rest. When delivering your content, make sure to target your audience is follows. Target by industry. If your target or services custom made for a specific industry, then it makes total sense to target your audience. Based on industry vector graphics software should be promoted to people in the graphic design industry. For example, target by title. If your product or service is custom made for a specific skill like branding, you should target your audience. Likewise, in this case, you should target brand managers as targeting marketers will broaden your audience a bit too much target by seniority. When you try to reach an audience based on age, it will be better to targeted based on years of experience, as opposed to targeting and by age 15. Premium Tips: applying premium tips for compelling company updates. With over nine billion content impressions delivered weekly in the platform, relevant content can get buried among the many, many posts that are released on a daily basis. In the LinkedIn feed company, updates are a very powerful way to reach and engage the professional audience that you're after. Nonetheless, to help you drive better results, we have put together a list of well crafted premium tips to make your company updates more compelling to the people that matter the most to your business. Optimize your creative. You want to make your creative copies to stand out in the sea of sponsored content if you want a piece of the pie. Thankfully, there is just a right amount of things that you can do to optimize your ads for a better campaign. Introductions and headlines use concise and brief intros and headlines in your message. A quote from inside your content can do wonders to drive curiosity and clicks from your leads. Headline should always include a clear call. The action, such as an invitation to click on a link using questions in your headlines to ignite conversations, is also a great strategy using rich media to really stand out in the Lincoln feed, you'll need to upgrade the way you use visual elements in your creatives using images and videos, and your content can boost common rate up to 98%. YouTube videos specifically can increase share, read up to 75% as they directly play in the linked in feed. Keep up with your audiences interests In order to keep your audience engaged, your content will have to stay true to their interests and needs. In general, this means giving a given audience what they want and nothing else. There are, of course, some key things that you need to adhere to when delivering content to any audience on linked in. Make your content easy to consume and valuable. The majority of the people that you will engage in Lincoln are just like you busy. Bear this in mind when you deliver content to them. Make it brief, yet valuable to the point and easy to digest in one seating to foster sharing among peers. Try to limit your content to 1600 words At most, don't hyper target audiences. Hyper targeting occurs when you target too many types of prospects and only one audience. It can give you a greater outreach, but it will not necessarily translate. Is more conversions. Targeting too many types of people at once can make you exclude and lose better leads for your business. Try multiple content styles. Test what your audience prefers by posting inspirational, informational and educational material at different intervals. Check to see which kind of content your audience responds to better manager company updates . The successful way your company page will get to a point where it's followers alone will be enough to test which pieces of content would perform the best. Have sponsored before promoting a story or long form. Make sure to check how well it's performing in terms of use and comments. The one with the largest number is the one that you should promote. Additional tips that work are don't get tied to the counter. While it is a good idea for you to stick to an editorial calendar, you must also be able to respond to news and events in real time. Also, don't live it yourself. Toe work days. 57% of LinkedIn members access to platform from their smartphones, especially on weekends, when rapid bouts of content checking are more likely to occur. Participate. Active participation is a significant part of engagement. If you respond to your audience comments, monitor discussions, remove inappropriate comments and personally handle relationships with customers. Your audience will advance from being a group of passive participants to becoming an active community. 16. Driving Quality Leads: driving quality leads would sponsored content. The success of a marketing venture on any social channel could be measured by lead generation. Lead Generation is cited in the industry as a top goal. The buying cycle is highly influenced by content shared and conversations started on social media publishing content online and having it shared is the biggest factor behind Lee Generation. LinkedIn has created a platform where you can share content and build relationships with over 400 million professionals. How to miss this opportunity Top business to business Marketers have stated that Lincoln is the number one social channel to distribute content and drive traffic to corporate websites and blog's. This is possible thanks to how marketers are able to distribute sponsored content to reach their marketing goals. In this video, you will learn the best methods to drive quality leads with sponsored content on linked in deliver content that drives lead generation. Developing and delivering great, valuable and high quality content is a number one priority. When working towards lead generation, creating valuable content does not equal creating just any type of attention grabbing content. You have to create content that brings value to people's lives, content that makes a difference. Whether people realize that or not, is what converts people from Leeds to customers to know what your audience needs. You need to start by looking at what the questions are that your audience is asking. Then start answering those questions. Long form content delivered through e books, guides, reports and webinars can be distributed piece by piece to make your leads. Want to trade their contact info to get it? Depending on how long the content is and on how you plan to repurpose it, you should distribute the 1st 2 to 3 parts of your content for free. Your content needs to be visual text only. White paper content will not convert as well as content. Rich media. It is recommended that you create a slide share version of your content to distribute on linked in distribute your content as sponsored updates. Promoting your content is linked in sponsored updates. Ensures that it will be delivered to the right people at the right time. Thanks to the powerful targeting capabilities of the LinkedIn advertising platform. Attention grabbing thumbnails, alluring headlines, statistical figures and numbered list items work best for sponsored updates. Avoid promoting hard cells and long copies hyping your offer. Remember that you're promoting to professionals that know where the format goes to explain the benefits that your content offers to your audience, not to your business. Address your audience using the word you and give them a tease of what is inside for them. Optimize your landing pages. Your content has to be tailored to fit the proper user experience for your audience, and your landing pages should communicate that right from the beginning. Once a person clicks on your update and is led into your landing page, he or she needs to understand why the content behind is so valuable. Having an appropriately enticing call to action. Guiding your lead through the required action toe obtain the content, such as a big and green download or register button is a must. Two aspects to take care of in your landing pages are brevity and responsiveness. You want to make sure that your leads won't be required to fill a lengthy form. Just ask for their names and email address. Secondly, make sure that your landing pages mobile device ready as 57% of views will come from those . Optimize your campaigns for optimal performance. Use a tracking code in the URL page used in your landing page to track results. Track your campaigns in real time once they go live using the linked in company page analytics tool in your campaign manager. Bid accordingly to the relative value the lead has for your business. If elite is worth $100 to your business and brings in a 5% conversion rate, you should bid $5 for it. I want. 17. Top Questions Answered: top LinkedIn advertising questions answered. Online marketing can be tough and intellectually demanding, especially for the uninitiated. Other online advertising networks air pretty straightforward and easy to digest it first glance. But advertising on Lincoln ism or steep process because he will be targeting top of the line people on the platform. Having said that, we know that you and many other people have questions about linked in advertising that need to be answered here. We have compiled some of the most hot button questions made by people with answers straight from the experts. Some of the answers in here can clarify stuff from previous videos, so watch out for stuff that you think might not have been completely addressed when you look back in the A B testing phase. I have been instructed to test different creative copies against each other to see which works best. But to these creative copies need to be created inside separated campaigns, Or can I just create different creative copies inside a single campaign? You can do both, but it will greatly depend on your goals. If you only want to test your creative copies, it will work well to create the copies and run them inside a single campaign, as you will only need to assess which one is better for driving the best click through rates. The same applies when you want to try which copies drive for engagement. Now, when you want to track conversions, you will need to test those copies on separate campaigns. That is because you contest only one u R L for every campaign. And if you want to track sales from one copy or just plain visits to your website from another copy, you will need to track separate U R L addresses for each one, and you can only do that with separate campaigns. My campaign has a lot of impressions, but not enough clicks. How can click through rates be so low compared to total number of impressions? How can I remedy that? When you get low, click through rates relative to your impressions. It means that there is something that needs to be fixed. First, make sure that your posts feature of visual element like an image. Images sized a 1200 pixels by 627 pixels work the best next to make sure that the message in your post matches the interests of your target audience. If you have a healthy following a Lincoln, you can also try to post a content Siri's and see which one drives more engagement and then promoted a sponsored content. How long should a piece of content be promoted? There is not a definitive answer to that question, as people and companies have successfully promoted single pieces of content for upto one year before having to refresh it or just plain replace it. The most accurate solution is to gauge engagements over time. If a piece of content isn't driving the same amount of engagement as in the beginning, it means that it's time to refresh it. You can refresh it by updating it with additional and up to date info, or just by updating the creative copy that you used to promote it. If, after updating it, you don't see it performing better, it means that you will need to replace it. Are there any cost effective strategies to create sponsored content on LinkedIn For small businesses on tight budgets, Content from your website is a great start if you're new delinked in, but your website has in great valuable content you can use the platform to share it and promote it. You can also repurpose any piece of content, especially if you can split it into smaller chunks. If you have an e book, you can create separate articles that could be released on a weekly basis. Also, it's a pretty smart strategy to check what your target audience is discussing. Then target that subject. Is there an optimal audience size when advertising on LinkedIn as a general rule of thumb, you should target at least 300,000 people and aim for 500,000 although the number will come down to your intended audience. When you create a campaign, a forecasting tool will show you the size of your intended audience and the estimated outreach. A good strategy is to start by targeting a broad audience and used the analytics tools in your campaign manager to see which segments of the audience are engaging the most with your content, then narrow your audience and targeted. Based on the collected data, 18. 10 Do's: Welcome to Section five of Arlington, adds video training In this section, we will talk about 10 dues to apply. 10. Don't to avoid premium tools and services and shocking case studies we hope you enjoy and get the most out of this training section. 10 Dues to apply. Use dynamic ads as often as possible. 50% of current LinkedIn users access linked in from a mobile device, which means that simple text and displays will not make their way into this users eyeballs . What you will need to do in order to make your content and promotions to reach those users is to create dynamic ads and serve. Those dynamic ads will work better for you as long as your aim remains reaching the most people in your target audience is possible. Know who you were targeting and why. Unlike other display networks such as Google, LinkedIn does not target people based on data such as searches and browsing history. Instead, what it does is target people based on personal and career laid data entered by users in the platform, including job titles, seniority or position of authority within their company skills, industry and name of the company where they work. This targeting method gives you a greater control over who you market to because it narrows your audience to a very specific crowd of professionals. So plan carefully. When assessing who will end up being a potential customer, keep your content fresh and up to date. A display ad campaign can easily erode an annoying audience, no matter how cool the product or service. And no matter how great it did at the beginning, haven't you gotten tired of seeing an ad piece over and over? This can happen to your audience if you don't change your ad copy from time to time. What you have to do is change the format, the message and some of the visual aspects of her ads right when you perceive that they have lost their appeal. This will also help you to avoid banner blindness as people start ignoring ads when they perceive them as utterly repetitive. Familiarized with Lincoln adds units familiarized with how adds units are positioned in Lincoln to have a better grasp of what types of ads you want to show to. A given type of Lincoln user adds units for those that are not familiar with the term is the name given to the position of which adds air placed in the advertising space Linked in ads. Units, much like any other display network, are commonly shown on the right on the top left and on the bottom. They can also be placed on the top right and be marked a sponsored content. Pay special attention to this, as you will want to position your ads where they're more likely to sell. Do Onley business and work related advertising business to business advertising. Looks natural and feels right at home in Lincoln because its members air there in pursuit of very specific and business oriented goals. Workers advancing in their careers. Companies looking for staff recruiters looking for workers and people looking after strengthening their professional network. So if you come to linked in to advertise something not work related or something that will not help anybody to advance in a profession, you will be out of luck and better off trying somewhere else. No, what and when the market, every type of material that you sell or promote a Lincoln will have differing rates of outreach products more likely to sell on LinkedIn are those that are heavy on valuable content and include stuff such as E books and webinars. Those that are more likely to become popular get shared include articles and info graphics , some tactics that you can use to get leads. Two product promotion include using white paper pages to capture prospects and getting someone to put a higher up in contact with you so you can conduct a hard sell. Do smart economics. Success with Lincoln ads is proportional to How much does your product or service cost as cost per click for dynamic and display ads gravitate between five and $8 which is quite high when compared to CPC on other platforms. But bear in mind if you are selling a business or career related product, you are more likely to close a sale on Lincoln than anywhere else. But the catch is that your product hats the cost well over $1000 to see adequate return on investment. If you're product costs under $800 your budget might suffer and you might end up not seeing the results that you wanted to see. Do the Tracking yourself as great Islington is is an advertising platform it doesn't include a way to track your advertising campaigns. Such a feature is simply not built in on the platform. But you can nonetheless track your campaigns yourself by collecting the data that Lincoln does give you such a CPC and linking a Google Analytics account to your linked in ad campaigns. Optimize your profile for search engines. Optimizing your linked in profile is a great way to boost your marketing campaigns by adding an organic component. Such is trying to include your profile in search engines. To do this, you have to include your targeted keywords into the most prominent parts of your profile. Your about section needs special attention, as this is the section of your profile that will be indexed by Google to make your profile rank higher and results pages when someone looks for your targeted keywords. Also, your message needs to be consistent all across the networks it reaches, so make sure to include links to your website and to your social media pages in your profile participate. Do not forget that Lincoln is a social networking platform with an added professional edge . After all, you can add another layer of organic engagement by participating in the community. Keep track of what is being said about your brand. Keep up with your competition and check what is trending in your industry. Make meaningful contributions to the community by giving away something from time to time, as Lincoln members are more likely to start supporting business after they start engaging with it. 19. 10 Dont's: 10 don't to avoid In our previous video, we give you a 10 item list where we number the best practical advice available anywhere for Lincoln marketers. And in this video, we will take the time to hand you over another list. And this time we want to present you with 10 things that you need to avoid doing to have the edge. When you start your LinkedIn advertising venture in no particular order, let's start by telling you that it will be for the best if you don't forget that linked in ads are part of a large ecosystem, LinkedIn adds. Air not only served in Lincoln's own platform. They're also shown on Lincoln Partner sites, which include websites such as The New York Times, Business Week and CNBC. This group of websites is part of what is known as the linked in audience Network. So besides being served to people on your network and people outside it, they will also be shown on some very high profile media. So plan your ads accordingly, don't target a wrong demographic Targeting the wrong demographic. Whether I linked in or on any other advertising network can have devastating effects on your campaigns and on your budget. It might seem obvious to you now, but wait until you're in the heat of the moment and see how easy it is for your judgment. Be overridden by how cool your campaigns and ads will look to you that you will probably forget that targeting is an act of careful planning. Examine your product, see where your competition is and then go check its audience. Deciding over targeting an audience of Lincoln groups or targeting of by industry to give you an example can make a huge difference. In the end, don't overlook how clicks and impressions perform. It is of utmost importance to carefully follow the behavior of your campaign because one day your clicks can maximize without you realising, which can be good if you get results in the form of a good return on investment, but could be terribly bad if your targets don't make a purchase and you're left paying for clicks that did not bring any result. What you have to do then is to closely watch how your campaigns air running. If your clicks are growing too rapidly, do not optimize your campaign for cost per click because as we said, your budget will drain, your campaign will end before schedule and you will not see any results. Don't underestimate how bids work. Placing a bid is an act of careful consideration, even though you're not placing it in real time. Why? Because the amount placed on a bid is not the actual price that you will pay for given ad placement, but the maximum amount that you're willing to pay to bid your competition out. In fact, actual bids most often end up being lower than the amount you entered. Unless a competitive bids for a greater amount and depending on the amount bid by the competitors, your bid can actually end up being hired to give you the advantage. So take notes on the average amounts bid by your competitors and then increase your bids accordingly. Don't set too many post variations to run a campaign, although you will have the option to create up to 15 variations of the same post to promote with your ads. It is not recommended that you run through all those numbers in one set as doing this can only confuse her audience and fog. The message that you're trying to send. What you have to do instead is to use no more than four posts and track them to see which ones work best. Don't sensationalize your copy. One crucial thing to remember is that by general rule, people on Lincoln will not respond the same way to an Ada's people on Google would linked. In. Members can sniff when people sensationalized the message on an ad by, say, using buzzwords. Remember that these people are here for business, not to buy a regular product. Don't try to broaden too much. We know that it's important and common sense to try to reach as large an audience as possible when promoting something on an audience network. But there is a reason for targeting options to exist, especially on LinkedIn. If you try too hard, making your message appeal to an audience much larger than it should reach, you might end up with no reach at all. It's better to tailor your ads and your copy to reach the appropriate number of people than only get a handful of clicks. Don't forget to highlight crucial information. Crucial information does not necessarily translate as the information in your content per se but also what makes it different to the rest of the information already available everywhere else. Is that expert advice from an actual expert on the manner? Is it the most accurate, most up to date information available online about the subject at hand? And if it's a product that you're promoting, what makes it different? You have to highlight that on the title of your ads to make a stronger impression on targets. Don't use optimize rotation In the beginning, automated rotation is the option to make your most click through post to be served more often up to 75% of the time over your other posts. This is great when you know which one of your post is the most popular and the best performing one. But using optimized rotation when you first launch, your campaign can lead you to get more clicks on the lowest quality post. Don't forget about freebies. Giving away freebies is and will always be the best way to capture leads with linked in ads and everywhere else. Make sure to create a compelling freebie. The matches, your advertised service or product. Remember that LinkedIn members air very likely to start buying from a brand after they have engaged with it in the network. I don't want 20. Premium Tools and Services: premium tools and services. The world of online marketing is a really cool one, ripe with opportunities for anyone who believes that a business can be grown from scratch when the message is delivered the right way. With so much stuff to manage and learn, the world of online marketing is also a truly complex one that can sometimes easily overwhelm even those who are really into it. That is the reason why we have decided to create a nice list of tools and services that could be used to better leverage your linked in advertising. Resource is using these services alongside Lincoln's own advertising platform can teach you a lot about how much butter linked in ads can work when paired with one of the following premium services. Add stage. This is a Lincoln adds management platform that will allow you to easily manage your campaigns across multiple networks from a single place. It's a streamlined and complete campaign management solution for delivering your Lincoln sponsored content and text ads. It will help you save time by letting you create and manage multiple campaigns on several ad networks. At the same time, it will automate the most repetitive tasks in your workflow and will create reports for you to access the right metrics for every channel that you desire to measure. With that stage, you will be able to create automated rules and alerts to monitor and drive the performance of Brad campaigns. You will be able to access and test all your sponsored content from one app and see which performs best for driving more qualified traffic. And you will also be able to track every one of your ads with only one conversion tracking code. As you can see, add Stage offers you a variety of features not present on the Lincoln advertising platform , and you can start using it with a free trial, which you can later update to any of the available plans. Starter Standard or Professional Marketing Mojo Marketing Mojo offers a LinkedIn advertising management Services, part of its social media online advertising services. It was created because Marketing Mojo realized that advertising based on search results did not drive qualified, adds to acquire enterprise level products. The key to how this Social media online advertising service works lies in the extensive knowledge that the Social Media account management teams of Marketing Mojo has acquired through the continued use of social media platforms for driving successful marketing campaigns. For many clients, Marketing Mojo is linked. Advertising management service includes strategic alignment and gold development of campaigns, initial set up research and targeting creation, development of creative copy, constant optimization and management, regular reporting and communication with client social media Advertising services can be purchased on demand depending on your needs. Search engine optimization Online advertising Analytics Consulting s CEO and PPC audits. Kiss Metrics. This is a company that offers behavioral analytics to drive growth. They do it by tracking and analyzing customer behavior to turn mawr of your visitors into customers. They will help you to increase conversions, Dr Retention and fuel growth across Web and mobile platforms. Some of the best resource is made available to you from the beginning. Include Click to track for setting up analytics without you having to write a single line of code implementation so you don't have to do it yourself. An easy integration for integrating kiss metrics with all the apse and platforms that you use. This service is available through three plans. Self service, growth and power. You can take a look at their how to track the R A. Y of your online advertising campaigns guide to better understand what they can do for you . Who'd suite Enterprise Who'd Suite is one of the most popular social media management services around, and they have an enterprising solution that can be used alongside, Lincoln adds, to drive better performance called Hoot Suite Enterprise. It's a great tool that will help you to better understand your audience by capturing the social analytics that matter most to you. Proving your Social r a y. Spotting social engagement opportunities, quickly gathering crucial data from over 100 million sources and 26 platforms. It will also protect your organization's reputation with enterprise level security features , and it will enable you to manage teams and tasks even in the most complex of organizational environments. LinkedIn Recruiter Recruiter is a linked in product that will grant you a limited access to the largest professional network in the world. By using Lincoln's recruiter, you will be able to view the full profiles and professional bios in the entire Lincoln Network, and it is also available on mobile. Right now, your question might be how do I take advantage of it for a marketing campaign. Well, you can use it to learn more about the most elusive but exclusive Lincoln members and pull their data to create a likewise exclusive audience. Hubs. Spot ads, hubs, Spot adds, is an all in one solution to manage your social media ads and one that can easily be integrated with Lincoln to run your linked in ads campaigns. You can use it to drive both native ads and inbound campaigns to automatically calculate conversions and return on investment. You can create your own ads inside Hub Spot. You can track your automatic conversions and optimize for campaigns with confidence. You can try Hub spot for 30 days and see how it helps you get more traffic, get more leads and get more customers. News Grid Software The News Creds software is a platform created to help you drive content marketing ventures the right way. It has helped several large brands to manage content creation, distribution and measurement on a single platform by leading them through planning, creating, publishing and measurement. Some of its excellent features include marketing, calendar and task management, long form content and editing tools, integrations and data consolidation, analytics, dashboard and process. Reporting news credits part of Lincoln's custom maps partners and will easily integrate with your LinkedIn ads campaigns. You have to contact them in order to get pricing for any of its platforms. 21. Case Studies: shocking case studies, DOC You sign. Daki Sign is a San Francisco based company that specializes in digital transaction management services for facilitating electronic transactions such as the exchange of contracts and signed documents objective. The company's objective was to generate new leads and build a pipeline that could be traced up to the final conversion. The aim was to create a community of people that would turn to the company when in need of content and information strategy. The company used the in male platform to deliver their campaign with the use of sponsored emails sent through LinkedIn's platform. They followed this strategy by targeting LinkedIn members in director of sales positions, working for U. S companies with more than 500 employees. The emails were then sent by experts who had previously taken part in the company's webinars results. The first and second email sent had a combined open rate of over 2800 a combined click through rate of over 243 150 registered sales. Axe Way X Way is a company that provides industry leading software and services for the management of the flow of data and business critical interactions inside companies. Objective X Way wanted to generate qualified yet affordable to reach leads by targeting people that fit the description of information technology decision makers that worked in the healthcare industry strategy. The strategy was a simple is it was straightforward to use LinkedIn ads to target its intended market directly and save costs. The company tested over 30 ads in targeted specific job titles and job functions in the health care industry. Results linked in advertising campaigns generated 25% conversion rates over those generated in other advertising platforms, while maintaining a lower cost per conversion. And each Lea generated was labeled as, ah, high quality lead by their sales team. Boyata, formerly known as i n g us Voy A rebranded itself, is Voya Financial to make an emphasis on financial planning for their retirement branch of services objective. Their objective was to raise awareness of their change of name as 73 legal entities were going to become what is now known as voya financial, and there was inevitably going to be some confusion about that which could lead to some loss of business strategy. Boy is marketing agency employed, sponsored content and display ads to drive home the message about its change of identity as a brand. The agency created two separate company pages and use sponsored content adds to tell the story behind their name chains to very specific audiences results. The company saw an increase in both brand consideration and brand awareness, a click through rate of 1.75 and twice the number of followers for their company. Page. Amex MX or American Express, is a multinational financial corporation that is best known for its credit card products. It is one of the most important and most widely recognizable brands in the world. Objective. The objective of the company was to simply reach MAWR business class consumers, so they naturally turned a linked in to do so strategy. They developed an app that let employees nominate administrators in their companies and vote for them, with those with the most votes winning a 25 $100 prize. Then they promoted this app in the contest with banner ads on the Lincoln Network results. The company positioned itself is one of the first big multinational corporations to have a successful presence on LinkedIn. Gosh, Ito Gosh, Ito is a company that offers software collaboration tools for organizations to help them develop and deliver better projects. Their products allow employees to work with an empowering set of tech tools and allow management staff to ensure that everything is on track objective. The objective was to raise 450,000 euros for funding the next level of their in work project strategy they used in male promoted content to reach relevant, direct and non direct connections to ask for funding results. The company raised over 160,000 euros during the 1st 8 days of the campaign through 70% indirect connections and 30% direct connections, with 114 companies signing up to use their software the first year after the promotion ran HP. HP is the company formerly known as Hewlett Packard, which specializes in the development and distribution of hardware equipment such as only one computers and printers. OBJECTIVE HP have been looking to expand their business and engage its commercial clients to social media. When Lincoln approached and invited it to create a company page, their main goal was now to reach commercial clients and to get business professionals to recommend HP products on Lincoln strategy. HP used the recommended capability, which members used to post and share recommendations of products and services of a given company. User posted recommendations air then automatically shared with everybody else in the user's network results. 2000 individual HP products were recommended. The HP company page got 20,000 new followers, and there were 500,000 viral updates about HP products in the span of two weeks. Fruit of the Loom Fruit of the Loom is an American clothes manufacturing company, and it is, in fact one of the largest manufacturers of all types of apparel on the planet Objective. The objective was to create a fresh campaign and target a specific audience within Lincoln's network strategy. They use sponsored content to run a promotion and deliver it directly to LinkedIn members in boxes using the in male functionality they targeted users who had changed jobs, were gained a new employment status in the previous 30 days before the campaign started. The promotion was about targeting Lincoln users that fit that criteria and send them an email indicating that they have won a new piece of clothing results. Fruit of the Loom got close to 25,000 new leads by delivering such a freebie, which is in itself an example of how white paper add would work in real life. I don't want