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LinkedIn for Business: Beginner to Expert Guide

teacher avatar Austin Armstrong, A Lifelong Digital Marketer.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. The Benefits of LinkedIn

    • 2. How to Create a LinkedIn Account

    • 3. How to Edit Your Profile

    • 4. How to Take the Perfect Profile Picture

    • 5. How to Post on LinkedIn to Reach More!

    • 6. LinkedIn Hashtags

    • 7. LinkedIn Videos

    • 8. The Power of LinkedIn Endorsements

    • 9. How to Increase LinkedIn Followers

    • 10. How to Create a Linkedin Business Page

    • 11. How to Use LinkedIn to Get Clients

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About This Class

You want to learn how you can use LinkedIn to grow your personal brand and actually generate more business, right? You've found the perfect course.

In this course, I explain and show you the basics of account set up, but with a flair to stand out! By the end of this LinkedIn for business course, you will have an amazing profile and feel confident in reaching out to new prospects!

My name is Austin Armstrong, and I've been doing digital marketing for 14 years (I started very young). Through my profession, I have seen successful video marketing strategies work time and time again and developed strategies to generate leads, phone calls, website traffic, emails, awareness and everything in between!

By joining this course, you will learn:

- How to set up a LinkedIn personal page and business page

- How to take the perfect profile picture

- Inside strategies, I personally use myself and teach my clients to generate business

- How to create content that engages and reaches massive amounts of people

and much more!

Whether you are just starting out or are already having some success with LinkedIn marketing, this course will provide you with a much better understanding and show you some cool tricks to get targeted followers and new leads coming in every month.

If you are ready to take your passion, business, expertise, hobby, etc to the next level and start reaching people online, I hope you will give this course a try.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Austin Armstrong

A Lifelong Digital Marketer.


Hello, I'm Austin Armstrong, digital marketer and friend! I'm here to help you, your personal brand, and business grow online!


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1. The Benefits of LinkedIn: there are so many benefits to using linked in. It's not just a digital portfolio, like so many people think that it iss whether you're trying to grow your personal brand, scale your business or just get hired by a company or a job recruiter, let's jump into some of these amazing benefits. LinkedIn is a must use tool. If you're trying to grow your personal brand, reach a lot more or even specific. People were just trying to grow your business and take it to the next level. Through using the advanced search feature, you can target specific individuals. Were you trying to reach CEOs? Heads of marketing departments, police chiefs? You name it. You can reach them on, lengthen and start interacting with them. Think about how powerful that IHS. If you're trying to scale your business online, you can completely outline and position your profile to be the end all. Be all cure for what your perfect client is looking for because of how few people are actually using Lincoln in the correct way in every specific niche. It's a really huge opportunity for you to stand out on the platform and make a big splash linked in video is in its complete infancy. Think about this. If you could put your expertise and your specialty out there in the world on YouTube in year one, think about how powerful that would be. You have this opportunity with linked in. It's only been around for a year. People are still getting used to it. Still on boarding onto video, still experimenting. You can use this amazing opportunity to reach new people in a really powerful way that's not crowded. And while talking about lengthened video, guess what's coming next. Linked in live. It's right around the corner and think about how powerful that's going to be. You can get in on the infancy of something that you know the platform is going to push, and it's gonna be really huge on there. Every other platforms Social Media Platform currently has live video lengthens. Getting on that bandwagon. It's important to start getting some video already, but coming up with a plan and jumping in to live as soon as they release it is gonna be a huge benefit for you, for whatever you're looking for on LinkedIn, Lincoln has an amazing feature that you can write articles right in the platform. This is an amazing tool that you can fully leverage there s CEO and drive a ton of traffic to your article that you just wrote. Which from there you can drive to your business page or maybe to your other social media profiles or more information about who you are. It's an amazing tool to Leverage S CEO. Unlike some other platforms that we currently know, the Lincoln algorithm actually works how it's supposed, Teoh. More engagement equals more reach. What a concept. It's incredibly easy to reach mass numbers of people through leveraging the correct posting styles on Lincoln, subtly using hashtags, breaking up the information, talking about trending topics. You can engage people on their contact people on there. The more people that, like comment, share and interact with your individual posts, it just exponentially scales. Another cool thing about the reach of linked in posts and how their algorithm currently works is if anybody comments on your post or likes your post a lot of their connections there following them, actually get a notification that they commented or interacted with your post. So this is a very powerful way to just spread out exponentially. If you don't want to spend the time or allocate a lot of time to using lengthen as a sales tool, you can use free and upgradable software is such a duck soup toe actually automate your sales process? I'm gonna be talking about this in another video, but I can not recommend this enough. It's an amazing tool. It automatically connects with her target individuals. It also automatically sends them messages to think about if you could save all of that time while still reaching out to the your desired clients day after day. If you haven't jumped on the lengthen bandwagon just yet, don't worry. It's never too late. In this next video, I'm gonna show you step by step, how to actually create a linked in account and how to fully leverage and optimize it so that you can maximize your reach on there. Click here and I'll see you in that video 2. How to Create a LinkedIn Account: so you're ready to jump on the linked in bandwagon. In this video, I'm gonna show you step by step, how to create a LinkedIn account and fully optimize it so that you can reach the maximum amount of people. Let's jump in as I'm sure you're well aware of watching this video, Lincoln is an extremely powerful tool that you can leverage to scale your business, grow your personal brand or just use it to get hired by your perfect job. There's never been a more exciting time to use LinkedIn and get active on lengthen than right now. So depending one if you're on your smartphone or on your computer or laptop, you're either going to go to www dot length in dot com or download the linked in app on your smartphone. From there, you're just going to click on the joint now Button, which is located in the upper right hand corner. Lincoln's going to ask you some very basic information. What your name is, what your email is. Just make sure you go through all of these forms. You have to go through them in order to fully sign up. After entering all of that information in Lincoln will send you an email notification with a specific code, you're gonna need to go over to your email, copy that code and paste it into Lincoln to get to the next step. Once your email is fully confirmed, a cool thing that Lincoln likes to do is show you some of the people that you might want to connect with based on your email connections that you have in your contacts list or frequently send and receive emails from it will show you active accounts that are currently on lengthen, and you can choose if you want to connect with them or you don't want to. From there, they'll ask you a little bit about some of your interest. Some businesses that you might be interested in. You can fill this out. You don't need Teoh. This just helps linked in create the perfect news feed for you off of the bat. So it's going to suggest some popular things that a lot of people are following a lot of news stories or potentially sports or trending topics. Wall Street. Whatever your industry is in, you can select a lot of these. You can also follow a lot more later. You don't have to follow any of them off that. But this is a great way to get really interesting news feed for you immediately upon signing up to the platform. And there you have it. It's as easy as that. You have a brand new linked in profile set up. Congratulations. Now we're not done there. In the next video, I'm gonna show you how to fully edit your profile so you can come across as the expert that you are and reach more people and find and connect the right people. So if you want to learn how to edit your profile, make sure you click here and I'll see you in that video. If there's anything else that I can personally help you with to scale your business or your brand online, just visit us at social t pro dot com, and I'll connect with you on there 3. How to Edit Your Profile: Are you ready to edit your linked in profile and maximize your results so that you can accomplish all of your goals? Let's jump in before we actually get into how toe edit an ad sections to your linked in profile. It's really important for you to answer this question to yourself. What do you want to achieve from Lincoln? Are you trying to grow your personal brand online? Are you trying to get more speaking engagements? Are you trying to grow your business and use Lincoln as a sales tool? Or are you trying to just get yourself on there so that you can be found by job recruiters and businesses that are looking to hire people with your expertise? It's important to understand this and really go into Lincoln with a plan, because depending what your strategies and objectives are, it's It's important to understand this so that you can optimize your profile around this specific objective. Once you have that in your mind exactly what you want to accomplish with lengthen, we're gonna go over and view your profile. You can do this by two ways. After you're logged in tow link, then make sure you're logged in first, there's a little widget on the left hand side that has your name. You can click on that where you can click on me in the upper right hand corner. It has a little drop down arrow, and then you can click on view Profile. Lincoln has a really nice system toe, let you know where you're at in comparison to other profiles. It actually has different tiered systems set ups on their based on how much information that you've input, it's really important that you input as much information as you can. You want to get to that all star status, which they deem on there, which just basically means you have all of the fields. All of the specific areas filled out to maximum capacity, some important things from a conceptual standpoint here to think about. If you're trying to scale your business online, you want to structure this whole thing a little bit differently. You want to come across as the end all be all answer to your perspective. Clients issue whatever their struggle is. So if they're in addiction treatment center and you are a digital marketing professional that specializes in the health care industry where the addiction treatment industry you want to think about what common questions that they have common struggles that they have an answer All of those questions throughout your profile. Some of the fields that you're going to want to make sure that you have fully filled out is your introduction. You were experience your jobs skills. There's an endorsement section, any certifications that you have. You want to add an edit information in all of these platforms. And then Lincoln also provides you the ability to add additional sections as well. If there's anything that you'd like to put in there that's not defaulted in order to add information to any of these sections, for the first time you're gonna want to click the little plus icon that's next to these sections that's gonna open up and expand a little pop up window with all of the empty fields. You're just gonna want to enter all of the information. As best as you can remember, keep the objective in mind throughout this entire process afterwards. If you want to edit any of the information that you've put in their years, one I'm going to click on the little pencil icon. That's right next to that, plus Sinus. Well, this will open up that same pop up, and you can interchange or edit or remove any of the information that you previously put in there. It's really Azizi is that editing your profile is not a labor intensive thing. Just remember, keep in the back of your head. Whatever you want to achieve on Lincoln, have that clear goal and objective in there so that you can edit your profile and maximize your results online and be found for the correct people that are looking for you. In the next video, I'm gonna show you how to create and post an amazing profile picture. This is the first thing that they see, and it's very important that you have an awesome linked in profile picture. So click this video right here, and I'll see there if there's anything else that I can personally help you with to grow your personal brand or your business online. Visit our website at social t pro dot com, not connect with you. There 4. How to Take the Perfect Profile Picture: having a really strong lengthen profile picture is incredibly important because it's the first thing that people see before they actually click on your profile. Let's jump into some tips and tricks for how to take an amazing profile picture and how to actually upload it on your profile. Now, one thing that I see a lot of on lengthen is a lot of really bad profile pictures. You want to come across as a nice, genuine, authentic and helpful person. So before we go into some of the things you should dio, let's talk a little bit about some of the things you absolutely should not do on lengthen far away shots showing your entire body. Don't do that. People want to look at you personally far away shots of your entire body where you're not looking at the camera and you're sitting on your porch drinking a beer. This is not Facebook. Don't upload a profile picture like this. You want to come across more personable, don't post anything that's dark for God forbid, blurry because nobody wants to look at that or click on that profile picture. Don't post a selfie. This is not Instagram. Don't take a picture of a selfie and a goofy pose upload that on like them. It's not a place for that. Instead, here's some great tips for what to actually do to take a really nice professional photograph that you can have your linked in profile pictures dress up look nice. Where that button down shirt or that blazer or that suit jacket. Do your hair in a nice way. Make sure you're clean cut. Everything looks really nice if you want to. Maybe put on a little makeup, have a friend or a family member or someone you know. Maybe a coworker actually take the time and take a nice photo up. Or, better yet, actually, schedule a photographer to take a professional photo that you can use not just on lengthen but across the Web as well. A really great tip is to zoom in on the picture, get it from the chest up and show a lot of emotion. A smile can go a really long way. People here to connect with you. You're a human being, and you want to come across as a human being, not a stone cold. No accountant. That doesn't do anything but be boring in life. No offense to accountants. I'm just showing you happy, friendlier one. And you want to make sure that the lighting is very clear. You want to make sure you can see all the features in your face? Show all of that emotion once you've taken your amazing and strong linked in profile picture that you're completely happy with, you're gonna want to head over to your profile. If this is your first time uploading a profile photo to your page, you're going to click on the gray avatar that's currently there. This will open a small pop up and you can upload your photo. Or you can edit an existing photo this way as well. If you want to change out what you have on their current from here, there are some amazing adjustment options to your photo. You can zoom in. You can apply some filters. You can make it brighter, adjust the contrast. You could even tilted a little bit. There's a whole lot of stuff that you could do on their. I suggest playing around with these features so that you can make the picture as perfect as you possibly can to make it look awesome. And from there, just click save and you're ready to go. Now you have an amazing profile picture on your page and you're ready to stand out from the crowd. Now that you have a killer lengthen profile picture, let's take this whole thing to the next level by showing you how to coast on lengthen. In this next video, I'm gonna show you step by step, how to actually create posts on lengthen so that you can expand your reach. Click here, and I'll see you in that video to learn how to post. And if there's anything else that I can personally help you out with to grow your brand for your business online, visit us at Socials Pro's dot com. 5. How to Post on LinkedIn to Reach More!: linked in posts. They are an amazing way to spread your reach and grow your brand online. So let's jump in two step by step, how to post on LinkedIn. Think of Lincoln posts as similar in nature to Facebook statuses. It's essentially a way to host information out there in different formats. To share your thoughts on something. We talk about a trending topic. Open a diet that's really what this is. Due to the nature of lengthen, however, you want to keep it a little more fashionable and in your industry space. So you do not want a post about what your dog did while you were out of work today, for instance, you want to keep it. Elements talk about industry news. Talk about business that you went to, that you had amazing service at talk about trending topics. You can even get a little bit into politics. Here were maybe something that you're seeing in your industry or in the work in a country that you're in thes are all things that you can talk Now there's a couple different formats of things that you can post you can do a traditional text post you can share a link to a video picture. You can upload documents, and you can give kudos to somebody. If they've done something amazing, they've really gone above and beyond. So when you have your content ready that you want to post, you're gonna head to the news age of lengthen dot com in the very top of Lincoln dot com. Right in the center, there's an area that has a little box, little widgets that you're gonna start post. You can either click right in there to start typing some text, or there's a couple icons right there that you can click on as well. Whether you're trying to picture video or documents on anyone from there, you're able to type up as much as you like up to 1300 characters. Currently, that's the current limit on. Once you're fully finished typing everything up, you're just gonna click share button in the lower right hand corner on send it out to the world. But to take this to the next level, I'm going to show you how to use hash tags to expand your reach exponentially. It's really powerful. If you want to learn how to use hashtag, click this link in this video right here and I'll show you how to dominate, lengthen, reach using the algorithm cash tax. And if there's anything else that I can personally help you with to scale your business or your personal brand online, visit us at Socialist pro dot com, and I'll see you there. 6. LinkedIn Hashtags: linked in Hashtags work a little bit differently than some of the other platforms out there , but I'm going to show you exactly how to use and leverage them so that you can skyrocket your reach online. Unlike platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Hashtags on lengthen work a little bit differently. Because hashtags on Lengthen were first introduced in just 2018 they're still very much in their infancy. What this means is that they're a lot more general than some of the more deep five hashtags that you see on platforms like Instagram. There are also a lot more industry and trending topic related, just due to the nature of how lengthen is commonly used. Lincoln does, however, have a pretty incredible way for you to actually find what Hashtags are being used and followed on their platforms so that you can find the ones that are correct for you and reach the most amount of people. Once you're logged into length in on the home screen on the left hand side, you're going to see an option that shows you the current hashtags that you're following as well as discover more options. You're going to click on that discover more on what this is going to do is open up a wealth of hashtag knowledge. From here, Lincoln will show you a massive list of hashtags that you can use. It's going to show you all of the popular ones. How many people are following these individual hashtags? It's gonna give you a ton of suggestions on here. What I highly suggest you do is scroll through this list of hashtags and find some of the really relevant ones to you that have a very large built in audience. Already, you can click the little follow icon below them. This will start to show up in your feet. It also indexes them on the hashtags that you're following section. I also recommend maybe just copying and pasting some of these into an Excel sheet or, ah, Google doc or, ah, note pad or what? Not. Just so you have a list of hashtags that you can go after and post whenever you're ready to use them. This is a really powerful strategy to jump into a dedicated audience around a particular topic. All of these hashtags you can look at what's being posted on there. You can comment interact and jump into that conversation, and you can also create your own unique posts around these particular Hashtags as well. That, you know is going to skyrocket should reach because of how many active people are following these hashtags in the first place. Unlike Instagram, however, Lincoln sort of has a less is more approach as it comes to Hashtags. So you don't want to put 30 different hashtags and spam across every single post. What you want to do is maximum 3 to 5. This is what I recommend. This is what a lot of other digital marketers recommend you use as well two or three of these you want to use for very popular topics, trending topics that have a large audience base. And then I recommend creating one for you for your brand, something that you can index all of your existing and future content so that you both have an index of everything that you've posted. But it's a way for your audience and new people to jump into that conversation as well. Another great tip to expand your reach and use Hashtags on lengthen posts is to look at the trending topics that are going on at any given time. How you can access thes trending topics is by going back to the home page of Lincoln dot com. Make sure you're logged in, and then on the right hand side, there will be a widget that shows all of the trending topics. Right now, you can click on any one of those and see what's going on in that current conversation. What you can do from there is see what Hashtags are currently being used around that particular trending topic, and then you can create your own post specifically around this topic. Add your thoughts, add something to the conversation, maybe even create a video around that can talk about that in another video. And you know that because this is trending because a lot of people are talking about this. Guess what? It's going to reach a ton of people. Hashtags are an absolutely must do strategy if you're posting content on lengthen, but you know what is also an amazing tool and will take your reach and your business and your personal brand to the next level linked in video. And that's exactly what I'm gonna be talking about in this next video. Make sure you click this video link right here, and I'm gonna show you exactly how to create post and dominate. Lengthen using videos. If there's anything that I can personally do to help your personal brand or your business grow online, let's connect at social. T pro dot com. 7. LinkedIn Videos: There has never been a better time to create lengthen videos than right now. Seriously pause this video, go create and post a video on Lincoln and then come back and I'm gonna show you how to dominate. Lengthen using videos. Imagine being on the ground floor of a platform that just launched video and is pushing it in front of your perfect clients. Yes, What that platform I'm talking about. This lengthen lengthen video has only been around for barely over one year now, and there has never been a better time because of this reason to start uploading videos on their videos. An incredibly powerful medium to communicate your knowledge, your expertise and your personality across to the viewer, to the person online that's looking to connect with you. And guess what. Posting on lengthen is incredibly easy to dio. If you're logged in on your mobile phone, it's is easy as clicking the little plus icon right at the bottom of the screen. From here, you're gonna click on the video icon. It's gonna pop up video section from here. You can either choose a video that you've previously recorded, or you can record a video right from here and posted. If you're long gone to your desktop computer or your laptop, it's a simple process is well at the very top of the home screen. Next to the start of Post section, you'll see a little video camera. Eitan. Just click on that, and it'll allow you to upload a video that you've already created from your dashboard. Another important thing to note here is that currently, the maximum time that you're allowed to upload a video is 10 minutes in length. If you're stuck on what type of video that you want to create and put out there in front of your audience, here's some pretty cool ideas that you can try and see what works best for you. You can talk about your skill set and your services and your expertise. Show a little bit about your personality. Show what you do. You can become a new source. Look at what's trending in your industry, either on the trending section of lengthen or just some breaking news. Maybe from a website that you follow that talks about this particular topic. Be the first to report that take a video record. Your response to that or just overall, talk about it and open a dialogue around this trending topic. Take your viewers behind the scenes. People love that all Access pass. Show them your facility. Show them your office. Show them the outside around the buildings. Show him that awesome mural that you got a local artist to paint. Forced. Whatever it is, show them around. Take them behind the scenes so they know exactly what to expect. Before furthering that communication with you. Give helpful daily tips and advice. If you're in the digital marketing space, for instance, say maybe the three tips that you can use to better your lengthen production value. Give helpful daily tips and advice, depending what industry you're in. Maybe you're in the mental health or the health care space. Give three tents how you can breathe easier or the stress when you're in the moments of anxiety or if you're a dentist or a dental hygienist, where three tips that you can offer to have a cleaner mouth. All of these things you can post on a daily basis. They're helpful to your target demographic and apartments. These are just a couple of ideas that you can roll with but have fun with it. The bottom line here is that you want to remember why you're on lengthen at all. What is your purpose? And what is your mission on this platform? Who were you trying to connect who were trying to grow your audience with? Once you have this in mind, just go wild, have fun trying different video styles and see what gets the most engagement. And then do more of exactly that. But let's not stop this Lincoln journey just yet. I'm gonna show you the power of endorsements and how this actually can stir and start a conversation between you and another individual online click on this video right now. And I'm gonna show you the amazing power of endorsing someone on link them. If there's anything else that I can personally do to help you or your business grow online , let's connect at social t pro dot com 8. The Power of LinkedIn Endorsements: getting endorsed by someone for a particular skill on lengthen always makes you feel so excited. We all love acknowledgement for what we do, right? I'm gonna show you exactly how you can leverage endorsing someone on lengthen to open a dialogue with a perspective client. You can also use this strategy to grow your own endorsement count as well. Having an endorsement on a particular skill on Lincoln is kind of like having a badge of honor way. All add skills and levels of expertise on are linked in profile pages to show the world exactly what we do and to help index our profile under these topics and skill sets as well . And it's always so great to see someone else endorse you. For one of these particular skill sets great news. Endorsing someone is incredibly easy to do. What you want to do is find that person that you want to endorse and then visit their profile. It's important to note that you do need to be connected with the individual before you can actually endorse them. Don't worry, though. I'm gonna show you how to grow your connection based another video shortly, assuming you are connected with this individual that you want to endorse, visit their profile page and then scroll down to the bottom of their page. There will be a skills and endorsements section. What you want to do there is right next to a particular skill. You'll see a little plus icon. Just click that plus icon. It's gonna open up a little dialogue box, and you can set how proficient they are at this individual skill. And then you just click safe. I am. You just endorse someone, but let's not stop there. The power of this is that after you endorse someone, it sends them a notification that you endorsed them for a particular skill. And it gives them the option to say thank you for endorsing me in a private message to you for this particular skill. And guess what? Yes, what you just did. You had your perfect client or someone you want to connect with. Open a dialogue with you From here. You can continue the conversation by talking to them. Ask them a little bit more about what they dio say. You really notice their profile and know that they are very proficient in this particular skill But you'd like to learn a little bit more about their individual profession or their industry or their job, what they do and what they're good at. Open that dialogue. Oh, you can also use this opportunity to politely ask them if they'd be willing to return the favor and endorse you for some of skills that you have on your profile. Like I said, though, in order for this endorsement strategy to actually work, you need to be connected with that individual in the first place. In this next video, I'm going to show you exactly how you can grow your connection base with your perfect person that you want to connect with and start that dialogue with. Click this video right here, and I'll show you how to grow your connection base. If there's anything I can personally do to help you grow your personal brand or your business online, let's connect at Social pro dot com 9. How to Increase LinkedIn Followers: having linked in followers is the life blood of being successful on that platform. In this video, I'm going to show you exactly how you can fast and effectively skyrocket your Lincoln follower account with not only just anybody and everybody but targeted individuals. There's one thing that I want to drill into your head before we go into exploding your follower. Count on lengthen and just subscribing to an anyone and everyone that you can possibly find , and that is to go in with a plan. I want you to really think about this question. Answer it for yourself and leave it in the comments below. I'd love to hear it as well, so I can check out your lengthen profile and see if you're actually doing it. But why do you want to get more followers on Lincoln? What's your objective? Is it to get more business prospects? Is it to sell an item, an article or ah, book? Do you just want to grow your personal brand in the niche that you're in? Whatever it is, you can create a custom targeted plan and target those individual prospects and people online, but it's very important to answer this question First, once you have that objective, that plan and that perfect person or group of people in mind, let's head over to Lincoln's advanced search feature. This feature is a gold mine once you learn how to use it, and it's pretty simple as well. So what you're gonna dio is in the search bar at the very top of lengthen. Begin to search for whatever your industry is. Let's say you're looking for psychologists in Orange County, California All you need to do is type in psychologists in there and press enter. What's gonna happen here is it's going to show you a broad list of psychologists in general . In the upper right hand corner, there will be a button that says all filters click on this. This is where the money happens. This is absolutely amazing. There are all kinds of incredible targeting options here. You can target people that used to or are currently working for a specific company in a specific location, job titles, connections to your existing connections or how long they have been working in a company. There's so many options here, even what school or university that they went Teoh, these air all amazing opportunities so that you can ultimately hone in and find that perfect person that you're looking for. Once you have all of those section saved, just click save down below, and I will show you an updated list. All the people that meet that criteria Now, at first, when you first start doing this, if you don't have any mutual connections with any of these people in your surge, it's gonna be a little more difficult to actually connect with them. So what you need to do and what I highly recommend doing is is to just click on their individual profile and look at them, see what their balance see if they're active on the platform at all. See what school they went to see what interests they have and then send that connection request. And when you send that connection request, it's gonna give you the option to write a note. Everybody that you connect with on lengthen. I highly suggest you write a note. If you do not know that this is going to drastically increase the likeliness, that they will accept that connection request, send them something custom and personalized. Say, Hey, I came across your profile. I found a really interesting and I would love to connect with you and learn a little bit more. It's important here to not come across as sales E no matter what, Even if that's your intention Down the line, Come across as authentic. Ask yourself again. Why would they want to be connected with you in the first place? What can you actually do to enhance this relationship? Give them a reason to do this. A little disclaimer here that you need to be aware of a swell is lengthen limits the amount of connections that you can request on any given day. It's important to stay within these restrictions because if you just go out and send out a 1000 connections in an hour, Lincoln may an you are temporarily ban you from these features. You don't want to do that. You don't want to fall into that. So I highly suggest doing this sparingly, I recommend. Don't send any more than 50 to 100 requests her day. It'll stack over time. I promise. These restrictions are a little bit lifted and extended. If you pay for one of the paid services for lengthen sales Navigator Business Navigator, etcetera. That's entirely up to you. After doing this for several days or several weeks, you'll begin to grow that connection base. What this does is it opens up your network of opportunities, and lengthen will actually begin to suggest new people to you based on the people that you're currently connected with. So once you're logged in tow, lengthen at the very top. There should be a tap that says my network. Just click on that scroll down a little bit and it's going to show you all of these people that Lincoln thinks you may want to connect with based on your current connections. It will display their name, their job title, and they're opening description. Check it out, see what they post on there. And if it fits your initial goal and objective, connect with them. This is a really quick and easy way to grow your connection base, but again, don't go overboard with this. I suggest sticking within that 50 to 100 per day limit. Now, if you think I don't have the time to send 50 to 100 requests per day, what am I to dio Well, another thing that can be really a great time saver for you is looking into automation Software's now be careful with this. Lincoln doesn't like it. They actually tell you not to do it. But if you use it very sparingly, you probably will be OK, and it'll save you a ton of time. And you can actually use this as a wonderful way to send business opportunity as well. One of the automation software is that I recommend and have used time and time again is called dark soup, the U X hyphen. S. O. U P. It's a great tool. It's a free Google chrome extension tool. And then there's paid options as well for upgraded features and expanded features, etcetera. What this does is back in the advance to search where it lists all of the people. Based on your search criteria that you put in there, you can set all of these things within duck soup, and it will go through this list automatically send them a connection request and even send the note that you type in as well. So it'll go down. This list of go to the first person will send a connection request will send that note. It will go to the next person that's right below them. Send a connection request. Send a note within duck soup app. You have full control over the frequency of this as well. You can set how maney it sends per day and the time in between those connection requests, and you can get even as granular as after sending 20 requests. Take a five minute break. This kind of gives it that human feel so that lengthen can't really detect that. I suggest checking it out. Look into it. Maybe it's your thing. Maybe it's you're not. It can certainly save you a lot of time, though, by doing this day by day, a couple days a week. Over time you will grow and develop a massive following of the people that you actually want to be connected. Teoh, for whatever your plan and objective is. But you need to actually engage with these people. You need to be active on the platform, posting interesting things, unique status updates, talk about trending topics, post videos, whatever it is engaged post meaningful content and engage with the people that you're contacted with, as well if they post something, leave a thought. Leave a comment say, Hey, I really appreciate this. Keep that momentum going. Keep those connections growing, and then you can take it to the next level. So what exactly is that next level in this video up here, I'm going to show you how you can use these connections to use LinkedIn for business marketing. This is exciting stuff. Click there. I'll see in that video. If there's anything that I can personally do to help you grow your personal brand or your business in the online space, I would love to connect with you at social. T pro dot com. 10. How to Create a Linkedin Business Page: Besides just your personal Lincoln profiled, you can also create a linked in business page, sometimes also called a company page. In this video, I'm going to show you step by step, how you create a business page on LinkedIn and some of the really cool benefits and features that go along with it. Having a lengthen business page opens up a lot of unique opportunities that you just simply don't have with personal linked in profile page. Here's some of those benefits and features increased brand visibility. By having a page dedicated to your business or your brand, people can begin to start tagging it. You can add employees onto it. You can use it as a platform to share news highlights, updates and new things breaking news that you and your company are bound to dio or the process of doing If you're looking to hire that perfect person toe fit that role within your company. Having a business profile page on Lengthen is a great base that you can post a job off. Then they can check out the company, find a little bit more about who you are, and it's a match made in heaven. There's actually features that you can track and analyze whose mentioning your company This is really cool to see what they're talking about. Retirement. Good things, maybe bad things. Or if they're just referencing you and want to find out more information, it also doubles your potential. Reach to get business and get brand awareness on that personal profile page by having your employees and also brand ambassadors connect with and say that they're working for this company page, you can vice versa, share content that puts out their attacks back into your page and just expands the reach even more. Okay, so you're convinced that you need to get a company page on LinkedIn. Let's jump into step by step exactly how you can create one from scratch. The first thing that you need to know before creating a company business page is that you need to have a personal linked in profile page in order to create it, and you need to have it filled out as well. So if you do not have a link in profile page yes, I suggest you causes video. Click right here and you'll see a video that takes you step by step how you can create your own profile. Assuming that you do have a profile page already created and you're logged in tow Lincoln dot com check in the upper right hand corner of the page. You're going to see an icon that has nine dots, and it says work. Drop down arrow. Click on that. It's gonna expand a short little window and then down at the bottom of it, we'll have a link for you to create a business page. Click on that. From here, there's a couple options depending on the size of your business. Maybe you're a smaller business. Maybe you're a massive corporation where you want to just create a brand awareness page or something along the lines of that. You can select that here and then move on to the next step. From here, it's a simple is filling out the necessary forms Company name. Website. If you have one, the tagline and slowly in of your company what services you offer, what industry that you're in. Add your logo in there at all of these fields that you have currently or that are appropriate and then click, save and then go to the next step from here, you're pretty much good to go now. You have a base template for your length in company page. Here, you can add any additional features that you want. You can add in cover photo in here and start to begin posting updates or interesting particles in your niche in your business, etcetera. I also highly suggest that once your business pages fully filled out created, send a newsletter or send an update out to all of your employees that they can say that they work for your company. This will publicly display on their profiles, and it will interlink back into that company page as well, which will help increase the brand visibility and ultimately, more followers. If there's anything else that I can personally do to help you grow your brand or your business online, I would love to connect with you at social t pro dot com 11. How to Use LinkedIn to Get Clients: If you are not using lengthen for business development, you are missing out on a massive opportunity in this video. I'm going to show you step by step exactly how I use linked in for business development for both myself and clients that I work with, whether you're in the business, to business base or hack even business to consumer, depending on what it is that you're trying to sell. Using linked in for business development is an amazing tool that you should be using to hyper target. The people that you know are interested in what you have to sell, whether you're the CEO or in the marketing department or the business development department. You need to be using lengthen as an active part of your strategy for reaching out to potential clients for sales. Think about this first. How is business development been done? Traditionally in past, you find a company that you maybe want to connect with her work with. Maybe you find their phone number online or on Yelp er on their website or whatever you call that number and you you get the receptionist, the eight keeper that you have to get through and even if you can get through to them, you get their assistant at that point, and then you have to set up a time in the schedule to present and yada. Yada. Yada would be a shame if there was some sort of platform that you could directly developed conversations with the decision makers. In the last video, I showed you how you can leverage Lincoln's advanced search feature to directly target new potential clients. Now I'm gonna show you an exact methodology of how I've helped a personal client of mine develop new business using LENGTHEN If you don't know how to use blinked INS, Advanced Search feature Here's a quick step by step. Go to Lincoln dot com in the search bar at the very top type in whatever job or prospect or industry that you're looking for, say psychologist. Click Enter. It'll show you a quick list of people that fit this criteria in the upper right hand corner . There's a tap that says all filters click on that, and I'll give you a lot more of expanded search options. Or you can click on this video right here. I'll show you step by step guide, how you can use the advanced search feature. So in this example, I work a lot in the addiction treatment space. How this space works. How this industry works is that they commonly accept clients that have a specific health insurance plan that they accept now. How does lengthen come into this? Well, what I first do is I leverage a website called Glassdoor dot com and even use Google a little bit to find this information. Using a website like Glassdoor dot com is a wonderful way to find these specific companies that offer health insurance plans. Now, this is just Step one. Stay with me. I'm gonna show you how to do all this. What I like to do first, go to Google type in Glassdoor best companies in California. Whatever state that you want to work in this example, you'll see a bunch of search results. The 1st 1 There is a list on Glassdoor dot com. It has about 70,000 plus companies that you can work for in California based on our search query. What you can do here is go through each of these individual companies and on the benefits tab of all of these individual companies. It'll expand into that. And then there's a tab that says Health insurance. You can click on health insurance right there. And now it opens up an expanded list of reviews from people that have worked for this company, telling you about the health insurance that that company offers. Think about how powerful this is for a second. Okay, you can go through all of these companies, make a list of companies that offer really good health insurance that your treatment center in this example accepts. Now you can take this over toe, link them. OK, stay with me here. Now, in the advanced search feature that we went through earlier, you can target the decision makers of these companies that you know that your company can accept. This is perfect. You just created a specific bubble. Now you can maybe target people that have human resource is, or business development in their job titles that also work for this company and are located in Orange County, California. Think about how specific that is. Now your search results are gonna drastically go down because that's ultra specific. So maybe there's only five or 10 people that fit that criteria for each individual company . So you can go through all of these lists and come up with a massive list from here. What you're gonna dio is start connecting with these individual people, send them a connection request, say, Hey, I would love to learn more about your company or something along the lines of this just kind of sneak your way in there and the nurture of the relationship. It's all about nurturing relationships. Build that relationship with them, talk to them, see what they're about. Invite them to coffee if they're in your area by them lunch. Whatever it is that you do for your traditional business development, you could use this as a first step and I passed that gatekeeper off the back. But this is just one really quick example that I've personally used for Lincoln Business Development. Whatever your target is, whoever you want to do business with or sell an item two or whatever your objective is on their use. Lincoln's advanced search feature to target and find that exact individual connect with them and nurture that relationship