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LinkedIn Profile Essentials - Where to start

teacher avatar Dragos Stefanescu, TeacHack Founder - Teaching 1000s Online

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Use These Tips To Have A Great Profile Photo

    • 3. How To Use Your Cover Photo To Stand Out

    • 4. The Short Sales Pitch You're Not Aware Of

    • 5. S02L05VanityURL

    • 6. S02L06OrganisingyourconnectionsonLinkedIn

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About This Class

Have you considered the fact that LinkedIn is more than just an online Resume?

Do you want to pursue the opportunities LinkedIn offers and get the job you wanted, obtain a promotion faster or spread your influence within your company?

Or maybe you want to solidify your reputation as an entrepreneur or professional in the online world…

Here are a few facts about LinkedIn from my perspective:

  • LinkedIn has an amazing potential for networking and it's how I made dozens of face-to-face meetings happen, both in a corporate environment and with entrepreneurs
  • LinkedIn allowed me to network with 100+ people in 2 months in a major Consulting company
  • LinkedIn is a great branding opportunity and it will be the go-to place for your personal online image


Student Success Stories:

"Respect. I have to say you put a good course together. I'm already thinking about implementing some of these tactics and getting material to tell a group social media marketers that I work with.

My all-time favorite is being able to extract emails from LinkedIn. You would never know that otherwise - well put together Dragos. Keep the quality coming." - Jim Jones

"Dragos is my good friend and I could see firsthand how much effort he put into delivering tremendous value to his students. I'm happy to see that all those weeks of hard work paid off and customers are loving the content.

Great job." - Jimmy Naraine


This course will help you:

  • have a great profile photo
  • improve aspects neglected by the majority of LinkedIn users: your Headline and Vanity URL
  • managing your contacts and your relationships on LinkedIn

This is quick hack class - meaning these are the essential tips that you need to know in order to build a great LinkedIn Profile. If you use all the tips and make these small changes to your profile, you'll be on the right path to success.

stay consistent and master these techniques, you will see your following count accelerate in no time!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dragos Stefanescu

TeacHack Founder - Teaching 1000s Online


About Me

I'm an Internet Entrepreneur with a background in both the Management Consulting & Telecommunications industries. The skills that I have acquired during those stints and in previous years in general have unleashed my passion to teach.

I have a wide array of skills that I share with you via my courses

(1) Social Media

One of my true passions, I have invested a lot of time building a presence online. Highlights include:

Creating a connection base of 100+ people in a large Management Consulting firm within weeks of starting the job. Met with a handful of Managing Directors & Senior Managers after approaching them on Social Media Trained Partners on how to effectively make use of LinkedIn & Twitter to network and generate leads Conducted Workshops wi... See full profile

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1. Introduction: welcome to the first content based chapter off this course. Now, in the next 20 or so minutes, you are going to learn the fundamentals of building a great Lincoln profile. So we're gonna cover in the section is the following. I'm gonna take you through the most important piece of your profile, which is your profile photo and tell you how to improve it. Step by step and three examples of great profile photos they were going to go into some aspects that are neglected by a lot of Lincoln users, which are your headline and getting a vanity you are. Finally, we're also gonna cover different other aspects related to manage your contacts in your relationship on negative. So without further ado, let's get going with this section. 2. Use These Tips To Have A Great Profile Photo: having a great profile photo is absolutely crucial. Arlington. And then I tell you the reason behind this. Think of your profile photo as your identity on this platform. Not only do people see a profile photo on your actual profile, and they visited, but it's also extremely important in search results. So the way Lincoln works is people might look for you through certain keywords, and then you might be displayed into a certain search results list. And out of 10 people you know, there's gonna be a very short space where they show your profile and your profile photo is gonna be a big thumbnail on there if you have a photo that appeals to people. If it gives them that certain, you know, instant feeling that they know you that you're a kind and energetic person that you're someone they need to know, then it's gonna make them much more likely to click on your profile. So because it's so important, you have to avoid the biggest mistake that people usually make. So you do your linked in profile and you think, OK, I need to put a profile picture on there, and there's a lot of people that put photos from company events. They put photos that they took in their own personal life. There's nothing wrong with that. Only what they do mostly is they crop them and it doesn't look good. It doesn't look that natural. Some people you know, if they have a company event, they have a glass of champagne or something in their hands. And while it still looks good, it's not professional. You have to remember that Lincoln is a professional social network, so that's why I advocate for you taking a professional, a mug shot of yourself. So always take the photo from the chest up, preferably have your face occupy 60 to 70% of the actual photo. That's extremely important. Don't make your photo from the waist up. Or don't only put your face if you do it from the chest up, it's gonna be great. Now the second thing you have to do is to dress accordingly. This depends on your situation. In my case, I'm an entrepreneur. I don't deal that much with investors or people like that. Not yet, anyway. So I could be dressed casualty in my profile photo. I still want to look good, but I can be dressed casually. If you're a consultant, if you're a banker, if you work in a corporate environment, then I would highly suggest that you were at least assured, if not a suit. So dress according to your professional, let's say type the next very important point and this is a personal preference, but it's gonna make all the photos on. The whole look better is to have the photo well, it and against a light background. So if you have a light background behind you, then it's gonna emphasize your figure more than if you have a dark one. Finally, what I want you to do is to be yourself. And if it feels natural, smile. You might be thinking, okay, but this is too complicated. I need to get a professional camera. I need to get someone who knows how to take photos. Juice is it's not that complicated. You can take a great photo by using your smartphone. You can even take a selfie, and if you put it right, it's gonna look great. Now if you get a proper smartphone, if you have a nice background, you make it well lit you follow all of these instructions, you're going to get a great profile photo to place on Newington. I'm emphasizing all of these different steps because I'm aware that your appearance in this photo is going to make a big difference to how people perceive you, and it's that you know that first impression that matters, and it's gonna make them more likely to go to your profile and to want to network with you . 3. How To Use Your Cover Photo To Stand Out: using lengthen cover photos properly. So when you look at different social media platforms, you don't really imagine that the cover photos Illington are as important as the ones on Facebook or on Twitter. And maybe that's true. However, the cover for Arlington congee used to convey significant information that you should by all means address to your audience. So Lincoln cover photo can help you reinforce your brand. It can help you call vistors to action by directing them to your website or by promoting your company so all these things can be achieved achieved through the cover photo. Now it will be a direct lead for your profile visitors. So everything that will do in the first part of the scores will be to perfect our profile, and they will see later how we can get more visitors to our profile and then imagine once they hit and they land on your profile, they're going to see discover photo so you can direct them wherever you want them to go. This needs to be present if you want to maximize your profile potential. Without question, the cover photo needs to have some important information, and not just some generic. You know, I like this mountain view seen. Let's just put this as our cover photo. At the very least, it should be something that emphasizes your brand. Maybe your brand logo asserts, and campaign that you're running, that it builds your brand awareness both your company's brand awareness or your personal brand awareness, whatever your situation is. Now, let me show you two examples. My personal one and one from a huge influence or Arlington, so you can get an idea of how Discover image should look. Firstly, when you need to notice is that Lincoln is pretty awkward in the way that it constructs discover photos. It's not like with Facebook, where it's a full rectangle that you can take advantage of its kind off around the box where you have your profile details. So that's what I'm saying. It's a bit awkward, but you can still use the sides and the top of the image to illustrate your point of view. For me personally, I only need to emphasize my brand right now, so I only put t check there anyone that wants to go on teach Act, they would either search on Google and they were for my website details that we pretty much everything that they will need to do. This is more for me to emphasize my brand. However, if you look at Dave Kerpen, who, by the way, is a huge Lincoln influence. As you can see, he has over 600,000 connections. Arlington. He has his website there. He has its hashtag to the left. You can see an image of his book. You can see the title very clearly. And then he has a photo of his family, so he still adds that personal touch to discover photo. Now imagine your cover photo might have your website and might have your email address. It might have a special offer day you're running. Or maybe it might have your selling points, something that you're offering your clients, whatever it may be, as you can see in this very top level view. So this is the view that anyone they will visit your profile would have First, you have extra space where you can communicate your message, so use it by all means use it. So I'm sure you have a few ideas right now. Think of the stuff that you can put on your cover image, and I challenge you to change it straightaway and to add something that will give more information to your profile visitors. 4. The Short Sales Pitch You're Not Aware Of: your linked in profile headline. This is actually one of the most underestimated features of your linked in profile, and the reason for that is many people don't know that they actually can change this. Don't be one of them. I urge you to consider changing your headline and adapting Get according to what I'm gonna tell you in this video. So basically your headline is that little piece of information that sits to the right of your profile photo. It's a tremendous opportunity to sell yourself because basically, when people look for others awning 10 in a search result, they're only going to see the profile photo and the headline. That's why if you have something appealing, if you have something that makes people want to click on your profile, then you're going to draw more people, more visitors to a profile where they can actually see what you do and what kind of services you can offer them. Now the headline is set by the fault to, let's say, manager at ABC. So Lincoln basically takes your position and your company, and it puts them together. But that doesn't have to stay that way. You should, and you should want to edit your headline and make something much more appealing. Now your headline is crucial for two main reasons. The 1st 1 is keywords for search. So in other words, if you're an expert and C plus plus, let's say which is a programming language, then if you have C plus plus in your headline, you're going to be much more searchable. So you're going appear higher in the search results four C plus plus, then people who only have that word mentioned within their profile in their summary or in their work experience. So basically, with your headline, you make yourself more searchable. So you have more traffic, more people, more visibility, and then it helps you stand out. So because it makes you more special than people are more appeal, they feel that appeal to visit your profile, to click and to see what you're all about. That's why your headline is so important. But let me demonstrate this to you. In a very simple example, I've taken this list of five people, and I just searched for manager, So I just heard from manager within my Lincoln account, and this is set of five search results. Now I want you to ask yourself two questions. Which one? Out of these stands out and why? And I'm going to give you five seconds. Maybe pause the video to think about it. I think we can clearly agree that the last person on this search result is the least appealing. The reason why that is because he doesn't have a profile photo so automatically building, arrest less report with this person. However, if you look at the search results 2 to 4. You see that? OK, have an instructional marketing manager. You have a digital project manager. You have a business development manager. Great. You know that position? You know where they work, but you don't know much more about them. However, if you look at the first example, it both has a profile. Photo which occupies the head, occupies most of the photos so you can see it very clearly even in the search results. And then you see, this woman does account management. She's in the e learning industry software as a service. She does online employee training and her specialty is building strong client relationships . So from her headline alone, you already know more about this woman that you know about the next three put together. And that's why your headline is so important. Now your headline is important, but you also have to be aware of the different options that you can choose from when you want to promote yourself. Fire headline. So you can use this approach where you list your specialties and this will optimize you for search results. So, for example, recruiting for Apple and then listing all the different technologies or specialties that you have emerging science, computer vision, machine learning, security and IOS always X objective. See, all of those are keywords that might be looked for in Lincoln Search. You can list your occupations and your passion so you can be an entrepreneur investment investor. You could be into social media marketing author, speaker, empowerment coach. All of these things are more used to build status. So this kind of tells people that you're an influencer in your field. I'm someone that you should turn to for advice. You can state your mantra. For example, this guy here is passion about creating media that makes your life easier. So maybe he already has a following, Maybe yes, people visiting his profile consistently, and he just states his mantra, the thing that is good at. And then people will beam or, um, incentivized to visit us profile. Or maybe you would use your connections Count. Now we're going to see later in this course that this is one of the link to networking strategies, the one where you focus on volume rather than quality of your connections. And it works really well if you're in sales or if you need to gather a lot of leads. And as you can see, this guy here has 2300 plus in his headlines, suggesting that yet he's very well connected. He has a lot of connections, so any client that is going to reach out to on his specific niche or any person that will look for him will be like, OK, this guy is on the path to becoming an influencer, so maybe I should send him a connection request. These are four of the strategies that you can use within your headline, but feel free to tailor it as you see fit. The headline is not something that I can give you a structure on until you everyone should do it like this. But it's something that you should adapt based on your personal perspective of things. But bear in mind these different strategies bear in mind the importance of your headline. Ask yourself what are the most important keywords that I need to use and then proceed toe adapted accordingly. 5. S02L05VanityURL: getting a lengthen vanity URL so your vanity URL is basically the link to your profile. So if you were to write, um, Lincoln that calm Ford's life, something that would be linked to your profile now linked in set your U R L toe a random string by the fault what getting a vanity you are, l means is that you're changing that, and you're making it more aligned with your overall online presence. So it's very important to change it. And I'm going to demonstrate in a screen share bid right after this PowerPoint slide. Just how simple it is to change your your URL Wilmington and turning into a Vanity one. Now it's important to change it because it will look more professional. So instead of me having Lincoln that come forth slash uh Drago sh 1234 ABC f g X y and whatever it will simply say DRG Stephan Esco because I choose to have the RG Stephanus quiz . That's my instagram account, my Twitter handle and so on. That's that's what I use for my personal. You are else vanity you are else. It will also make it easier to communicate your euro. So as the previous example, I'm not gonna you know, copy and paste selling toe if you want. I can just tell them. Hey, just go to Link did not come for slash DRG Stephan Esco and they can access my profile straightaway. It establishes an identity, so it's really important if you have other vanity. Where else? For example, for your Twitter handle instagram handle for your Facebook page for your YouTube channel, it's important to make it a line so that people know they can search for you using the same end after all of these different social media networks after their websites, and it makes it easier for you to put it on your business card. So why not stick your profile? You are l on your business card on the front. If you're in a corporation or using toe Lincoln heavily for networking, then having it on the front of your business card is gonna bring immense value to you. Because if it's a tidy Earl, if it identifies with your entire online presence, then people will be drawn to it and they will access your lengthen profile much easier. Let me show you now how you can choose to change your vanity. You are so right now I'm on the lengthen newsfeed page. Here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to go here in the top right corner and just click on this button and this will take me to my profile. Now, here's what you can do. You simply go down here and press this little settings button right next to your girl. As you can see, for me, it's already changed. But if you haven't changed this already, then you will see a random string right here. So I'm going to click on this button and it's going to take you to the next window. And here you can see your public profile. You are all enhance your personal brand by creating a custom. You are oh, for your lengthen public profile. The sensible good, doesn't it? So you simply click on this edit button and voila! You can use this to change your girl. Simply input the changes here and then click safe. That's how easy it is to get a girl that is custom to your particular presence. So there's no wasting time anymore. Go ahead and do it right now. 6. S02L06OrganisingyourconnectionsonLinkedIn: the secrets to organizing your connections on Lincoln. I want to give you a quick tip, Arlington and the way you can organize your connections via the platform because this can get insanely valuable very quick. What I want you to do is on your profile. I want you to click on contact in Vall. And as you can see, this drop then shows the different details that you have put on here. Now what I want you to do is to fill in all of these details because this is how people are going to reach out to you. So you have your email forwarding address is up to you or instant messaging. You can connect it to their account if you think it's relevant. But the most important part is websites, and here's what I want to do here. You're gonna press this button so you can edit your website. But instead of actually choosing a personal website or a company website or any other of these options, I want you to click other. Why? Because if you click other, then you can actually customize what is written on there. So then you can put a call to action. I can say click here for my website and I can put my profile on you and me and my YouTube channel and then I can put the links to the right. This is extremely viable because instead of saying, click website or personal upside of corporate website, whatever you can say, click here for my website or cook here for 20% off any of my products. Whatever you want to advertise on there, there's gonna be a great call to action to have. This is what I want you to do with this section. After we've customised everything here, let me show you another trick. I want you to go on my network and click on connections. Now we're going to see the screen later as well, when we look at the keep in touch section, but I want you to do is to click on the right hand side here on the sections settings button. And once we click on the settings button there we have it. We can synchronize. Our Google contacts are Gmail are good cop calendar and other aspects such as Yahoo email and so on. And actually have this synchronized with Lincoln Now, why would you want to do that? You might ask Well, if you have certain contacts that you're not communicating with you found violent in, But you're not communicating with them through Ellington. Then having this single eyes will show all the interactions that you've had with them. So, for example, I give this example you're going to see here. This person has contact details here, and you can see the relationship beneath it. So on the relationship, you see the emails and I can see the entire interaction that went on. And this all happened via you know, this didn't happen Violent in. So this is a great way to combine Gmail or Yahoo mail or your iPhone contacts and calendars with linked in. And you can actually put notes, set reminders or tag these different conversation with these people. So I could put here note and say I met drug wish, blah, blah, blah in this way. And then if you have a lot of connections that you have to sort through if you're salesman and have thousands of connections placing that note there and having the email interaction beneath it will always remind you who that person is when you stumble onto their profile. So this is why relationships contacts, encounters are important, and I strongly strongly recommend they used the settings and use this feature as Lynton intended to.