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9 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Have An Amazing Profile Photo

    • 3. The Short Sales Pitch You're Not Aware Of

    • 4. Get An Identity On LinkedIn

    • 5. 5 Steps To Witing A Magnetic LinkedIn Summary

    • 6. How To Gather Social Proof On LinkedIn

    • 7. Why Rich Media Is Crucial For Your Profile

    • 8. Action: Make These 3 Main Changes To your Profile

    • 9. Case Study: How One Of My Students Transformed his LinkedIn Profile


Project Description

LinkedIn Profile Transformation: Make 3 Main Changes To your Profile

Make these changes to your LinkedIn profile: 

- Get a new

  • Professional Profile Photo that will show exactly who you are and attract people to your LinkedIn Profiles. Make something that will make you approachable, professional, make you look like an enthusiastic person worth contacting 
  • Headline - It can sell you really well and most people don't know they can cusomize it.
  • Vanity URL - This will be your identity online; you should get your vanity URL on every social media platform you can do that on

- Bulid your own magnetic Summary- without spending too much time on it, post something that is informal, makes people laugh, pay attention to your profile and makes them want to contact you.

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