LinkedIn Profile Awesomeness: Learn Personal Branding, Visual Communication, and LinkedIn Strategies

Davis Jones, Co-founder of Eazl

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14 Videos (56m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Hack: Connecting Your Big Six Skills and Your Linkedin Profile with Images

    • Using Your Profile Photo to Lower Friction with Recruiters

    • How to Take Your Own Professional Photo

    • Intelligent Design for Linkedin Profile Headlines

    • How to Write Powerful Linkedin Summaries

    • Introduction to SideBYSide Advanced Linedin Profile Building

    • Summary Design and Collection of Supplementary Collateral

    • Integrate Your Headshot and Summary Collateral, then Create Custom URL

    • Taking Your Professional Story Live with Visual Collateral

    • Linking Educational Institutions and Making Your Degrees POP

    • Using the Supplemental Sections

    • Connecting Skills with Your Big Six Optimizing Advanced Features

    • Economist Charles Hugh Smith on "Accrediting Yourself"


About This Class

Join the #1 Professional Development Community on the Web! // Updated May of 2016!

Create More Opportunities and Present Yourself Powerfully on LinkedIn®

300,000,000+ professionals are active on LinkedIn®--the network is quickly becoming an essential part of every modern professional's career presence. On the other side of Eazl's course on advanced LinkedIn® profile building, you'll have a profile that increases your visibility, that helps you get found for big opportunities, and that makes you someone that other people want to have in their professional networks. You will quickly be able to:

  • Bring relevant, valuable connections into your professional ecosystem
  • Establish yourself as best in class talent in your professional arena
  • Differentiate yourself or your organization from competitors
  • Convert online connections to real world relationships

Eazl's team of recruiters, digital producers, and support staff in San Francisco has leveraged cutting edge research from Harvard, Purdue, Duke, the Gates Foundation, and McKinsey to create a comprehensive suite of resources that you can access for free by enrolling in the course. They include:

  • 20+ HD Videos and Step-by-step Tutorials
  • 15 Exclusive Guides and Sample Summaries (in downloadable .pdf format)
  • ...and more

Get Access to Eazl's Signature Customer Support Team

During your experience with the course, you'll also have access to Eazl's signature customer support team. Leave you questions on the discussion board here on Skillshare or in the Eazl Career Lounge on Facebook.

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Certifications are actually supposed to go in the special certification section (under accomplishments), not in the education section. I've had several recruiters tell me that, so I've moved mine.
The was such a cool training session. it helped me get the full value out of LinkedIn.
Great course, Davis. My key takeaways were around getting your personal brand messaging dialled, while allowing existing evidence (multimedia assets) to help supplement your descriptions. I found the bit at the very end re: ‘accrediting yourself’ to be hugely insightful, and a great prompt to encourage me to continue to maintain and showcase my portfolio of projects and initiatives. Thanks for sharing these pro tips!
Anneliese Herbosa

Serial self-learner passionate for personal growth





Davis Jones

Co-founder of Eazl

Davis Jones is the co-founder of Eazl, the venture-backed career acceleration platform based in San Francisco. Prior to starting Eazl, Mr. Jones was a professional recruiter (or "headhunter") with Robert Half International, the publicly-traded recruiting and staffing firm with ~$5.4 billion in annual revenues that operates in countries around the globe. Mr. Jones worked in the San Francisco market, where he identified, recruited, and placed top talent with well-known firms like Wells Fargo, W...

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