LinkedIn Profile Awesomeness: Learn Personal Branding, Visual Communication, and LinkedIn Strategies | Davis Jones | Skillshare

LinkedIn Profile Awesomeness: Learn Personal Branding, Visual Communication, and LinkedIn Strategies

Davis Jones, Co-founder of Eazl

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16 Videos (49m)
    • Welcome to the Course! Meet Davis, Your Instructor

    • Hack: Connecting Your Big Six Skills™ and Your Linkedin Profile with Images

    • Find Visual Assets that Communicate Your Big Six Skills™

    • Using Your Profile Photo to Lower Friction with Recruiters

    • How to Take Your Own Professional Photo

    • Intelligent Design for Linkedin Profile Headlines

    • How to Write Powerful Linkedin Summaries

    • Let's Build Your LinkedIn Profile Together (2.0 Upgrade)

    • SideBYSide: Your Profile Summary, Headshot, Banner, and LinkedIn® SEO Strategy

    • SideBYSide: Tips on Writing Your LinkedIn® Profile Headline

    • SideBYSide: Adding Media + a Critical Feature for Stealth Job Searching

    • SideBYSide: Converting Resume Copy to LinkedIn® Positions

    • SideBYSide: Visual Branding and SEO with Position Media

    • SideBYSide: Make the Most of the Education and Other Custom Sections

    • SideBYSide; Set Your Custom URL, Recruiter Info, and Prioritize Skills

    • Economist Charles Hugh Smith on "Accrediting Yourself"


About This Class

BIG UPGRADE for 2019 || New Content for LinkedIn® Post-Microsoft Acquisition

Note: This course uses some concepts from Eazl's resume writing course which can be found on Skillshare here.

Create More Opportunities and Present Yourself Powerfully on LinkedIn®

300,000,000+ professionals are active on LinkedIn®--the network is quickly becoming an essential part of every modern professional's career presence. On the other side of Eazl's course on advanced LinkedIn® profile building, you'll have a profile that increases your visibility, that helps you get found for big opportunities, and that makes you someone that other people want to have in their professional networks. You will quickly be able to:

  • Bring relevant, valuable connections into your professional ecosystem
  • Establish yourself as best in class talent in your professional arena
  • Differentiate yourself or your organization from competitors
  • Convert online connections to real world relationships

Eazl's team of recruiters, digital producers, and support staff in San Francisco has leveraged cutting edge research from Harvard, Purdue, Duke, the Gates Foundation, and McKinsey to create a comprehensive suite of resources that you can access for free by enrolling in the course. They include:

  • 20+ HD Videos and Step-by-step Tutorials
  • 15 Exclusive Guides and Sample Summaries (in downloadable .pdf format)
  • ...and more

Get Access to Eazl's Signature Customer Support Team

During your experience with the course, you'll also have access to Eazl's signature customer support team. Leave you questions on the discussion board here on Skillshare or in the Eazl Career Lounge on Facebook.

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Davis Jones

Co-founder of Eazl

Davis Jones is the Chief Learning Officer at Eazl, a business school whose courseware is used by organizations like Tesla, Harvard, the World Bank, and Lyft and more than 150,000 students worldwide. Mr. Jones also participated in the Harvard University Graduate School of Education Leaders of Learning program in 2018. He specializes in:

Curriculum Design for Digital Learning Experiences User Experience Design for Distributed Digital Education Products Business Education Pro...

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