LinkedIn Influencer : How to leverage LinkedIn organic reach to grow on LinkedIn | Vaibhav Sisinty | Skillshare

LinkedIn Influencer : How to leverage LinkedIn organic reach to grow on LinkedIn

Vaibhav Sisinty, Head of Marketing, Klook India

LinkedIn Influencer : How to leverage LinkedIn organic reach to grow on LinkedIn

Vaibhav Sisinty, Head of Marketing, Klook India

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13 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Blueprint LinkedIn Influencer

    • 3. Steps to glory on LinkedIn

    • 4. Profile cleanup

    • 5. Profile Optimisation

    • 6. Connection Growth using LinkedIn Search

    • 7. Hacking competitor connections

    • 8. What is content, why is it important and how to automate posting

    • 9. How will content help you in business

    • 10. Images vs Videos vs Just content Vs LinkedIn Pulse

    • 11. Where to find great content

    • 12. Content Hacks to keep in mind

    • 13. Next steps

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About This Class

In this class, We will learn how you can leverage LinkedIn organic reach to grow on Linkedin. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Vaibhav Sisinty

Head of Marketing, Klook India


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1. Intro: Hey, that Welcome to London influence a masterclass. I'm rep assistant D, your instructor and I'm gonna teach you how you can go from Cedo followers. Toe fifties 102 100,000 followers on London and get millions in reach and thousands and engagement. All right. Without wasting much time. Let's jump right into water. You're going alone for that Jump into my screen. Diego, here is my LinkedIn profile. I wanted to quickly show you some proof before I get to the core structure. All right, this is my profile. As you can see, a marketing magic uber grow tobacco marketing specialist and also alone Strategy guy. Well, what I wanted to show you is this. In last 90 days, my profile has been viewed for a what, 60,000 times and appeared in over 1300 searches my last article and has 664 views. But I get more of content very soon. You can see that I've got 74,000 followers as off today, but I'm not really sure if anyone watched this video. So if you want to check it out, you can always come check my profile out. It's Lyndon dot com slash in slash weapon assistant. All right, let me show you a few content pieces that I have. As you can see, there's a new article that I shared a few hours back and disciplined in this article, so it only like, measure speech views. But when come toe comes to impressions you against, this is the last post three days back. One talk that I gave 1000 likes 1 40 comments. 55,000 reach one more pours 54,000 reach 160,000 Reach with or 1800 likes 1500 lengths and 100,000 Reach. It was on 50 k Is my averaging almost every poor street, Just 50,000 people and a decent both real clark 100,000 And there are poor Switched really well like this. It got 408,000 views. I'm going to talk about all these strategies on how I'm able to achieve these awesome numbers in the coming videos. There's one more or something that I want to share. This card she it basically give you, gives you a liteks for Lincoln and Lyndon Blendon. School analytics is not that great. S so this is basically generator generates reports for you based on your content. So these are the repaired for the man for my last one month. As you can see, the last one month of clock, over two million views. 27,000 lives. 4000 government's total of 24 posted. I'm waiting to see this nice little graph, right, So another one thing that I quickly wanted to show you because this is actually pretty awesome. Also, when it comes to profile views, I already have about 4600 this week. As you can see, a total of 60,000. The last 90 days have total of 26,000 connections. 74,000 followers. Well, that's more about this. Now that being clear. And I hope you at least trust a little bit that I know a little bit off London probably more than quite a few people out there. Now, let me quickly jump toe this. That is the overall structure of the courts will start with the start. Which blueprint, which is I'm gonna take you through the whole process on what you gonna do in eat step to achieve the numbers, everyone and then we have something called the Steps to Glory. This is a break down how you go from 5 to 15 to 50 k 200 K followers. And then this is the real process. Starts prophetically enough is the 1st 1 We're very move on, wondered connections. And then we optimize their profile so that you can also clock these weekly searches like last week, is 1300. It usually averages between 1,302,000 for me, Like to be very much different for you once were once we have a profile optimized regarded connection growth using Lincoln thesis using a Linden search. And this is hacking competent disconnections. These are two strategies that I'm gonna show you on how you can basically grow your connections in a very efficient way. It's not just what numbers, right, and then we jump into content. When I run you through quickly, what kind of content works and how can we automate it? I'll also tell you, how will you How will this content actually help your business? Every business will need different kind of Condron and then a quick case study on what works really well on London. There's a big question that a lot of people ask and then I jump on toe superbly. Amazing video, which is very. Can you find great contents like you can get inspired from? You don't have to break head all the days. Just think about what you should post tomorrow, right? That's what will cover disparate. And then we go with content hacks to keep in mind. And finally, I'll conclude overall class with the next steps video. That's a lot coming towards you. And I'm sure you're gonna love love the whole course and you will learn are done. Get ready to become a LinkedIn influencer. That's more about it. I'll see you inside shoes, but 2. Blueprint LinkedIn Influencer : guys. How's it going? Web assistant here and in this video, I'm gonna take you through the blueprint that have prepared and gestured with multiple number of times to become a Linda influence. A. It's a very simple, feistier process that you have to follow. And if you follow everything that I just say you becoming an influencer is a sure shorting the reason being I've done it. I've got other people to do it. So it's properly tested. All right, again. Right before we get started in this video, I'm gonna take you through the steps. That is a very high level overview. But in the rest of the videos, I'm gonna take you through deep dive. We're gonna deep dive into each one of these steps. All right, That being said, let's get the 1st 1 that does understanding your target audience with your target audience . This is very, very important. Why? Let's say I am a marketer, right? I'm a marketer. I'm ex entrepreneur. That does have around the start up before I probably will John of you start off in the future. I hope so. Well, when I'm trying to build my brand, who is my target audience, probably marketers. Ah, few early stage entrepreneurs and startups started founders, and I also do concerning So I would like to have a multiple startup founders in my connections so that when I create content, I am reaching to the right set off people. So whatever you're trying to sell, whatever you're trying, let's see your software developer you would ideally want bunch off other new Thor for developers are existing software developers, and few fresh is there conspired them, probably if you a chance to if you want a crack good jobs. So understanding who should be in your audience is very important, and all depends on what are trying to achieve or who you are right. That is the first and very, very important thing now. The second bit, which a lot of people skip and don't realize the importance of this. It's cleaning up your profile because again, right, a lot of us have profiles on London which are very old, that is, we have a lot of blood where a lot of people that we must have Marcin righted and a lot of connections are inactive. So on and on and on, and there is something going engagement rate, which goes down. Let's let's logistic this example, right? Let's again. I'm a marketer and out of 100 people in my connection, let's say 60 or 70 of them are software engineers because I come from an engineering background computer science, engineering background. So all my all my friends in my college are actually computer signs guys to They're all software developers now. But because of which 70 people in my profile, 70% off people, men profiler actually irrelevant. So the first thing that you should do if you're going following to the process is to clean up your profile that remove everybody who is not in your target audience. It's very, very important. There's actually affected engagement, trade and so many other things, and also it helps you toe across the limitations that Lincoln puts up. We're going to talk more about this in the coming videos, the way all right, the Taliban is optimizing your profile. What do I mean, optimizing your profile? I basically mean, let's say someone is trying to look for a marketer. If they look for me. If if they're tryingto find a marketer on LinkedIn, search and if they're not able to find my profile, what's the whole point? So optimizing a profiles are very important because the moment we start optimizing opera Feiss, we start ranking on the Lincoln search. And also, when it was when someone who's not in your connection was not falling, you find your content on the feed. This optimized revival actually had them toe end up falling. You the click through rates off their following you would extreme all of them go up if a profile is optimized in the right way again, there's a video for exactly this. You're going to talk more about this in that video, right? The final one is connecting with your target group. Like now have identified. You've cleaned up your cleaned up your profile and also your optimized the profile. Now let's say we are in the street where we have 100 connections were removed, 70 off them. We know where the right sort of people who you want to add now, in this step, you start connecting with them that is your saint invitations to them. When in this if I just say connecting with your target audience, you might be like, hey, I already know this. I know how to connect with people, but I'm going to show you some awesome strategies in the videos are coming forward. Mitchell Volume mind. That's basically that's basically some very interesting ways on how you can connect. Actually, audiences will engage with your content right now with the file one is going wydell using pointing that is Go I'll using content, create content in your niche. I'm a marketer. I create content and our marketing Your software developer, you create content, but our software, right? If you're a businessman trying to acquire clients and leads and so on and on, you basically build content around your case studies right again, right? We have a few readers around this. We're gonna talk about this, but in this video, I quickly wanted you guys to understand what is a process that, you know, follow throughout this video course. All right, guys, stay tight. I was here in the next one 3. Steps to glory on LinkedIn: Hey, guys, how's it going? Tampa looks isn't here. And in this video, I'm gonna show you the steps to glory on Lincoln. What I mean by this these are the steps that you should know that you would go through if you want to become a lingam in France, obviously you will have targets of 50 gave all the training, get followers 100 followers. So on and on and on, right? Let me show you the exact way that we're gonna build up while you should. You should plan to build up your Lincoln profile to become a great Lincoln influencer. It's basically three step thing. The 1st 1 is Joni Toe 1st 5 followers. Well, the journey toe first fight K followers might look the easiest Not probably not right now. But once they go into the course, you might You might feel that a getting fined for there's gonna be super easy for me. But getting the right five give for Lewis is something which is very important because that is going to lay the foundation for your whole profile. Because once you have the 1st 5 connections which are the best possible fighter connections , they're gonna engage with your content. As a result, a lot more similar people start following you automatically. If you have the wrong set of five first five followers, you you get a lot of followers who are actually not the North from your light target group as a dessert might. Your results might not be as effective, that is, in terms of engagement and things like that. At night, it might not be very effective, so it makes a lot of sense toe actually concentrate quite a bit on your 1st 5 K followers that this first like collections. Now the journey from five catered Hurtic A is going to be comparatively easier to, because again, right, Lyndon, the reason why I have bye bye have restricted to 30 K insulin for 25 on a 50 game is because Linda allows you toe have upto 30 K connections, and all these connections are essentially your followers to. So these are the low hanging foods that is. Almost anyone in this world should be able to get to 38 followers by just connecting toe 30,000 people on Linden that is sending a lot of invitations and hoping people except you. But the point is again right? Once we have done with the foundation off, five K followers will start getting a Lord off invites. But I become much more easier. But again, right? You need to understand that the real estate that we have off the total number of connections is limited. Like Lincoln doesn't let you toe connect with 100,000 people. It only leads you to connect up to 30,000 people. So this is the only amount Very amount of connections are followers. Where you have 100% control over that, you can pick and choose each one of these 30,000 followers. Beyond this number, you basically don't have a control because anyone can end up following you. And if they do, your content would reach them. But this 30,000 will actually actually be the number which you can control, right? So that is why this is the second face that it's 5 to 30 get followers and then flying beyond 30 K followers. Right now, if you check my linguine profile while I'm recording this media cause I'm around 74,000 followers, right, that is 44,000, 54,000. Wait 44,000 beyond 30 K connections, right? And actually, the total number of connections that I have right now is that on 26,000 because again really keep experimenting with connections to keep removing. I keep adding, but I'm gonna teach you how you can fly beyond 30 connections. Because once you with the 30,000 followers, which is basically something that is in your control, that is by inviting 30,000 people toe, join your network beyond that. After that, you cannot send invitations. And if some sensual invitation, you cannot accept them because you're limited to eradicate. How do you fly beyond that? That is the power off wanted. That is how people will go to your content like it and follow it again. We have to three video and just content, so don't worry about it. Well, that's a quick video that I wanted to make guys on talking about how the overall journey is going to be. I'm sure that is going to be super exciting. So stay tuned and make sure you're finished. All of them before you start asking questions. See you on the next one 4. Profile cleanup: Hey guys, South of going better assistant here and in this video, I'm going to teach you how you can clean up your profile, sticking to the old example that I gave you. I being a marketer, I would want people who are marketers and brought marketers, audition marketers, growth hackers Thorn and also a few entrepreneurs who might want to hire me, right? So that's who I am. And that's the right target market for me. Now. I would want to remove all the irrelevant audience. If you look at this, I have, like, a total off. Lloyd shows 500 connections here. You can see a total off. As you can see, you can see a total of 30,000 people right here, right? If I said toe first little connections now, I would want to remove all the relevant audience. Now if I had a small list I could like, let's say I find a list of 500 I would literally go one by one and see if someone is not close toe what apartment find should be or who My target audiences. I would just open the profile and like just to remove them right But since I have, like way too many, I can't do it, so I have to filter them. So I would take the example off for free developers, that is, since I'm a marketer. So I would warn all the people who are software developers to be removed from my connections and you can see it select it. Selected as the first level connections I apply, I can always go by locations. Now you can see that I have 3270 results. Who are software developer residents who have software developers, software developer in the title. So it actually makes sense that most of these guys are people who I can remove because they don't fall in my target audience. But not literally, because I have a few software developers and I have a lingam course. I have a few courses which are even software developers would want. So it's OK for me. But let's say just for this example, I would want to try to be gone because he's not my target audience. So I would basically go to these profiles and open them in new tabs one by one, right? And once that happens, I click on more and then click on a remove connection. In this case, I wouldn't because I wouldn't want to disconnect with Chirac. But you understand what it means. Try it like you just click onto more connection and while you're done. So this is how you clean up. Guys like you can go one by one and go ahead and, you know, just clean up people that you think are not in your target audience, right? That something very important. The reason I've already told you that is if you're creating content. And if you're trying to be an influencer as a marketer, if you're a marketer who was a London inferential and if you share content on, let's say, ah phrasebook Cairo whatever right? And if the software developers it will never engage with content because they're not your target audience. And you know for a fact that you have only a small set off 30 K connections that you can add, so you would want to control this as much as you want, Right? So this is the simple process, guys, which you can follow to clean up your profile now. Yes, there are ways toe automate this. That issue can set up. Automation is in a way that you can like keep basically, by giving this keyword, which is offered up, the tool will automatically open up every day and start removing 203 100 connections. Everyone our so that you don't have to do this right. The quite a few automation that you can do with this. But this automation is are beyond the course, and it's almost it's It's hollow, single gamut off learning that you have to go through if you want to get into automation. So it's beyond the core structure here. But you get the point that if you're really keen, you can always the surgeons not working on it. But, yeah, that's how you do it. That's how you clean a profile. 5. Profile Optimisation: Hey, guys, how's it going? Rep Assistant here and in this video, I'm gonna teach you very, very, very important step that is profile optimization. This is something that most off the people miss out on. I don't like the cloned were condoms because this ISS so damn powerful that and it's so easy to that. It's actually it's actually unbelievable that people, Mr Sour, but any rich with I just want to make sure that you guys don't bitch this, so make sure you watch this and learn a ton. Well, what do I mean by profile? Optimization profile Optimization is making those changes in the profile so that your profile starts converting really well Or do I mean by profile converting? Why do you have a Linden profile in first place? So that, for example, I'm a marketer, right? When someone is looking for a marketing manager or a marketer or a growth hacker, they should be able to find me. If they're not able to find me. What is the whole point off having a linden profile at all right now that if we can make sure that we start ranking for the keyboards that we want by making these changes on the London profile, let me show you what I mean by this. Look at this. There's something called a search Appearances. In last seventies, I was found on search for 1300 times. That is, every time when people went from these companies were looking for a marketing manager, hacker, a manager on market or a trainer. David finding my profile on the search that is in like from June 4th to June 11. In the last seven days, I've been ranking on the Lincoln Search and this leg toe 1365 appearances. How cool is that? You're not doing anything. People are trying to find people like you and they're finding you. That's the beauty. How do we make sure that this happens, and nor just that finding you is one and then clicking and checking your profile out? If something else, look at the profile views. That is the total profile views I had in the last 90 years. 119,443 profile views. Now people are finding me and clicking on my profile and obviously lower of people are also reaching me out that it's not something I assure you, but let me quickly show you How do I make it happen? Right for this video, I'm gonna make it very, very simple so that you stick to the most important things. It's very simple, guys. Now, the first thing that we should do is to make sure that your profile is clickable. What do I mean by that? Right. So forget about your banking on it, right? Like what I mean by clickable is that say, I'm looking for a digital marketer and I am looking for people one or my connections. And let's say in the United States, I'm just gonna keep it blanket right, United States. All right, Now let's say I am someone looking for an actual addition marketer, and I see this. Brian Kailua CPD CSP s ah, fitness opposite specialist. In addition, marketer, right, Decent had sharp, clear name. We know what he has done, and you can see Senior Edition marketing magic. So this is what I mean by that, right? Like, look at this. Now. Edward, help and you can see explore additional marketer issue, especially something. There's a reason why all these guys are ranking when I look for addition, Marketer, that is, you can see addition market a word clearly being mentioned on the title. Now that's something which is very important are December 1. And when you're trying to look for people, it's a basic Are you? That's how our bodies made. That's how our mind some made that we click on profiles which are appealing here. We're trying to have a professional kind off our conversation with people so we would obviously click on profess which look professional. And the only way we can actually define a provided actually professional north is by looking at the head shot. This looks good. This looks clean, but here it looks to zoomed in. So I don't get the right wife for this profile. But again, right, This this and this looks decently good toe, Right, So that's what I mean. So the first thing that you should optimize for is your title. This is the bit that you should optimize for. As you can see, I have the first, most important key word that is marketing manager right there. And as a result, I am ranking for the keyword marketing manager, right the son The only place our marketing manager you can see in the description toe. The first key word that I have is marketing manager. So you basically have to stuff in as many keywords as you. I mean, as many times as you can. The keyword that you want rank for and try to have a maximum off three keywords for me, It's marketing manager, growth hacker and mission marketing specialist are addition marketing, right? These are the three major keywords that I'm trying to rank for. I have them on the title. I had them on the description, and I also have them here inside my experiences because you clearly saw that when we were looking for addition, Marketer. It also looks for current and a current and oiled places where the person work you can see in this you can see past addition, Marketing director So Lyndon, You can clearly see that it looks at this that is the title and location, and we also know for a fact that they didn't find more keywords, the same keyword in your different parts of your profile. The higher would be a chances to rank. That is one number two is having a clean and nice looking headshot, right? The reason why is because it looks professional. It looks it looks someone. I mean, if you have a good looking ahead short, which is professional, you seem to be more approachable than a person trying to take a selfie on Linden. That is not the kind of pictures you would want tohave on Lincoln. This London is not Facebook instagram right now. The third most important thing in this is having a car picture. Caramel picture is absolute no brainer. Now, if you visit 100 Professor Langdon, you're notice that 80% of the profiles don't have a car picture again that when you don't have a car picture, you'll see like a blank blue color screen, which is the difference. Clean off linguine. It looks very bad, but more importantly, right. You can convey so much more so much more information and you can gain trust. Look at your you can see that I've put the locals off publications that I've been featured on entrepreneurs Killer start of Deccan, Chronicle Indian Express and also I mentioned my top three things. That is a marketing Magic Huberman Growth Concertante by any make online courses, and I'm also a speaker. The picture also gives a lot of credibility. That is, I'm talking toward incense sized audience, and I have my website so you can have all this information which will make your profile look very professional. And make sure in your description you have your email mentioned because a lot of times people reach you. And if you want to be approachable, the idea why we're optimizing a profile is so that people reach us when they want to. That is why I have bought my social networks and my email clearly mentioned here. If you make sure you do all these things, you start ranking for you start looking for the key words that you want. That is one number to your profile is more clickable because you have all the right information mentioned so people would click on a profile. And you're approachable, too, because the profound looks amazing. All the information is out here, and they had able to find more details like your email and your social network. Social handles arrived from the profile, so it's create. This is what you should do. I don't think This will take you more than 30 to 40 minutes to do it. But this is something which you should do if you haven't today. Alright, guys. That's what about this video. I'll see you in the next one. 6. Connection Growth using LinkedIn Search: Hey, guys, how's it going? Rep Assistant here and in this video, I'm gonna teach you how you can reach out the right set off connections using lignin search . Well, quite a few off. You might already know how to do this, but just in case, I want to make sure that everything is covered, the ground is covered, right? All right, So you click on the search button here and Celik people, That's the first thing that you do that is making sure you're telling did that. We're searching for people before we go ahead. I would like to show you all the features that it's possible so that you can have a great linguine, such without having any premium offers, Right? The first thing that you do is connections. You know, I am hoping that you know what? First in second level connections just for people who don't first little connections are people who are already connected with you. Second level, other ones who are connections, connection, right. That is your mutual friends. That's more like it. The Facebook question off the second level connections is mutual friends. I chose the second because I'm trying to connect with new people Now you can also have this option off connections off debtors. I can pick a name here, and I could see the connections off that person. 3rd 1 is location. Now you might want tohave A. You're on the right side of locations here and you can go specific. Not just with country or Soviet city. That is. I can go toe something like New York, right? I can go picky with the city toe, Let's say New York and let's say you're trying to connect with people from a specific company. If there's something like that, that is people working in a special excel of company, so you can make a truth off it. Let's say you are an influencer who threatened her with a market in guy in the SAS space. So you would warn tohave people who are working at companies like Fish Desk, you know, right freshdesk. And let's say on Microsoft Adobe, my edible SAS companies, right, like whatever does like just for this example, right, Like Adobe is one of the biggest says companies in the world, right? You're gonna have passed companies also. Let's say here you're not really picky about the current companies. But you're very picky about the industry because it makes a lot of sense. That's a You are a guy and you the marketer with into the deck space. So you'd make sense for you to be having connections off Internet and computer software, things like that. It makes sense again, right? So this is an awesome option. You know, if you're tryingto be that niche influenza, these options would help. Really? Well, now again, right? Like language is something pretty cool. If you are from the Latin American region, you might want to have Spanish. Are you feel from France and round? You might want to have French. I'm I can only natively speak English. I stick to it. You also have schools and a few other things. Now this is also very cool that as you can search people based on title, that is, let's say you don't find something here, you can have them and don't here in against such a So I'm gonna look for people who have marketing in their title. So this would be the people people who are in the marketing who are in New York. Ideally, I would want to be targeted to a specific country and probably more countries than a city. But again, right, you have the liberty to do it again. I'm gonna uncheck all these. I would want people who are working in Internet or computer software or 18 based companies . In fact, I'm gonna check this out because their services. So I would warn people working in proper SAS are start ups, right? And people who speak English and have marketing in the title room. I apply. And there you go, a bunch of connections already a bunch of people who I could go ahead and connect to it. All these other people who wired New York and who are marketers. How cool is this? It's brilliant. All after do is click on this clinic button and keep sending in rights. Now the other quick thing guys, that is You connect, and this is option called us. Either note in this, you can have nice little lord. You can add it you're seeing here. I just came across your profile, refine and blah, blah, blah. And you can say that I'm trying to connect with right sort of people who are marketers because I'm a marketer to and can have a nice second message. Now what would this do is when, When they opened the connections, let me see if I can find one with a message. I have, like, have 8000 pending invitations, so have to go through them. But any retreat, let me try to find a message. Look at this. So there's already look like then, when most of the connections don't even have a message here. You see high well over Let's can it? It's It's probably not the best message. Best note that you can drop, but it works like it just stands out among a lot off invitations, right? So it just works. Um, just try to add a note as much as you can, because it just increases the rate off the person accepting you. It's because they could dig quick, ate some context. They could see that you have invested some time to connect with them. So there's a good chance that it will look now two things to keep in mind. That is not every invited. Your ST will be accepted. In fact, I'm sure there are few pending invitations that have sent which are knotted, accepted. You can see on the ST 122 pending invitation of sent invitations to all these people. But they haven't accepted me. Now Lincoln has a limit. That is, you cannot have more than 3000 pending invitations if you do. If you do have, let's say you get to the number of 3000 pending invitations because, hey, you're trying to achieve the 30 k mark, right? If you're trying to achieve that number and if you have a poetry depending invitations, Lyndon, my soft Banyu, that is, they might stop you from sending invitations again. Guys, the other limit that you should have back off your mind is don't saying more than 100 invitations per day while getting started and eventually push it to a maximum of 200. Not more than that. Don't send more than 200 invitations for a day. Now let's say you get to the number of very gets to like, let's say it gets to like 3000. You can always you know, my people select them toe are you. Consider all of them if you want and click on the video button so that you create more room to send more invitations. I hope this made sense in the next three videos. Ignorant. I'm gonna take you through a few more, much more interesting tactics to get connected with your right set off audience. See you in the next one. 7. Hacking competitor connections: Hey, guys, how's it going? Ever assistant here and in this video, I'm gonna teach you how you can literally steal others connections. And not just others. Connections, others super active connection. And these others could be a little competent. Er's and make them your own connections. Well, everything that I've been talking about throughout the course could be automated and could be done in much easier way. But that would make the cause much more longer. So I'm gonna trying. I'm trying to stick to the basics here and in this video. Let me show you how you can steal your competitors connections. Now, what do you mean by active connections? A market that we pick up the best market. All of the best marketers. I know that is Neil Patel, right? So let me quickly open its profile. As you can see that this is Neil. He has an accident. Hey, hasn't accepted my request because he is kind of big deal, right? I go to all this activity I goto post and you see that he creates a lot of content. So he's a big as influenza. He creates a lot of content. And you see this Post has won 22 legs and 40 in comments. 409 lights and 171 comments. 601 like 67 comments. So I I'm tryingto add people, the 30,000 people that are into my network I would want these people who actively engaged with my content and, like who would potentially be a better set off audience who are people who actually actually engage with other marketers and the engage guilty well but actually liking and commenting the poor. So I would love to have these people in my connection so that whenever I make my own poor seller marketing, they would also engaged to, because the people who engage with content and the people who Golding is with content. I would ideally like to have people who engage with my gun because the whole point here is trying to become influenza, and the way you become one is when you get a lot of traction on your content, and when that happens, when you get more engagement, it reaches two more people. As a result, you get more followers, and the best set of people are these Now, as I said of this automatic ways off scraping all this data off with this profile star and sending them invitations automatically. But that does will be on the course. But for this I'm going to stick to the basic ones that how can you do it manually if you have to do it, since we have to only send 100 invitations or 200 invitations a day, you can pick one post every day, as you can see. When you when I clicked on when I clicked on this number 1 42 likes this prophet. This proper popped up and all after do is keep opening these guys on a new dab, right? All these guys have, like the content, right? I go there and this guy's already connected with me. That's really so as this person. So I mean the other quick thing. As you can see, 2nd 3rd 2nd Tour. I would only want these people who are not in my connection. So this person killed Khalid is not in my connections from Malaysia. I would love to connect with him because he's a guy who engages with a lot of content, right? So the best idea waited will hit on connect had a note and send the invitation this way and probably take you. Like, what, 30 minutes 2020 president coordinates every day, and you should be easily be able to connect with your audiences with your actual competitors. Connections. Very simply, you're going to the same for comments to but for common, you have to click on this engine. Start opening these profiles one by one and send them invitations again. Guys have told you there's an automatic way of doing this, but again, right, it's too complicated, too long on disability on the core structure. As of now, I hope this makes sense. EST. This might sound simple, and you might be like, Hey, writing. I think off this. But this is basic. This is super powerful. This can make and break your content that powerful. This is because these are people who are engaging, so there's a very high chance that they engage with the content. If it is good, right in the next few videos, I'm gonna take you through how you can create awesome content. But it'll get a lot of engagement, a lot of likes and a ton off for lures and also obviously a lot of business and see you in the next one 8. What is content, why is it important and how to automate posting: Hey, guys, how's it going? Web assistant here and welcome to the next model, which is constant hacking in this mortal will basically learn everything about the kind of content to be posted. Where do we get this content from? And when we pose different varieties of content, how do we follow up with people and so on and on and on? I'm super excited about this morning, because again, these kind of hacks are not something that you would find anywhere because these are beat or defined. I don't know. But it are made by me, right? Probably could be mixed off multiple hacks. But these are made of me being by me, right? Well, get started in this video. I basically want to quickly on your eyes through what its content. Why is it important on London? Are? Why is content so important on London? And also the kind of tools that I use to automate a lot of it right before regarding the idea. Let's just get started. All right. So what? Its content, Cornyn is your feet on London, right? You basically using London on everyday basis is because of the content on London. Not because not because you are looking for prospects because, you know, Victor has become like a full fledged social network when you come on Linda and starts sloughing for content. So all all that you see here is this is my own content, right? These are the post that I've posted. This is the latest one where uber basically ranked top five companies to work for in India . Right? And look at the engagement 105 100 105 k views individuals. That's the beauty of content, right? Like content can go beyond automation because when you start putting good content and when it works with the audience that you have, because he already spent a lot of time understanding how to get the right side of our right set of connections based on the connections. If you create content which the connections would like, you would do 100 X better on London than any other social network out that also, on the other hand, content has been super powerful and lengthen. The reason being Linden is offering a lot off slack to you on Facebook if you go ahead and post. Even if you have 5000 friends on, let's say you have 500,000 likes on your Facebook page. And when you pull something, the amount of traction that you would get would be 20 X off water will get on London with 10,000 followers, right? The reason being it like very, very small number of people are actually posting content on London as a result, content that you post even if it is media Quinn Media is doing pretty damn well right. That is basically content. You can see all of the feed is filled with content. Well, well, I spend quite a lot of time like these days I spent like I don't want to ours and linked it . And if you see a sea off lawyer that out of every five pose there is one post which is basically which is basically our link of which is basically an ad, right, So that is what content is are now what is the app that I used to post content? Well, I both quite adequate amount of content. I've been busy little lately, so I've not been posting a lot. I've got busy with really busy with work, so I'm not been posting a lot by the few can go to my post. I usually post to reports a week. This was yesterday. I didn't post anything than six days back. I posted the site of a break again. Last week I posted a couple off balls and before that I both like, usually had to three points a week. Right? But why do is most of the cases? I basically, you know, when I have good amount of content, I basically tried toe or to oppose them That is automated so that London will automatically post that I don't have to come toe literally come to London and poor something. So for that, I use this awesome to call this buffered. I'm sure a lot off you would be knowing about this. It's basically a scheduler for all your social networks. It supports every social network out there when the best part about before is it allows three social accounts for free with the free plants. So I basically use a free brand because I have Facebook, Instagram and Linda. These are three big social networks that I use. So I'm good with the free plan, right? And I'm assuming you would be good, too, because it allows up to 10 scheduled messages. And there's never a case because these are my personal accounts that never a case when they when men ask any more than 10. In fact, allergy. I don't even have one. I plan to do one scheduled for tomorrow. But I'd be doing in front of you right the other way where I keep my content poster. Probably not. The best way to do it is who will keep every dem a, get a content idea. I start typing it out and I keep it here. As you can see off right A few 100 ideas here. It's very personal. So a lot of polls that you must have seen. Look at this. The whitespace one, which I just created. You can see it here, so I basically whenever I get an idea, I start typing it on LinkedIn Google keep if not the whole thing. Probably the topic. I just I see. Look at this. Are you doing a job that you aren't interested in? This is just a topic. This is just a line that I posted. This is just a line that I've made a note on Google keep. But when I want to pull something, I would I already know what I want to talk about. So I basically elaborate this and start posting. But anyways, don't What if you're not getting what I'm think so They're supposed that I want to pose tomorrow morning. But off course, I'd be very busy at work s o. I wouldn't want to, like, copy, pasted or whatever. All right, By the time you see it, probably the post would be alive. And, you know, I'm not really sure how much it would do, but I'm assuming it'll do well, right? I tell you. Why did you want? Obviously, if I want to post it right now, I can do it back in London. But what I do is I go to buffer. There's already signed in a model defending the buffer. I'll go to London, as you can see what you would like to share. Click on it controlled be the content pieces poster and I just say scheduled post. All right, so what I What I want to do is post it tomorrow and that's a 11 AM because that I'm gonna works for me. pretty well. 11 a.m. My time or my time stamp is Kolkata issue, which works for me scheduling and booyah! I think it's done since the scheduling, but yeah, it's not. You see the posters schedules automatically. It'll boost on behalf of me on London on. This is pretty awesome. You can do the same for Facebook. You can do the same for Instagram, but again that I don't have so much country to share on Instagram because, as you know, I'm growth hacking one to let at a time one solution it any which ways that starts basically about the video, a quick one off in the next few Once we're going to more advanced things you in the next time. 9. How will content help you in business : Hey, guys, how's it going? Lab assistant here and in this video quickly talk about how well content actually help your business. Like does the question that I've been asked so many damn times that I can't even count told to be a millionaire if I was paid $5 every time. Have to use this. Hey, rich with, uh, a lot of people ask ride you, like, right off the share content. You know, I connect with people that probably send them a message if they like it that buy it. If not, I'd move onto a new guy. Well, that's how you go wrong, my friend. Because in that process, yes, you probably will get and reel leads. But what is the conversion off you like? Let's say you you're selling audition marketing service, okay? And you send out 100 prospects about your You do a great job off setting the right amount of content, the right case studies which will get them hooked right on the messages and emails on ads. If you are more aggressive, right, and you have done everything and still and what is the chance that out of every 100 people that you reach out. Even one can words because if in every 100 people, every chart if if one person converts that is that basically means I can clock 30 clients a month easily and that could be scared. Toe 30 in 200 artists, 3000 clients Easy Why I can get 100 people or 100 Lincoln provides to do the same for me. Well, that doesn't work like that, my friend. Because if if that is a kind of conversions that you're getting, that basically means you have an absolutely brilliant product and are very niche audience, which is not usually the case most of the times, right? So what happens? You connect with people, you send them a message. They're not interested. That doesn't mean that never interested. They're not interested right now. The reasons could be they don't trust you yet or they don't have a requirement whatsoever or they have. Someone is doing the job for them right now. How do you stay top off their mind when there is a requirement and it's a very which is that they will be requirement and some point of time or the other? I've seen this happening. There is nowhere. Let's say you're selling for me. Don't say you're selling off site so there is no way a proper businessman will never want a website or his friends, never one of upside. There is absolutely a chance, if not now. Two years down the line, three years online, four years down the line, two days down line or two months down the line, right? The very you stay top of their minds is by showing them your face every bloody week. And how do you do that with content? Because I am already connected with I don't know how many men. Let's see. I'm connected with 26,000 people. I can see that here. I'm currently 26,000 people, right? And I'm already done. I'm connected with them that basic. And you could be a person who is connected with 30,000 people, right? But those transfix Holland people don't know me like if you go ask them some random guy that you know of emphasis and the probably would be like, no idea. But if you ask him, But he's in new connections like you're connected with him like, yes, so where the other 5000 people connected. That doesn't mean that I know him. But there's a way that I can stay and top off the top of his mind by sharing quality content. Right? And that is why content is important. Because look at this. When I start sharing content on my London, there's 9 66 next 23 comments and 107,000 people 107,000 people out of this 107,000 is a very good chance 20 out of those 26,000 people. A lot of them have already seen this content. So I keep sharing 100 on a daily basis on a weekly basis. And what happens is they know that this guy exists with rebels, isn't he? And what does he do? His A marketer. So next time there's a requirement. Next time and someone asked them here, Do you know a marketer? I'm looking for a key Castro attacker doing anyone and be like, Oh, wait, I know someone. I know him. One London and iShares. Awesome content. He makes really good videos around marketing and boom clients, right? That is why content is really, really important. And by the way, this is basically content marketing those quantum marketing works but content marketing outside Lincoln. This so damn hard? Because you have to share content they have. And it's a huge war than people search for something they should be able to find you. I mean, the ecosystem is to a straight across, but Lincoln, it is not. It's a close ecosystem, and right now content is doing brilliantly well. So if you're not creating content right now and if you're not making the connections right now Oh, my friend, you're losing out on way down too much. So that is why continous so important, social, so important. And by the way, the other other really important thing is you can see that I had 26,000 connections and I've told you before that you can go upto a maximum off 30,000 connections, right? You can see that I have 26,000 connections. That basically means have 4400 more connections, 2000 foreign connections more than I can take up. But if you go see the number of followers that I have have 44,000 followers like, that's almost 20,000 more followers than the connections that have. And this happened because I've stopped accepting and I've made sure that people can only follow me, right? People can't. People can't send me a request. Very easy. They have to click on more and then send in right to me. Now this is this is one other During days, a lot of people would be following you to the north in your connections. When you go beyond 30,000 people will get If they really like you, people will follow and people would only follow you venue creating good content. If if you're not creating content that there's no reason why they should follow you, right? I mean, think about that. Why should they even follow you when when you're nobody and you're not creating content. Now, once you have 30,000 followers and you turn on the follow on, this will be your provide and people can see this button Here. You see this follow body here? That is where people click on to start following you when you put up good content, right? So if you want to really grow your London beyond 30,000 followers When the Lord of People actually joined the course just to know this, that how my growing beyond 30,000 followers Because getting the 30 down followers is getting connected to 30,000 people. But how do you go beyond that? This is how you go beyond my friend by sharing accident content and I just story that creating extent. Gordon. I just Children examples. I just made up an example right in front of this camera, which can do really well. And that can get me extra 500 followers in the next two or three days. So its content is highly underrated and England and it's probably the most powerful thing. It's a most human thing on London, and it does really well. So this, my friends, is the importance off content. I hope I gave a really nice speech. I hope you learned something out of this. And I hope you take content seriously. Right? See you on the next one 10. Images vs Videos vs Just content Vs LinkedIn Pulse: Hey, guys, how's it going? The closest city here. And in this video, I'm going to talk about a controversial topic on London. When it comes to content, everybody is wondering what works. The best videos, images, regular posts are London. Paul's what works the best. Well, here's the answer. I have no idea. Yes, I'm sure this is not something that you must have Tarnoff back. Well, yes, that is. Actually the answer will not just me. No one knows it. The reason being it all depends on the kind off audience you have that. Let me just give you an example, right? Let me quickly jump into my profile. All right? Have it open here. You can see that this is a piece of content. It has 100,000 views. One more piece of content, 41,000 views. One more. 21,000. 13,100. 18,000. 350,000. All of this are right straight up content. Here's a video. 3600 views. Okay, clearly, video invoked really well again are really, really good picture. I thought this will break the break my Lincoln again. But 100,000 years not bad. Really. good for a lot of people. But I actually thought this picture well, not just a picture. A great story with it, right? That that was ever talk. And I really wrote my heart out. Here it is. One more image, 15,000 views. Right again. You can see this is a video. This is my own radio. My face on it. 15,000 views. Now we have seen pictures, videos, any majors. And you clearly see, in my case, content just the content is winning. Why? Maybe because I'm really good at writing content on Linden part. It could be very different for you, right? Your audience might like videos more or your audience might like images more. So there's actually not a right answer for this. And also not everything would work the right way every time for everybody. Wait. What do I mean by that? Well, when it comes to videos, that's a start of video like this, right? This is my own face. And I am talking to the camera, right? He's 15,000 Views are blade are valuable because in this, you know, in a regular, let me quickly pull something that did really well in this 100,000 views act and at least have my face not probably my face on it, but in this 184,000 views. People just know my name. They have just probably read my name, right. But in this video, which has 15,000 views, people, all the $15 of them have actually seen my friends. So my brand value is actually going up here then that then that regular post with 100,000 views. Well, that's the want age of videos, right? But I have really sucked at sharing such videos. First of all, I'm not a huge fan because I believe people who are were not able to create enough content should be sharing these videos. I'm also going to get through there to get such videos in other videos in the next few videos and talk about but in my guess, right. I have enough stories to share, and I know for a fact there's nothing that does bedroom London, Then personal stories which inspired people will think about anyone no matter who you are, no matter where have you bean. You know, you have, um, damn sure that you must have gone through circumstances, which are inspiration. If not you. Your friends must have people you know, master right, create them into stories and put them. There's nothing that a little better than a good story. And there's nothing better feeling than profile. Then your own story, right? That is the power of content on the support part of stories, right? So again in majors messes. Ah, right up content with his videos. For me, it's it's It's the exact time in right up content Now I would take for the majors, right? The problem with the majors here you can see there's an image. It has 100,000 views, so it's not Barrett out. But I know for a fact if I would have just returned this right up without the image, it probably would have done four times better. Why is see venue event? You ve human beings in the end, right? So when we're scrolling through London, when you see an image so usually a user only click ones right on a smaller screen. Most of them it's a phone. They click on the image to see the image. Oh, that's a good image Escape. Move on. That's what happens in most of cases, as a desert, there is a click through rate. There is a click happening if images really good. But that is not happening on the like or that is not happening on the comment. In most of the cases, for example, in this case, right, people check the image like, Oh, this is nice. It took them 10 seconds to read it and then laugh. Then they're off, right? Let me just give you the other big reason by images. Don't really work well, according to me, or at least for me, I'm not seeing any major ending that which is done brilliantly. Well, without a word story, by the way. Okay, that's wait for this to lower. So what I'm trying to say is the other problem in majors is on London. Since it's not really image heavy, London is not very imagery. The problem is, we only see very few majors because of which, and those few majors most of them are actually adds. They are usually darling than ads. For example, this is a good image, but if you scroll down doesn't add, and obviously this hasn't loaded again, right In most of cases of what I've seen is most out of every five polls. When you see an image, it's usually an ad, right. And because of which we become I blind because we have been seeing a lot of actually just from the scroll through it, because you might think that Oh, wait, this is one more ironed out there, right? Because a visually become blind and I feel that is one reason why images don't really work back again. I said, No one has the right answer. It might work for you. It is not working for me. That doesn't mean that it won't work for you. So that's my take now to find last. The final one is Lyndon pulls. Well, I I'm not a fan of London person being upfront about this. The reason being. In fact, Lingle doesn't like Lyndon polls. Why it Aldo's? It's direct flow. What? I mean, this is a linden pus article I wrote right. It has 2300 views with 250 likes and 50 commons and nine shares. It actually did pretty damn well, but I know for a fact if I I could have made what like is article, which is talking about how to get a more, you know, engagement on your post. I mentioned three points. I could have made all these three points into three different pools and a know for a fact. The result of God would have bean 200,000 store of 2000. Why is in the north promoting where the reason being Look, this is the reason, right? It's It's like a single landing page, and it ends. It's not infinite. It ends very as if you go to a regular London. It keep scrolling right. It is on a floor, it doesn't end. And as a human being, when you when the content ends, the mind is building a way that we actually think that's the end off London's job and you skip it and you move on to some other you know, some other app or instagram and other social network or whatever, because of which London loses out on people. The retention off a user then he's going through a London Palace article is way lower because again they cannot put an ad. It is not in the floor, and there's a high chance that the user might actually leaving them. It's the same thing by Linda is actually not promoting company wages because but once once once a user getting gets into a company based is a company page right, let me quickly get into it. It is not infinite. It ends after a while, and company pages have called to actions to company websites. And again people move off Lincoln, which Lyndon doesn't want. As a result, Lincoln is not rewarding company pages. Or obviously, I mean, it's always a comparative comparative promotion that I'm talking about is not promoting any such article. But Palace is important for Lincoln because people need toe need an option to write longer articles. In fact, Facebook tried something on his notes to which didn't really do well again. Probably the same reasons. But you get the idea right. That's basically what it doesn't work. So coming to the conclusion of the whole damn thing like what works for you, is what's better for you to the approach, for you should be experimenting everything part, no matter what. If you can write riel stories, guys don't fake up stories don't make up ship. Please don't know that And when you do that, a lot of people can actually know murdered. And that will actually deter your value, right? Write real stories because I believe that every human being has something or the other. Like we have lived for 25 years. I've lived for 25 years. I can bloody well aside good 100 stories about my life from the beginning. And these are small, small examples, right? That small example where your dad asked you to go and pay back the render when you forgot and the vendor then bother asking you for money. So let me just give you an example. This is just this just came into my mind, right? So I was in my home town. This is a very good example of a good story, right? I wasn't. I was in my hometown And there was this a roadside vendor who was selling watermelon in some ways and loved watermelon. It used to cost 10 bucks for a good big plate of watermelon. I went out. My dad paid me 10 bucks. I was a kid, probably in my second with a total re went out, bought the watermelon for God to give the 10 bucks to the watermelon vendor. The watermelon vendor even forgot toe. Ask me the money. I came back home and then I didn't. Then I remember that weight. I didn't pay him, but I wasn't. I was naive, kid that was actually happy about it. Saying Wait, I saved 10 bucks and I probably went to my dad and told Dad, You know what? I saved a 10 box. I didn't pay the vendor and he forgot about it and we went away and we saved 10 bucks. My dad said go back and pay him back and actually did. And when he came back and then I asked him and I asked my dad, Why did you do this? I mean, I could have kept their 10 bucks and it would have used it later. My dad taught me a lesson that whatever is not yours should not be yours. He's hard working. He's out there in the sun. He deserves that. 10 bucks. 10 bucks. Go pay him back. That's a lesson. I learned empathy, right? And this could be a beautiful post if written Well, no. Like this. If written well, spend five minutes of a spent fighting. 10 minutes are formatting the content, right? This could do really well because empathy is really, really important, right? I mean, guys, just like that, I was thinking I mean, I swear to you fail on you guys. And I was not planning to say this, but this deserve what stories are there very small stories. And these can actually do really good content on London. Like this is what people are looking for. Inspiration. Right. So that's basically something which will definitely what? This is something I can vouch for. But if you are someone who is not good at stuff like this, there's so many other ways and you can keep your users engaged. All right. I hope this made sense. I'll see you in the next one. 11. Where to find great content : Hey, guys, how's it going? Raposa city here and this video. I'm gonna teach you, obviously. Sure. You there you confined awesome content sources, which you could, you know, take inspiration from or sometimes even copy. Well, before I get started when someone has their own story. Chest records doing well, don't copy. Pasted. For God's sake. If it's a personal story, it can be yours. It just can't be yours. Don't do that just for getting a few likes and comments and destroy you and have some self respect, man, Don't do that crap. I see. I mean of a few days back, right? Like I've been seeing this trend that the lot of women have been posting about how London has become tender when men have been approaching them. Yes, like this is sore. Done. That many off them who probably aren't getting approached by guys also started posting it. And the worst part, they just copy pasted right. It is just are Okay, Just don't do that. It'll ruin your reputation, which is nor okay on London, right? If you can't created content that so many other ways to get inspiration or actually post corporate content which is actually fine, but not such things. Please. All right, before we get started, that's basically something that I wanted to say before we get started with this video. All right, All right. So the first and the best common source of London are content is other Lyndon provides, Like, find out who are the top inferences off your space. That's a for addition. Marketing. I would go with my favorite new Patail coach. New Patail forever. Still doesn't. He still hasn't accepted Marcus. I'm not okay with it. If somebody who is a friend to let him know that I should be getting accepted for mentioning Neela Patel need with so many times any rich waste. Uh, I hope Neil sees these videos and so ends up falling me back are. Anyway, just you can look at need, right? He creates Contin honest with his face on it, which is brilliant. But these are so many content ideas that you can get like the reason I'm sure knew this is if you are in a space and you basically, we have to do is find out influences in your space to get a lot of inspiration. For example, how to rank well on Google. Oh, how tranquil. On Google, you have to do to little things. Okay, What is this about? Okay. It's basically about how to wrangle on Google. This is this is a good inspiration. Really. Like I can take this up, mix it up, make my own version off it and release it. And it'll work because it's all about the topic, right? Finding topics are really difficult. And Lincoln are, for that matter, any lord would do a lot of content. Ideas give you a lot of content ideas like the other amazing place that you can go for content ideas, but but so more that you can just type the topic name here and he don't go. It will show you all the content topics that are doing really well. Let's say a tradition marketing. I'm assuming of showing your abs on the bus or more ready sometime. You can see the kind of content that is. We're doing really well based on social proof. Straight English marketing came with junior business school upgrade. Look it. This is a promoted link. But again, right? Look at this. Free webinar are Voyles 100 great places of $2. 18 small business dish in marketing. Survival kit like this could be a great topic. I picked this up, break it up into multiple things and make it a piece of content. Let me just quickly do it. I'm doing it full time, guys. I'm I haven't planned all these things. I'm being very frank because the reason by do it feel time is I keep it real, right? Okay. This is amazing sight, isn't it? Dropper animated. All right. You can see the 1st 1 It says faxes. Fact less we back. Is it going toe your additional first impression this topic itself and this content piece itself? You could elaborated. Explain it. Really? Well, could be your content piece number one as simple as that. And if you have mission marketers in yours in your in your audience, it'll really well, because people will panic, right? Connect with your target customers on Facebook and Mawr every day. Like I mean, I'm just throwing the shit out, right? I'm not really making up anything. So this is basically a very good example where you could jump on the content, break it up, jump into any block article I Communication Marketing Guide for car dealership. I mean Trooper. Okay. How to use Facebook? Custom audience, step by step. All these right are doing really well. That basically means that the requirement is a need for this. You can pick that up, pick them up and go ahead. And the other amazing. Like this is my favorite, right? How do you get ideas? Just time to damn keyword. Did you? To the marketing. Sorry, guys. Not really doing well. That's why I took a lot of break before I got into All right. So you can see the Lord of questions are languishing marketing or the top digital marketing agencies. How they start getting a rendition Marketing. These are all could be your topics. These are all could be a topics if you're catering to audition marketing audience, right? I mean, this is more around if you look at this career oriented, but let's say condition marketing in real estate, it's it is an audience of your catering to which is in real estate. You basically get content ideas, right? How important? Addition Marketing in a realistic does realistic benefit from nation marketing. What are the best dish in marketing tools for real estate agency, said Real estate. These are awesome, Continetti it. And like the content, ideas are almost unlimited on Cora. Awesome, right? But the two ways or two things of looking at it like the type of continent you create should not be only one time that you start only talking about to your type of pointing. People get bored a few, so it has to be a mix right to the way I do. It is I don't really have a calendar as such, but the way I do it as I mix it up realize I have some real stories off mine. I probably have one video are one video in two weeks about the topic that I really want to talk about that is addition marketing. I often talk about entrepreneurship because that is more writer and also something that really interests me. Three. The other thing that you could do is you can just talk of a gender topic. All share videos. Yes, viral videos are something huge on London, and for that again you can go back toe are like my favorite source or violent videos. Is this Jeter? Gentlemen's cheese. I'm assuming so. They have awesome videos. You can see that they share 35 minute back. The shared this awesome videos. They are like their house of videos. So many off them. I'm sure you must have comic qualities to so many other people, like over and and people who do a lot of sharing off these videos and these videos to relieve Ellen Linda because people like watching them, right? I mean, just go back, just keep scrolling, find something that had done really well. And now, Lord this and posted and obviously give credits Cheddar. I don't just be an idiot, give some credits and boom, you are going crazy on London already, right? I mean, because these videos, I've seen people clocking hundreds of thousands of views on 10,000 followers profile because of the kind of videos there because people like watching good videos. People like getting inspired people like no new things. Lau. Cheddar is one source. The other amazing way to get a lot of new sources is going to similar pages on the right side. This is an amazing way. You can see. I can see something else. Interesting engineering. I'm assuming these guys would be making a few videos to Oh, okay. Let's see what interesting engineering is. All right, look at this again. Videos around engineering this time. How cool is that? If you are in India, are in any contributor, the domination of engineering people would allow it. All right, this is again again. You can again dig deeper. For example. Here I found Tech insider and take conferences. I mean, you can keep jumping into each one of these pages and find awesome content just within London, right? And it's OK. Just downloaded and give credits, right? Just give credits when you're replicating when it's video, just give them craves. I've done it a couple of times and always made sure that every credits, the other awesome way to find videos is none other than YouTube. Right? That's a inspirational videos, right? I mean something that such recently, you have so many filters that you can actually check. You want a sharp one, OK, because London is a place where people don't want to watch longer videos. Short ones again, that this is very Indian based corn and you can see crying powerful motivation video who send board. I think this is Kill it. This is basically kill it on London, right? Obviously not just sharing video, but writing a nice write up on what inspired you to share this video with some person attached to it. It'll really well, like I mean, guys that so much of current inevitable out there the others. That other way that I've done re that I found recently is just say, royal videos. All right, you can see Boom. Look at this. 262 K engagement bullets called Australia or a mowing grass, which ends up getting in more business. Whatever, right. If you're doing brilliantly with 12 year old daughter people love gets. So if you really want to keep your for file engaging, you might want to share one video a week, which is probably to really is a week. If you are someone who wants to, doesn't have enough content again. This is not something that I do enough because I feel I'm trying to build up my own personal brand, and I feel I have enough stories to share every time. I'm not out of content, at least yet. I'm not out of content, so I don't have this problem. But if you are someone who is short of corn in, you can absolutely uses guys. This is This is just a hint, right? I mean, these sources should be enough for you guys to have content for the next 10 years. But there's so many other like make a note off pra FIEs Every time you find something interesting on Linda, let's say you find someone sharing with video photos. Profile. Check it out. If he keeps sharing good videos, that's an advantage, right? You can just create more content on the go. I hope this Radiohead and see you on the next one. 12. Content Hacks to keep in mind: Hey, guys, How's it going? Lab assistant hero. And in this video, I'll quickly show you three amazing tricks and tips and secrets that you should know to do that that will help your content to do really well. Well, this is something that I've shared Arlington already. I'm not gonna put it in a way that all we're gonna sharing something out of the value because these are things that you should know if you're Linda and I only shared on London. In case if you haven't gone through the single palace article of mine, you should watch watch the whole video. If you have, you can skip this. All right? All right. The 1st 1 is comments over life. Whenever you pull something trying toe, get comments as many as you can. The reason being comments always win over Lex. In fact, with the experiment that I did when I am asked people to comment on a post and then I asked , People only do like here. You can see 94 comments and the reach is 29,000. Whereas here you can see 130 likes. But the reaches chest 10,000 views that basically means one comment is three x more powerful than a single like right? That is not just at like I let me show you a few examples. Right comments are supremely powerful over lights. Then anything is in fact, Arlington. Because it just extrapolates things. For example, Disposed has 970. It likes obviously 100,000 views. 100. 1000 again, 44 comments, 41,000 views, 578 comments. There's something definitely wrong with this because oh, the other thing that you should know is Lyndon goes crazy sometimes and I don't know what what happens with finer 70 comments. The views should be like 200,000 which is not something definitely wrong with it. Any. Which way is not a problem, right? You can see 100 comments. 118,657 legs here, 979 178 likes, but still this has more views by comments, right? Look at this. 779 garments, 350,000 views what I'm trying to say. It's simple. Get more comments. How do you make people to comment right here? There is absolutely no call to action. It's a source and first common. That's all here you can see again. There's no call to action, understand? I mean, it is absolutely no card action. I should have hired a car direction because every post that you do that has to be a call to action. For example, that's 578 off these here. I'm giving away something so common below I'll send you across. So they are basically commenting that email as it 578 comments which ideally, should have bean a better case here. I'm asking them a question. We love to see how maney off your connections, active ones just rubber common with yes, if you use Lyndon on a everyday basis. 779 people said Yes, I own one Lyndon on every Revis, then reserved 350,000 reels. All right, again, in this case, right, Like again, I put up a really good one, really good topic. And they say, What are your thoughts? People want to talk about it, right, and it makes sense. When you seek a post like this, you should go ahead and comment. That's the beauty venue comment. Other people can actually see your content. That's a different video talk about right. So that's basically there's a guy. Small comments. More would be the reach as simple as that, Right? The next one is write longer posts. Why? Because if you are someone who has gone through my Linda before, you should have seen this forced. All right, You see this? There was a wide blank slate and you click C'mon, if you had just two lines that say, If this piece was just two lines, there was no Seymour. The moment it's longer, Lyndon uses up something. Arda Seymour, right? Look at the sports of 41,000 views. And when you click on Seymour, the list list of the content that opens up now every time and someone clicks on the Seymour , that basically means that's basically tells thing, then that this country is interesting. That is why people are clicking, going. So Linda actually creates this as an engagement. So make users click the Seymour. How do you make it? You just put a question, which is a title which could be click Beatty or whatever and you're see more is the call to action. That's the first call to action. Second call to action is in the end of which, which you should ask people the comment right. That is why long opposed anything more than three lines or the time nothing should be shorter. Goto every post of mine. You'll find none of the post, which are shorter than three land. In fact, they could be put in, for example, you can see right spaces here. There's another reason why use rights Face, and we'll get to that, too. But again, right. Let's have the Seymour option there because it works and it works really, really well, right? That's why write longer posts. All right, All right. Now the tour one. Never put your link in the post. So let's say you're sharing something. Never put your link on your main post because Lyndon again hates it. I've told you this, right. Lincoln warns you to stay within the linguine ecosystem. The moment when you have put an external link, you're going out of the system. As a result, Linda is going to kill the reach. For example, I'm gonna show you an example, right? I've done this before. It's going to be a really long time in oil ports after scrawled her there for me to get there. Mm. Well, you can see that I have a few links here, but this is something that I've posted later. One supports has gone right. Like all this talk about that. All right. Uh, one good example, right. There's a Linden police article. It also treats England Palace article as a properly because of which, look at the views that only 2250 views, right? I mean, it should be more on a I mean, I have one example guy that I want to show you A which resent. I mean, what I'm trying to say is, when you put an external link on the sports, Lincoln kills the reach. So where do you put the link? You always put the link in the first common. Now, you must have definitely gone through a few of my post where I basically say you can I talk about something in the post and I say you can find the link In the first comment, for example, in this video, I basically asked people to put in if they really want to know how to dying their profile in under five minutes. They have to go to my first comment. Let's quickly go to the first comment, and obviously there are a lot of comments. Now look at this link to the hack and I basically say link alike on this comment so that star stays in the talk tanks and endurance. And let's say this, sir, stopped Our This is normal ranking or Luca Do is just simply comment on it. Seeing bump next time and someone sees the article, this comment would go up, go to the top. As a result, when you say first comment, it's actually the first common not lost again this older post, I didn't really bother but against a good way to do it. So that's where you put your comment. You all this pretty comment in the first common that there's another way of doing it is, that is, let's say you want to put this link off this comment. Our link on the post. What you should do is right. Click on this copy link to the comment and hated the fullest, and you can be a skillet. Is the link here right But again, this actually works are better than not having better than having a day. Tickling the reason being when someone clicks on this, Linden already knows that it is a link. Within. It is a link off Linden. That is, when someone clicks on this, they are actually going to something which is still within London. It's they're not going over the linguine system, for example. You can see it as directly taking me to the comment right. The Lincoln treats this better than actual ing, but I'm not a fan of this. The reason being when someone clicks on this and they get redirected to a common, they really don't have any idea what's happening where people might get lost. So I want to make it really clear that the link is and first comment, and that works the best for me. These other three quick hags that I want to share with you guys the arm, and that's more about this. I see in the next one 13. Next steps: Hey, guys, how's it going? Web assistant E here for the one last time in this course. Thank you so much for finishing the course. I hope you learned a ton. I hope you got a ton off ideas on what you would probably do and what you should be doing in the next few months. Any retrace? I wanted to take this video our to quickly say, what are the next things that you should do? How you can take this next level. But before that, if you're not following me on LinkedIn, you definitely should. I share a lot off content on London as I've shown you before in the introduction video, I shared a lot of content and it will be nice to stay in touch. And also I'm super active on Instagram. Do have a follow. Send me a message. So is that with Facebook? I'm just getting started with my Facebook page, but trust me, there's a lot of interesting things coming in now. Last but not least, I have a new YouTube channel which has like 990 subscribers. As you see, I hope this becomes a huge channel by the time you see this video, But any rich race, you can always come here. Watch me check me out on YouTube. So I'm gonna share a lot of knowledge forms here, do any trees. That's what I wanted to say Again. Guys, this course is basically a fundamental course for you guys to understand how you can grow your Lincoln game, right. But if you really want to take it to the next level, so many things that you could do with linguine automation linked include hacking so on and on and on. For that, the course would go on for, like, a 56 hours, and it's going to be really wrong, So I haven't really made that probably will make one around automation. But any which raise my my strong station would be to go through the process and get to your for 30 town followers and keep pumping out a lot off Awesome content. Awesome things will happen with you have issue all the best, and I'll see you around