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LinkedIn Blueprint I - Have A Superstar LinkedIn Profile

teacher avatar Dragos Stefanescu, TeacHack Founder - Teaching 1000s Online

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. LinkedIn Blueprint Series Promo

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. How To - Profile Basics Tips

    • 4. Why the right profile photo will boost your visibility

    • 5. How to get prospects to view your profile in 120 characters

    • 6. What everyone should know about their contact details

    • 7. The Importance of Education and Work Experience

    • 8. Why Skills and Endorsements matter

    • 9. 5 Simple actions for Instant results

    • 10. The 7 principles to write a Magnetic Summary

    • 11. How to promote your profile Offline with Zero effort

    • 12. Who else wants Great recommendations?

    • 13. Use rich media to make your profile three-dimensional

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About This Class

Why Is LinkedIn Important?

Few people realise the immense power that LinkedIn has. I have used it to create networks of 100s of people, coach and communicate with senior management and network with high-profile entrepreneurs. It's not that difficult to do, but it does take consistency and the willingness to take action. 

Why This Course Is A MUST

Over 4,000 students have studied my approach to LinkedIn so far. The course is appealing primarily because:

  • I teach it in a step-by-step manner which is easy to follow and conceptualise
  • The production quality is of very high standards
  • It includes examples and PDFs that you can easily use to apply the necessary changes¬†

What You Will Learn In This Course

Having a great LinkedIn Profile takes precedence before anything else. You can't network effectively if you haven't put in the time to create an amazing experience for your Profile visitors. In this course you will learn

  • How to create an amazing first impression through your Profile & Cover Photos, LinkedIn Headline and Vanity URL
  • Completing the individual sections of your Profile - including a dedicated lecture for creating Summaries that stand out
  • How to promote yourself Offline
  • Obtaining recommendations and using Rich Media

Enroll now and let's start building your LinkedIn journey together!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dragos Stefanescu

TeacHack Founder - Teaching 1000s Online


About Me

I'm an Internet Entrepreneur with a background in both the Management Consulting & Telecommunications industries. The skills that I have acquired during those stints and in previous years in general have unleashed my passion to teach.

I have a wide array of skills that I share with you via my courses

(1) Social Media

One of my true passions, I have invested a lot of time building a presence online. Highlights include:

Creating a connection base of 100+ people in a large Management Consulting firm within weeks of starting the job. Met with a handful of Managing Directors & Senior Managers after approaching them on Social Media Trained Partners on how to effectively make use of LinkedIn & Twitter to network and generate leads Conducted Workshops wi... See full profile

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1. LinkedIn Blueprint Series Promo: would you like to transform the We network and develop business leads? Maybe connect with that senior figure in your company that you never had the chance to meet ? Or are you simply vying for that promotion? Pay rise or increased awareness of your name in the business world and look to accelerate the process? Sadly, too many people perceive Lincoln as an online TV. What they don't realize is the immense personal branding opportunities that it offers. And because everything occurs online, you can literally touch thousands of people every month. Lincoln is an extremely powerful tour, and I genuinely believe that anybody has the chance to unleash its potential. In fact, I have seen this first hand whilst training executives on how to effectively use social media. What if I told you that by applying simple changes to your profile in two hours, you could double your profile of users in days? Or that you could expand your network by hundreds every week and open job or promotion opportunities foster than you ever imagined possible? What if you could use Lincoln as your blogging toe and be exposed to millions of Bailey potential visitors while generating thousands of dollars every month. This course contains detailed steps on how to achieve these goals. It will teach you how to perfect your online image and become a networking guru. It will boost your confidence to an extent where you will be able to approach anyone and connect without the fear of being rejected or not replied to. By using different techniques and strategies, you can hack your way through Lincoln and become a true influencer in your subject matter. You're probably thinking why this course when there are alternatives out there? Well, I assure you the value will receive will surpass the current market standard. I believe you deserve a premium delivery and study experience, which is why the content expected high quality videos, which are engaging and without any fluff or unnecessary information. It's packed with case studies and examples, which are broken down and carefully analyzed and are available in PdF format for you to read at your leisure. There are also a number of insightful bonus lectures, which will be launched shortly. The course also contains audio versions of all lectures, so if you're on the go, you can easily listen to them on your smartphone. All of this sounds great, but don't take my word for it. I've created a few free lectures so that you can see for yourself. I also offer you a 30 day money back. Guarantee this absolutely no risk when purchasing the course. If you're serious about developing a personal online brand, then Lincoln is definitely the place to start. Take this course and join me on the journey to personal branding greatness. I look forward to seeing your progress and guiding you throughout your journey. 2. Introduction: everybody. My name is Dr Stephan Esko. Now, firstly, I'd like to thank you a lot from buying the scores. And then you trust me to help you on Lincoln. As you might have seen in the preview of the course, you learn essential techniques to grow your linked in profile. I'm a linked in power user and have used it for networking throughout the years, I have also trained senior management on how it's effectively use social media. And I really want to share all the tips and tricks that I've learned with you. This course is going to be structured in normal lectures, how to videos at the end of each chapter, and pdf's for you to analyze all the examples that I give throughout the course. Now, I promise you that all the information that I will transmit is gonna be presented in the easiest possible way so you can understand exactly what the techniques are and how you can apply them. Now, if you actually apply them, it's high. Likely that at the end you're gonna be surprised with the results. I'm also gonna surely present you with a challenge because I'm really keen on tracking your progress wants to improve your use of Lincoln. Now, I strongly encourage you to comment on the course threat if there are any aspects that are unclear, and I'm going to try to reply to you as soon as possible now you'll see that calls to action are a constant throughout this course. That's why I would do this now. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to take action and implement the advice that I put forward in this course. Trust me when I say that you will see your progress immediately and we'll want better your pro form or and mawr day by day. With that being said, I'm excited to get going with this course and see you at the end of your journey. 3. How To - Profile Basics Tips: Hey, guys, welcome to your first profile basics. Now, this lecture contains steps that are very simple to implement, but unfortunately, not too many people do fully. So here's a chance of the French. It yourself. They should be the first things on your checklist when you assess about how you want to change your profile Now, what many people don't realize is that you're you are l can be changed. In fact, those who realize this earlier have a major advantage. Why do I say that? Because if you change it early enough, you might just have your full name as an address. For example, my girl looks like this now, unless you have a really, really common name and all the other people named like that will have figured this tip out before you can still use a combination of your initials plus your last name. Now, why is this important? It will easily allow you to direct people to your linked in profile, even just by telling them your address or having it on a business card. Using this tip will avoid the annoying situations, and we've all faced them when you find several people named the same way, and you have to investigate which one is the one you actually want to add to your network. This is just the basic step, and I promise to reveal a killer tip on the ways to promote your profile offline section. Trust me, it's really, really good. Now let's talk about your contact details. Your contact info can be expanded from underneath your profile photo. This is where you would see your customized girl. But this is also where you can add several methods to be contacted, which is something that I strongly encourage you to do in order to engage with existing and new connections as well. Not filling in your email and telephone details depends on your comfort level myself. Personally, I'm comfortable sharing my personal email address. Same goes for my phone number, but I'm sure some of you would feel differently now. If you have corporate versions for them, it would probably make more sense to fill in those, but here's where it gets really interesting. You can actually link your Twitter handle to your linked in account. Now, in the networking section will speak more about how you can actually integrate the two platforms and share posts in between them. Now, once you gain visibility and traffic to your profile, this will benefit you enormously because people would be automatically directed to your Twitter account and vice versa. This is extremely, extremely valuable now, lastly, but most importantly, you can add websites now. The golden tip here is that rather than having your address, say www, that's something dot com. You can save a link with your custom name if you click other when adding a website, you can link your personal website, your block or your portfolio and have a caption that reads. Visit my Block, Hire me or my portfolio. Now this is a very discreet way to better call to action from the early phases of your linked in profile built. So take the steps and have your potential connections. Director to your YouTube channel. Any videos, Articles you have written, your personal or your company website and whatever other engaging samples you might have that showcase your work. Competition is high against other profiles, so you really need to make sure that you provide them with all the information they need and maybe even more 4. Why the right profile photo will boost your visibility: Hey, everybody, After recovered the first part of your profile basics. This is probably the most important part to building your personal brand in this lecture will be talking about your profile and cover photos. Now, sometimes when it comes to generating views, your profile photo might have even a larger importance than the content that you have on your page. Now you might be thinking, This is kind of counterintuitive, right? I mean, it's just a photo at the end of the day. Well, let me tell you, even if you think you're some way your work experience, media files or endorsements will attract people. They will. But let's just say your profile picture will be the catalyst to all of that. Let me explain further. Firstly, think of your Lincoln Page as your brand image. Your profile photo will be kind of like your brand logo, right? Secondly, if people search for professionals based on keywords and your name pops up, imagine a 20 people long list on a search page where the only thing that they're going to see is going to be profile photos and headlines. So your profile photo is gonna make you stand out from that crowd. And actually, we have a statistic from Lincoln, which says that people who have profile photos and good ones for that matter are seven times more likely to get a view than people who don't. Now there is a huge difference between having a normal profile picture and having a professional, one that is specifically targeted to luring people to your profile. When I say a normal picture, I mean something that you would recycle from another photo album, and you think it would fit your linked in profile. Now you might have heard of the saying that a person makes the first impression on someone else within seven seconds of meeting them. Well. In today's online world, we frequently meet people online first and on Lee, then face to face. So think of your profile photo as the means toe, impregnating an image in their subconscious before they meet you. If they check out your linked in profile before your meeting or your networking event there already gonna have an image formed about yourself and your profile photo is going to contribute a lot to that image. Therefore, your photo should be a professional headshot, featuring you dressed rather smart, preferably smiling against a light background like this. Now this is a bit of, ah, murky territory, depending on the dress code. If you're in a corporate job, you can wear a tie or just a shirt. If you're in any other situation, then you can even adopt a more casual look because it would still a dear to the guidelines . So let's look at one of the good photos. This is taken from one of my connections. As you can see, the gentleman right here has a very good looking photo. You can see his head takes almost the entirety of the photo, and he's smiling. But it's not a very obvious smile. It's a very discreet one. You can also see he's wearing a tie, and that gives him the corporate look because he is actually quite serious corporate job. So it fits the bill. Now in the second photo, now you can see we took. We took a photo, an example of a female. It's the same thing. It's a nice smile. It's pleasant. Now imagine this photo in a list of people. It's going to stand out just like the first photo it has a light background, and you can really see the contrast between the person in the background. So it's really gonna make you stand out if use a photo like this. Now that we've seen two examples of good profile photos, you might be wondering. But how can actually make that happen? I mean, I don't have a professional camera. I don't have the lighting. I don't think I can do it. Well, in my opinion, you can even achieve something like this with a really good smartphone. I mean smartphones. Nowadays, they can take amazing photos, so it doesn't have to be something highly professional. But you never know. Check with your friends. Someone might have a professional camera that they could borrow you or someone might be a professional photographer. Even if that's not the case. Final. Well, that place put on some smart clothes and try taking a few photos. I guarantee you some of them are going to look really nice, and you're really gonna want to use them as your profile photo on Lincoln right now that we discussed the profile photos, let's go to cover photos. So Lincoln has recently followed Facebook and twitters lead and added cover photos as a possibility. Now this, along with other features at the Lady Turlington, really transforms the platform or into your personal branding machine drier than just an online TV. This is a great opportunity for you to promote your company brand. Now, even if you're working in a large company or are running your own business, I mean you can get so creative with the space. It can be used to promote yourself or your company in so many ways. For example, you might have you might want to convey your message or your your brand mission statement or anything that would make it distinctive from anybody else. Plus, if it's catchy, your visitors are gonna be sure that they're going to read it now. What if you calling you something from your company or your business and you want to design your own cover photo? Well, obviously, the best advice I could give you is have a friend with a designer and can help you out. I mean, it doesn't necessarily have to be a complex thing. It can be simple. It's actually preferable for it to be simple, but it would have to represent you. Alternatively, websites like pic monkey dot com make it easy for you to design your own cover photo. Now if you're thinking of other mess, other methods Another route would be to hire someone on five or dot com, for example, which is a website where you can hire someone for $5 for a gig. And there's loads of designers right there. Now I can guarantee the results here are going to be perfect, but you can give it a try. I've also scoured through and found some other tools which can be used to create great cover photos, and I've included these and their links in the lecture description. Now, please have a look at the Attach pdf to see examples of how some people use cover photos in a very creative manner to complete their profiles and attract more viewers. Hope you've enjoyed this lecture. If you don't already have a professional photo than I strongly suggest, you get one. I mean, at the end of the day, everybody has friends with professional cameras, and if you don't there are even specialized shops, which can take passport like photos. So in this regard, there are no excuses. You have to get a proper photo and beef up your linked in profile right now. 5. How to get prospects to view your profile in 120 characters: your linked in headline. It might seem like just another detail on your profile, but I've dedicated an entire listen to it. Why is that? Its importance is underestimated, in my opinion, and the ease of creating an effective headline is vastly overestimated. Now many people neglect the section, and I'll be telling you why. That is a huge mistake by the fault. Lincolnwood List your headline as your current position and employer like, say, for example, financial manager at X Y set. Why is that bat think about it? If it's the same for everybody, you're just making yourself a commodity, your interchangeable with anybody else that shares the same job title. And trust me. Even with the creativity that I see in so many job titles nowadays, there are bound to be a large number of people that have the same exact headline as you. So it is absolutely crucial that you tweak it to sell yourself and provide a brief overview of your experience whilst communicating to people what you do. Make it like a magnet. Insert the key words that you will use throughout your profile so that you are targeted in any search queries that look for your particular skills now. Finally, and most importantly, it should really attract and determine people to read mawr about you. You're essentially doing think about your essentially doing a sales pitch, telling everyone, Come view my profile. This is what I do. Oh, and you have to chief all of that in 120 characters or less. But don't worry, we could actually hacked the process. Now let's look at some examples from the most influential people on the network. The first type would be that you could have your expertise and, um, aerated after which could include your Moto or company vision. Now let's stick. And prior as an example, she's a Lincoln coached amongst other things. Now a headline could even contain a call to action. Here's an example from Jon Stewart who does exactly this thing now. The last trick is regarding character numbers. If you find yourself going over the limit, there's nothing stopping you from using symbols to separate the words. For example, you could use a vertical bar, and you could really enumerated your skills and make it brief but catchy. Now I hope you realize how crucial your headline actually is. I urge you to take advantage of this as no many people Newington actually adjusted. Now think of your expertise, emulates or combined the three models above and have a headline that is going to generate you connections instantly. 6. What everyone should know about their contact details: So now we've populated your profiles completely. We can look to start adding connections to boost your network. But before we look at how to generate new connections, let's first make use of your existing resource is, namely your mating lists. So if he goes the connections tab and click at connections, you can at all your email contacts. What's really good is that when you insert an email address, Lincoln will identify your contacts that already have an account. You can then pick and choose the ones that you want to ford an invite to. Then we strongly recommend you do this first before pursuing any other actions. Let's brother in your nets work without much effort. Now, for the interesting part of this topic, lengthen now has a section, which is called Keep in Touch. As soon as you click on it, you will be encountered by a multitude of cards, detailing updates for your contacts, such as new jobs, birthdays or job anniversaries. It's an easy way to see in a summarized view what your connections milestones are and to engage with them. However, when you scroll down, you will see your recent interactions with your connections this is really, really valuable, especially because you can synchronize your linked in account with your email. As a matter of fact, let's do this now. Go to keep in touch and hit the settings icon to the top right then, for either Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook. You can click sink email and contacts, and this will automatically do it for you. So let's say you synchronize your account with your work or your personal email address. You have all your interactions with those contacts there in the contact info section beneath their photo. The more you engage, the harder it will be to track your interactions, which is why this is highly recommended. It's great, because if you think about it, Lincoln can become your permanent contact database. It becomes your own system from managing and communicating with these contacts, and it basically eliminates the need of email as your default managing solution for contacts. Also, think about it. If you're connected with your corporate account and leave your employer, you don't actually need to worry about losing all your contacts because you have them on Lincoln, right? So Lincoln becomes a handy little tool for organizing everything you need to know about your contacts. It brings together all your communication channels into one too many people engaged. You can leave notes about your contacts and you remember what your plans were. Just met them at a networking event, filling the how you met details, and you always have that initial conversation to build Report on. Now, I strongly advise you to use this feature, even if only for 2 to 3 minutes a day. Engage with your connections, especially with the ones that really matter to you. And keep that relationship going constantly. Take notes and add details to your contacts on Lincoln. If you network a lot, you will forget specific details about them, so this will give you an edge for further communications. 7. The Importance of Education and Work Experience: work, experience and education, probably the parts of your profile, which comprise the largest part of traditional Stevie's. Now, although a LinkedIn profile takes away from that classic approach, it's still very valuable to have these sections probably filled in. I'll just briefly touch on education. You don't need to list all the modules that you've studied, but do make sure that you emphasize what the focus of your studies has bean related to your job, the job that you're currently seeking, or the things that you might have in common with the people you're trying to connect with. LinkedIn has an award section. So say, for example, you have Bean elected to join the better Gamma Sigma Business Society. You could at that in there. Now there are two important uses for dedication section. Firstly, the name of your school might have a large bearing on how some employers might look at you . For example, we all know that consulting firms and investment banks place an important emphasis on that . Secondly, you can use your education to join alumni groups, and this is a very important tip because you can connect with others that I've attended the same institutions This obviously can become extremely valuable if you finish university, say, 10 years ago, when Lincoln didn't even exist now, consequently, if you join the respective groups, you gain the ability to add anybody as a connection. So you don't have to be a secondary connection for that to be possible, the mighty people amongst the alumni's that you didn't get to know but that are quite influential in your field. No one important decision you have to make for education is where to place it on your profile here, I would say you have to make a judgment call if you have an MBA or Mosses, agree. And you know it's extremely relevant for you to get a job at a prestigious firm in place it higher on the list. Think your work experience in recent projects are more relevant to you, then have it towards the bottom of your profile. Now let's talk about the second part of this lecture, which is your work experience. You all know why the section is extremely important. Did you know that if you list your two most recent work experiences, it makes your profile 12 times more likely to be found in a search. Let's start with the basics so similar to your headline. Your job description shouldn't necessarily Onley. List your position rather than list your position at the company. Make a descriptive so as to show people three things. What your position is, what you do and why your company or your clients are valuable. So let's take an example. So you're a senior manager at a major consulting firm and you specialize in large organizational change projects. Don't just leave it at that. Your headline could be so much better. It could be improved to say, for example, senior manager at ABC, specializing in large organizational change projects from major investment banks. That's better, but it's still a bit long, so that's introduced separators. Here's how you could tweak it. You can see how we took the earlier headline and space it out a bit more as to emphasize the words in your job title. It's simple, it's easy to read, and it instantly gives your visitors of you of what you do. This will also optimize your profile for search results. You can also take the headline approach and include calls, traction mission statements or maybe even more skills now. The second step is to add details your current role. Don't just make your profile on endless list of all the positions you've had, but describe it with details. This is mostly for the people that will be interested enough to read through, and it's the chance for you to share your story and shape your personal brand image. Put down your achievements and responsibilities, preferably in bullet points for east of Read. The key point here is to make it stand out and not just list the activities and responsibilities you've had showing the impact. And that's a key word you had on the business is crucial. And luckily for you, few people actually do it effectively. Essentially, don't just provide the what but the what? Plus the why. Here's an example. That's what most responsibilities look like. Chances are you've made the same mistake on this. What if we try to show the impact as well? So, for example, Consider saying, created an implemented monthly performance management meetings over a 12 month period, resulting in a 10% increase in retention and a 20% increase in revenue. Whilst realising a decrease in customer complaints now this has significantly changed and is a better way to show value rather than just listing it. Finally, highlight a key difference that you make for your clients or organization your current role . To further cement the social proof gathered from this insert one of the testimonials or recommendations on your profile. This will back up your evaluation and offer credibility one less final tip for those of you that have several positions going at the same time. One thing to bear in mind is that you can actually reorder them. So have a go at this if you think one activity is more important than the other. 8. Why Skills and Endorsements matter: we've all seen the skill section on our profiles. For those of you who haven't, you can basically add your core professional skills and then have people endorse you for them. Now, Lincoln allows you to list a maximum of 50 skills to your profile, so you'd have to be quite creative in order to fill them all. You know how we spoke about the 500 plus connection sign When we talk about connections well with skills, the maximum number of endorsements that will be shown is 99 plus. So say, for example, you endorse for project management. If you have 150 endorsements, that will be 99 plus. So 99 is the magical number that you need to reach with your skills and endorsements. It's important to take some time and add skills to your profile. Now let's face it, we've all thought that these endorsements can sometimes be really silly, and they probably are or may be random. But people still make judgments. This is the basic thing. People still make judgments based on the skills that your most endorsed for. In fact, some recruiters actually narrow down their job. Searchers by a member's skill level. Now I have an example for this. Bill Peppler of recruiting firm Cavallero used this as a metric to track the most endorsed people in a specific area in the US that had a specific skill set. So he basically used endorsements to narrow down his search. Now, what I've generally seen happen is that people start endorsing you and your most important skill surface. It might not be something round them, but what you're actually good at all. What people think you're good at is gonna come out at the top. Now, this could be beneficial when thinking about your viewers. Because, let's face it, it gives you social proof and it places a tag on you, but also to yourself. Why? Because you will see how people around you think about you and what they value most from your core skills. So you kind of get the impression the image that they form about yourself now, however important it is to be endorsed as much as possible. You don't want your profile to be a mess, So in order to develop your personal brand, you need a very focused image. Therefore, I challenge you to have the courage to get rid of the endorsements that you don't think you want to be recognized for. This is a challenge right now. Look at your endorsement list and think about the ones that don't necessarily represent the brand image that you want to portray. Remove those endorsements and reorder the remaining ones. Not necessarily based on whichever one you're endorsed for most. But whichever ones are most relevant toe what you do. Your goal is to have the highest number of endorsements for your signature strengths. And what this will do is it will influence those looking at your profile. As soon as they got to get to that section, they're gonna instantly know what you're good at. So how do you actually encourage people to endorse it for your skills? If you want to beef up that part of your profile? Well, I have to admit I'm not a fan of friend um, endorsements. And to be frank, neither should you. We've all seen it happen. One day you're navigating your lengthen and oversell in this random person just endorses you for a skill that the Conry know. If you're good at or not, you might be endorsed for, let's say, project management and leadership. And you, you've never worked to that person before. So how can he actually no ward you're good at, um, you met at a networking event? Maybe and haven't really spoken since. That isn't really possible. That being said what? You should do its focus on endorsing others in order to stimulate these endorsements. Now the same thing applies here. Don't keep it, run them, make it targeted, take time and look through our network and acknowledge your connections. Try to pay particular particular attention to the people you're working with at this very moment. And I mean, why not endorse them? If they've had a good day at work where they provided, they proved they possess an important skill. For example, they might have done amazing formula in excel. And you think they would desert to have Microsoft excel on their profile. Targeted endorsements are going to be more effective. And they will mean Mauritz the person that's receiving them and as mentioned as soon as they will be notified of the endorsement and once you have properly engaged with them, there will be more likely to return the favor now you might be thinking this is artificial . Why? Why would I encourage them to endorse me? I mean, if they really wanted to, they would probably do it themselves. Right? Are their own initiative. Yes, you're right. But you have to consider that people barely have any spare time these days. So it's actually similar to always having that call to action. Think that they will not do it or are less likely to do it unless you actually demand it. Also, another thing to consider. If your connection does reciprocate, he have to take this opportunity and try to build a relationship. So why not send them a personal thank you message just like that, without expecting anything in return in order to acknowledge the fact that they've endorsed you for a particular skill? Cheers for watching these video guys. And I hope the message really came across that even though we think skills endorsements my team random at times they could actually be a valuable piece. They might not be the focal peace, but they might be a valuable piece to how your profile is gonna look to the people that check you out 9. 5 Simple actions for Instant results: Hey, guys, I've decided to make this lecture of free one because it shows you the five most important actions you need to take to improve your profile. Significantly. Funny enough, these steps are ignored by the majority of people on in 10. If you don't believe me on this, that I'll challenge you to have a look for your connections at the end of this lecture and write down the names of those who can take all five boxes. Now, I guarantee you the number will be very small. Now, I really I really, really believe in the 80 20 principle, which is also called the Pareto Principle. If you're not familiar with this, let me briefly explain. This principle states that in anything you do, 80% of the results will come from 20% of the actions you take. Now, this is these five steps are kind of the embodiment of the Pareto principle. There will only take you 1 to 2 hours to complete. But once you do them properly, you will have already done a lot to improve your linked in profile. Now I'm going to give you the main idea behind each of them But because each topic has its own lecture, I strongly advise you to check each of them and see the details be kind behind each of the techniques, right? So the first point is related to your headline. If there was ever such a thing as in 120 character sales pitch online. Well, this is it. Basically your headline and your profile photo. Think about it. If you're part of a search query when someone's looking for you, your headline and your profile photo will be the only things that will make you stand out in that search when you're just one element of a large list. So please don't make yourself interchangeable and replaceable. And don't just keep a generic your role. Dash your company headline. Make it unique. Showcase what you do, what makes you different from everybody else and why people should have a look at your profile. So three key attributes. What do I mean by that? Specifically, you should always strive to optimize your profile for search. Now it's extremely important that and whatever you do, you establish three key skills or qualifications that will be present throughout your profile within your summary, your experience, education or even on your headline. So, for example, you could have keywords such as management, accountant, certified seem all practitioner. Whatever it is you do, this will help identify you at the top of search results if they are targeted to these words. So the third point is regarding your girl, and many people neglect this. I've seen it, and the reason why they neglected is because they don't know you can actually change your URL. Arlington so, as you know, took more and more and you Islington as a point of connection, either before or after a business meeting. Having a personalised and easy to remember Earl is absolutely key. Change it, memorize it, create business cards and stick it on other social media accounts, blog's or websites. This will make your networking and directing people to your linked in profile much, much easier. Your profile photo. If you think about it, it's like your personal brand. Now, if you had your own company think about this, imagine this. Would you like a logo that was drawn in five minutes to represent your image? I don't think so. Similarly, if, as I mentioned before, if They're other areas in your linked in profile, where you can reuse content from other sources. This is definitely not it. So take some time, find a friend that has a professional camera, and not it doesn't even have to be a professional camera. It can be a great photo taking smartphone. They take great photos nowadays, dress up and get a professional mark shot done. It will make a huge difference, and it will help skyrocket your profile views. Lastly, I want to talk to you about recommendations now. We spoken about the power of recommendations before because if you think about it, they established social proof for your occurred or prior work experience. It's something different to have your achievements listed, but then it's something complete different to have someone vouch for that. So don't be thinking, Oh, I shouldn't bother this or that person is probably too busy to write a recommendation right now. No, you have to call them to action. So ask for a commendations, keep them relevant and or than them in the manner that you want them. So, guys, just to conclude, I hope you really enjoy this free lecture. I really hope you take some time and perform these changes and you will be on the path to Lincoln greatness. Trust me. Once you once you get the taste of visibility and connecting with everybody else, you will be ready to step into the more advanced techniques of connecting, growing and nurturing your network and ultimately becoming a Lincoln influencer. 10. The 7 principles to write a Magnetic Summary: your summary. Let's see where we are right now. You've taken all the steps to make your profile more visually attractive. Anybody who visited no several methods of contacting you and you might have added a lot of connections in the meanwhile from your mailing lists or just simply new connections on the 10. So what do you have to do now? It's time to prepare the essence of your profile, which is your summary. Now the summary acts like a bridge between your headline, your profile photo and the content on your page. This is why it's absolutely critical to make it engaging and fun those towards our key engaging and fun. It has to feel like an elevator pitch. You have to speak it in the first person and have to address your target market, which is the people that you want to connect with. So where do you start? Let's start with establishing your goals. You need to think about who you actually want to attract your profile. I mean, if it's gonna be recruiters, make sure you emphasize your complete work experience and that you're passionate about pursuing a job in ex wives. That industry is it people from your organization, then you might as well showcase your recent accomplishments, justify why you want more responsibility or why you're chasing a promotion. Maybe you're an expert and you want to just generate leads. Well, then, why not showcase your expertise and tailor your message to why people should seek your help and advice? The most important bit and this is actually the bit that lacks from a lot of the summaries , Arlington is to tell a story. Your headline and your summary need to tell a story So you're somebody's gonna be a continuation of your headline. We describe what your experience is, and you keep selling the viewer on continuing to read. It's like a continuous pursuit for them to go to the next paragraph in the next paragraph in the next paragraph. Now I see a lot of Lincoln summaries that are structured like management consultant with X years of experience in supply chain specializing in blah, blah, blah. Make your summary stand out. I mean, if you think about it, there's nothing. Trust me. There's nothing unprofessional about telling a story about yourself as long as it's interesting and engaging for the others. maybe don't even shy away to share personal information that might contribute to your story and build reports of the readers. It just has to be something that they wouldn't normally no from meeting your CV. Okay, so even if it's a personal story, try to build that report of them, try to make them feel like they were coming into your life and are finding out something that you don't usually share with everybody else. And that's gonna make your summary much, much more interesting to read. Now, as much as I'd love you to tell a story and everything to sound amazing, however engaging your summary is, you need to establish credibility. So what you need to do is think of two or three key achievements, and it doesn't have to be many achievements just two or three that are easy to quantify and just use them in your summary. If you think about it. If their creative enough and I've seen this quite a lot, anybody can manufacture an amazing description about themselves. It works so often for so many people, right, But you need to be able to back up the facts. You're somebody also needs to be tied up to the three key wars that you will want to use throughout your profile. Remember, we've discussed these before. It's also and this is the last point. Also highly important to establish your point of view in your summary, make sure people know way stand and maybe make sure that a discussion can be started based on your beliefs and there's a swell. This is probably a contradictory point, but you have to keep her somebody brief. I mean, I know I've talked about personal stories, achievements and so on, but you're some way does not have to be long winded to achieve all of these. Start with the draft, right? Every idea that comes through your mind. Look at the draft, then trim it, then trim it again. I constantly ask yourself, Does this sentence really need to be in here? That does. Do these words actually deserve their place on my summary? Is it going to be crucial to the reader if the answer is even slightly? No. Then take it out and I'm gonna harp on this throughout the course because I don't want you to write a lot and I don't want you to write a lot of fluff. What you need to have in there is the essence and the message, the key message that you want to send to your readers. The next point is to make sure you're found. Now, this might not apply to everybody, but for some people is gonna be very valuable. So basically what you need to do is you have to make sure that you include all your previous names or nicknames in your summary, so that people know who you are. So, for example, I want you to add a line where you include all common misspellings, previous names. For example, if you are married or divorced, let's say nicknames or any aliases that you might be known by, make it visible. This might help anybody that knew you by a different name or potentially. Let's say you haven't seen since university finished the next point, and I can't emphasize this Enough is no P. Shays. Please, please, please avoid Kinsch ape buzzwords. Everybody uses them and trust me, people flag them instantly. Contrary to what you might think, there are a lot of critical thinkers, team players, problem focused individuals. They're motivated ambitious, hard working, charismatic and excellent communicators. They're all out there. So please differentiate yourself. And don't use those buzzwords finding the last point, and I'm gonna harp on this throughout the whole course, it's to invite users to connect called into action. This is similar to your signature in e mails. Make sure that people that are reading your summary are going to press that connect button . I mean, it's been shown that by simply asking people for what you want, you're gonna increase the probability of your conversions. So if you wish to add your email details, maybe reiterate that even if you have it in the contact info, email details, phone number and links to other social media accounts just at the end of your summary encourage people to get in touch and connect with you. Be open about it. It's gonna make you look more friendly and approachable, and it's really going to maximize the number of people that are gonna approach you from their own initiative. Now, just to conclude, I've taken three amazing summary examples that I have within my connections, and I'm really keen to share them with you guys to make this more practical. I've put them in a pdf that follows this session. Now, I've clearly highlighted the key points and techniques in this lesson, and you're going to see them present. Maybe not all of them in every summary. But you're going to see them present in those three summaries. And these elements are what truly make them stand out from other profiles in my nets work. So I just want you to to have a look through some summaries in your network and then have agreed that these summaries and ask yourself, Which one am I gonna be more likely to want to read? And you're going to see that these three are going to stand out and they're going to be very interesting to meet. So what I want you to do then, is start plotting your summary and writing one that is going to attract users to your profiles. 11. How to promote your profile Offline with Zero effort: everybody. Now, this section makes me really, really excited because it contains some very useful tips of how you can actually make your profile visible through other platforms or maybe even in your day to day communications. Right now, I'm really keen to share all of this with you because I really believe it's gonna make a huge difference to how you approach networking outside of the time that you spend online or in front of your computer. Right? So let's look at a few subtle ways in which you can actually do this. Now, before we get started with the killer tips, I just want to go through a few of the basic stuff that we need to take off the list. Right. So, firstly, you know the way you've linked your Twitter account to your linked in earlier, you can actually promote your linked in your l on other social media, so why not just take some time now? It only takes you one minute and add your linked a neural to your Twitter and Facebook about section and obviously on any other social media account that you have just put that information in there so that people know how to access your linked in account. Now, the second tip that you can actually perform is to embed your profile through a Lincoln badge on your block on your online resume or on your website. Simply follow the link to my right. Choose a badge, copy the code and place it on your website. Now, with just one click, your visitors are gonna be able to access your linked in profile. Now, let's start with the tips that I'm really, really excited about. The 1st 1 is gonna be your email signature. I mean, I bet you've never thought about this, but this is where it actually gets interesting, right? Of course, it's a silly question. I'm not going to ask you if you use, you know, because obviously you do, right? Who doesn't? But if you work for a corporation, or maybe you have a job that requires you to send a great number of emails every day if you think about it, that's a great deal of people that you contact every day. But that maybe are not your connections. So this is all untapped potential. Luckily, you can actually embed similar buttons into your email signature. So, for example, would have your Lincoln button that people would click, and then it would take them straight to your linked in profile. If you follow the steps in the attached guard, you're gonna be able to do just this. Then what you have to do is you can either put an image which would say, Connect with me on Newington or view my profile, Arlington. Or you could simply have the Lincoln logo now for me. Personally, I don't like big buttons, so I just prefer to have the discreet lengthen logo after I left my name, my position or my phone number, Whatever my signature is right. But some people tend to have the connect with me on Lincoln Batch. Now, if you choose to go on the same route and just have the logo on there, please embed a call to action because people might just see the logo. And they might just think, Oh, he's just present on linked in or something that or they simply might just not notice it. So just, say, view my profile Wilmington and then at the image, or connected me Arlington and then at the image and you get the same thing for Twitter, Facebook, your blog's your YouTube channel or whatever else you want. Now, for the second part of the killer tips, this is your business card, and this is what actually gets me really pumped up. You probably have a business card if you're working for a corporation. I mean, even if you don't have one, even if you're an entrepreneur or a student, you should still do a business card. I mean, if you think about it, it's a very practical tool, and you can just pass your contact info to people that you network with. And the most important thing. It's something tangible, right? It's something that they can hold in their hands, and it represents you. So you know how we changed your your linked in you r L earlier. Why not have that on your business card? I mean, it wouldn't take that much space, and it would direct your contacts straight to your profile. Now, here's where it gets even more interesting. Have you thought about putting a Q R code on your business card? I mean, for those of you who don't know, a QR code is basically a coded badge filled with black and white squares that would people would scan them with their smartphones and it would direct them to a website. And every smartphone has this application which can scan QR codes. Simply look into your APP stores and you're gonna find love applications that do that. So let's just go back to your business card. Right? Imagine you have your business card and you've put your QR code either on the front or on the backside, and your cure coat sends them to your LinkedIn profile. Now you're at a networking event where you meet some very influential people, right that you've always wanted to connect with or that you went to the event. And you you said to yourself, I want to meet this person. You have a conversation with one of them and it goes really, really well. Now, after you finish the conversation, you would typically I mean, I don't know what you would do, but this would simply happen. Find him on Newington after and sent him a request, right? But is he aware of this? I mean, will you be 100% sure that you're gonna find him and How long is it going to take him to reply? If he does it at all? I mean, surely if you've met him before, the response rate is high, but you're never 100% sure put in the QR code. Give him your business card, show him how the QR code works, and then you're gonna impress him, and you're gonna achieve several things at the same time. One, you're gonna have a kick ass business card that's gonna take him straight to your linked in profile. And then the second point is you're going to make him add you, Arlington and not the other way around. And you're going to avoid the risk of not finding him on Lincoln or him not replying to your request. Right? So it's a great, great tip, and you really need to implement it because it's gonna make your networking much, much easier and practical. Now, these two tips are extremely practical, and they're easy to implement and efficient. I mean, I've seen them in practice, and they do generate results. And I bet you're already imagining all the benefits that these could bring to you. So don't waste any time implement them, generate your business card, customize your email signature and you're not going to regret it. 12. Who else wants Great recommendations?: recommendations. Arlington's version of testimonials. Any of your connections can actually writes up a recommendation, and this will appear under the respective work experience that they've recommended you for now. Needless to say, the best case for these is when you've done an amazing job at work and people recommend you out of their own initiative because you've simply added too much Valium. They can't ignore that. Plus, they're quite active Arlington. However, in reality, this isn't really the case. People don't we bother with Lincoln that much. So what you have to do is you have to call them to action called them to action constantly . Luckily, Lincoln knows this, and there's a formalized way to ask for recommendations. The process itself is easy, and I'll show you how to do it in the how to section later. Let me just give you some brief guidelines. So you just go to the profile section, hit recommendations, and then you'll see all your recommendations listed. Now you can hit, ask for recommendations and it will list all your positions. Simply select one of the positions in hit as to be recommended. Now this is very important. Lincoln will automatically populate a standardized message on there. Do not send a recommendation with that standardized message, because I mean, think about it. I have half people that asked me for recommendations. And if I see the standard message on there, I'm just gonna think they're lazy. I mean, they want me to do them a favor, and they can't even bother to write me a personalized message and ask me in two short lines how to do the recommendation. That's not really fair, is it? So you need to take two minutes of your time and just write a nice message and ask them to give you that recommendation. Now, let me give you an example. A fair commendation template so you could start like this. Hi, Michael. I hope you've being well. I'm writing to you with a short request that shouldn't take more than two minutes of your time. In light of our recent work together on a Project X Y set, and you can fill in the gaps, I would kindly ask you if you could recommend me based on the work that I've done. This would help me a lot, in your opinion, with at tremendous value to my LinkedIn profile, then just thank them and wish them a great week ahead and just signed the message. That's the standard approach that you should take when it comes to recommendations. There's another thing that I have to mention. It's the fact that you can actually send recommendations to more than one person. You can actually send it to up to 200 people. Now, even if you can do that, I would keep that number lower, because then you can actually adapt the message to everybody that you're sending it to one warning about recommending others. I mean, it goes without saying that you should only recommend people who you trust and whose work you know, but try to only give recommendations to the people that you admire, because if you think about it, their reputation is gonna be an extension of your values. If you recommend it them. That means you're going to stick your reputation on the line based on the actions that they take. So, guys, the actions that you need to take after this lecture are simple. Think of three people for each job experience that you've had and ask them for recommendations. Now make sure they know it doesn't have to be something elaborate. Even two lines detailing your work ethic, the value of brought to any organization you've been part of would be an invaluable addition to your profiles. 13. Use rich media to make your profile three-dimensional: although we've spoken so far about has involved wards, mostly how to tweet these words and how to portray the right image to your profile. But in the media section, you can actually use photos and videos to illustrate your work. I mean, it's not called which content for nothing, right? It's called that for good reason, because your imagination is actually the limit of what you can do here. And this is this huge. And if you have anything to showcase, you're gonna reap the benefits of adding media to your profile. I say that because the power of imagery is far stronger than the words that you can put down. I mean, images have this tendency to speed up our level of communication and comprehension. I mean, they engage our imagination and they enhance our creativity, right? So if you stimulate other areas of the brain, then words normally would they lead deeper and better understanding of the messenger trying to communicate. These will transform your profile from a text only profile to a truly three. The experience. Have you ever help presentations at conferences? Or maybe you've spoken at Ted. I know a lot of us would love to do that. Um, why not put them one up for you to blink on your linked in profile or maybe share some slides from slide share? I mean, think about it. There's so many possibilities. Graphic and Web designers could showcase their portfolios. If you're an entrepreneur, you could link your Kickstarter project to your linked in profile. Now maybe have a podcast or a block or you're an author. Then you can put your best shows and best articles Now. The other thing you can do, which is quite creative, is to create videos specifically for your profile. Do a video bio or thought leadership video and embed them in your summary or in your work experience. They can add up to 10 media items under your profile summary or any other section, and these are gonna be displayed in a brick format. Now I strongly recommend you choose the best ones to showcase your skills and your work. If you feel that your previous expertise is too far back in the past, or maybe your education is not particularly relevant where you're trying to achieve on intent, then do consider using media for your current positions in the sections. I mean, this is going to ensure that you can go over the maximum of 10 items that you can add to your summary. For example, another golden tip of our media is that you can actually customize the title of the item that you're adding to your profile, and the reason you do this is because you want to call users to action. For example, let's just think rather than having being interviewed on how to effectively use Ellington, you could include something before that to say, Click to play video interview on how to effectively use Lincoln. Call your profile visitors action, and they're going to beam or likely to watch your content. Now, if you've added media to a profile, that that's probably the loss step to ensure that your profile is complete. Now, if it is like that, here's a good tip on how you can actually maximize its value. Have you ever thought of repurpose ing the content on your LinkedIn profile? I mean, think about it. This could increase your digital footprint. It might save you time, and it's definitely going to ensure consistency for the message that you send online so there's a lot I guess I'm trying to say. Is theirs off online services available that can transform your profile into something more visual, and it's surely going to make it stand out amongst other CVS online. This will actually allow you to show your CV or your linked in profile in a more graphical form, maybe even in the form of a timeline. And this is gonna make your story. You know, your professional story much more interesting and compelling. Check out some of the resource is available. I've listed them in the lecture description. You have them listed here. You have read Dr View or reason up dot com. They're quite interesting, and I'm sure if you give them ago, you might find them useful. Thanks again for watching this lecture, and I look forward to seeing you soon.