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LinkedIn Ads. A Complete Guide for Effective LinkedIn Ads

Adonis Anastasiou, Your Success Is Our Goal

LinkedIn Ads. A Complete Guide for Effective LinkedIn Ads

Adonis Anastasiou, Your Success Is Our Goal

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4 Lessons (1h 32m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. Setting up LinkedIn Ads for Website Traffic

    • 3. Setting up LinkedIn Ads for Sponsored Messages

    • 4. Setting up LinkedIn Ads for Leads Generation

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About This Class

In this easy-to-follow online course you will learn how to set up effective LinkedIn Ads for more website traffic, leads and sales. This course will assist those who are looking to increase their sales through LinkedIn no matter their level of expertise on digital marketing. All steps are explained in detail and all the tips and tricks are revealed.


By the end of the course participants will be able:
• To set up the LinkedIn Account
• To set up and manage LinkedIn Ads that will generate traffic to their website
• To set up and manage LinkedIn Ads that will automatically send sponsored messages to potential clients
• To set up and manage lead generation ads so that potential customers who are interested in your services will send you their contact information.
• To understand the tips and tricks for effective LinkedIn Ads
• To reduce their advertising cost while increase their results
• To target the right audience and create ads that are more effective
• To effectively use the LinkedIn Campaign Manager
• To create a LinkedIn Ad account
• To make the payments for the ads and issue invoices from the LinkedIn campaign manager.
• What to avoid when setting up LinkedIn Ads

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adonis Anastasiou

Your Success Is Our Goal


Adonis Anastasiou as a self-made entrepreneur started in 1999 from zero, actually with a negative bank balance and no other support, and he manage to climb to the top of the business training sector.

He has graduated from California State University of Los Angeles and got his degree in Administrative Management and Economics. He continued his studies in Strategic Management at Henley Management School. Returning back from the United States it was a struggle but his love for marketing and sales help him to establish himself as a business consultant and to become certified business trainer. After some years of hard work and determination he founded Adonis Business Academy which is accredited by the Human Resources Authority of Cyprus. Today is considered to be one of th... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the Course: Hi everyone. This is Adonis honest as you and I would like to welcome you to the online course, how to set up effective linkedin ads that will get you more sales. I have been in trainer for digital marketing and social media marketing for more than 10 years. Therefore, I have accumulated the knowledge and expertise that I'm going to share with you in this course. So you will learn how to set up ads that will generate results. So firstly, I'm going to show you how to set up ads that will generate traffic to your website. So if potential customers are interested about your product and services, they can click on your ad and visit your website. Secondly, I'm going to show you how to set up ads so you can get leads, the contact information of potential customers. So I'm going to show you how to set up LinkedIn ads that will get people to complete a form with their contact information. And they're going to be waiting for your call or to take them to the next step of your sales funnel. And this is really, really valuable. Thirdly, I'm going to show you how to set up automated sponsor messages. So your, through the LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you're going to be sending automated messages to potential customers. And guess what? Most of the people open up their LinkedIn messenger just like their Facebook Messenger. So you're going to get your message across your potential target market. And if they want to, they can click on the link, go to the next step, visit your website, or even give you a call. And that's really, really valuable as well. And guess what? The cost is very low because not a lot of people doing these type of ads. So I want you to pay close attention to each and every lesson because they are packed with tips, tricks, and pearls of wisdom that I have accumulated through all those years of my experience. So Haileab joined the course. So you will learn how to set up your own LinkedIn ads today. So you can get lots of leads and sales tomorrow. 2. Setting up LinkedIn Ads for Website Traffic: Hi everyone. In this lesson, I'm going to show you step-by-step how to create LinkedIn ads for website visits. So we're going to sit up, that's a y'all are gonna pay when someone clicks on your ad and visit your website. This is what we call pay per click, is just like Google ads. Facebook ads, LinkedIn has also ask that you pay per click. And it's really, really important to set those type of arts because you don't want to pay per impression, because impressions is when you are OK. The ys appears in the screen of, you know, anyone. But with pay per click or pay for Web set fee, you pay only when somebody has some type, some kind of interests for your programs, services, and they click on your ad. So it's really, really important to set up, set up your ads and you pay per-click. You don't pay per impression, okay? So the first thing that you have to do is after, of course you locked in into your LinkedIn profile. You click here on advertising. That's how winter LinkedIn advertising manager, actually linkedin is calling it Campaign Monitor. So now we're with the aim that campaign management, as you can see from here, I have two accounts, so I'm going to choose this account. Okay, So in kids, you you have an account for your customers, then you kind of create another account, okay? Now, in my case, in this case only have two accounts. Just to show you that your cutoff multiple accounts. We seen the campaign manager. And if you have different accounts, that means you can have your invoices and B, you know, are created or a specific company, and you can enter a specific credit cards. So if you have two businesses, you can have two different accounts, okay? So I choose these account. So now I enter then Campaign Manager of these specific account. And from here, as you can see now from their counsel actual eye in the campaigns group level. Okay, So this is the groups. I don't know why LinkedIn created the credit default campaign group. I mean, it's not necessary, but sees the hub created that default campaign group. You can either click and to the campaign group. Okay? And then you can start creating your different campaigns. In order. If I want to go back, I'm just going to click here campaign groups and I'm going to go back to the same, to the same level, okay? Now, you can, instead of enter to the complaint group, of course, you can just go in and create another campaign group, which is a Doric commended, okay? If you want to create another campaign just from here, you just click on Create Campaign. But since I want to have all my campaigns organized, I'm going to stay within that default campaign group that was created by LinkedIn. Okay? So I'm going to enter that campaign group, and now I'm going to create a campaign, a specific campaign that want to advertise for a specific product. In my case, it's a specific online course. Okay, so as we went through the campaign group, we see that different campaigns. Now from here, I have to just go here. Click on Create Campaign. Okay, so now when a new campaign, and the first thing that we have to do is to give a name to these specific campaign and how we might that they named that we can, uh, give it's visible only four, that means so your, they're not going to be seeing the campaign name up here. Okay. So I'm going to create, I'm going to advertise my online course on Facebook and these dark ground. It's okay, That's another course that they have sought to the name of my campaign, okay, which we feed the default campaign group. And usually I put something I'm gonna get a sticker made for and and he's the ground paths. Okay. So any Usually I put the name that it's going to be easy for me to understand what the campaign he saw a bottle with. I'm I'm I'm I promoted. Okay. So I add to the gut, then we're going to click on Next. Next, and here there are different types of objectives. Okay, So what's your objective? As we said, we want to pay per click. So in order to pay per click, you just click on website visits. Okay? So here's here, I want more people to visit the website, destination site on or overly d. So if you want to take people to your website, to your issue, then that's the best way to create an ad within lengthy. So chooses objective. If you want to drive traffic to your website, to drive traffic to marketing landing pages. Drive traffic to your LinkedIn event. Okay, so I'm going to choose website Vc, okay? So that's the first thing we choose, the objective. Then we have to either create an audience or select one of our Saved Audience. I haven't saved any audience. Yep. Okay, so now I'm going to create a new audience and have to choose their location. Now the location, this is my little home countries. I Proust's European country for those who don't know where Cyprus is. So I can choose cypress or I can choose if I want to, you know, a specific city, okay? So when you choose a specific city, make sure you choose them. You choose that district. Okay. So in this case, a given me two options, I took both of the options and all the right-hand side. I see how many are my punish shock customers. Okay, so now I can enter more, so make them good. Crm. So these tricks, okay, now my ideas is kept, kept bringing up because I'm Martin. Martin towns. Okay. Some other things, specific towns. Then my other screen to go, you know, it's going to go down because I'm going to be more specific. So first of all, I choose their location. So everybody from class a LinkedIn account, our register here, but they went, I'm going to say specific, you want to market tiers or I want managers or whatever, then my audience is going to go down. So let me put a few more cities. So I'm going to put prophecy as well. For some beautiful cities by the wave. If you're interested to visit site puts a beautiful island that if tenancy and all those cities are really, really nice places to visit. So Lima saw to the Basilica Ulpia, Latin America. Powerful. So KD, so put barriers that, that want to target. And I'm not done with my I'm not done with my targeting. Okay, So then I'm going to choose my, your audience can say profile language set to, okay, now here you have to make sure that you're either going to set your ads in English or you're going to choose if your language is one of those. In my case, you know, Greek is there, is there is our native language. But because if not here, That's why I'm going to choose English. Now. Here I have to point out that if for example, you're also from Greece and you want to set up arts in Greece. You cannot do that. I mean, you're going to eat is going to lead you to other step. But when they recognize your app is in Greek or in a language that does support it, then your ads are going to be disapproved. So either set up your ads in English or said it said it was one of those languages. That's your language. Okay. Now, I want to narrow my August here whereas I become more targeted. Okay? So I'm going to narrow it down by audience. And I'm going to say audience attribute, okay? And I'm going to put want they are job experience, okay? Job titles, some, I'm going to search within job titles and up good market. Okay. So marketing specialist, marketing manager or marketing director marketing US, citizen marketing specialist. So you, as you can see, when I choose a specific job title, my office is narrowed out. Now when i'm I'm going to increase what I'm going to mark. It seems that, you know, Mike goes up, okay. So marketing. So I'll put all those. So I have 100 seconds for this shot customers. But let me put also, let's put about mature in general. We want to find manager, sales manager, general manager. Let me also put Business Development Manager located. Histologic can see now my desktop and your support saves my sales manager. I've already been through that ritual. Area. Manager of sales. Okay. District manager. Okay. It doesn't go up stall. And also I'm going to choose maybe a monitor. So maybe those other people could send me, you know, human resource manager. Now IP went up to 6,800. And I'm going to put also these Yigal marketing specialist. I'm going to put those people. As you can see, it doesn't grow as much because, you know, Cyprus, it's a small country. Those are small. So my potential audiences around 70000 people located. Now, I want to also choose people interests, the case I'm going to choose into some clarifying member. There are interest. Generally tourists, Let's say marketing and advertising. I went up to four to 100, so I click on marketing and advertising. He went up to 4,200 thousand. Okay? So I think my audience is good now. This is going to be start working. And if I want to save it, I can't save it as a template. So if I save it as a template, that means that that kind of use the audience again and again in my future campaigns. So let's continue. So I have 4200 thousand plus potential audience. Now I'm going to choose the art form with the ADP form. Another command, he says single image, so we want that image along with it tags along with a compelling text. So single image, That's the first option and this is what I also recommend. I want to keep it simple to the point. Make it easy for people to understand what my advertisement it's all about. If that interests, you, just click on it and go. Okay, So that's why I don't, I don't I highly recommend that single image up. Now, the placement here, it's an enabler LinkedIn Audience Network. Was that LinkedIn Audience Network, just as we've seen, Facebook has an audience that we're Google. This pinnacle has allowed us. Now the problem with authors that is that usually includes application games, where kids are playing games and a half to see your art or click on that in order to go to the next level. So most probably the authors that were, yes, it's going to get a little bit more exposure. But you most probably going to get clicks for people that are not that interested for what you're selling. So that's why I had a comment to the staple Audience Network. Okay. You see it gives you, it gives you, it gives you a warning that by disabling the audience you're missing out on, is there 44 percent of the links that term close cost per day? Yeah. But the problem is that I'm going to get all of those peaks that are useless. Okay, so that's what I'm telling you, those tips and tricks to be really careful because you might be getting a lot of clips. But then a little bit of getting any says, if you're in a PT sub point, the clicks you're going to get, though they're not from quantified from good quality. Potential customers usually come from what the ends network case. You'd have to really be careful about that. And then we'd have to set our daily budget. I I strongly recommend to set a daily budget instead of a lifetime budget. That's much easier to know how much money are you willing to spend per day and notice a total budget? And then you can play with extending your advertisement for more days without actually, you know, playing around trying to figure out how much money do you want to spend at that, okay, So set a daily budget. Now here, the minimum daily budget, I think it's €10 solid. We tried to put just five meters to see. Yes, as you can see, the minimum is. Ten utero. So you cannot put less that ten years, okay. And then you set up your starting date, okay. Which is today and all the way has a pig sure. That you said your ending date, which by default it's going to be for 3030 days, okay? By default, it's 30 days, a 100 trait for less than 30 days. But, you know, if, if you, if you really want to get some customers, must be at least that the days, usually my competencies for 90 days or even more so in this case, because it's just an example, I'm going to go with 30 days, okay? And then we have, you know, the, what do we want to accomplish? What is our beating strategy, which is Landry page click. If we click here to see the other arm shows is impressions where we don't want to do that. Okay. So thank God. By default is the landing page clicks. I don't forget, I want don't make the mistake to changing tube in pressures. Okay. Then you get your automated maximum delivery. But you don't know how much. When be your cost per click. Now, cost-per-click, LinkedIn, cost-per-click compared to Facebook, it's like, you know, more than double or triple the cost. So let's try it out. Our market cause it says 45. So let me put just €1. You see there meaning MOOC is at least €2 and Phi of 57. So I have to put at least ¢0.5, put six hence. Okay. In order for my app to start working or cave saw that minor bead control your bids induction. Now with the target courts because mortars up post-war Western NADH here. What does it mean? It means that if I might get IV, if the beating is close to €2 and 6 and parts look to us as x or any three years and $0.15 on the gonad be in the bidding. So target cause is when you beat your article, be short IV, if the beat is close to ¢€2.5, okay, now with minute LBD, okay, if I choose minute beating, that means that E, I'm, I'm never going to spend more than €2. And seek sense. Now, which one is the best you'd have to try it out? Usually, I put my not being shy half brick control of my bathing shine or how much I have to put more or less. Okay. So in order not to make all those are transmit, that's why they put the target cost. So it's up to you. Okay. With target cost. Just having my thought, you're going to pay per-click more than what you have inset with minor bleeding. That's lowercase. I'm just going to go with my new IBD. So let me put just one you don't get to see, okay? So as you see, the minimum is €2 to five sets of going to Euros and $0.05. Okay? Now, on the right-hand side, as long as I make these changes, I see like an a preview of what information a half inserts so far. So we have 412 thousand plus naughty as it's going around from the 28th of a print, Tin lived 27. Our main total spend is going to be 47200 meters per €300. If I get the clicks, if I don't get any clicks, I'm not going to pay anything. Advocate. Total impressions that estimate between 85, it's a 1000 preference to 33000. My CTR is going to be approximately to 0.75 to 0.50%.53. Okay? And it's estimated that I'm going to get 35 to 180 colleagues. Okay. We don't have any conversion tracking, so we'll look at it to anything exact 2. Then we're just going to click on Next. Okay, So save, company, Save. Now we're up to the final stage. We're up the apps level, which is the last stage. Okay, so here we're going to create our app. So have to pull the aim of them. So let me put online course 17. Facebook. And is that okay? So that's my app name, which genes? I'm going to also call B and put it in the introductory, okay? And then I have to say a little bit more about that, about what your savings or what you meant to put some benefits, okay? Learn how to maximize yield. How to sew. Not. Hots. For MAC similarly see, saves to your butt times x2 caused some putting it in a couple of benefits the case always remember to buy stem course, live and some books, okay? So I put my title, I put some of the benefits. Okay, That's it. And then I have to put that destination you are at, okay? So just make sure that you always get the right, the right destination. So I'm just going to go and get the destination URL. So this is a distribution grants, copy. Go back. Pays. Always remember to just click on Enter, okay, to make sure that the link is set up correctly. And then, and then we go on there, put the headline. Okay, so let's just first put their image and came. So we call them get the image online course. It's right here. Ok. We start. Oh, it's right here. Okay. This is the one that's applauding. Okay, and concede right here. Then I'll go there, pull that title again. So we get the time though. Okay, Copy and Paste, Enter. And then I'm going to get the script show called beam. And and Okay. Now why linkedin has a name. This is just for you to know their name. Now the introductory texts, which is here, okay, keep this other co-vector. Turn OK, shows a cosmos devices. So why they put that doesn't make sense, but that's how I make it. How about introductory text? But if this is your actual okay, So make sure you have the headline of the benefits. You have a nice peak shot with, with your, with the name of your product, okay? Or major benefits. So they can understand from the picture that they don't have to read the material that just get it. This is an old like course about setting up effective Facebook and Instagram ads. So from your, from your, from the picture of your advertisement that understand what your art is all about. Okay? And then we have the call-to-action, which, which are a command to choose, learn more. It's more inviting and the Learn More right here. Okay. I do recommend, you know, like, you know, uh, subscribe or a tad because they might feel like, you know, it's a little bit pushy. Maybe they want to think about it if they want to learn more. So usually you see it says then more. Okay. So that's what, that's why our commit to use landmark. And then click all 38. Okay, now we have our app, okay, it's in draft. We click on next. Okay, Now it's like a final review of advertisement. So here it's CIC, but the objective is website visits, okay, it's within the default campaign group. It's called a default campaign group. Okay. Around continuous started 2017. But don't forget on, just ignore that because we have set the dates for the campaign, which is right here, k. So that default group has these, has these right here. But don't worry about it because the starting and ending date, you can see it right here. Okay, So it's kind of confusing with that default group, but that's why you're watching these, these lessons to learn more about. And then we see the audience and the location. Okay, as we said, Latin America was the Casa Lima. So without their titles, with that, interested All, all about what is their interest. We have the save for Live LinkedIn Audience Network. We set up the daily budget schedule. It's enhanced. Cpc, beat them out. How many versions? And then we see everything is ready. So it always makes sure that you double-check that everything is ready. And then you click just launch campaign. Okay? Now when you click on campaign, Let's go back to the overview. Your campaign. Even though it says active, it's not going to be activated. Rather wait. And if you are a pursuit from linkedin has to see your ads. And it has to prove your ads in order for your ads to start, right? When you're not running, that, you're going to see how many website visits you get. How many pressure was the cost-per-click? How many? What's your average click-through rate? The beating, okay? Your average CPM, which is cost per meal, cost per 1000 impressions, even though you pay for web said fleet, you can still see what's your average CPM, your average CPC conversions if you have commercials. And this is four for the leads. So all of them for me shows. You gotta find them right here. If you want, in case you want to make a change in your app. So if I click now, I see on my and I can go and manage. Okay, so from here, I can go and make some changes. But remember, define, make changes. My dad has to be reviewed again. So just make sure from the beginning that everything is set correctly shaped. Don't have to go back and and redo it and make changes because that's going to delay the approval of your advertisement. Okay. So in this case, because I haven't made any changes, that's located a cargo but to my campaign manager, visa, Mayor Cao, find the default campaign group. Okay. Oops, I just went back to the to go to the Account. Click on. Now I go to the default group. And this is the company, okay? Now, in case I want to duplicate it, duplicate it, make some changes, That's kills me to create a campaign really fast with minder, minor changes. But you know, if you've gotta duplicate the company again, you have to make sure that you get everything, everything right. So this is how you create, hope it was useful and see you next lesson. 3. Setting up LinkedIn Ads for Sponsored Messages: Hi again. In this video, I'm gonna show you how to create a campaign in LinkedIn that will set message to your potential customers. In order to create the type of campaign. Of course, we have to go through the campaign manager of LinkedIn. Linkedin Campaign Manager. So just pick here from your profile on the right coordinate. What do you see advertised? So we can again theme that LinkedIn Campaign Manager, okay, now from here, you have to choose your account. You don't have an account. You just click and create an account. Just put the name of your business, your credit card head, and your address, and your setup. Okay. Now, since I have already credit on account Linked-in, then I'm just going to enter the cow when I walk to create my, my campaign. So I'm just going to click here and enter my account linkedin, as you can see. And as I mentioned in another video, LinkedIn creates a default campaign group. You can create another campaign group, or you can enter that the phone company grew up, create it, create another advertisement. So in this case, I'm not going to create another campaign group. I'm not going to credit campaign. I'm just going to enter the default campaign group. And from then I'm going to create my advertisement, okay? So I enter the default campaign group. And here I can see that different campaigns that have created so far, okay? Of course, if you want to see some results, you have to choose I type because the results are all, are only show of the period based on the period that you choose k. Now, how can we create a campaign that's going to send messages to your potential customer? It's just them, an easy process where I'm going to show you right now. So the first step, you have to click here on Create Campaign, okay? So we're gonna create a new campaign. Of course we have to name it, okay, so I'm going to name that campaign messages in order for me to lose at some messages had Campaign and I'm going to have riot creating social media strategy, okay? So the default campaign is just the bin name, all your campaign and only the administrators, which means you can see the name of the campaign. And thus I meant show how they're less. So we have to always make sure that, you know the campaign name. It's makes sense CZ for us to understand those, what this campaign is all about. Okay, Then we'll just going to click on Next. So I'm within the default campaigned group of LinkedIn. So I'm just going to click Next to go to the next step. Okay? Now, from here, what's my objective after choose an objective? And the same objective against objective is website visits. Okay, so the ultimate goal, even though I'm going to be sent, even though LinkedIn is going to be sending message on my behalf, the ultimate goal is for them to click on the link that it's included in the message so they can go and visit my website. Okay? So if you want people to visit your website, then that's another way to get traffic to your website through LinkedIn message, which is actually really pretty cool, pretty clever idea that linkedin came up with a case and the messages on your behalf. So I click on website visits. And then we're going to choose that audience. If you save the audience, then you kind of find it from here. I didn't, haven't saved the audience because again, I want to make sure that I show the process of creating an audience, which is pretty easy. I'm just going to put magnetic selected the whole country. I'm going to put the different towns, okay, that I want to talk in. So if I start, I think towns, but as you can see here, the OTA hands increases. So I'm gonna just gonna put another town. Okay? So i, so they're more locations, I put them more. My target audience size increases. Okay, So lemme soul, I'm just going to put power false. Okay? You're going to learn again. Okay. I'm more so-called. Put this case far. Okay? So we have about 100 thousand target audience. But the next step is that I want to narrow this audience. I want to make it more specific to people for most probably interested, for, for my products are always a member to make it a targeting, detailed targeting. So you can get more quality clicks. But dogs don't get below 20000 or 30000 audience because your ads might not be working. Of course, if you want to really be targeted and you can get your audience to five thousand, six hundred, thousand, but always tried to give me 10 thousand and above. So let me do some narrowing, Okay? So I'm going to choose my audience attributes and I'm going to say, okay, job experience, job titles are all anybody within that Vg got Market team area. So digital marketing managers, specialist. So I'm going to put in as we can see, you know, Ops yours too small, Theologica, pit plan, expand. So I'm just going to put, you know, marketing marketing specialists. So as you can see here, my audience increases. So around 2 thousand. I want to put more managers general, okay? So my radius is 5 thousand American the k let me put some monitoring. Their hotel manager, 5,900. Let me put some human Resources Manager, 6,800. Let me put some people from sales, sales manager, since executive, but also from a marketing. So marketing, I include already the marketing care markets and new term could have put all of those people. And I'm also the director. Okay. So I kept its 8,700. So I can keep on adding that. We're just going to stay up until this point. So I have an audience of 8,700 people, might not really specific. So for this video, this example, I'm just going to keep it right here. Now, if I have these enable Boethius expansion, what is the solar power? It says that if people show interest in your own on your ad, if, if your, if your audience is similar to your, to your target audience, then if your ads, I couldn't be shown to them as well. So for example, I put marketing manager, okay? And maybe someone has a title which is marketing specialist or kicks. My arts are going to be shown. Or let's say up what marketing specialist and he write Internet marketing specialist. Again, my answer for submission password. So add a comment to keep their Naipaul audience x partial on. Okay. So I put because the way that, you know, I don't worry about it. These because usually not usually you're going to pay based of the number of message LinkedIn is going to set on your behalf. So the more messages you get out there, you know, that the more advertising, the more richly going to get. But also you have to make sure that you track your sales from all those messages so you can make a good a vibration of how much money you spent only theme of those type of art. And how much money did you get out of it? That's the best way to judge. Effect campaign is working good or if it's, or if it's not, okay, then from here, we're going to choose message. Okay? So it gives us the option to create ads with message, which is called message. Okay, so chose the message. Now, when we choose a message us automatically, their LinkedIn Audience Network has been disabled because message ads can be shown only if some art is within the environment of LinkedIn. Message pads works for people who are going to go and check out their messages, then they might get a message for you. That's why the LinkedIn Audience Network automatically, yeah, is disabled. Okay. And as you can see, currNode event, if you want to include it, you cannot include it because message outs, it's only messages sent on your behalf. To your target audience. Then you're going to set up your daily budget, which is the minimum is €10, but always tried to put €5 just to show you that the minimum stay euros. So just enter €10. And then always, as we said, we have we have that starting date, which is today. I can even send it to begin next week or whenever I want to. And then you said your ending date by default, LinkedIn just enters 30 days. And if you want you can read four more days or less days. And as I said, at a command, doing a campaign for at least 30 days, usually I recommend complains to ramp up to 90 days. So that's how you gonna get, you know, reach more people and you're going to get some more results. So you look at it, get disappointed and you're going to keep on investing money on advertisement, okay? Now, one of the good things about message is that the beating is much lower than the cost per click ads. So with the message ads, you gotta be sending and you're going to send a message. And the cost of sending that message going to be around 40, 45 cents. Okay, so let me put just $0.10 just to show you that the minimum is 45 cell. And of course, that can fluctuate based on your target audience. So if you see a different number there and done, don't be discouraged. That's your bidding for that specific area. Okay. So I have to fix it. We're going to put 46. So I'm gonna put a little bit more than what my competitors might MTR. So instead of just putting the minimum, it's better to put a couple of cents more than the minimum. So you, you our beat them without paying, you know, a lot of money. Okay. We don't do anything with the commercial. Tactical versions were sending messages and we call people to click on the link to visit your website. So then just click Next, Save. And here we're going to create the app. So just click here on the plus sign where we're going to create the cave. So here, this is the name of that. Only I'm not publicly display, so only administrators consider up. So that means you can see that name. So I'm just going to put messages just to remember grading social media. Astonishing. And again, it has to make a, has to make sense. So I tolerate for it to be, you know, some thing that you can easily understand what your messages on our sushi come back like a year from now you're okay with this campaign is all about, okay. Now this is the center. So messages are going to be said on behalf of your LinkedIn profile. You can hear the center so you can send messages on, on his behalf, but he has to approve it. Okay. So and then we going to create that message, okay, So the message, I'm just going to copy this product. So always remember to your subject has to be clear, specific, okay? And so your potential customers understand from the title, from the subject, what your what your message is all about case. If they're interested, they're going to click on the link. Okay. So I'm just gonna put, let me just have to copy from my website. Okay, so I'm gonna just kinda put a few benefits. Always remember to include benefits of your product or service. So I'm just going to copy these scripts, show us. Get it right. This is it. Copy it. And COBie, always remember to include some benefits within your description. Okay? And then click OK, show disparate, put, learn more. And then I'm going to have to get that you are at. So I copy the URL and I call back and paste. So I have the title, which is clear cut. What you know, what the message is all about. You not tell them information. And I keep them some benefits. Okay, but was make sure you have some benefits and then have the contextual which is adequate to be like learn more. It just the best one. It's more inviting. It's just telling people you recruited to set click to learn more so he can take, can take visitors to your website. That's why the goal is website visitors. If you have sign up or buy now maybe people could it be afraid to click on it because I want to get some more information. That's what a command to use. Learn more. Okay, So, and took the library page of your breath and always make sure to click on it to turn it so that the, the link is insert right there. And then you can upload, upload your, your picture. Okay. So let me get it from here, which is setting up creating an effective social media strategy. I get it. Okay. I enter it. Just make sure that everything is correct. I have the name of the app. I have this subject, have the description. Okay. I have the quote talk show, the landing page, okay, so everything is CFA and then I click on Create. Okay? So the seas, this is the message. You can send a test message to yourself if you want to. So I'm just click on it. So sanded, check it out if everything is correct. So half to go to my mode, mine, and see how that message is. Looks. You know, where you get the message, of course going to say it's also okay. I read it, everything is fine. Make sure that you click on the link to see that is working properly and so that you get people to the right. Okay. So I just check it from my mobile phone. Everything is fine. So then I'm going to click on Next located. And this is the final step where you review your ad. So just make sure that everything's correct. So let's go step-by-step. First thing, we see that campaign name, which is only for the administrators. I kept it contain a riot. Website visit. Yes, that's my objective. I want people to send them messages. You know, LinkedIn is going to be simply a message on my, it becomes also messages. But the ultimate goals I want them to click and visit my website, okay. That campaign is within their campaign group before complaint group created by LinkedIn. Associate before. Don't worry about here because this is wet that, that default campaign group started. But for this specific campaign or to, to see this thought and epic day, you have to seal the right-hand side right here, which is this in mind? Start that this is damping bit of that, these specific campaign. Okay, So this is for the app for the campaigned group. This is for the specific campaigns. So just you have to see here, that's the start and end date of your campaign. Then I've checked my audience. You have to check your audiences. See that there are within the right location and also within the hub the right titles or interests. That format is message ads. This is the aim to send messages, so that's okay. Linkedin Audience Network, it's disable. Okay, we Gs, As we said, by default, LinkedIn Audience Network is disabled because this posture messages are sent only to when somebody's login with their with their LinkedIn profile. So within their LinkedIn platform or within the link deem mobile application, then we see that daily budget is €10 days. So the maximum number not going to spend is 300 years. As you can see here. We're not going to spend more than 300 years. Now the beat is, as we said, is 46 cents, which is CPS cost per cent beat. So every message that said, it's going to cost me $0.46. Okay, So we don't pay per click. That's another type of advertisements. If you haven't seen that you have to go and see my Lizzo. So in this case, in this complaint, we pay with CPS reduce cost per cent, cost per message sent. We haven't got any conversions and you don't have to do that. Just take a look of your Coby, right? As we said, always make sure that the title is clear, that your potential customer is going to be this fat from the title, what your message is all about. And also include the title within your picture of your advertisement. So by seeing that picture, they can easily understand what is real about if they're interested, it's just going to click on the learn more. Visit your website. So if everything is right and you check it here, everything is right, then you just click on launch campaign. And as we said, your campaign dollars going to be reviewed by personal Linkedin, everything was k. Then it's going to start running. Even though it says start running. You have to maybe wait for a couple of minutes of couple of hours to see your run. Okay? Now, if you're not branding, you can go in and increase the beat. Okay, So how we do that? We enter the campaign, okay? And then you manage it. Okay? So let's go and manage it. And the campaign. So here, as we said, it can go and increase the cost per cent. So maybe I'm going to put 50 onset if it's not working. So then I'm going to try out to increase my, my beat. Another result that your app might not work. Maybe your audience is too narrow. So as I said, trying to get your audience to more than 20000. So that's how you can get more traction. You're going to get more reach and you get more clicks. But as I said, the best judge, when playing with investing money in advertisement, always you have to write down how much money you spent or for that specific campaign to how much money you get out of it. And if you make money, then you start spending more money, actually investing more money. If you don't make money from message arts, they make the changes. But if you don't make trucks, stop spending minus something, you don't get any money back. Always make sure that you ask for the customers, you know how they find you. If they get a message on LinkedIn, if we find that for Facebook or from any other LinkedIn ad campaigns in order for you to oscillate the safe generated by a specific campaign and how much money you spent on each competency. For example, you spend €100 thousand or dollars on messaging people on LinkedIn and you get 3000 euros, then you start spending more money, investing more money, because if you get 3000, other one tells them, that means you triple your money. So if you spend more, you, what's probably going to get more. Always in addition to that Hadoop, mind, that the law of diminishing returns, which is, doesn't mean that if I spend 10 thousand Euros on advertisement that going to get 30000 Euros, maybe your audience is saturated, maybe there is a couple your audience. So always make sure that you make those changes, those increase in advertising budget. And always measure how much money, how much, how many sands you get out of that campaign. Now how can we do that? If you are selling professional services, would say you are a lawyer and a counter as you know, whatever, and you talk to your customers, then just ask them how, how they find your website. If they say you LinkedIn app and you start investing more minor LinkedIn ads, they said to, you know, Facebook, they start investing more money on Facebook. So always ask people where do they find your busy-ness? Okay? Now, if you have a commercial truck kin of course, you can enter your conversion tracking if you're not that familiar. If you don't know how to set up conversion tracking, don't worry about it. Just ask your clients, where do they find, how they find your pieces from LinkedIn, for Facebook, from Google, from email. So when you find out, went to the, the, when, where they fight your busy-ness, that you close essay. Then you write down how much why did you make from that sale? And then you go and see how much money you spent from that specific social media or from that specific campaign, okay? So when you find that, when you make that comparison, then it's much more easier for you to make better decisions on where to invest your, your man. Thank you so much for watching this lesson and I hope you all this access with messaging apps for LinkedIn. 4. Setting up LinkedIn Ads for Leads Generation: Hi again, My friends. In this lesson we'll learn how to set up ads for elites. Yes, you're going to learn how to set up so you can get the contact information potential customers from Lindy. So the first thing that you have to do, of course, is that you have to log in to your LinkedIn profile us the first step, okay, Always remember to lock in from your LinkedIn profile and a 100 of command. You do it from a desktop or a laptop computer. Tony, use your tuplet, don't use your mobile because locations there are things that are may seem thinks I'm not working and they are going to be complain about luck finding all the steps, I'll show it. So always remember that looking from your desktop or laptop computer to set up that. So as we said, after you login to your LinkedIn profile, then you go here on the right, the corner and you click on advertise. That's how when the campaign manager of linked D, yes. This is the LinkedIn Campaign Manager where you can see your accounts. If you haven't created an account, just create an account here and your name, the name of your business that trans your credit card thoughts where he could get the invoice says and that's where you're going to find both then all your account information. Okay. So in this case I have two accounts. Okay. As we said, I'm going to enter my these specific account and I'm going to show you step-by-step how to do it. Now from the Congress elected, now we're on campaign groups. I can create a component from here on, as I said, we can enter the default campaign group. That is, it was created by LinkedIn. I naught, does it make sense? Linkedin has created a default campaign group. Should can either enter the full company improve and credit. You know, your various campaigns, or just click here and create your campaign. It's up to you, doesn't make any sense. But since is there, I'm going to enter the default campaign group, linkedin because I want to have old Mike some folds, you know, in one place. Okay. So now we can see here, we can see that the federal campaigns, okay? And from here I can create the, my new campaign, okay? Which is, as we said, the aim is to get leads, which are the cognitive information potential customers. So click on the campaign and then I'm going to enter the name of the campaign. As we said the previous lessons, creating a campaign and write to me campaign name, that's only PVC followed by that minister doors. So don't worry about it. But always point out that you have to name your campaign in a way that you understand what you can pay the solar power, such as, you know, and to, and the name of the campaign that these relevant to your okay. So I'm just going to put here leads. So I'm going to remember that this ad campaign for leads, I'm just going to write online course on who call us, okay, that's the name of my campaign. Then I'm going to click on Next, okay, as you can see, I'm going to create a campaign within the default campaign crew, which is was credit by LinkedIn in 2017. Doesn't matter, just a group of campaigns. So don't worry about it. Just click on Next. Okay, then here we have 2 that we have to select an objective. And the objective, as we said, is lead generation. So if you want to capture limb leads only dean. And thus the place if you want to use a LinkedIn generational for prefilled with LinkedIn data. That's, that's the way to do it. So we're going to click on lead generation, okay, So we have selected the objective, okay? I guess the changes I want to, but I don't want to do it because that's the objective of this campaign. Okay? Now, next, as we always do, we have to select their audience. If you have created an audience's save it. That's where you find. If you haven't created an audience, then you can create a new audience and then save it. Okay, Now in this example, I'm just going to create a new audience just to make sure that you get the process right, Okay? So I'm just going to start putting the areas I want to be. Included, so my target audience ought to be located in this area. So I've put Lima, So I'm going to put OCR, although those are beautiful cities within my home country, Cyprus. Cyprus, it said, your peer, a country with the Mediterranean. So if you ever visit, just give me a call, you know, gonna be glad to see you at our academy. So I put Louis, missouri because CIA Latin America, like it, put baffles. So I include both these. This is my audience right here. Well, wasn't too narrow it down a little bit. So I want to be more specific. So I'm just gonna choose on audience attribute. And I want in terrorist and traits member trades, okay? And I'm just going to click here on member interests. We're going to, I'm going to click on general interests. And then I want to get all the people who are interested in marketing and advertisement. And, and let me do it again. So let me call Fock, we call bug. So generally interest, general interest, marketing and advertisement. If I want to include everybody who has an interest in marketing and advertising, just going to click here, okay? So it's 1000. If I don't want to include everybody here, and I've just got to include people within that group. Then I'm just going to click here. And as you can see, those are less people. So in my case, I'm guessing, I'm just going to get everybody. Okay. Just let me call from the beginning. So let me show you again tos k. And so I have a 96000. How do I get it narrow, which has click on narrow. And then I click on Audience attributes. Okay? And I want people who are interested. So remember, interested, okay? And generally interests. And then I choose marketing and advertising. So this is 400 thousand people saw, this case, our TPP, my targeted with their interests. If they have shown interest in brand management, digital marketing, then my dad suffer a PR, you know, when their lock in to their LinkedIn profile. Okay. Now, if I, if I, let's go back to the home. If I want people. Let's say are all also members with the title marketing, okay? So marketing managers include those people. As you can see, my Otis doesn't go up because most probably there are included within their interests. They already have. I'm interested in marketing and advertising. So let me put maybe I'm going to go. Let me include some more people here. And as you can see, my audience doesn't go up because most probably those people heart, they already have our interests in marketing and advertising. Okay. So let me go down. If I want to, I can't save my art in here and then I can find it later on. Okay. So namely saw there's named them like, you know, people living in signpost and interests in marketing and advertising pumps. Cyprus marketing. Some good people in Cyprus. In a lower good thing, pen advertising, okay, Save. So now I can find my Auth0 ads right here. So if I click on here, Okay, Perfect, Now, click on here. I'm going to do it. I'm going to find my own. So it's the same audience care, just credit, savings, and I choose. Ok, so they'll have to do it. I k. Then the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to choose my art for month, which I strongly recommend to have a single image ad, okay, So single image fat, it's already the default. Linkedin Audience Network is disabled because interacted for this type of up to be working, people have to be already locked in within their LinkedIn profile. And they have to be in the environment, the LinkedIn platform or the Linkedin mobile application. Then the next step we have to do is I would have to set up the daily budget, which is again, that meaningful, Is ten years, okay, just put two years to show you that the minimum is still euros. So just going to put €10. That's my daily budget. That's the maximum amount that I'm really into spare every day from the starting date until then the date. Okay. So from the start to the date, that's the maximum is 30 days. So the maximum one I'm going to spend is 300 years. Okay, So LinkedIn is not going to spend more than 300 euros because I set a daily budget for €10 for 30 days. Okay? Then I'm going to choose the beating. And here it says elites, okay? So we get the leads, colleagues or impression. So let choose leads because that's my aim. Also, as we said, we want to get leads. So the optimization goal is to get leads. Now, let's see some other options. Okay, So if we're going to get my annual beading, as you can see, even though I'm aiming for leads were paying for clicks. Okay, so don't confuse the two. We're setting up the goal for leads, but we paid for clicks that that's type of that's kind of unfair because I want to get leads. Just wanted to get clicks because people might click on my app, but they're not going to maybe, you know, proceed and give me their contact information. But that's, that's how the game goes. That's LinkedIn, something is setting up the parameters. So just after just showing you that even though we set up the ads for leaves, we pay per click, Okay? At least, that, at least, you know, we're gonna get some clicks to to the, to the advertisements. So people who click on the ads, even though they haven't proceed to give us their contact information, at least they have some type of interests. So, you know, it was the end, as we said, as I said in all my videos, you have to always make sure that you write down how much money you spend. Actually can find it from the campaign manager. So how much money you spend on leads a, how many leads you get at how many of those digits turn that into customer. And that's how you make your, your next move based on the results that you're getting. Okay? Then after we said it, we can click on Next save. Then we go to the next step. Now here we have to set up, Okay, so click here and we'll call it said that the name of the app is optional. It's only for the administrators. But as we said, let's put in the name so we remember what that is all about. So just put a live course. Go. Just to remember introductory text. I'm just going to get it. And I'm going to put it copy again, pays. And I'm going to add a few more benefits. People, if people are going to buy these specific production, always remember to hot benefits. We seen your ad copy that's going to make people in order to proceed, to go to the next step. If you don't have benefits, some people might not even click on your ad or the Dakota give their colony formation. So I'm just going to copy a few benefits from, you know, from my product. I'm going to enter them. We've seen that copy. Okay. Then I'm gone their foot on. I'm going to copy paste that destination URLs. So when people click on it, that's what I'm going to take them. So put a click to copy the URL to coping the URM of distillation you're in and paste. But James, just always just just enter when you copy and paste it, put on it. Okay, and again, we have to put the name and the text. So let me just copy their game. Online course. I'll be shut the line, paste. Let me be a little bit more specific. So what did the okay. Just call me here. And then I'm just going to copy and paste the description again. Copy and paste k. And as you can see it here on the right-hand side, I can see a preview. All of my okay. It's all want to make sure everything is fine. And as I said, even though these this picture was taken from my website on my picture, make sure that you have the title of your product or service that you're promoting. Okay? Now, the next step, you have to create their form, okay? The form where the information we want people to give us, okay. So Autolite course discriminant for Google lots. That's the name of the cave. This is the art image and form. The entails the cane. I'm just going to put, as we said, learn more because they're more, is more inviting. Ok, select a lead gen. So those are, are there forms that I have created so I can creating new one or I can choose one that I have already created. Okay, so I don't have to credit again. And as you can see here, how the e-mail address, their phone number, FirstName, LastName, City, company, and company size. Okay, so this is the one that I have created before. If I want to create a new form, I'm just going to click on create new 4. So now I'm gone off to name the form. Okay, so I'm just going to write online courses for just just a name, OK, no, but the aim offer headline just got a right. Of course, for k was just too. You see, this is whenever I write is, it's gotta be written right here. So I can put a layer, of course fall or a chloride. They're all for more information. Field the forum for more information. Okay. Oh, and then offer details. Provide more information about your product at current, just copy and paste. Online. Course. Please. Code that fall below with more ration, so I make it more generic. So I can use this for, for my other products. Okay. So I just put, you know, what we offer. Then we have to put our privacy policy which is already there. So make sure that the privacy policy is clear within the GDPR rules if you're based in Europe. So that's my province of the privacy policy, which is said, you know what, your two inputs were twins with the people filling the form. So just make sure that you have that. Correct. Okay. And then you have the product texts, collection of data or may ask you to provide that, follow it. Okay. That's that's already they are all worry about it. Okay, this is the form so far. And now here, this is where we select the fields that we want to get. Now in our case, of course, we want the first name, last name, e-mail address. We want the company name. Okay. And we want officers really important for us. They are phone number and and their locations, so contact and city. Okay. This, those are important because we created creating seminars, you know, around the globe so we know their CT. Then when we call them would fall apart, you know, a seminar close to their seat in our case. Now, if in your case you might not need to have a question about their city, but always make sure we have that FirstName, LastName, E-mail address, plus the minimum that you should get. And if you if you're willing, if you're going to call them, then you can get their phone number as well. Some people don't want to give their form number of ways you can travel only their first name, last name, e-mail, and see it. But in our case, because what to call people up, I want to have that extra engagement with them. That's why I want to get their phone number as well. Okay. So here's the complete form. Once you can see it is the email that for lumber and that contact information now, LinkedIn forced us. There are pre-filled form which means that as soon as somebody click on your app, okay, they're farmers could help him and they've formation of the half or it could keep it to LinkedIn are going to be pre-filled right there, but they're going to be on editing mode, okay? So they can change something if they want to. And then in order for you to get the lead, to get the information, they have to click on Submit. Okay, so the first saw, they couldn't see your app for those branches, are going to click on it. That's where you charge your cost-per-click. But then the form is going to append and then decide if they want to proceed to give you their code information or if they just want to leave. So that's why you pay per click, pay for the original first click that they make on Europe. So either the field therefore or not, you speak gonna get chart because the charges are per-click and not per lead. Okay? So if you want, you can add some custom questions, which is a toric command. Because if the more things you can ask people, then the less likely they are going to do it, okay? And then the conformation here, you can just write up to see here. Thank you. We actually tell them what you gotta do. What's the next step? Okay, We have received your contact info, may show and one of our most some will view okay. Landing page URL, I can we can, uh, take them to a specific product, so make sure you go and find your product or your category, the landing page that you want to promote, Okay, called B. And as we said, that Lambda, it has to be relevant to your advertising because it is not relevant, then most probably it's going to be disapproved by an Indian reviewer J. Thus the core shadow VC company website or learn more in this case, you're just live visit company website. It's, you know, it's much more residuals going to click, visit your website. Or you can either put, learn more, okay. Key then feeds or whatever bought it. Don't put any sugar feeds. That's okay. And then you click on Create. Okay. Now LinkedIn is saving your app. Everything is said. So we'll click Next for the final review. Okay, So always remember to make it final review before you launch your campaign. Check out the name of your, of your campaign. Okay, this is the name. That's okay. Check out their objective. We want to get leads. That's okay. The campaign is set within the campaign group. That's okay. This is the campaign group. This is campaigned group as starting big. Don't worry about it. The art show starting at dictate, It's here. Okay, this is what it's thought, this is when it bends. This is the default campaign groups start to get, so don't worry about it. The audience, just go back and review the audience, that everything's put it. You put the right audience with the right either interests, job titles or whatever. So you have your audience right? Interests chicken, they are the formats as simple image act. That's okay. Audience Network is disabled. That's by the form. Cannot do anything about it even if you want to either you cannot because as we said, leads, you can only get them when someone is looking within their LinkedIn profile. They are within the LinkedIn environment. The daily budget, the minimum is €10, okay? That's the start and ending date and has CPC and as we said, you pay per click, that's cost-per-click it or paper leads, even though the whole thing is set up to get leads. And the bid amount per click is €3, 48 cents. Lead optimization is enabled, which means it's going to help you to get more leads. And then you see, you see your app. And as we find here, there is no image. So when we come through, we can go previews, okay? And we can't edit. Okay, so there has been uploaded an image, I'm going to upload the same image that it's within our website. So I'm just going to get okay. This one. I'm just going to upload. It cannot be 4. I see that the picture before because he LinkedIn got it from my website. Even though that mistake after little, you will find the mistake and correct it. Everybody could make mistakes. I make a mistake. So I cope, I got a grid. That's why I said always review your ads before you launch them. So check everything's correct. The thing that was missing was here and now we enter the picture. So everything is read them. You're just going to click on Launch Campaign and lift off. Everything is red. The end your campaign is going to be activated on. So as a linchpin reviewer, see your, see your thoughts. So that's how you create a campaign to get leads. Now, where do you find the leads? Way you're going to start getting leads. Just going to add tell your campaign, okay? And then you're going to find an Excel where you can download and get all your leads. Let me go and find a campaign that up-down before, just to, just to show you what are you can't get the leads. So let see how to choose columns. Put coercion leads to see you coercion. So from here, I can go down and see if, okay, So if we are to lids, so we're going to enter these campaign. Okay, So there's other two lanes. So I enter. So manage K to see visually our marketing diploma. Okay? And from here you can find, you know, your your leads are okay. And you can export your legs, Okay? So that's how you create advertisements in LinkedIn for leads, I hope you all the success and don't forget to follow all the steps that have shown all the success to you.