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8 Videos (2h 8m)
    • Introduction to LPP

    • Graphic Method

    • Maximise Problem 1 - LPP Using Graphical Method

    • Maximise Problem 2 - LPP Using Graphical Method

    • Maximise Problem 3 - LPP Using Graphical Method

    • Maximise Problem 4 - LPP Using Graphical Method

    • Simple Method Problem

    • Simple Method Introduction


About This Class

Welcome to this course Linear Programming Problem. 

Every organisation will have this objective. That is, Maximization of profit or Minimization of Cost. But this objective cannot be achieved that easily because there will be many constraints. Constraints may be in the form of Men, Material, Machine or any other resources. Organisation should keep this constraints in mind and make optimum allocation of its resources. 

This course will teach you, how to allocate resources optimally and achieve objective when you have various sets of constraints. 

Linear Programming Problem (LPP) is a mathematical technique to identify the ways in which resources can be allocated given the constraints and achieve given objective.

In LPP, there are broadly two methods by which we can identify optimum allocation of resources. 

This course will explain both the methods i.e., Graphical Method and Simplex Method using number of case studies.

This course is structured only from Academic Point of View. Hence, it does not teach you about software or apps related to LPP. 

This course is useful only for students pursuing CA  / CMA / CS / CAIIB / Accounts and Statistics related courses.

This course is structured in self paced learning style.

Take this course to have practical insight of LPP.






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