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Line Drawing- The Power of Suggestion

Chris V, Artist, Designer, Maker

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7 Videos (30m)
    • Intro Line Drawing

    • Tools, Materials & Subject Matter

    • Line Drawing with Charcoal

    • Line Drawing with Acrylic Paint

    • Line Drawing with a Sharpie

    • Bonus Video: My Line Elimination Process Explained

    • Outro Line drawing


About This Class

There is something so beautiful about simple line drawings.  It's like going back to basics.  For me, it's quite therapeutic to create something so clean and so bold.  That's why I love a black on white palette; it is refreshing.  In this class, I'm going to share with you, my process for very minimalistic line drawings starting with the sketching process all the way to the finished product.  

Fun fact:  Did you know that if part of an object is obscured, your brain will complete the shape, line or form, making it as if you can see the entire object?  We'll consider the details of our subject, but leave as much as possible to the imagination, letting the brain complete the picture.  I have demonstrations in three different mediums so you can find just the right one for you... or do all three of them!  

I look forward to share my work with you and I can't wait to see your projects!

Chris  : )

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Hi Chris, I think this project is developing sketching skills and ability not to be scared if your lines are not exactly at the right place. I reckon this an easy start for any drawers.
Jarmo Tikka

Teacher, Designer, Carpenter, Artist

This is my next new hobby! I have a particular preference for the paint brush & sharpie line drawing. I love how you showed many methods! My partner and I will be going out the supplies next week and starting our class projects! PS, I love the bonus line elimination video! Great job Chris! xo
Jésabel DC

Traveller & Laptop Entrepreneur

Great class, really enjoyed it! Many times artists (pro and beginner) can sometimes get caught up in detail. Its good to sometimes practice capturing as much you can in as few details possible. Good exercise to do now and again.
Abraham Mast

Freelance Animator





Chris V

Artist, Designer, Maker

Hi... I'm Chris, a designer, illustrator and maker. I've been creating since I could hold a pencil, so I'm really passionate about art and design. I believe in adding more beauty to this world!!! Besides art and graphics school, to include Pasadena Art Center, I've taken countless courses and branched out into sculpting, textile art and fashion design, paper and yarn crafts and jewelry design, among other things. Having been a professional in the fashion industry for ...

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