Line Art Master - Create stunning drawings with Adobe Photoshop | Hardy Fowler | Skillshare

Line Art Master - Create stunning drawings with Adobe Photoshop

Hardy Fowler, Digital Artist

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15 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Linearttrailer

    • 2. 1 lineartintro

    • 3. 2 overview

    • 4. 3 hierarchy

    • 5. 4 shape

    • 6. 5 texture

    • 7. 6 toolsbasics

    • 8. 7 sketchingconstruction

    • 9. 8 crispprofessionalines

    • 10. 9 warbeetle

    • 11. 10 warbeetledetail

    • 12. 11 octopus

    • 13. 12 octopusdetail

    • 14. 13 antique

    • 15. 14 recap

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About This Class

Welcome to Line Art Master. My name is Hardy Fowler and I am a professional illustrator and concept artist.

I’m calling on all artists out there with a passion for drawing, from beginners to professionals, if you want to take your work to new heights and learn the incredible power of the digital medium - this course is for you.

Line art is a beautiful, timeless stand alone art form and also a critical foundation for virtually all other forms of art.


In a series of enjoyable, succinct lessons, I’ll show you my professional level techniques and tricks that will demystify the entire process of creating stunning, crisp line art projects with Adobe Photoshop. The digital medium makes this process easier and more accessible than ever, and I’ll walk you through every tool and technique that you’ll need to get amazing results fast.

But this course is so much more than just a drawing demonstration. We’ll teach you every core concept you need to know to start thinking like a professional artist. To tie it all together, we offer responsive support and some really fun bonus content to make sure that every student can take their work to new heights.

Don’t miss your chance to level up your skills! You can do this! It just might lead to a dream career. So enroll today, grab your stylus and let’s paint cool stuff!