Line Analysis- Create with Confidence!!!

Kel Brad, Fashion Illustrator and Calligraphist

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4 Videos (18m)
    • Line Analysis Fashion Illustration (Trailer)

    • Line Analysis (Part 1)- #1 Fashion Skill

    • Line Analysis (Part 2)- Create with Confidence

    • Line Analysis (Class Project)


About This Class

Hi Everyone!!  

Line Analysis is a fashion illustration course aimed to teach fashion students about the #1 critical element in fashion drawing, which is "ANALYZING LINES".  This course was created for the beginner and intermediate fashion student who is still struggling with figures and basic fashion illustration construction. 

The course captures the top 3 issues that impact illustrations when the skill to analyze lines is not present. These three categories include: composition, foundations, and style. Also, a breakdown is presented of what analyzing lines means and how to achieve this skill. 

 Analyzing lines is a short, but simple class illustrating the important points of gaining the knowledge of an lines and how it can build your knowledge as an artist.

My goal for this class, is to help you as the student create with confidence and be aware that analyzing lines is critical to your success as an illustrator. I call this skill the fundamental lesson, as its truly the basic simple skill that begins the illustration process. This skill is how we dissect what we as the illustrator are visually seeing when we interpret how to capture fashion onto paper.

LINES are the foundations for any fashion creation, thus this element is the focal point of this class. 






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Kel Brad

Fashion Illustrator and Calligraphist


Designer Kel,

A lover of fashion and all things beautiful!!

I am a fashion illustrator/calligraphist who simply gets a ton of pure joy from taking a plain canvas and bringing it to life!!!  I've been drawing since I was young and have loved to draw for hours in my sketchbooks using any kind of pen, especially if it "sparkles".

In fact, I didn't know being an artist/designer was or could be a reality. Perhaps, many of you like myself didn't know what you good at or even truly loved to do. Growing up changes some things and new ideas pop into the head,  so I attending college for Fashion Marketing. However, this road was what I thought I wanted to do, but it seems you return to that same hobby over and over again, so I thought it's time to take this road to being an artist!!

Learning more about illustrations (particularly Fashion Illustration) and pursuing my passion has led me on some real shaky roads of uncertainty, but has also led me to some deeper bliss, I've been searching for.

Illustrations has been one of my best journey's so far and I anticipate on what's ahead!  I hope to travel the world and share my art as I go and become an expert on Fashion Illustration. My favorite artist in 2017 is Megan Hess, my go to icon for all things lovely and fashionable!! She has been a huge inspiration in my journey so far and who showed what a simple pen could do.

I once thought that getting a gift of a pen or pencil was meant as a failure,......I couldn't get anything else but a pen??, but now that simple little pen or pencil has changed the minds of people world over and the arts are the major employment industries today. 

One little pen and a sheet a paper can change the way we see the world and has definitely changed mine.

Now, I'm here on skillshare, where so many others with the gift of the pen are also changing the world, it's an exciting adventure and who knows what awaits:)

Hope you will enjoy what I'm bringing to teach on skillshare, see you in class!

Designer Kel