Lightroom Workflow for Wedding Photographers, Plus Full Edit | Chris P. | Skillshare

Lightroom Workflow for Wedding Photographers, Plus Full Edit

Chris P., GIMP, Photoshop, Photography + Lightroom

Lightroom Workflow for Wedding Photographers, Plus Full Edit

Chris P., GIMP, Photoshop, Photography + Lightroom

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12 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Lightroom Workflow Intro

    • 2. How to Install Lightroom Adjustment Brushes

    • 3. How to Use Lightroom Adjustment Brushes

    • 4. Lightroom Local Adjustment Preset Workflow

    • 5. 3 Step Lightroom Editing Workflow

    • 6. Step 1 - Lightroom Clean Edit

    • 7. Step 2 - Lightroom Custom Edit; Part 1

    • 8. Step 2 - Lightroom Custom Edit; Part 2

    • 9. Step 3 - Creative Edit

    • 10. Apply Lightroom Edits During Import!

    • 11. Edit 20 Images, in Lightroom, in 30 Seconds

    • 12. My Secret Lightroom Editing Tool For Editing Quickly

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About This Class

Welcome to my Lightroom Workflow for Wedding Photographers!

I've personally shot 500+ weddings in 15 years.  Without a Lightroom workflow system, I would not have been able to edit as quickly as I do AND keep my sanity!

In this Lightroom course, I'll share with you my personal Lightroom workflow and pro tips for editing faster.  Plus, I've included 15 Local Adjustment Brush Presets to help you do custom edits in Lightroom - Photoshop not required!

Here are just some of the custom edits you'll learn how to do in Lightroom...

Remove objects; like a car and a dress strap

Remove skin blemishes

Add contrast, highlights, and more to hair - Lightroom preset included

How to whiten teeth - Lightroom preset included

How to add eyeliner - Lightroom preset included

How to fix blown-out highlights in a wedding dress (and more) - Lightroom preset included

How to make your subjects "POP" - Lightroom  preset included

How to add a spotlight - preset included

How to blur your background to improve depth-of-field - Lightroom preset included  

...and much more.

My Lightroom Workflow consists of three steps.  You'll learn each step and why I edit the way I do.  Hint; it's all for editing as quickly as possible. Once you know the system and see it in action, you can then use my workflow as a baseline for creating your own.  

Oh, and I'm available for questions too.  Need assistance in creating your workflow?  No problem, ask away in the Q&A section and I'll answer your question as quickly as possible (hint; it's usually in 1-2 business days). 

Plus, I provide additional Pro Tips for taking your editing speed to the next level.  You'll also learn how to apply edits during the import process... a HUGE time saver. How to edit 20 images in 30 seconds... you'll also learn the secrets to making this possible.  And you'll learn how to use my secret weapon for fast, precise, and accurate edits in Lightroom (hint your camera and Lightroom have something in common).

Download the resource files to practice what you learn.  The same image used throughout this class is provided.  Plus, a PDF file of my personal workflow that I've used to edit over a million photos as a pro photographer.

Meet Your Teacher

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Chris P.

GIMP, Photoshop, Photography + Lightroom


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