Lightroom Mobile | How to Edit Your iPhone Photography Like a Professional | Dale McManus | Skillshare

Lightroom Mobile | How to Edit Your iPhone Photography Like a Professional

Dale McManus

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15 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Lightroom Mobile | What You Will Learn

    • 2. Downloading Lightroom and Importing Your Photos

    • 3. How to Organize Your Photos

    • 4. Editing Basics | Light

    • 5. Editing Basics | Color

    • 6. Editing Basics | Effects & Detail

    • 7. Intermediate Editing | Curves Adjustments

    • 8. Intermediate Editing | How to Edit Individual Colors

    • 9. Intermediate Editing | Split Toning

    • 10. Advanced Editing | Selective Masking

    • 11. Advanced Editing | Healing

    • 12. How to Create Presets

    • 13. How to Export Your Photos

    • 14. How to Watermark Your Photos

    • 15. Thanks For Watching!

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About This Class

This complete Lightroom Mobile class will show you step-by-step how to edit your iPhone photography (or mobile photography) like a professional using just your phone! We'll walk through basic, intermediate, and advanced editing techniques that will make your photos look like they came from an expensive digital photography camera. You'll also learn how to develop a unique and signature editing style, create presets to quickly apply to future photos, and even how to watermark and export your photos!

This course is designed for anyone that:

  1. Wants to edit their photos like a professional without the hassle of a computer.
  2. Wants to up their photo quality on Instagram, Facebook, portfolio, or other social media.
  3. Wants to develop their own signature style in their photography.
  4. Wants to become a better photo editor & photographer.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

  1. Import and & organize your photos in Lightroom like a professional.
  2. Edit the hue, saturation, and lightness of individual colors.
  3. Fix exposure
  4. Apply lighting and color masks
  5. Touch up imperfections with a single click.
  6. Develop your own signature style and create presets to apply to all your photos.
  7. Export your photos for social media, web, or print viewing.
  8. Watermark your photos.
  9. And more!

So whenever you’re ready to get started, lets jump in!