Lightroom Mastery: Distinctive Cityscapes | Brian Boeck | Skillshare

Lightroom Mastery: Distinctive Cityscapes

Brian Boeck, The Psychology of Photography

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About This Class

Having a Distinctive Picture means that your picture can stand out among the crowd. When mastering the various tools in Adobe Lightroom you will be able to turn any cityscape into an eye catching, vibrant and visually appealing sight to see. Just follow the easy steps organized in this class and master techniques such as illuminating a segment of a picture (such as an underexposed buildings) without altering another segment of the picture (such as the roads or sky). Learn to master 4 different Lightroom tools and learn about the fundamentals of cityscape photography editing. Come join the fun :)





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Brian Boeck

The Psychology of Photography

I enjoy Photography both as a passion and a pursuit. I discovered photography while pursuing my Ph.D in International Psychology in Chicago, IL. During my international dissertation experiment in Bangkok, Thailand, I began to utilize photography as a means to overcome writer's block. For the next four years I would master many techniques for both photography and post processing. And would also become known for being a rooftopper in Bangkok. It is my philosophy that each photographer should st...

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