Lightroom Magic! - Smart Collections - no more lost photos! | Joe Houghton | Skillshare

Lightroom Magic! - Smart Collections - no more lost photos!

Joe Houghton, Passionate about business and photography!

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7 Videos (19m)
    • Why you should enroll for this class!

    • What are Smart Collections?

    • Why Keywords are important

    • Creating Smart Collections

    • Smart Collection Filters in Lightroom

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About This Class


Do you ever have trouble finding those old photos?  Where are those shots of the kids from holiday 2 years ago, or, can you show me all your Lighthouse images so we can include one of your shots for a book or calendar?

In this class I share one of the "hidden" secrets of Lightroom - Smart Collections.  These can be created very quickly and then let you easily find photos from your entire collection, automatically adding new ones as they match the rules you set up to create the collection.

Anyone can use Smart Collections, and they will make finding your shots SO much easier if you use them!





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Joe Houghton

Passionate about business and photography!

I'm passionate about helping you improve your business & photography skills.

I've worked in global business for 20 years, and for the past 12 years taught at one of the world's top business school, and my business classes will introduce you to some useful and practical tools to help you plan and run your businesses and projects better.

I also run a photography training company. We all love capturing those wonderful moments, and whatever your camera or skill level, I can help ...

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