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Sean Dalton, Travel & Lifestyle Photographer

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9 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Course Project

    • 3. Photography and Storytelling

    • 4. Capturing a Cohesive Album

    • 5. Gear

    • 6. Shooting

    • 7. Editing for Consistency

    • 8. Crafting your Album

    • 9. Summing Things Up

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About This Class


Everyone has a story to tell. Use your camera to tell it.

Join travel & lifestyle photographer Sean Dalton as he breaks down his process for capturing immersive stories in the form of photographic albums.

You'll follow Sean to a local cafe for a photoshoot before heading back to the studio where you'll edit and arrange your photos into a cohesive album. Every step is packed with helpful tips Sean has learned over the years as a lifestyle photographer, and you'll walk away with the confidence and inspiration to capture your own visual story. 

Through in-depth lessons on visual storytelling, you'll learn how to:

  • Capture emotion with every shot you take
  • Convey stories through a series of images
  • Craft your album into a cohesive story

Whether you're a seasoned photographer, or a newbie with a smartphone, there is something in this course for everyone! This course covers everything you need to know about capturing beautiful stories with your camera.


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