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Life Skills - Enhance Your Productivity !!

teacher avatar Shabnam Verma

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction Of The Class

    • 2. What Are The Life Skills

    • 3. Life Skills Vs Livelihood Skills

    • 4. Important Life Skills

    • 5. Another Important Life Skills

    • 6. Some More Life Skills

    • 7. Project Work

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About This Class

Hello!! In this class You will learn about Life Skills , their Importance and some of the Most Important Life Skills .This class is designed to provide knowledge that how can life skills increase our self confidence and motivate healthy behaviour.

This class also includes detailed study of Ten most important life skills and how can they help individuals to overcome their day to day life challenges effectively.

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1. Introduction Of The Class: Hello everyone. In this class, I will discuss about life skills and via the important difference between life skills and livelihood scales and the ten core life scales that we must all have. An atlas. There will be a class project for you that you have to submit. 2. What Are The Life Skills: Life Scale is a term used to define a variety of abilities that allow us to handle day-to-day issues effectively. Whether it is learning how to problem soil, making decisions on mastering the art of communication, life skills can broaden our mindset and help us in both our personal professors and diverse. Human beings are full of potentials which manifest in our ability to do exemplary things like commendable social services, scientific investigations, and so on. Life skills help and realization and utilization of these credentials. In fact, life skills not only helping realization of our potentials, but also in living life in a contented and meaningful manner. Mastering and development of these skills can improve all areas of our lives from our work to our relationships. They allow us to handle almost everything better. Prompts, testing our emotions more effectively to interacting with others. And in a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. So now I will reveal the 10 most important life skills to all the field. So the 10 most important life skills that one should have, our self-awareness, empathy, creative thinking, critical thinking, and decision-making, interpersonal relationship skills, communication, problem-solving, coping with stress and dealing with emotions. These life skills will help us to make our relationships better and become confident and also help us to stand out and crowd. So to become successful in a live, we must possess the skills. 3. Life Skills Vs Livelihood Skills: Often we get confused between these two terms and also use them interchangeably, but they have wholly separate meanings. Life skills, as we have discussed in the previous video, our abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable humans to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. These skills enable individuals and groups to effectively handle issues and problems commonly encountered in daily life. Whereas livelihood skills are those capabilities, resources, and opportunities to pursue individual and household economic goals and income generation. These include technical and vocational abilities like carpentry, computer programming, ceiling scales for seeking job management skills, and many more. 4. Important Life Skills: Interpersonal relationship skills help us to relate in positive ways with the people we interact with. This means being able to make and keep pen relationships, which can be of great importance to our mental and social well-being. It means keeping good relations with family members, which are an important source of social support. It also means being able to end relationships constructively. Maintaining a healthy interpersonal relationship. Crucial for our group. It requires many other life skills as pillars. For example, compassion, empathy, emotional reciprocity, effective communication, and similar other factors are vital for developing and maintaining a healthy relationship with our family members, neighbors and colleagues. Poor interpersonal relationships lead to poor support system, which can be a major source of stress as well as hindrance in tackling stress. So interpersonal relationship skills are very important life skills for maintaining healthy relationships. Emotions are integral part of our life. We feel happy or sad and angry on different occasions and in different situations. Understanding our emotions in a given situation and managing it properly is important for success with light. Bottling up emotions does not solve problems. Rather, it leads to various other problems. Coping are dealing with emotions means a better understanding of the situations that arise. Negative emotions. Explore the app nest of our emotional reaction to a given situations. Our feelings are a wonderful barometer of our well-being. Then we are not caught up in a negative thinking. Our feelings remain positive and review joyful, loving NPS. Then we are feeling fearful, angry, or depressed. It is a sure sign that our thoughts have become negative and dysfunctional. So dealing or coping with the emotions means recognizing our emotions as well as those of others. Being aware of how emotions influence behavior and being able to respond to emotions appropriately. Decision-making skills is the ability to select between two or more alternatives to reach the best outcome. And the short bus type. Decision-making helps us to deal constructively with decisions about our lives. It can teach people how to actively make decisions about their actions in relation to heavy assessment of different options and what effects these different decisions are likely to have. So, decision-making skills teaches us how to be proactive in making decisions about our life in relation to a healthy assessment. 5. Another Important Life Skills: Do you know 95 percent of all the diseases are created by stress? Long believes like I'm not good enough or something is wrong with me, cause up to 95 percent of all illness and disease. So effective dealing with stress of everyday life is important for our physical and mental health. Identifying what makes us stressed and what are the ways to encounter those stress and how to prevent stress are important skills. It is said that stress largely depends on the way we perceive an event and it gets compounded by the ineffective ways of dealing with stress. So having a proper understanding of an event, use of proper problem-solving approaches and healthy lifestyle can ward off stress insignificant ways. Also, one stressed, it is important that proper stress reducing techniques are used. There are lots of strategies that we can implement in our daily routine to people or SCA, such as meditation, yoga, and be breathing exercises. In addition to these tips, we should also take care of our body, speak to others, and recognize. Then we need to report. Whether we're talking about writing or speaking. Communication is a vital life skill that includes vote. No one makes it through this world alone. So learning to communicate with others will help us to get where we need to be light. And it's definitely a learned skill. It's about expressing our needs and desires while understanding and alerting to other needs and desires. Effective communication means that we are able to express ourselves both verbally and non-verbally in ways that are appropriate to our culture and situations. Also, effective communication is a life skill that will carry as far both in our personal and professional life. Throughout their life, we will encounter people from all walks of life. So knowing how to actively engage can help in strengthen relationships, improve productivity, and establish trust. Other benefits of good communication skills include creating better workplace relationships, helping us to stay organized, contributing to higher self-esteem, helping us to build a successful family unit and giving us the ability to participate in to site B in work and in life, problems can crop up. Live below always have problem to overcome. From figuring out via phone is not working to dealing with the creaky customer ID work. We will always encounter with problems. So an anti beneficial life skill, learn and master this problem. So other day problem-solving skills are key life skill which helps us to deal with problems which we have in our lives quickly and effectively. Significant unresolved problems may cause mental stress and give rise to physical strain and depression. So important to organizations and individuals. Problem-solving allows us to take control of our environment. Figuring out the root cause of a challenge and fixing it can provide a great deal of satisfaction and accomplishment. There are five steps we can use in problem-solving and those are analyzed the problem, generate intervention's, evaluate solutions, implement a plan, and assess the solutions effectiveness. So problem-solving skills can help us to deal constructively with problems in our lives. 6. Some More Life Skills: Self-awareness. Self-awareness refers to our ability to recognize or be aware of our emotions, beliefs, behaviors, and motivations. Often we do not bother to identify strengths and weaknesses. This may lead to under utilization of us trends and remaining unaware how our weaknesses obstruct our progress. Self-awareness is really important for being comfortable with ourselves. Recognize the ways by which we can handle our stress and to have optimum utilization of a potential. Self-awareness is a crucial life scale as it gives us a better knowledge of who we are, how we experience ourselves, and what makes us unique and different from other individuals. Once we become self-aware, we will be able to make lifestyle changes that will help us to think more positively. To have a successful relationship with our loved ones and to society at large, we need to understand and care about other people's needs, desires, and feelings. Empathy is the ability to imagine what life is like for another person. Without empathy, our communication with others will amount to one-way traffic. We will be acting and behaving according to our self-interest and are bound to run into problems. No man is an island nobleman either. Be grew up in relationships with many people, parent, brothers and sisters, cousins, uncles and aunts, classmates, Trenton neighbors. When we understand ourselves as well as others, we are better prepared to communicate our needs and desires. We will be more equipped to say what we want people to know, present our thoughts and ideas and tackle delicate issues without offending other people. So empathy can help us to accept others who may be very different from us. It isn't normal way of seeing are doing things. That is characteristics of four components. Flexibility, fluency, originality, and elaboration. Creative thinking helps us in having new perspectives about tanks and allows us to have out-of-box thinking. Creative thinking requires flexibility, so that while attempting to solve a problem, we are not stuck to a given real solution, whether or not it is working. Creative thinking does not always require identification of a new problem and finding out its solutions. It also refers to finding novel solutions, existing problem. All the seminal experiments and innovations that changed our life exemplify creative thinking. For example, thinking that one can communicate to others, sitting miles away through a device is an example of creative thinking. Being able to think critically is crucial for future success. Thinking productively and independently can help in every aspect of life. Thinking systematically and clearly helps improve the way that we express our thoughts and ideas. Thinking allows us to see beyond cultural norms and be open-minded to those around us. Some of the most important benefits that we can gain from Critical Thinking includes helping us to make better decisions, making us happier, improving relationships, and sharing our opinions are educated and well-informed. So critical thinking is an important life skill as it inculcates that identity to evaluate information objectively and plant wider perspectives. 7. Project Work: As we have discussed, everything about life skills in detail. So now it's time for the project work. There is a small questionnaire in the resource section of this class. You just have to download the question and answer those questions. After filling your answers into the questionnaire, you just have to click pictures of your answer sheet and then upload in the your project section of this class. Once you will upload your project work in the project section, I will check them and will provide the correct answers that you can also get to know which answers you have attempted correctly. Thank you so much for joining me. Bye.