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Life Purpose: Journey of Self-Discovery

teacher avatar Carolina Mendieta, Artist, Yoga Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Intro.

    • 2. Answer Questions pt. 1

    • 3. Answer Questions pt. 2

    • 4. Transformational Tools 1

    • 5. Transformational Tools 2

    • 6. Transformational Tools 3

    • 7. Transformational Tools 4

    • 8. Transformational Tools 5

    • 9. Transformational Tools 6

    • 10. Transformational Tools 7

    • 11. Recap & Extra Tips

    • 12. Final Thoughts. Thank You!

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About This Class

Life purpose: A Journey of Self-Discovery

In this class, you will learn different tips and tools to begin your journey of self-discovery. The more we know ourselves, the closer we get to our true life purpose. 

This class is for those who feel quite lost, who want to find clarity, want to find meaning to their lives or feel blocked. 

The skills taught in this class can help you build confidence in yourself, gain inner awareness, feel empowered and ready to take the first steps toward your dreams and life purpose. 

Anyone is welcome to take this class. 

Note**.this class is not a guarantee of success, or instant gratification. To find one’s life purpose is a commitment and a daily practice. What I provide here are the first steps that will get you closer to discovering what it is that you are here to do and if you apply these tools you will see significant results in your life. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Carolina Mendieta

Artist, Yoga Instructor


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1. Intro. : Welcome. If you're watching those videos because you're looking for answers, answers about what decide was all about. What's the meaning of this life? What am I here to do? What's my purchase in this class? I will provide you with tips and tools to get you connected more with yourself so that you can begin your process of self discovery and what we learn about ourselves. Then what were aligned with probably we are. And what would you to do for my name is Carolina Mendieta on a visual artist and a yoga instructor and a quantum seeker, meaning that I combine spirituality with science based back and I've been on this quest. I've been on this journey of self discovery finding my breakfast for the past seven years, and I've studied so many subjects on this matter because at a point I was so desperate that I needed answers. You got to a point that I got to press so many times and I would see all my projects collapsed and I would see myself in this loop, going priced again and failing again, going to pass again that what I want most in this world is when you do not get there, and if you are already there to let you know that there is hope that you are special, that you are born and you are needed in this world. So what I'll be sharing here with you today is a compilation of books and videos that I've applied to my life and have to give any more self confidence, more self knowledge, more self empowerment for me to understand myself, better have more clarity what I'm here to do and what my purpose. So I'll be sharing with you some questions so that you can answer them to begin your process of self discovery, as well as some tools and tips that you can apply to bring you more clarity and get you closer to your purpose three class project Going to answer these questions and you're going to choose one of these tools and begin to take action. So don't forget to share photos of your process. And if you have any questions posted on the discussion panels below and I'll be glad to answer or if you you can also send me a message and I'll help you in any way that I can. So I really hope that this class gets you connected more with yourself and you can get what is more valuable to you so you can get to know yourself more. You can get closer to your purpose so you can begin to share your gets with the world. So go ahead and roll in this class and I will see you in the next video. 2. Answer Questions pt. 1: All right. Welcome back. The first thing you're going to do is answer the questionnaire below that have attached here and answer these questions. Take some time. You can pauses video and begin to answer each question. Be as honest as you can with yourself. This is very crucial in your self discovery journey and is very crucial and finding what your purposes. Okay, so I'm gonna go over some of the most important questions that have attaching the in the questionnaire below. So that one of the first things that you know most books and multiple ask us what are your hobbies? What? What air? You naturally good at? What air? You? What brings you joy? Okay, so it could be anything any hobby, anything that just makes you lose track of time makes you lose perception of time. And it just brings you peace. It brings you happiness, brings you joy. Every time that you do it. You just want to do it. And you don't You don't wanna do anything else, OK? Another important question is what do people or your friends or family look up to you for or what advise? Do they come to you? for. So for example, you may be really good at organizing or you may be really good at, um, designing where you may be really good at talking to people. Or you may be really good at giving advice for people. So that kicked probably died you or lead you into being a coach or something like that. So what are you What do people naturally go towards you? Okay, So another question is, um, asking your friends. So ask your friends, take some time and ask your friends. What do you think I'm good at? What do you think I'm naturally good at? If you could describe me in three words or five words, what would it that be? So that's super important. I did that with some of my friends, and I could see that some of the common things that most of them told me about that Another important question. ISS. What comes easy to you that other people find hard to do Anything could be to be, um, you know, class. Or it could be for simple math. Or it could be anything that comes really easy to you. They that you see other people struggling with it could be finances like find having a good manager of management of your money, and then you can probably give classes or teach people how to manage their their money. Or it could be singing. You could be really good at singing, and you could teach people how to sing or sing at festivals are restaurants anything? Just look at what, um comes naturally to you and other people struggle with. Sometimes we're very good at things, and it comes so natural to us that we don't even notice that that could be our purpose or a path. Another important seeing. Another important question is remember, go back in time and remember when you were a child, what was something that you always did when you were a child? What was something of your favorite things, like dancing or were singing or are playing tennis? They're playing football. What was something that you really enjoyed when you were a child, and that gives us give us hints of who you really are, where your essence iss and get closer to your path. So, for example, most of the time we were a child. We already knew what we want it. But as we grew up, most people started telling us. Oh, no, that's not possible. Or you're not gonna be able to do that. Maybe you wanna. You wanted to be a psychologist. Or maybe you wanted to be an Austro Not. But that doesn't assert to me they're gonna be a non astronaut, right? But it could lead you close to the things that you like. Maybe you were you really into space? Or you can be a researcher or or you can, you know, work something related to it. So look for those things that you enjoy it as a child and write them down. Also, what air you naturally, creatively drawn to. So right, those things right. Things that you find that Are you, Flo? When you when you do them 3. Answer Questions pt. 2: and I have a question that I asked, and this could sound really strange or weird or kind of meaner. Uh, weird, in a way, is what cause if you envy when you look at other people successor. When you look at other people, what makes you feel jealous that they haven't You don't have. When I first listened to this question, actually analyzed it for a bit, and I started to see patterns in people, people, success, people that I felt envious in a certain way. For example, with my art, I would go to see the artists exhibit their work, and I would feel a little bit. And he is not necessarily because of them, but because of the fact that I was not following my path and I was not doing art, and I felt jealous. I felt jealous that I couldn't do that, and it wasn't doing that. So looking at those emotions can give you a hint and get you closer to your path and what you're supposed to do here on this planet. Another question that I ask is, what have you struggled with in your life that you have overcome sometimes our greatest weakness has become her greatest strengths. So sometimes, let's say, for example, you lost a lot of weight, and now you feel empowered and you feel really good, and you feel that you can help other people's weight as well. Or you went through a psychological problem, and now you feel that you can help people and you're drawn to help other people. Also, what when naturally comes to you that you want help? Maybe it's something it's working on non profit or volunteering somewhere or helping animals or helping poor people. Some of those things can get you closer to who you really are and what you're here to do. 4. Transformational Tools 1: welcome back. So one of the tools that has helped me in my journey has been generally journaling is so powerful, and it's a great way to express ourselves. Where were there? It's a place where we won't feel that were judged or criticised, because most of the time we're not gonna show this to anyone, and no one should see it unless we want to. But this is a place where we can express ourselves. We can put our feelings, our emotions or thoughts what we live. But we don't lie what we wish for our Holter dreams. We write everything down there, and then we get to know ourselves more every single day. So this is a practice is a practice that would you ever single day? And I remember ever at this book from Julia Camera is called The Artist Way. I really recommend you read it, and she wrecked, and she says that we should write three pages every day and just write everything that comes up in her mind, and this helps us and stimulates our creativity. Morning unlocks at our creativity and any blockages that we have. So what you don't have to do through pages. If you If you don't want you at the time, I encourage you to do one page at least, or even a paragraph or even a sentence. And if you don't know what you write, write that right. I don't know what to write and then just start writing whatever comes into your mind, even if it sounds dum for sound silly. Remember, this is a place for you to be yourself, not for anyone to judge you to criticize you. And if we see ourselves that we are being judgmental to ourselves or overly critical about ourselves, and we can write that down, too, and try to put that critical mind behind and just observe it and honor it and just write anything that comes to mind. I've been doing this practice for a long time. On recently, I went back over my journals and I discovered patterns and keywords of things that connected and brought me to my essence and to my purpose. And at that moment, I didn't believe in myself, and I didn't believe that I was. I was possible for me to accomplish them, so I never took action of them, so that is one thing that we should tackle and we should be aware off. Is that sometimes or self esteem place Ah, lot and finding her path and finding who you really are. Because if we're if we're not confident in ourselves and we don't believe that those things that bring us passion brings joy are possible that we will never do that. You will be in this emptiness of not doing what we're supposed to be doing. So I encourage you to write every day. Oh, I encourage you to have one journal for your expressions or anything that you want. Drawings are encouraged us well, and another one for gratitude. Gratitude lists is amazing. It helps you manifest, helps you put your focus on things that are actually really good in your life and not on the negative. So it just shifts your attitude and shifts your behaviors into more a more positive way of thinking in a more positive way of behaving, Therefore, attracting more of the things that you want, encouraging yourself, motivating yourself and power in yourself to go on the path of least resistance and on the path that you're supposed to be going 5. Transformational Tools 2: Another tool that I recommend is meditation or praying. So meditating is by far the most important tool in my life. Ever since I started doing it, I've seen so many changes in my life, and it's scientifically proven that it helps you in so many ways not only helps to, um, give you clarity of mine and put more focus and concentration in your mind, but it also helps you in your health, so it helps you to relax. It helps you with your blood. Pressure helps you to connect with yourself to connect with your intuition, to have more understanding off your life and looking at yourself from a different perspective. Looking at your problems objectively, it creates space with with view and how you see the world around you. So it's It's an amazing tool. It's super powerful. I recommend to you to meditate at least for five minutes a day and increase those times up to 20 30 or even an hour a day, and you're going to see so many benefits. Whenever we meditate, we get to connect with our subconscious mind and inner subconscious mind. That's where we have deposited all of our beliefs all of our behaviors, attitudes and ways of reacting and acting in the world. So whenever we connect with our subconscious, were able to shift any negative thought or any negative believe in two more positive ones into having a more positive self image, so that that encourages us and empowers us to do the things that were meant to be doing So also praying is a great way meditating. It could be a way of bringing as well. But wherever religion, or if you don't have a religion just asking the universe, asking that this energy, whatever name you want to call it God or even if you don't believe in these things, you you could believe in something even nature. So just putting your attention and asking for help and guidance can bring you signs and hints off what your path is and what your purpose is in this life. 6. Transformational Tools 3: another tool that I believe, a super port and his travel adventure and leisure time. So whenever we travel, we're open to new experiences were open to new cultures. We get to meet different people. We get to see different things that they got to see different projects, different jobs, different places that inspire us and give us new ideas and two things that we could be doing also when we could when we travel. It brings challenges in our moments when we're traveling, and that helps us to know ourselves more and see what we're capable of doing and how we bring out solutions to these problems when we're not in a comforts, Um, so it's a great way to get to know yourself more and to know what you are here to do. Also, adventure is the same thing. Connecting with nature, going out, exploring things can bring you our ideas, get you more creative, getting you into that creative sewn so that you can connect with your intuition and connect with your inner self. Also, leisure time, the super important just not doing anything sometimes on this is very important when we're trying to do it, a creative project and letting that creativity float in or that inspiration sometime, just not doing anything and just getting attached of that sense off. I have to have a purpose, can just release resistance and release any blockage and just lets us allow that inspiration or that idea or that, um thought come to us so that we can be more creative and express ourselves more. 7. Transformational Tools 4: Another tool that I always recommend is yoga. Of course, I'm a yoga instructor. This has been another amazing tool that has helped my life and has a help me with my creativity. It has empowered me because I've gotten to know myself more. And the more you know yourself that, like I told you before, the more you are aligned with who you really are, So you're more authentic and people like authenticity. And the people that are gonna work with our you're gonna attract more people like that. Authentic people, honest people. So, um, when we're doing yoga, we're balancing. Our emotions were balancing our minds. We're balancing our spirits. We're balancing. Our bodies were detoxifying our minds and thoughts from those things that impedes us that are preventing us from reaching our highest potential. So also, when we do yoga, we get to know our bodies. We get to know our organs. We get to see what is good for us, what is not good for us. And it's crucial for us to have a good body and also a good nutrition than this comes with yoga's. Well, it's eating properly because it's it will provide us with a good self image, and it will provide us with better thoughts, more clarity of mind and so that we don't fall into these the press, it loops or this no emotions that keeps us. And this connects us from who we are and keeps us away from our purpose and our path in this world. So if you're not really connected with yoga or something that doesn't, um, you know, call your attention and you want to try it. You can do and physical exercise. You can run. You can do any sport or you can eat and do martial arts. I feel that martial arts have philosophies that connect you more with you would connect you more with our environment. So these are very powerful tools, so it's very important for you to do a physical exercise and movement. Even dancing could be very powerful. So try to explore that if you don't really already have one and see how that feels for you and see what works for you get to remember that each everyone of us is different and your body is different. So see what works for you and what doesn't work for you. Just put it aside and what does work for you. Keep it, keep doing it 8. Transformational Tools 5: Another important tool is finding creativity. So final, creative medium of your choice, anything it could be painting to be drawing it could be acting could be dancing to be doing some crafts. It could be digital, um, creativity to judo, painting anything that comes to your mind. Just explore it and look for it. Look, look for something that draws your attention and start exploring and see how that comes. You may even find out that that is part of your path, and when we say a purpose, or will we see that creative medium? It's part of her path. Necessary doesn't necessarily have to be the traditional weight. Like, for example, I I'm an artist on. I always thought that being a painter had to do was selling your artwork in galleries, and it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. I teach art, teach me another workshops and so you can find something that relates to It goes around that creative medium, so explore it. Maybe you're really good at music and you can teach music, or you can make music projects for movies or or you can help at it. Some audio for some people for YouTubers, for example, or something like that. Just find the creative medium when we are doing something creative. That's the most powerful tool to connect with our spirit because we are in the flow we are creating. Things were connecting to our imagination. We're connecting to that essence of who we are, and we're using our right brain a right side of the brain, most of her our lives. We're using our left hemisphere of the brain, which is more rational, more analytical, so we can step aside and put our focus in some creativity. And then, while we're being creative, we'll see how much inspiration comes through us, and we can get to know what we're here to do. Sometimes when I'm painting or were not. When I'm doing a workshop of facilitating on dollar workshop, some of my students get hands and ideas of things that are bothering them that they weren't aware of, or things that they need to address that there weren't aware off. So it's super powerful off. Serve yourself when you're doing something creative, and either observe your thoughts and write them down, or just let go and let it flow freely and you'll see how how good you're going to feel 9. Transformational Tools 6: another tool that superb ordinates learning new things and explore it. So the more we like I said before, and I keep on repeating, the more we know ourselves, the more we're going to be aligned with whom in the art and what we're here to do. So sometimes we don't even know what we like. So take that class, take the workshop, go to the new place, go to that new Nida, get to need new people, get Teoh, connect with people, connect with different things. So that helps you to learn what you don't want and learn what you do want. Sometimes I remember back in the days that I used to have, like, five different jobs, and it's because I'm a multi, passionate, and I know a lot of you out. There are multi passion and like a lot of things and want to explore all these things. And I couldn't bear with the fact and the idea that I have to choose only one, because sometimes were used Teoh, our society or friends or family, telling us to focus on only one thing. So I couldn't bear with that idea. I wanted to try everything so I did try everything. I had five different jobs. They were part time jobs. It was on to a point that it was training me physically, emotionally and mentally. So I and I also realized that they those things were not for me, some of them. So I scrapped him off my miss and it's OK. It's not failing. It's learning more about yourself. So you have to take off the idea that, um, losing our we're not following through a project is failing is not failing. It's learning, learning more about yourself, learning about that town slut about that skill that is not for you. And it's okay. We're gonna find out that some things are for us and some things are not for us. So just explore new things. Go take the job. Go take the class, see if you like it. And if you don't like it, you scratch it off. And even better, that will get you closer to what you really, really want. And also, it's very important to know that at least you tried it and you realize that that is not for you. So we're not stop with that idea. Oh, my God. what I thought. What if I should have tried that? So go ahead to try if you have the time And if you have the means to try these things, try them out on DSI if you like them. And if you don't thank, let them go, and that's totally fine. 10. Transformational Tools 7: another tool that has helped me follow my path on Get to discover myself has been a vision board, so you can collect photos, images, words, things that inspire you. And you could place them in a poster or even in your journal, and I encourage you to put it somewhere that you can see all the time. These things are going to empower. You're going to motivate you to following your path and getting to know yourself better. So I remember when I first did a vision board, and it's so powerful because our subconscious mind works with images and the more way ingrained them in our subconscious. The more will unconsciously start behaving in ways that will attract those things that we want for our life. So remember I did a vision board and I put everything that I wanted. It put material things, things that I wanted to do, things that I wanted accomplished places I wanted to visit our I wanted to go, and surprisingly, after a couple of months or years, I remember that I actually I thought those things not exactly in the same way that I posted them in the vision board, but I did get them in a way, so I know its power and know that it's super powerful. So every time that I want to manifest something in my life or I want to do something, I make sure I look for it. I look for inspiration, images that could motivate me into aligning with my true self and what I'm here to do. 11. Recap & Extra Tips: Okay, so just a recap off. What we learn here today is answering questions. The more questions we ask ourselves, and when we get to know ourselves, the more we go deep in our psyche into ourselves into what we want, what we don't want in this world and that will get us closer to our path and purpose. Remember that it's super super important not to compare yourself to others. Each and every one of us has a different journey and has had different experiences, and that is what makes you unique and special. So you have a lot to offer. You have a lot, a lot to offer because there's no one like you. There's no one who has had your experiences and who has your talents and who has your knowledge, and you have those things to offer to other people. So it's very important not to compare yourself to others. Okay, everyone has different challenges and different journeys, and if someone is doing what you wish to do, that's great. Bless them and get inspiration from them and know that you are. It's possible for you to do that as well. So first things do not Compare yourself to others. Focus on you focused on your accomplishments. Focus on what you really good at and what you can give to people. Remember that our purpose and path is about other people. It's about giving, sharing our gifts to the world. So focus on that. What can you help other people? What are you really good at? What comes natural to you? What brings you joy? What brings you happiness? Also remember that our hobbies or things that makes us happier brings us joy doesn't necessarily have to be monetized. Okay, I had that problem a long time ago and and have the perception that everything that I love the had to monetize. And that's not true. Some things you can keep for yourself and just keep them. Also hobby and see what works for you. And what provides you with the means to do it. And that doesn't it doesn't take too much energy from you, so those things need to be balanced. Okay, What you give out and what you take it all right? Another important thing is to choose a tool each day and have consistent practice. Consistent discipline. So this is something that we do Every day is not a cure that one day I'm going to know Member present. I'm gonna know myself this something that is constantly working. Every single day we're learning who we are. Every single day we discover something new about ourselves. So take the time to get to know yourself. Practice something daily, do something every single day that will get you closer to who you are in your purpose. Whether that be journaling, will that be meditating? Doing yoga? You can combine all these different tools. You don't have to pick just one but pig pick at least one that resonates with you. That brings you joy as well. Is he doing it and focus on that focus? I'm doing that. And most importantly, take action. Take baby steps. Okay. Don't overstress yourself and don't focus on the negative things. OK, so whatever thing you want to do, break it down into baby steps, OK? Do little things little accomplishments each day and pat yourself on the back every time you do them. Don't overstress the over. Schedule yourself with a lot of things that something that I had before and that would bring in more stress than peace and clarity of mind so focused on one single little by little. Okay. And don't focus on the negatives. Focus on your accomplishments. What? You're really good at what you can bring to people. And if you fail and remember, I don't believe in failing. Have been leaving learning if you if the things that you want it didn't come as you expect that that's okay. You can learn from all these things. Okay, So put yourself in that state of mind off allowing those things to come. Remember to choose meditation or journaling, or are creative medium to allow ideas and thoughts to come. And I guarantee that if you do these things every single day, you will get closer to who you really are to your purpose, and you can begin to share your gifts with the world. 12. Final Thoughts. Thank You!: this is the end of the class. I really hope that you enjoyed it. I really hope that I have explained to you everything the right way and that there's no confusion. If you have any confusion for free to connect with me, send me a message. Those a discussion was in the discussion below, and I'll be glad to answer any questions. I'd be glad to help you. I think there's so many times I've been frustrated. I felt desperate, and I felt that no one understood me on. I know what it feels like to no deep inside that you have gifts to share that you were here , too. Be yourself and express yourself and half joy happiness in your life because you deserve it . Each and every one of us deserves it. And remember that you are unique. You have something to offer you matter in this world. So please don't say just they're doing things that you hate and things that bring you down . Stand up for yourself, encourage yourself. Empower yourself. You are capable of doing all the things that you imagine in this world and sharing them with the world and bringing joy to people bring in joint. You live in accomplishing your wildest dreams. It is possible and just believe in yourself and everything will come to you. So I hope that you enjoy this class. I hope that you follow through as you're in each question on chose the tool of your preference and member to share your thoughts. Remember to ask any questions that you have on. Please leave a review off this class, which helps me a lot. And I will see you at the next class. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you So much for B dealing.