Life: It's so much simpler than it seems. (Self-Help)

Fred S., Self-Help

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4 Videos (20m)
    • What is life?

    • What is success? (Part 1)

    • What is success? (Part 2)

    • What is success? (Part 3)


About This Class

Do you struggle to find peace in your life? Do you want to find meaning?

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My name is Fred and I would love to show you ways on how you can find your place in this world.

I will cover all the topics, from dealing with pain to creating goals that are proven to work.

Let's create a positive community in this often trivial seemingly world. Where we connect, share, inspire and help each other to progress and make life even more worth living.

Thank you :)






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Fred S.


As a cystic fibrosis patient, life might seem difficult. To be honest, it sometimes is. However I have learnt a lot of lessons in my young, yet wise age and I would like to share it.

I'm a student in London, certified Personal Trainer and very much into Contemporary Art or any other mean of creativity.

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