Life Hack: How to Be Contented With Your Life And Stay Happy | Bryan Hong | Skillshare

Life Hack: How to Be Contented With Your Life And Stay Happy

Bryan Hong, Online Teaching Excel Expert

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10 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. We have the Answer to keep you Happy!

    • 2. What We Will Cover in this Course

    • 3. Secret #1: Facebook Detox

    • 4. Secret #2: Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side?

    • 5. Secret #3: Review Your Friends

    • 6. Secret #4: Everyone Has Problems

    • 7. Secret #5: Relevance and Perspective

    • 8. Secret #6: To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade?

    • 9. 6 Healthy Habits of Happy and Contented People

    • 10. FAQ and Thank You!


About This Class

Last time you sat down, and had a deep thought about your life. You aren't contented on how things are going and wonder why other people you know are happier than you are..

But it doesn't have to be this way!

You Will Walk Away With...

  • More Contentment in your life!
  • Get actionable points to bring back the happiness into your life!
  • Understand simple causes why we usually end up discontented and how to avoid them!

After this class you will be able to:

  • Face life with a happier lifestyle, day in day out :-)
  • Show your friends that you are contented and happier because you now choose to!


If you're like me, you get discontented easily and wonder what it takes to put your life back on track. You find it easy to become sad after seeing other people and wonder what their secrets are in becoming satisfied in life.

If you're ready to gain full control of your happiness and contentment TODAY, take the “Life Hack: How to Be Contented With Your Life And Stay Happy" course right now and bring back the contentment in your life.





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Bryan Hong

Online Teaching Excel Expert

With over 10 years of IT and teaching experience, I love sharing what I know through online classes. Whether it's creating websites, programs, spreadsheets, editing photos, or anything computer-related, I will explain complex ideas to you in a easy-to-understand lessons. Feel free to reach out for any questions!


Join me in learning the following this growing list of skills:

- Mastering Top Microsoft Excel Formulas

- Mastering SQL Que...

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