Life Coaching Basics 1 | Yukari Kunisue | Skillshare
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7 Videos (19m)
    • Life Coach Basics L1 Introduction

    • Lesson 2 Types of Coaching

    • L3 Top Coaches in US

    • L4 Clients

    • L5 Coaching Steps

    • L6 Power of Questions

    • Summary


About This Class

Life coaching has been a proven method of improving life in all areas. By focusing actual performances while totally being present with clients, a coach helps to change and improve people’s communication, performances and ways to achieve goals.

Life Coaching Basics 1 overviews coaching field for students who want to explore a possibility of coaching as a future profession. It introduces basic coaching types and communication skills. Students will learn about some of the top coaches in the US, how to be with a client, and how good questions help their discovery of life course. Each lesson has a short fun activity that a student can practice actual coaching skills.  





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Yukari Kunisue

Life Coach in Hawaii

Life Coach over 10 years specializing life transition. Born and raised in Japan, lived in various countries and US. Expert in cross-cultural communication, psychology and education. Currently lives and works in Hawaii the best place on earth to be a life coach.

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