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Levitation Photography Masterclass - Compositing Using Photoshop

teacher avatar Angel David Weatherston, Helping Artists Grow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (1h 31m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Beach bts

    • 3. Levitation Effect

    • 4. Shadows

    • 5. Liquify

    • 6. Pop

    • 7. Soccer Field

    • 8. Soccer Field Edit

    • 9. Sleeping Room BTS

    • 10. Sleeping Over Bed Edit

    • 11. Falling in the edge BTS

    • 12. Falling on the edge edit

    • 13. Bridge Levitation BTS

    • 14. Bridge Shot

    • 15. Pond Leviation BTS

    • 16. Pond Edit

    • 17. Woods Levitation BTS

    • 18. Woods Edit

    • 19. Sleeping Beaty bts

    • 20. Sleeping beauty edit

    • 21. Living Room BTS

    • 22. Living room edit

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About This Class

In this course you will learn how to do the famous Levitation Photography Photo Manipulation. You will see samples done at the beach, woods, pond, and indoors. You will learn how to do a lot of cool effects in Photoshop from adding shadows, floating objects, and using actions. You will see behind the scenes footage of multiple Photoshoots so you can see the set up involve in getting the shoots done. 

Link for Actions - LINK

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Angel David Weatherston

Helping Artists Grow


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1. Intro: Welcome to my levitation photography course. My name is Angel. I'm the guy right there waving at you guys about to put the been on the ground to do this levitation shoot. I am located in Chicago, Illinois. I have testing out this bid on the water to see if it floats away. When I had my model lay on it and then take some shots, I have my camera on my tripod and to do levitation photography. Basically set up your shot. Look at the environment. Make sure everything's angled correctly. So I'm doing that right now with the camera. And once you have a good angle of everything, then you set up your bid, your model and or a table whatever you want to use underneath the model holder up. Uh, you You set on the scene, you put your model on top of it and then taking a picture of that any picture of the scene without any objects. Merge those two photo shop and you go a nice composited image in a photo shop. That looks awesome. So in this course, we're gonna be using not just this shoot, but we're gonna be going over many examples of levitation photography. So tune in for the whole course. Where you gonna go be able to see all these different examples and the editing process behind them. So I look forward to having you guys throughout the whole course. See you guys. 2. Beach bts: So this is a set up that we have right here at Foster Beach in Chicago, Illinois. We have a container and a table. So now we have the model sitting there, and, um, we're testing out a couple poses. Um, I wanted to be floating from the water, but I also want her to be really close to the water, her foot so that, um it looks believable that she's there. Um, in order for her to lean back comfortably, we added a table. So I come over and I bring this table over, and I put that behind her. So she Kenly on it. My goal is that the dress is still flowing on the side of her and that she can lay down, and it looks like she's falling over and that the dresses fault eyes falling and that their foot is as close to the ground as possible. It is really hard with all this water coming. Um, and so we're trying our best to take these images. Um, with the water passing by and everything. So going back and forth, adjusting everything, um, I have Turner body over so that we have a good angle from where I'm taking the picture. So at this point, I'm trying to figure out the best arm position for her. I really liked to not hide limps. So I had her have her left hand up on her head holding on to the head and then the other one falling down so we could see both arms in the image. And it looks nice and, ah, smooth both legs or shop. And then we removed everything from the image and we just started taking a lot of pictures off the beach. Um, so that I can use those for the clean slate background. 3. Levitation Effect: Okay, now we're gonna be editing the levitation picture. The first thing you're gonna want to do is drag your two files into Photoshopped that belong to this picture. You need a picture that you chose to be the one of her floating with the stuff underneath her and one with just the background empty by itself. And then, well, you can always do If you feel like they're not matching. I want a little bit to the side because of camera shake or the wind or anything where you can do. Is this the first thing we're gonna do is make, uh, but these two and a folder. So you highlight both of these. Impressive folder tab down here. It creates a folder for them. I'm gonna name this folder original. Then I'm going duplicate this by dragging it out here and now I have what duplicate of this folder someone named this edit. I make sure both of these air rast arised, so I highlight both of these right click and president says rast arise layers. That means I can edit them now. That's in case you touch them up in camera. Raw first, then now you can edit them. So once I have both of these selected and rest arise, I press where it says edit and auto align layers. And when this pops up, you press were says auto. What this does is create this weird, um, merging of both layers so that they both match the image together. So when you erase one from the other, they blend in correctly because of the water. It added all this extra, um, image to the file over here. Didn't do that good of a job merging them, but it is just still work with this. So once you have this, um, you want to put the one with the girl above the one with the background? You can crop this by pressing here in the crop, um, tool and dragged us now with original ratios selected so that these weird edges God go down . Yeah, a little sideways. And there you go. We were for this crop. Okay, so now we're gonna be editing from here. What you want to do is you want to create a layer mask on this layer with her on it. What a layer mask means is for them to click on this. That means everything in white here is visible and anything in black disappears. And when that disappears, the background shows. So we grab our brush tool and we have this layer mass elected, not this, uh, layer selected, but the layer mask, which is his white section here. And then if we paint in black, it disappears. And the only thing that showing is that background. So I'm oppressed control Z or command Z to let me do edit, undo to go back to this. And I'm going to start painting on the been on the table to erase that from this image someone, Zuman. And then I'm gonna grab my brush tool. And with black, I am going to have it select the hardness to the lowest and just start painting all around me. Now, I'm just painting on a table here. Now, once we get to the to the edges, you want to make your hardness 100% okay? And you paid the hand. Um, you could do undo, or you can switch the brush to white and then paint the hand back. It white makes anything that's in here appear and black makes it disappear So no matter what with this layer mask, you can't completely myself and not fix it. You can always go back and fix. Thanks. This is what it looks like right now. We have a couple of issues we have to fix, one being the reflection of the table down here. And the other one is the shadow. We have a nice shadow of her reflection off her down here, which looks really good. So let's clear this table real quick. We zoom n we paint with black brush, make that disappear right about here to really make this blood. Then better. I'm gonna make my brush hardness to zero we just saw paid over. Okay. Now, um, with this shadow here, when a race, the shadow, and then I'm gonna have to add my own shadow that goes from here to there. So so far, we went over erasing the background. We're gonna I forgot some of the table here, so let me go in there. So now that we've erased everything, we have this image here. Add in the next section, we're gonna be talking about the shadows on the ground 4. Shadows: So now that we're here, we're gonna be adding the shadow underneath her so that it really looks like she was there . Uh, So what we're gonna do now is at a new layer. It's gonna be a blank layer. They want to grab our brush, We're gonna make it black, and we're going to just paint a little bit over here. Now, once you paint us a little bit, then you're gonna grab the, uh, blend tool over here and pick either soft, lighter, hard light based on what looks better in this picture. Look, a soft light. That looks good. I pressed hard light. That's too strong. So soft light looks better. And then I messed with the capacity to match it. Somewhere around here is fine. Then I'm going to really do men. And where at my brush tool black, We'll make my harness a little bit hard. Just pain here. And you're actually gonna paint over the original shadow. And I'll tell you the guys why in a second. Okay, So what, you painted over the whole section here, You know, race a little bit on the hair. Okay. Once you painted over the whole section what I left the original shadow for was for guidelines or where the shadow and sign articles from here to here that I'm gonna race the original shadow because I've created my own shadow. And in order for it to match, I had to get rid of the original shadow because it's easier to create my own shadow than to match this shadow. So I go in here and I just paint over this and then I show my shadow. And then what would you want to do to make that shadow more believable is you want to blur it a little. So you grab this, which we're gonna call a shadow, and you press words that's filter. Blur and Gagosian blur. Once you have that selected, this pops up here and you mess with this radius of pixels. And that's how much blurred you're gonna get. So really high is very blurry. It almost disappears. Very Lois, visible and all the way at the bottom is hard. So you want to just keep raising this up So the shadow looks like a shadow normally looks, which is just a blur off black on the ground. So, just like this you press OK and we get We have our shadow on the ground. So that's how you add a shadow. It is just black paint with an overlay of ah, soft light or hard light, lower your past city and then add Blur. So that said, when it comes to the shadows and now we're gonna move on to the next section. 5. Liquify: Now we're gonna make all this, uh, fix a couple of little details that you wanna fix. And a lot of the times what happens is that the dress or the back looks like they're laying on something. It's creating. This were, like, 90 degree angle right here. And we want to make this all be Samoud and Flow. So it's not like anybody's laying on anything. So what I do is I liquefy and I pull things, so it looks like it blends in and there was nothing holding her from behind. So to do that, what you're gonna do is now that we've gotten this far, we can put all our edits here. When you create a new layer who is in this new layer, I'm gonna flatten all my layers together into this here to do that on a PC, You wanna press control? Ault, Shift E And on a Mac, you wanna press command option shift e all at the same time. So once they press all that, it puts all my layers merged together into this one layer, which shows everything that I've already done and then from here I create Ah, a selection over the area. I wanna liquefy, press, filter, liquefied, and then start pushing things over that I want so that it looks straight. I just want to straighten this a little. So really looks like she was floating and that, like, laid on something press. OK, so before, after her dress looks a lot better now. And this tour is gonna come in handy, allow when you have people laying on something and this created and like, a flat back instead of a curve. So if this back here is flat and not curving because of whatever they're laying on, then the liquefy tool is really gonna help you push things. So it looks like it's created a nice curb. It looks more realistic. So now that we have that done, we're gonna name this liquefy, and we're gonna move on to the next section. 6. Pop: Okay, so now that I'm at this point, I want to add a little bit of filter to this whole image and a little bit of color correction so that this image looks a little more interesting to me is looking a little flat. So what I'm gonna do is I am going to put this admits this liquefy one. I'm gonna rename it backwards. The reason I'm going to rename a background is because I'm going to be adding an action that I got from uplift. Uplift is a website that gives you free actions. I'm gonna provide some of these actions on this course so that you could just use them the action we're gonna be using this called Spring. So in orderto use in action, you just press this little action tab. If you don't have this action tab, you can goto windows actions and then this opens up. You find the one you want to use. I want to use spring and spring requires for a layer, your main layer to be named background. So I named the final layer that I'm using a background so that this action will work once I click on this action. I pressed the play button and then this happens. All this guess, uh, messed with and it creates this cool looking image. They're really pops. Now, now that I have this image, I still want to add a little bit more color to it. So I'm going to go here to my adjustment layers to my adjustment layers, and I'm gonna go process radiant. And then from here, I am gonna look for I'm gonna press worse that's created here. And then this pops up. I like this one. That's purple and orange. I tap on that press, OK, And then okay for a second, then I press were says, um my blending tool to soft light. I lower the brightness of this and then I double click on this, uh, layer, and then I could move the angle. So what's happening is that I'm picking where the oranges and where the purple ists picking than my orange be on the right side and my purple being the left side and move this over as I can see the whole image. And I really like this water being orange as of the sun's heading it. And then this one being blue as if it's not being hit us much like that press. OK, for this uplifts bring. I can also lower the a pass ity of this so the effect isn't as strong. And then I'm good. Um, So we turn off the eyeballs here and just see my original image and then see the final one . So, yeah, um, it looks pretty good without those of facts. And with those effects, That's my final image. Right here. Thank you, guys, for watching. Look out for the section where I talk about actions in this course, so you know how to So you can download the actions and install them into photo shop. Now we're gonna move on to the next image we're gonna edit. 7. Soccer Field: here's a little behind the scenes on the shoot that we did at the soccer field. The reason I chose a soccer field was because I like how clean the grass, Waas versus the rest of the grass in the park so I can create a nice hard shadow on the ground and then with the skylight in the background, have some nice clouds and some nice colors. It just pop. And then from there we decided that the best image was gonna be just what a simple container and her bending her back with the umbrella. We used the umbrellas a prop because we've seen many images of levitation that had umbrellas as props. We found a similar image on Pinterest, and we're trying to recreate it, So we have her lame back. I told her to touch the ground with her foot, so making that contact between the subject and the ground really adds ah, feeling like she's actually there. So I told her to touch the ground with her foot. I just need the umbrella over to a good position that I like. Based on what? I'm looking at my images and I'm just taking a bunch of images Now until I get one that works for me. And then from there I tell her to move out of the way, take everything out. And then I take some pictures of the background by itself. And then that's it. That's low behind the scenes of putting to shoot together. It's very simple to do. Now we're gonna move on to the edits. 8. Soccer Field Edit: 9. Sleeping Room BTS: Okay, so for this set up right here, I'm gonna be doing a self portrait levitation sheet. I'm gonna be doing it in the bed, using this coffee table. Have my pillow there. And the idea is, they create the illusion that I'm laying down and sleeping up in the air. So I'm gonna lay down and take the picture, and then quickly take the table off and take the picture afterwards. The reason I'm doing the picture first, wit the table is that of a clean sleep picture. First is because I want to make sure I have the angle right and everything first and then, um, take the final picture with the bed by itself. The other thing is that I focused too. I didn't manual focus, so it's not focusing, and I have a set to timer. So it gives me enough time to get on there and take the picture. I It'll be easier if I had a shutter. A control that can take pictures with the camera. Um, I do. - Okay . So right now I'm gonna do a self portrait to show you guys that you can do this with yourself without a model. I have the camera said on the stand right there. I have my light. I'm hitting the room. So the rooms a little bit more lit and already focused to the table so that I have manual focus, and it's not gonna focus automatically. I'm using a cannon 60 which has WiFi. Someone be taking the pictures using my phone says the phone's gonna control the camera. If you have a remote that can trigger the camera, you can use that or you can use a timer. It is really hard to get into position and go back and take another picture. So it's better to have a remote. Or, in my case of WiFi enabled DSLR so that you could just take pictures using your phone. I'm gonna be shooting all this on my go pro wide angle so you can see everything that's going on as I do the whole process. And I'm gonna narrate over its You can see what I did. Okay. See you guys in a bit. Okay, um, I have my camera set be controlling from my camera. So at this point, I'm just fumbling around with the pillow, looking at the images from my phone that I'm taking and making sure that I have two images . One, um, with my hand and the phone, not in that hand. And then the other image with the phone in the other hand, position where I want it so that I can merge them all together. You can see in when I added this image how it looks, but that's basically the set up. After I'm done with this, I moved a table out of the way and it takes some pictures of the bed without the table to have that clean slate background. So that's the behind the scenes with that comes to this shoot right here. Now we're gonna move on to editing the this picture. 10. Sleeping Over Bed Edit: 11. Falling in the edge BTS: Okay, so we're here, Um, by this pond, we're about to do the shoot levitation with her. We want to turn to her and see her. She's gonna be falling down from this. I'm gonna be holding her, and then I'm gonna be erased out of the picture. So just be her floating. We have my camera set up over here, and it's on a tripod. Set out a good angle. We're just gonna take a lot of images. Once we got the right images, she's gonna move, and we're gonna take some of this without anything, so that I have a clean shot for the background. And then we'll see how this looks. Hopefully, nobody gets hurt. Uh, I, uh if, uh if I You come with me here, we have to again. Yes. And then first, I want you to sit on right here and then labour. We'll start it off like that. Simple. You see, if it works, he's standing. Okay. All that. Okay, Fall back. Ben, Don't get easier. Yeah, but you get like, you know what's better. Maybe do it sideways. Yeah. Yes, It's like it's like this. Yeah, So you have to do to keep your feet on that, right. And then, um how go exits. You take pictures. Look it. I I want that way you can see her hands. Yeah. Yeah, I feel like I have to be extended. So you go down there, this is gonna look so pretty and that's it. Behind the scenes. Look at shooting this image. Um, now we're gonna go to the edit of this picture. 12. Falling on the edge edit: 13. Bridge Levitation BTS: you can put fresh runner. That looks great. Let's see. You have to be a put your We have a dancer helping us. Okay, so this looks perfect. She needs their shoes up already. Yeah, together. We worked in work. Okay, that's good. Okay, Now I need, um You need to move because of the shadow. Okay, so that's a behind the scenes. Look at this. Shoot. Now we're gonna move on to the editing part of this image. 14. Bridge Shot: Okay, so now we're gonna be editing this image right here. Here. My to original files used for this image. I put them in a folder call Original, like, before, and I have here the top one and the one underneath. I duplicate everything and put it under edit. So I have here my two files. Now the top file. I created my layer mask and I erased the bid have been erased underneath, and it looks like this. So this is what it looks like with the been erased. This is before NAFTA. The been erased. I have my been erased here using my layer mask, and then I have to focus on my shadow. So I add my shadow on I messed with the the brightness of the shadow. So it's as dark as the rest of this image here. And I'm not worried That doesn't blend in perfectly, because once I make my picture, pop with a filter is really going to put this whole image together. So the last thing I did waas I added, I put one of my actions that you also gonna be able to use with this course. The action that we're using is call. It's called Cool film by uplift. This is also one of the actions you're gonna be able to download and use. Once I add that cool film, I make sure that I create a layer, flatten everything together on that layer, name it, background some that action will work. And then when I have the action plugged in, it looks like this. This is my final image. I spent through the whole thing. Just you can see how this is done. It is the same process that we went over, just creating a layer mask, erasing the been adding the shadow and then at the end, adding a filter to really make everything pop and looks nice. So that's a when it comes to this image. We're gonna move on now to the next image in this series. 15. Pond Leviation BTS: This is a behind scenes. Look at the shoot that we did at the pond. This is upon that. We chose to shoot, and we were right at the edge with the table. We set the table down and we had the container so they can jump from the container over to the table and not get the model wet. And then she's laying on their. She's holding her balance with one hand there and the other hand up. She's arching her back, and that was the whole shoot. I made sure that I had at least two pictures, one with her in this position that you see here and one with her hands straight down so that I have, um, the her right hand straight down that I can merge together so doesn't look like she's holding onto the table, Um, and then also the image of just the Pontes I could use for my background 16. Pond Edit: So for this image here I have my original found here. This was a little bit more complex oven image to add it because I have her holding onto the table with this hand, so she's balance. But in the final image, we're going to be using this hand right here. So this arm right here's what we're gonna use. Combine it with this picture right here. So I have my background image, that image of her hands straight. And then the image of heard leaning back in the rest of a body in the position I want. So I have all these in my folder called Original. I duplicated and I put them all together and what I did waas uh first I align my layers, had it a line layers to make sure that the background everything is perfectly aligned. Then with just this image right here I created a layer mask and I erased everything but her arm Onley the arm up to the elbow is shown. So this is how these two look together. We have the arm and the rest of the original picture above it and and together. So I have this top layer with erasing the table. So the tables erased and her arms erased. So I erased her arms and I raise the table underneath and the reflection of the table. So this is how I will look like with just a background and that layer her arm is gone. Her hand. It was right here. The table underneath there is gone. And now we got to replace this arm with the other arm. You just look here. The arm is at an angle. I rotated this layer so that have the arm at an angle. And when I put him on top of each other, they look like this. And then when I had my background, it looks like this. So that's how I have it right now. And it doesn't blend in perfectly appear when you zoom in. The lighting here doesn't look so good. So we keep going and what I did here Waas I'm urged everything together and then I started using my close stamp tool to click on the area and copy over and start painting the arm so it looks like a ghost together. Um, this is more of a very complex, um, editing, but I wanted to do it in this image to get it just right. So once you have these two as close together as you can, you emerge everything together. So I just have this layer right here and then I using this layer grab on area by pressing Ault. Click on this using my clone step tool and then copy over so that it creates a copy over of the bottom half to the top half of blends in. There we go. And now my arm looks perfectly, um, like it like it goes there, you know, like I merged them together into one with the shadow and the light. So that's the hardest part of this edit. Now that I'm here and it looks perfect like the arm actually goes there and everything. I I didn't really add any shadow to this image. I didn't really add any shadow to this image because there's shadow here. Seems just about right. Like this is a circle over dress like it's gonna be so that's fine. Um, I put everything together into a new layer named the background. I then dark in the image, so I clicked here to adjustment layers, brightness and contrast, Lord, the brightness. So that's what I ended up doing here with this adjustment layer, as you see here, Lord, the brightness and I raised my contracts a little. So it went from this image to this. Then I added my action, using the one called Blossom, which is one of the actions you're gonna be able to use. I added my action called blossom and which is one of the actions. So then we have a final image that looks like this. Then afterwards, the last thing I did waas I brain her face up with a new layer. So I I brighten her face by using a new layer. And then there looks like this. So there's a Brighton face. In order to do that, you add a new layer and then with the layer, you grab a brush. You press all to select the color Do you want or option on the Mac and you picked the lightest part over skin that you want. So click right here. Now that I have that color selected, I paint over her face. Then I create under my blending options oppressed soft light, lower my brightness a little and I just paint over her face. You want to make sure the hardness is on the softer setting, and then you paint the rest of her face and you just brighten it up perfect as the mouth. And this is before and after It looks a little better with a Brighton face. So that's it. That's the last part of this at it. This is the final image, and now we're gonna move on to the next image in the series. 17. Woods Levitation BTS: okay. Get really close. There were really far away and just shoot everything every careful. So wait. Sorry. Which one? Left side. Go back and that's it. Behind the scenes. Look at this shoot. And now we're going to move on to the edit of this image. Got it. 18. Woods Edit: 19. Sleeping Beaty bts: What if I Yeah, Yeah. You even put all your weight. You see? You see how you're right. News up. You switch it. Okay. Okay, good. Yeah. Close your eyes. And that's a behind the scenes. Look at the shoot. And now we're gonna go over to the editing of this picture. 20. Sleeping beauty edit: 21. Living Room BTS: Okay, so for this shot here, we're doing it indoors. We have my light over here. We have the mayor's gonna be doing her makeup with the brush and the mayor. Yes, we have this, like this be floating off off the couch. We have the camera right here on the tripod, and then we're also getting doing is we're gonna be adding a lot of makeup stuff around her that's gonna be floating in the air. In order to do that, what we have to do is do something like lift this up, take a picture of it and then for a shop, the hand off of it. So this is just floating in the air. We're gonna do that with a lot of makeup accessories. Now, just keep taking pictures and then pick where we want them in the image and then wait. We can't even move them a little bit in editing. So you come on now. Okay, so right over here, near her, near the couch, on the site. Yeah. Like that. There you go. Yes, they can. Okay. Good. And then, um uh, I see with Oh, yeah, turn it furnaces facing me and then What? And that's it behind the scenes. Look at this shoot. And now we're going to move on to the edit of this image. We did it. 22. Living room edit: